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Read Book Rukn-e-Deen by Haji Shah Mohammad on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous. Rukn-e-Deen by Molana Muhammad Rukan-ul-Deen Shah رکن دین. Translated by Qari Muhammad Yaseen. Author: Shah Rukn-ud-din Naqshbandi Language: Urdu Genre: Sunni, Hanafi Souce: Million Books Project, Internet Archive Description: Book.

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Uploaded by: AMADA Shah Rukn Uddin Scl Hyd mimetype: application/pdf Rukn E Deen Marfat Library. Haj-tul-Allah Al Balgha by - Molana Shah Wali Allah. Sharah Asmae-ul-Husna by - Qazi Muhammad Suliman Salman. Name: Rukn-e-Deen. Name: رکن دین. Author: Mlana Muhammad Rukan-ul-Deen Shah مولانا محمد رکن الدین شاہ Downlaod PDF files here (Instructions).

Location[ edit ] The tomb is located in the ancient city of Multan , in central Pakistan. The tomb is situated at the northwestern edge of the Multan Fort. Rukn-e-Alam had initially been buried in the Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya , [4] however, the present tomb was gifted by Muhammad bin Tughluq to the descendants of Rukn-e-Alam, [5] who had his remains interred in the shrine in The mausoleum features a syncretic architectural style that synthesizes elements of foreign and native decorative elements. Though the second octagonal tier is typical of Multan, [1] the first tier in the shape of an octagon differs from the nearby Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya and other earlier shrines which rests upon a square shaped base. The first tier features bands of timber that create a visual break in the exterior brickwork.

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Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam

This page was last edited on 21 June , at Imam Rukn al-Din engaged in a long series of negotiations with the invading Mongols, and under whose leadership Alamut Castle was surrendered to the Mongol Empire. He is also known as Kahirshah.

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When he was still a child, his father had declared him as his successor. Juvaini tried to adulterate the Nizarid line of Imamate, but at one place he curiously writes p.

His father, Imam Alauddin Muhammad had taken due care of rudiments of his formal education at home under personal care.

Pdf deen rukn e

When he grew young, his father designated him his deputy to investigate few cases of disorders in some castles, with an instruction to obey his orders as his own.

Strict protection had been given to Ruknuddin, and wherever he went, a small unit of armed men accompanied him as security guards. It is related that he stayed more than a year in the castles of Rudhbar and Kohistan for making fresh administrative fabric, and thus the enemies of the Ismailis smacked of exaggerations that his relation had been deteriorated with his father. Three days later, having assumed the Imamate, Ruknuddin sent an army which his father had ordered against Shal-Rud in the district of Khalkhal.

The Ismaili forces occupied the castle after a small fighting. In , Rukn al-Din commenced a series of gestures demonstrating his submission to the Mongols. In a show of his compliance and at the demand of Hulagu Khan , Rukn al-Din began the dismantling process at Alamut Castle , Maymundiz and Lambsar Castle , removing towers and battlements.

After four days of preliminary bombardment with significant casualties for both sides, the Mongols assembled their mangonels around the castle in preparation for a direct siege. There was still no snow on the ground and the attacks proceeded, forcing Rukn al-Din to declare his surrender in exchange for his and his family's safe passage.

In the hands of Hulagu, Rukn al-Din was forced to send the message of surrender to all the castles in the Alamut valley. At the Alamut fortress, the Mongol prince Balaghai led his troops to the base of the castle, calling for the surrender of the commander of Alamut, Muqaddam al-Din.

Rukn-e-Deen by - Mlana Muhammad Rukan-ul-Deen Shah

It was decreed that should he surrender and pledge his allegiance to the Khagan within one day, the lives of those at Alamut would be spared. Muqaddam al-Din was reluctant and wondered if the Imam's message of surrender was actually an act of duress. En route back to his homeland, Rukn al-Din was put to death and died in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Seven Pillars.