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Get this from a library! Situational dialogues. [Michael Ockenden]. Free Situational Dialogues Downloads: 4Media DVD Audio Ripper for. Situational Dialogues Student Book Michael Ockenden #2nd Edition. Situational Dialogues By Ockenden, Michael Ockenden. Situational Ockenden Situational Dialogues AUDIO Situational

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Situational Dialogues_Michael Ockenden_(With Audio) - Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File Michael Ockenden REVISED EDITION. Situational Dialogues. Situational Dialogues book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Situational Dialogues by Michael Ockenden, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I'm looking for a room. If you want to share a fiat. I've got a spare single. What are your terms? B We're having it decorated at the moment. What sort of price are you asking? This means that a fourth girl is required to share a selfcontained fiat in Hampstead.

Could I have a look at the room. A Do you think I could have a look at it.

Ockenden michael pdf dialogues situational

I'll have a room free after the weekend. Do you mind if I come in? Come in by all means. I'm trying to find a family to live with.. Woman's breakfast? B A do your own washing pay in advance. I'm right in the middle of IUDch.. A B A hot water and somebody. I don't mind sharing with somebody.. Example You'll have to share with I'm afraid.

I Example I wonder whether you could help me. B Is it too expensive for you? BIt' is a bit expensive.. I Drills looking for a bed-sitting..

Coronation Street. Is any good? Will Dr Black be able to see me at about 9. He's got rather a full day tomorrow. I 5 tomorrow? B Sorry. Appointment i A ii I wonder whether the dentist could fit me in early tomorrow? Would nine tomorrow be all right? I'm afraid not. Could I make it quarter to one? Sorry again. I'll make a note of it.

A How about ? He won't be in till Would ten to one be convenient? I'm afraid there's nothing before midday. I fit me in: A B 4 5 after lunch? Before lunch. Miss Moore at three? The morning You can important. Would it be convenient to see you at He won't be free till tomorrow He's busy I'm afraid not How about Tuesday You can't see him unless it's urgent..

The r yth The weekend What exactly did you want? Anything in particular appeals to you? What were you thinking of? B A Something line. B had any ex- Have you ever done thing similar?

Michael ockenden dialogues pdf situational

Not so far. There's nothing at present. What did you have in mind? I was doing the same job last summer. I wouldn't in a pub. I might be able to help you. Fill in this form and I'll let you know if anything turns B I can't promise anything. I'm more or straight from school. Have you done that kind of thing before? I once did a bit of waiting. I would rather like. I've done quite a bit of gardener's waiter's translator's office cleaner's?

Is it a full-time job you're hoping after? I was rather to find something part-time. I Example There are no part-time 1 2 Drills vacancies at the moment but look back in a month. How do you want it? It's all the same to me. The coins are as follows: Monday to Friday and some are also open on Saturday mornings.

Is it in yet? Five-pound notes. Did you want anything else? I'd like to know the rate for Swiss francs. I'd like to open a deposit account. I'm expecting some money from Paris. There are pence to one pound. How did you want it?

How shall I give it to you? Notes and please. B A B Was there anything else? Anything else? Do you want anything else? A lire. B Fifteen tens.

American dollars?


Ten twenties. Could give statement' a new paying-in. B Tens and fives.. B Three fifties I Example Would you tell me my balance and the current I 2 3 B Just as it comes. B Paris? New York? Would you like it washed? I thanks. Not too much off. Just tidy it up a bit. Just a trim. Shall I put some oil on? Do you want some spray? How about a shampoo? Not this time. Very short all over. Just leave it as it is. How would you like it. A B How do you want it.

I Example Cut the sideboards I 2 3 4 5 top back sides front fringe fairly short, but leave the fringe as it is, please. Example A Do you want me to shampoo your hair? In certain cases, visitors to the U. Ask for a form at the shop. Credit cards are now acceptable in shops, department stores and even some supermarkets. I'm trying to find a navy blue raincoat, size I can do the size, but not the colour.

Do you think you could get one for me? Yes, of course. Look again Monday week. I'm looking for a pinstriped suit with a 34 waist.

English textbooks.

I'm afraid I can't help you at the moment. Will you be having any more in? I doubt it, but you might be lucky at our High Street branch. A Are you being served? What have you got in the way of] brown suede jackets, size 42? Sorry, but we're sold right out. Are you likely to be getting any more in?

I should think so, yes. If you leave your phone number, I'll ring you. I'm after a size 40 Vneck pullover in grey. The best I can do is a Could you order me one? I should imagine so, yes. If you leave your address, I'll contact you. I Example I'm trying to find a navy blue raincoat in size I 2 3 I'm looking for 4. What have you got in the way nylon shirts? Nothing in nylon at the I'm afraid. I'm sorry, but size 40 is the biggest I have in stock.

B Not unless you come to the matinee. Haven't you got anything cheaper? Only if somebody cancels. Would you like something in the from stalls? Can I still get tickets for tonight's show? The front row of the dress circle is fairly free. Isn't there anything a little less dear? I'm afraid you've left it rather late. A I'd like to book two seats for tomorrow.

B A I suppose there's nothing further back. You can sit wherever you like in the first row. Are there any boxes? A-I I and B are all that's left. I'm afraid that's there is. You nt: A R no chance of a box. He usually sits in the circle.

I Example Are there any seats in the dress circle for Saturday's I evening show? What can I wear to the matinee?

How can I come? You haven't There weren't There's anything cheaper. You expect that the statement is true. Everything's booked except the rear stalls.. Drills upper circle 2 3 Is there anything 4. You booked the seats. When can I come? There isn't Sunday. You hope that the negative statement is not true.. The matinee The matinee it? Where can I sit? Has the school sent your passport up to London? Then I'll need two photographs. Aliens' Officer: Can I see your registration book.

I'm all right until July.

Has your employer arranged for an extension? I shall have to see your work permit as well. I've been given three months. B Has your passport been up the Home Office? B I'd like your address in this country. British Embassies are able to give the latest information to anybody planning a long visit. I've got until the end of the year. I Home Office: I Drills school. They give me They're giving me B A B. I Example I've come along to advise you about my change of address. They've They'll They'd They'd They're given me give me given me give me going to.

I can let you have some tens. I wonder whether you couId change a pound? Let's see. You'd better then. In that case you need silver. If you need change urgently. What's it for? I need some cigarettes from this machine. B Let me see.

A B It's for a phone call. Do you want coppers or silver? I want some change for the parking meter. What do you want it for? I have to get a book of stamps. CouId you oblige me with some change? I'll see what I've got. Will tens do? Coppers or silver? I'll have a look. Will silver a pound coin? Why are we waiting? I Example I can let you have some fifties if that's any good.. Have you got any I'm afraid not Why have you come? I 2 Drills fives Why do you want it?

Why are you crying? When giving numbers to an operator. The name of the person you are calling. What is the name of the person you wish to speak to?

Miss Susan Greene. Who are you calling? What number are you calling from? Aberdeen Swansea Your exchange and number. Who do you want to? Extension Can I have a personal call to Bedford Transferred-charge calls are paid for by the person receiving the call rather than the caller. Directory Enquiries give information about numbers both in the U. Some of the telephone services available are: Emergency calls to the Fire Brigade.

Brighton The Export Manager. What please? IS Number please. Where are you calling from? Belfast Personal calls are made to a particular person. Eastbourne Zero is read as the letter '0'.

A fixed charge is made for the service. G-R double E-N-E.. Could you get me Luton ? Make it personal. When the same figures occur together. I'd like to make an A. If he is not there the call is tried again later without further charge. The Army and Navy Stores?

The Battersea Dogs' Home.. They're They're thing Directory Enquiries? The Hilton? The Salvation Army Polegate ? Burwash F-O-SMake questions from A's statements using 'what'.

My name's Frank Duncan. A Hold the line. Private telephones are normally answered by giving the number only. May I have a word with June?: May I have a short conversation with June?

I think she's gone shopping. Can I speak to Mary. I'll find out if she's at home. Would you tell her 1 rang? I'd be glad to. I'm afraid she's not here. David Black speaking. This is James here. Can you tell her to ring me when she gets back? With pleasure. May I have a word with June?

B Could you take a message? Would you ask her to call back?

Longman Press Situational Dialogues

Could I talk to Linda. Hang on a moment. Is Alice there. John here. Right you are. B 3 4 5 A B A When's she having lunch? B A B When's Jack ringing? Shall I ask her to ring you when she gets in?

When's he going? I think he's already gone. When are they coming back? A When are they leaving? When's Peter phoning? Reply to A's questions Perfect Tense. A B Hallo Is Alice there? Was there anything else?

Situational Dialogues

B I'll jus t make sure. One way of sending money through the post inside the U. Post offices also offer a form of banking service known as the 'National Savings Bank'. That comes to Could you tell me how much this parcel to France is? I think I'd better look that up. While I'm downloading things in this post office A 50P stamp. Registered envelopes for valuable items such as money and passports are also on sale.

Do you need anything else? I'll have to check. While I'm about it. Half a dozen air mail labels and a book of stamps.

Dialogues michael ockenden pdf situational

These are often inside grocers' shops or general stores. This is useful. I bought some stamps. I rang the butcher I phoned the manager. I wrote to Tom. I Example What's the postage on this Jetter to Bangkok.. Did you ring anyone else? I went to London. Unless he knows you have been iII.

I hope he soon gets over it. What's the matter? I think he's working. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll tell him you inquired about him. How is he? As a matter of fact. He hasn't been too well just recently. R He's gone down with a cold. He'll be pleased to hear you asked after him. I think he must have eaten something. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Give him my regards and tell him to take things easy. I'll tell him what you said. What's the trouble? A Oh dear! Karam Abd rated it did not like it Dec 08, Waode Izha rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Saad Qassim rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Tom H marked it as to-read Feb 12, PurplyCookie marked it as to-read Aug 21, Miguel Angelo marked it as to-read Aug 27, Nugraha Dimastira marked it as to-read Sep 24, Siranush marked it as to-read Oct 14, Kareem Ashraf marked it as to-read Oct 14, Abdolmehdi Kamyab marked it as to-read Oct 19, Walaa Qassas marked it as to-read Nov 11, Mai marked it as to-read Nov 14, Lakshmi Kala marked it as to-read Jan 03, Maria Margaretha marked it as to-read Jan 21, Avi Dixit added it Jan 26, Hamid added it Mar 12, Tati marked it as to-read Mar 24, Gulzada marked it as to-read Mar 28, Armine marked it as to-read Apr 01, Masood added it Apr 30, Pilar Ballestin marked it as to-read Jun 17,