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The Power PDF editor software allows you to alter text and images in PDF files, without having to convert to Microsoft Office Word or any other word processor. ScanSoft PDF Converter ( CONVERT PDF FILES INTO FULLY- FORMATTED DOCUMENTS Never re-type a PDF document. ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 8 is an unmatched combination of conversion, creation, and editing features at a third the price of the leading PDFsoftware.

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ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4 gives you everything you need to create, convert, view and edit PDF files. Powerful editing and collaboration capabilities. This editor will convert your PDF to Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office formats . Save time by editing text directly into your PDF file and share documents with. Telephone Support. Customer Service Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm (EST/EDT) ( ) For help with Product/Sales Inquires, Activation, Licensing.

While there might the need that you have to convert PDF to other formats like. TXT and so on. Search from the Internet, you can find many PDF converter. However, which one is the best PDF converter? These PDF converter programs comes with vary features and it is hard to choose the best one fit you.

Password-protected files can also be converted in-app with native decoding.

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Furthermore, the interface is well-polished and very appealing for both beginner and advanced users alike. Upload files or customize specified pages to convert to different formats. Perfectly preserve the original layout and formating after the conversion.

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It can easily convert the troublesome format into Word, PowerPoint or Excel files, all while retaining original format, images and fonts. This is very important for someone who wishes to read or print a PDF file but does not have an advanced application at hand for such task. Furthermore, Nitro PDF converter can be considered quite fast in regard to the rest ones, being able to transform a page in a matter of seconds.

The interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Office. The output file can be edited with minimal hassle if it is open in an appropriate reader such as Microsoft Office Word.

Various formats can also be converted back to PDF.


It is perfectly compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it also features an intuitive interface designed specifically for users with little knowledge in the conversion domain.

All graphic symbols are retained throughout the conversion process, the application being able to handle various types of output documents. Once a file has been successfully converted to the chosen format, it can be sent directly to the printer. What's truly notable about this software is that users can obtain it under a CC license.

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However, the conversion quality is not as good as the one of a paid converter, who has the benefit of a larger team working on the project. It can also convert documents in these formats to PDF. There is not such wide array of advanced editing options available forehand, but with a dedicated converter the output files work perfectly. Furthermore, users have the option to export created files directly to a chosen printer or scanner.

It is able to successfully convert chosen documents into a selected format, while giving you some font options forehand. Save time by editing text directly into your PDF file and share documents with your team hassle free by instantly connecting to the cloud.

Nuance uses the latest cutting edge technology in OCR Optical Character Recognition to faithfully reproduce complex layouts, including but not limited to: Tables Columns Graphics.

Add e-signatures, password encryption or Bates numbering to your PDF documents. In addition you can black out text permanently or remove the metadata to rid the file of information about previous versions.

ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4

Need a better PDF for 11 seats or more? Contact us to learn about flexible licensing programs, with no seat count or auditing.

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