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Lori Foster is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author with books from a variety of Lori Foster Author () . cover image of Say No To Joe?. Author Lori Foster's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and availability. Say No to Joe? () 6. Deuces. Download Lori's Bio (PDF) Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for Waldenbooks. Lori's book Too.

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Say no to Joe? by Lori Foster, , Kensington Pub. Corp. edition, in English. Editorial Reviews. Review. Setting: North Carolina. Sensuality: 9. Exotic psychic-assistant Luna Clark has avoided confirmed bachelor Joe Winston . Lori Foster The process of writing the book, giving it to the editor to read, then a . Ever since I read No Limits, all I wanted was to get my hands on Armie and Merissa's book. And when I say successful, I am not meaning that everyone loves it or it is total 5 •In , Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original.

Tangled sheets 2. Tangled dreams 3. Tangled images 4. Wild 5. Say no to Joe? Fantasy 7.

Even though this is the last in the Ultimate series, the author has set up her next with Leese, also a MMA fighter and a very good friend of Merissa. It looks like we may be leaving the SBC world and venturing into bodyguard territory.

This author's writing style and books are always solid and she creates great series, her stories will always fall very close to either side of the bell curve. She teased us for a while with Armie and I'm happy to say his book did not disappoint.

If looking for sweet protective men, the Ultimate series and especially Armie's story, is a treasure trove waiting for you. View all 13 comments. But he's not really happy. He doesn't like to be in the spotlight and doing stupid promo and interviews Also part of his unhappiness is Merissa.

The sister of his best buddy Cannon. He's in love with her, but he thinks he's not good enough. With his past and his job and his parental examples But Merissa doesn't care about his stupid ideas. She's loved him ever since she was a teenager. And even her brother doesn't have anything against them as a couple Time to convince that idiot Armie that they belong together! But of course Armie's past doesn't stay in the past And Merissa's ex doesn't want to stay ex anymore Will there be a Happy Ever After for them???

Or will there be a horrible Cliffhanger??? We always saw them in the other books and wanted them to get their HEA and now here's their chance!

This was such a perfect romance!!! I loved every moment! It was full of everything a good romance needs: It was very sexy!!!! And so funny!!!! Two words: I just love this series! Who's next??? Or is the series over already??? Whatever Lori comes up with next PS - here's what Lori has to say about that: Leese will be the first book in a new series that branches off the Ultimate series, with a tentative release date of Dec In fact, the new series should have Leese, Justice, Brand and Miles as heroes.

View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. ARC received for review 4. I needed an epilogue Oh yeah Armie was just as great as I hoped he would be. Rissy was just perfect for him. I'm glad she never gave up him. There's plenty of hot bedroom scenes along with a bad guy or two to catch.

Plus there's tons of the rest of the MMA crew. If you're a fan of the SBC fighter's series they show up too. And my personal favorite, Rowdy, has a very brief cameo. I'm excited about the spin-off series with Leese, Justice, Miles, and Brand. View all 5 comments. Feb 29, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: I have been dying for Armie's book since the beginning of this series!! Armie is one of the Ultimate fighters, and let's just say that he is the kinkiest one!!!

Oh yeah, he is known for loving women and partaking in extra pleasure; which can include threesome's, spanking Armie does it!!! Over the years though, he has fought off his love for his best friends sister. He has always felt that he wasn't good enough for Rissy, so he has admired her from a far, and sometimes even been r I have been dying for Armie's book since the beginning of this series!!

He has always felt that he wasn't good enough for Rissy, so he has admired her from a far, and sometimes even been rude to her just to keep her away. The other issue that makes his distance hard, is that Rissy has been in love with him too since she was 16 years old. When these two finally give into one another, let me tell you I adored this couple, and I fell in more love with Armie.

He is impossible not to love. So protective, loyal, and not only a great friend but an out of this world lover!!! Will Rissy be enough for him though? When Armie's past comes a calling Rissy becomes in great danger. Will Armie be able to protect her? Or will he have to walk away? I have devoured this series.. I am not disappointed in the least with Armie and Rissy's book. The only complaint that I have is I would have loved an epilogue!!

It would have been the icing on the cake. I am very happy to hear that there is another series that is coming that will feature some of the secondary characters that we have grown to love. Reese, Justice, and a few others will be coming back, and I can only hope that we will get to revisit some of the Ultimate fighters that we have grown to love through out this series Armie included hopefully!!! I am very sorry to have to say goodbye; but it has been one hell of a good time with these studly alpha males!

It almost felt like I was visiting my family and friends everytime I turned on my Kindle. Lori Foster has done it again A definite must read for her fans!! View all 20 comments. I feel like I waited forever for Armie and Merissa to have their moment. While I admit there was a bit of drama, I have to say that this was my favorite of the series! They have had their fair share of "almost" moments, tons of lingering looks, and secret wishes for more. Armie would never step over that line.

One smoldering kiss was all that he would concede. He wasn't prepared for that one moment to steal his heart. Finally, Merissa has decided to move on and just hunger from afar.

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Perhaps a new look and maybe even a new job would focus her on a different path to happiness. Just when she decides to let go of the lady-lovin' Armie, her life is in danger and he is there, as always to save her. He is her protector and he will not let anyone hurt her, even if that means keeping her close! A bit. Worth it? It may have been past demons coming into Armie's life and a new threat to Merissa's well being that pushed them together, but then again, together is where they always belonged.

The path is not straight and easy with new fame and fighting contracts and the possibility of a real relationship, but with the support of friends and families, both will survive and possibly make it View all 9 comments. Sep 21, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: I have not looked forward to a Lori Foster book this much since Rowdy! Is it February? Jun 15, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Fighting Dirty is as close to perfection as a story can be!

I loved getting to now both of them better, especially how they rea This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Fighting Dirty is as close to perfection as a story can be! View 2 comments. Blog Review: Armie and Rissy have known and loved each other for years but Armie refuses to act on those feelings because Rissy is his best friend's little sister and a "good girl", and with his heartbreakingly sad background he feels unworthy.

All of that changes when they are brought together during an intense standoff and Rissy's life is in danger. Rissy is a strong young woman and knows her own mind, she is a great match for Armie…now she just has to make him believe that. Both Armie and Rissy are great characters and the chemistry and love scenes between them is off the charts!!!

There was the obligatory nasty vindictive ex-boyfriend who was after Rissy, a dark secret that Armie has kept from everyone except his best friend Conner, and finally, a troubled young boy who hung out at the rec center who Armie took a personal interest in.

Because of his past he connected with this young neglected boy…these storylines blended together quite nicely. We get plenty Leese, who has become one of my favorite characters.

Leese, who along with Justice, Brand, and Miles will be featured in her next series Bodyguard , and I'm really looking forward to that!!! All-in-all it was a good read but….. I would have liked to have some insight into all the couple's futures.

Had we had a great epilogue it would have undoubtedly been a 5 Star read for me. Jul 13, Danielle rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Foster delivers another strong and entertaining novel in the Ultimate series. In this book we finally get Armie and Merissa woo hoo!

I was hoping it would be worth the wait and oh man I completely devoured this book in one sitting. In the previous books adding up this one we see the attraction between Armie and Merissa and with each book it grows. This story starts off with them basically avoiding one another and Armie telling her she deserves better. Then the action starts. Merissa's bank is ro Foster delivers another strong and entertaining novel in the Ultimate series.

Merissa's bank is robbed and Armie is there to save her. They become closer and then sure enough they both get on the same page. What made this couple so believable was the past books and what they had to go through to get to the "now". Did they rush into a relationship? Not at all since it has been building over time which I happened to love. It kept me intrigued on what would happen and when.

Without giving a lot away Merissa has a hell of a couple weeks and Armie does in his own way. These characters are both going through different things but when they are together they are stronger. One of my favorite parts that is also a laugh out loud moment is when Merissa writes " Rissy was here" in permanent marker on Armies ass.

The way Foster wrote that scene was absolutely hilarious. This book is a great addition to this series and while this looks like the last book fear not! It looks like the bodyguards will each get there own book! Add this to you TBR for February !!! Nov 06, Debbie rated it it was amazing. Finally got Armie's story!!! I've been a huge fan of Armie's in every other book in this series so I've been eagerly awaiting his story.

And I have to say I loved it. The chemistry between Armie and Rissy is sizzling and if you're not in love with them already, you will be by the end of this story. Both characters are superbly fleshed out and there was very little that I disliked about either. Rissy is almost the perfect heroine.

She's smart, strong, independent but she doesn't over do it in any Finally got Armie's story!!! She's smart, strong, independent but she doesn't over do it in anyway. She's smart about trusting her instincts and reacting in a smart manner to the threats she faces without feeling the need to be overly independent or overly dependent on someone to protect her.

She also had that perfect blend of trust and vulnerability over Armie's reputation with the ladies so that she was so relatable. Armie of course is amazing.

I love that he's protective but not in a domineering manner.

He's also a sweetheart to everyone and I love the way he looks after everyone. What kept him from being too perfect and like a relatable guy is that he has his bad days.

He gets moody but he realizes it, accepts it and then makes up for it. The storyline itself was engaging. You know who all the bad guys are but there are just enough surprises that keep it interesting. There's also the humor I've come to expect from Lori Foster and of course the rest of the MMA fighters play their own supporting roles.

I love seeing them and can't wait to read everyone else's stories. Nov 18, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Merissa Colter.

Armie knows that he will never be good enough for her, even though its plainly obvious how he feels but he refuses to touch. Merissa is done waiting for Armie to decide she is worthy of his attention, but whenever she has tried to date other men, it never feels right because there is only one man that she loves. But danger to Merissa is kicked up a notch, and after a few scary moments, Merissa knows that she is in danger. Armie and Merissa come together through it all, and start to embrace what they both have been feeling.

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But Armie is insinsent on keeping their relationship under wraps. It was so fabulous to see these two together finally, and to see them finally embrace what they both have been feeling for years. What I truly found most interesting was seeing the way they come together. Over the space of the previous books, we have seen the building of the chemistry between these two, and in this story we finally see them embrace what has been between them for quite a few years.

There is quite a bit of sexual tension in this story, but from the beginning we see that the emotional intimacy has always been there.

What was also very intriguing was seeing more depth between both Armie and Merissa. We get to see the history between them and their pasts. Armie is struggling with dealing with a new change for his future, which means more publicity and his painful past comes back to haunt him and he only seeks to protect Merissa from learning the truth because he fears he will lose her forever. However Merissa Her reaction to learning about his past is utterly brilliant and I just wanted to jump up and down in happiness.

What was also refreshing was Merissa's brother. I love how encouraging he is of their relationship I mean he practically pushes Armie to Merissa. Which was entertaining in the least since Armie tended to need a kick in the behind to get his act together when it came to Merissa. What I love about Armie is what a truly good human he is to the core.

He has one of the worst fathers imaginable He is a keeper and definitely tops my list for book boyfriends It works so well. Definitely you don't want to miss out on Armie's story Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4. I loved seeing the hero and heroine finally admitting their feelings and doing something about them. I loved seeing a truly good man realize his worth. I loved seeing so many of the original SBC fighters return and offer support, help and some much needed words of wisdom, but most of all I lo Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4.

I loved seeing so many of the original SBC fighters return and offer support, help and some much needed words of wisdom, but most of all I loved that the story made sense, the threat felt real and the outcome was everything a romance reader could want.

Fighting Dirty would have been 5 stars, but given that this was the last book in this series an epilogue would have been greatly appreciated. I knew that the relationship between Armie Jacobson and Merissa "Rissy" Colter would be complicated and unconventional given their long history, his friendship with her brother, her long time affection for him and his reputation for dirty, raunchy, anything goes sex.

So it surprised me at how tame this book was and that's not a complaint, it was simply unexpected and while there was no doubt these two enjoyed each other physically their intimate moments were just that intimate with a dash of sexy.

Armie's back story was interesting and at times heart-breaking and it gave great insight into the man he had become and his reasoning behind his decision to try and stay out of the limelight.

It also shed a lot of light on his work with the kids and teens that frequented the recreational center and his commitment to them. While we'd seen bits and pieces of Rissy throughout this series, she was always in the background so I very much enjoyed getting to know her and seeing her spitfire attitude.

I admired her tenacity and her strong work ethic and I especially admired the way she confronted Armie and made him face up to his attraction to her.

Fighting Dirty was pretty low on drama always a good thing in my opinion and high on building a relationship and falling in love thus making it a pretty perfect romance.

Review copy provided for an honest review. Jul 12, Kay rated it really liked it. Fighting Dirty Series: Ultimate 4 Author: Lori Foster Genre: Contemporary Romance Pages: I really liked the first three stories but couldn't get into Stack and Vanity's book for some reason.

I had no such problem with Armie and Rissy's book. Rissy is Armie's best friend's little sister and therefore completely off limits to Armie. She's no innocent Title: She's no innocent but no where near as sexually experienced as Armie. None of that stops her love or desire for him though. She knows what she wants and it's him. She doesn't care about his reputation or her brother's possible reaction. Armie is what he is. He fights because he likes it and he's good at it.

He tries to keep a low profile because of an incident in his past but fate has other plans for him. When it seems that his past threatens Rissy, he can no longer fight his feelings for her. I liked the book. Both of the main characters were entertaining.

I also liked seeing the characters from the previous books. The humor was great and the love scenes were hot. I look forward to what Lori Foster's next series has to offer.

Book given in exchange for an honest review via the publisher and NetGalley. Dec 07, Diane Dudzik rated it it was amazing. There is always a character in a series of books that draws your attention and makes you ache to learn more about him or her. Armie Jacobson is exactly that type of character!

Armie has been a fixture in The Ultimate Series from the beginning. Best friends with Cannon "Saint" Colter, friends and MMA fighter with Denver and Stack, this man has all the right characteristics that make a great hero: That said, no woman who wants a permanent relationship would or should be looking at this self-indulgent, sensual man-whore. He enjoys pleasure in excess and isn't apologetic about it at all.

In his opinion, with his history, that's all he has to offer. Oh, Armie, Armie, Armie. The mighty will fall and fall oh so very hard! Enter Merrisa Colter. Armie's forbidden fruit and his Holy Grail. Rissa is tall, pretty, intelligent, loyal and strong. She is also in love with Armie. Not the wisest combination on paper but put the two of them together, the equation results in combustible relationship! She knows who she wants and will not be discouraged. The book is a strong romance wrapped in a suspense story with heat, humor, friendship, violence and drama.

The writing is excellent, drawing your emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other in a tightly woven plot. I found myself tearing up, laughing out loud, wanting to strangle some of the characters and feeling happiness at how it all wrapped up. That is the sign of an excellent author! While this book can be read alone, there are spoilers of the relationships of the previous heroes and heroines. Also, this series has characters that will move to the new spin-off series.

Previous books in The Ultimate Series: Nov 27, Seanna Yeager rated it it was amazing. I absolutely love Armie, throughout the Ultimate series by Foster. I even joked that if a fictional character could take out a restraining order, he would need one. He is totally outrageous and hilarious, while having a no so hidden heart of gold. I love a romance where the hero falls in love with his best friend's sister, so much tension. The funny thing is Cannon knew all along that Armie and Merissa would be perfect together.

Armie just assumes that he would not be good enough for Merissa, wi I absolutely love Armie, throughout the Ultimate series by Foster. Armie just assumes that he would not be good enough for Merissa, with everything that has happened in his past. He definitely has secrets that he has been hiding from Rissy that finally come out, as they finally give to their romantic relationship. They just can no longer fight their feelings.

Watching Armie finally admit that he is head over heels in love with Rissy is absolutely hilarious, he is so out of his depth. Oh boy, he also insists that they hide their relationship, which is totally ridiculous - it is the worst kept secret in town. So excited for Armie and Merrisa's story, I been waiting for this one all series long.

Seriously could not put this one down. Hint, hint I was so lucky to get an free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review through Netgalley. Thank you Harlequin and Lori Foster. In my opinion, Armie Jacobson stole the show in each book every time he appeared. I slowly fell for him with each glimpse we were given into his outrageously sexual, but totally adorably loyal personality.

And from the beginning, I hoped he would get his own book. There were a few times that I could have shaken him so he'd wake up and fess up to his feelings, but thank heavens Merissa knew he'd come around and was patient and sometimes pushy In my opinion, Armie Jacobson stole the show in each book every time he appeared.

There were a few times that I could have shaken him so he'd wake up and fess up to his feelings, but thank heavens Merissa knew he'd come around and was patient and sometimes pushy enough to get him to come around.

Armie had some stuff from his past that he was worried about, Merissa had a jerk ex who caused some trouble. But the whole crew saw the couple through to the end. Once again, I'm going to fangirl over how well Lori Foster wrote the relationship between the guys. They got along great and the teasing was spot on.

I loved when they all went hang out in front of the porn shop ;0 I especially loved watching Cannon and Armie. Their friendship is so deep. I'm super excited to hear that Leese, Miles, Brand and Justice will get a series.

Leese deserves a good woman I hope she's not too terribly jealous of his friendship with Merissa and Vanity. Aug 18, Kristin rated it really liked it. Armie, Armie, Armie Merissa Colter has had ideas for years about what she's wanted to do with you. But you've been busy with your multitude of ladies in and out of your apartment, and there was never room for Merissa.

Not that you ever thought you deserved her We've been taunted and teased during the previous three books of Lori Foster's Ultimate series. We now get an entire book dedicated to Me Armie, Armie, Armie We now get an entire book dedicated to Merissa and Armie Armie has always played it cool around Merissa.

From their childhood until now, he's only been friends with his best friend's little sister.

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But Armie has always had eyes for "Rissy", as her older brother Cannon calls her. Armie has had a hell of a childhood and an incident in his past has been alluded to for some time throughout the series. This incident is something he doesn't want to "taint" Rissy with so Armie sticks to his hook-ups, knowing he'll never be a good enough man for Rissy.

Merissa isn't playing fair, though. She wants Armie and that's it! No more listening to him and his nonsense. Armie deserves her and she's going to prove it. Of course there might be some obstacles in the way I knew I loved Merissa ever since I met her in the beginning of the series. And putting her with the guy who has the craziest sex life out of the bunch of them? I thought that was brilliant and I couldn't wait to see how Ms.

Foster was going to play that out. I was not disappointed! Brilliant, thoughtful, playful Granted, Ms. Foster has a certain "formula" to her stories, a certain type of crisis that keeps the couple in turmoil. And it was there in Fighting Dirty , but it really worked with the relationship between Merissa and Armie. In other books of hers, I felt the crisis was forced into the story. NOT at all the case with this story! I was so happy to see that Ms. Foster brought back all the characters for this final book in the series.

Merissa and Armie were always a part of everyone else's books, so it fit well that everyone showed up in this book. Foster's next spinoff series. In the meantime, I highly recommend the Ultimate series for hometown boys who can fight and be doing the right thing at the same time. Aug 30, Alyse rated it it was amazing.

It's the story we've all be waiting for!! If you haven't read any of this series, I completely recommend starting from the beginning. I am sad to see this tight group of friends move on Hopefully we will get to revisit them again in future books!! I have to be honest I was actually nervous to read Fig It's the story we've all be waiting for!! I was actually nervous to read Fighting Dirty. I've been waiting not-so patiently for Armie and Merissa's story since reading No Limits.

What if it didn't live up to my expectations in my head? What if Armie wasn't a good leading man?? But my nerves were quickly calmed when I started this book. From the beginning of this series, you've known there was more to Armie Jacobson than his outlandish man-whoring ways.

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Plus her big brother is Armie's best friend and knows everything about his dark past and probably wouldn't appreciate Armie tainting her with his dirty laundry.

But when Merissa is in danger, will Armie be able to deny his feelings for the ONE woman that he always knew was more Even though she's been in love with him since she was a teenager, Rissy can't take being pushed away anymore and seeing him with other women. She has been slowly coming to terms that her and Armie will never be together, when suddenly her life takes a major turn.

After being threatened at work, Armie is willing to do anything to protect her. And all to soon their chemistry is becoming to much to deny for either of them But will Armie drop his walls enough to let Rissy in, or will he push her away to protect her But again, hopefully we will get to "see" these characters again in Ms.

Foster's spin-off series coming soon! View 1 comment. Foster has teased us unmercifully with Armie. The man is funny, sexy, cocky, caring and I want to lick him! Foster brings us up to speed on all the characters as she sets the stage for Armie and Rissy. You can feel the electricity and sexual tension. The man has it bad, oh so bad. Merissa has had feelings since she was a teen for Armie and is frustrated that he avoids her.

The series has been weaved in suspense, and in Fighting Dirty Foster delivers the perfect knockout. Second Date: Events have Armie and Rissy spending time together.

The chemistry, snark, and tenderness made their romance one of my favorites. Armie has a troubled past, and while he may be a player he is also a sensitive caring and active part of the community.

Secondary threads, dark secrets and an unknown threat added to the mix. All of these elements combined with Rissy being in danger ramped up the suspense and ignited the chemistry between them. I loved updates, outings and time spent with the rest of the gang. Despite the intensely suspenseful thread, we got plenty of laughter and mischief. She was even mischievous and I laughed right along with her.

Third date: I love when everything comes together. Learning about Armie, and his past only made me want to hold him and spank him. The couple feels some stress, and faces down danger before Foster wrapped my date up. She left us in a good place. We learn that there will be a spinoff series featuring Leese, Brand, Miles, and Justice.

I am hoping all of these characters make cameos. Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer Feb 21, Sybil aka Lala rated it really liked it Shelves: Your solution is the product or service that you plan on offering to your customers. How exactly does it solve the problem that your customers have?

Say No to Joe? by Lori Foster (2003, Paperback)

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Lori Foster

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