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Get this from a library! Shadow of a dark queen. [Raymond E Feist] -- Two unlikely friends, Eric and Roo, take up arms to defend their native Midkemia against. Two unlikely friends, Eric and Roo, take up arms to defend their native Midkemia against the terrible Emerald Queen and her gargantuan reptile army. Share This Title: Shadow of a Dark Queen. Read a Sample $49 and get FREE shipping on To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A dark and alien peril casts an lengthening However, it was very clear that the book had been prepared for ebook format through an optical scan, not from a text file. There were numerous. Read "Shadow of a Dark Queen" by Raymond E Feist available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. “An epic reading. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is.

Shelves: fantasy , epic-fantasy This is a review of the whole series. No spoilers other than what can be inferred from the existence of four books and their titles. I warn you now: if you haven't read The Riftwar Saga, then I strongly suggest that you go read that before you even consider this series a lesson I learned the hard way. That said, The Serpentwar Saga is a complete epic in its own right. It tells the story of the Kingdom and its war w This is a review of the whole series. It tells the story of the Kingdom and its war with an invading army led by the serpent-like Pantathians.

Q:Did you come to feel sympathy for Catherine de Medici as you researched her for the novel? SC:I definitely felt sympathy for Catherine. Despite her high birth, she never had an easy life. She was orphaned at a young age, nearly killed during the revolts in Florence during her childhood.

She was only thirteen when she was married and sent off to a country where she was despised and never considered good enough for their prince. She fell in love with Henry, only to take second place to his mistress until the day he died. She had many children many of which I did not depict in the novels for lack of space , and yet she outlived nearly all of them. She had to learn to hold her own in a court seething with intrigue and animosity.

Despite some of the ruthless activities she was drawn into, the real Catherine essentially was a peacemaker and did her best to bring order to France. Did they really exist? How were these women recruited, and how many were there? They were chosen by her for their beauty and intelligence, but were not any sinister, secret organization.

They would have seemed to be nothing more than her ladies in waiting. I have no idea of their exact number and I doubt she used them as assassins.

Raymond E. Feist

They acted more as her spies and helped her keep some of the powerful men at court under control by seducing them. Q:Justice Deauville, the Comte de Renard, is a man of contradictions: a peasant and an aristocrat, a knight and a wizard, a man who hates his father yet finds himself in danger of becoming very like him. I wanted the reader to be as confused and intrigued by him as Ariane is. SC:Ariane feels inadequate because she so admired her mother, the former Lady of Faire Isle and lost her too soon.

She felt she had so much more to learn from Evangeline before she would be ready to fill her shoes. I never base characters on real people, but this mirrors some of my own experience. My own mother died when I was twenty-two and I still miss her gentle guidance. Q:Tell us a little about the other two Cheney sisters, Gabrielle and Miri.

Of ebook dark shadow a queen

SC:Gabrielle is middle Cheney sister, exquisitely beautiful and at one time a gifted artist. But a devastating incident causes her to lose her magic with paint and canvas. She strives to seem worldly wise and cynical, but beneath all her bravado lies a painful secret and a wounded soul.

Miri is the youngest, an ethereal fairy child, far more comfortable with animals than she is with people. She possesses an uncanny gift for communicating with four-legged creatures, but she is also cursed with prophetic dreams. Shy, gentle and trusting, she sees good in everyone until her trust is betrayed. Q:Was the character of Melusine based on an actual person?

SC:No, Melusine is purely a fictional creation. There were occasionally peasant revolts in France.

Shadow of a Dark Queen by Raymond E. Feist

I just invented a witch to be the leader of one. Q:Your descriptions of the St. Did you find contemporary accounts in your research? SC:I came across many descriptions of the St.

Raymond E. Feist

Using these accounts, I created fictional characters, Nicolas Remy and his friends, the Devereaux family, to illustrate the horrors and sadness of one of the darkest events in French history. Q:There are a number of fairy tale motifs in the novel: the magic rings, the three wishes, and so on.

Are fairy tales a source of inspiration to you? SC:I have always adored fairy tales. Q:There are two more novels to come in the trilogy, the next featuring Gabrielle, and then one with Miri, the youngest Cheney sister. Can you give us a preview of these books? And what of the missing Chevalier Cheney? Next comes Rise of a Merchant Prince and it's exactly what it says on the tin.

For that reason, Book 2 is the most boring of the lot as you know exactly how it ends before you even begin. The book is entertaining on a scene-by-scene level, if not on an overall-plot level. If you're hoping to use this as inspiration for your own rags-to-riches journey, then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

Roo benefits largely from his opportunism, connections, luck, fighting ability and being the smartest guy around in his particular set of circumstances. The commerce jargon, strangely, is only sometimes explained. The Serpentwar plot is reduced to almost nothing, which is unfortunate as it was the most interesting part of the book.

The book can be summed up in one sentence, half of which you know already ie. It also introduces a bunch of new characters who become important in later books. Things come to a head in the third book, Rage of a Demon King.

The Queen's armies reach the Kingdom and all hell breaks loose. There are two main plot lines: the first is about the actual invasion and the military tactics employed by each side; the second deals with the nature of the Queen herself and concerns magic and the fate of the universe of course.

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In the case of the latter, there's a lot of discussion on the mythos and metaphysics of the Riftwar Universe, which while interesting, can also be a little confusing. Given the different story lines, the point of view shifts quite often, from Erik to Roo to the magicians Pug and Miranda and various others.

That said, this was the best book by far. It was an exciting, gripping read with a satisfying conclusion.

Queen shadow of a ebook dark

The last book is Shards of a Broken Crown , which essentially deals with the aftermath of the Serpentwar — namely, how the Kingdom must handle remaining enemies and how it must rebuild. The focus shifts to Dash and Jimmy, grandsons of the Duke of Krondor, though of course the magicians also play a large part. After the high of Book 3, the series now feels a bit fatigued.

While it has its moments, Book 4 is less polished than the others. The scenes in this book are noticeably shorter than in previous books and they feel choppy and abrupt. You can almost see the scaffolding of the plot poking through the scenes and the book itself seems to draw out the series unnecessarily. While the major plotlines are resolved, Book 4 still ends with sequel bait. Sequel bait! At the end of four five hundred page books! Normally I wouldn't mention this sort of thing, but in this case the sheer number of errors proved distracting.

Ebook shadow of queen a dark

Overall, The Serpentwar Saga is a fun read, but I did have a number of problems with it, first and foremost being the fact that much of the world was already established in previous series.

Had the world been explored further in this series, it would have been fine. Otherwise, we get a lot of name-dropping of places and events, and only sometimes with a perfunctory description for context. This was particularly irritating given the fact that other things were repeated again and again, things like how Calis is a half-elf and how Miranda says things drily.

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There are also so many levelled-up badasses in this world — literal living legends — that even without knowing about Feist's body of work you just know that there were books about these people before this series. As a newcomer to the Riftwar Cycle, it felt as if I had come late to some party where everyone had already made friends and developed their own in-jokes. As such, I didn't find their company nearly as riveting as they did and I found my eyes glazing over in some parts of the book.

To his credit, Feist always manages to slip in a quick bit of summary or context at the start of each book in case you'd forgotten things between books or before some extended discussion of a past event.

This allows new readers to follow what's happening, even if you're not having as much fun as everyone else is. To take the party latecomer analogy further, it's like you're at a party where among the guests is a kind soul who tries to include you by explaining all the jokes. So yeah. I gather that each series in the Riftwar Cycle deals with successive generations of characters.