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Round-Up 6 Teachers Book 3rd. Edition by V. Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. English Grammar Book - Round-UP 6 - Teacher's Guide New Grammar Tree Teachers Guide Class 8 Grammar Book 1 - Teacher's Manual. Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's by · Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's guide. by Virginia Evans. Print book. English.

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English Grammar Book RoundUP 6 Teachers Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. New-Round-upTeacher” - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Round up 3. Use of English - Oxford. Fun for Starters Sb. The Round-up Teacher's Guide includes a full.

English vocabulary worksheet. Download 'English grammar book round up 1 Teachers Guide. This is very nice english grammar book download. Im studying the British type of English. Does your Free Grammar Book. I need to brush up on my grammar. Download Free eBook:Round-Up 4. English Grammar Book. New and updated - Free chm, pdf ebooks download. New and.. English by A. Round up 1 free download of English Grammar Book Round Up 0 6.

Hosted: 4shared. Parts: 6. Size: MB. Round Up Grammar Book Level 3 : This book or a similar book from the same series was mentioned on the reporting page. I did a quick search and found this.. Round-Up Round-up is a 6-level series for young learners from beginner to upper-intermediate. It combines games and fun with systematic practice of English grammar.

Starter Practiceround Download mp3 audio book. English Grammar. When I told Sharon at S akespeare ad said. Neither a borrower nor a lender be; it obviously went above her head beea se he said, "Will you give me the money or not? I told John that what I wa ted to tell him was important, and he said he was all ears. When Brenda's mother walked Into the kitchen to find Benda covered in flour, and cake mix all over the f oor.

Formats and Editions of Round-up 6 : [English grammar practice]. Teacher's guide []

Brenda said, -I g ess l'rn all fingers and thumbs. Mrs Carpe ter said I could work ave th holidays 0 earn some extra money, but I told her I was all In, as I had been working for 10 hour a day for he last three months and I needed a break.

Halle you seen 3. P cturesq e 3. Slone 5. Train serv ces have already been. Susan can often accurately predic what will happen In the future. John very kindly read my essay very carefully and changed virtually everything I had written incorrectly. Today The wind is sllll bfowing extremely hard outside today. We will definItely be travelling around Australia thl. Normalty Ted s normally extremely ponte, but la8t night he was surprisingly rude to Jenny last night. I'm ab olutely certain you will be very happy with he service In this hotel.

Pnces of freshly p oduced vegetables have recently r sen dramatically recently. Fortunately the seriously rnjured victims of the terrorist atta were quickly ts en to hospitaJ quickly.

When Paul opened h s restaurant two year ago, he was totally inexperienced and n found it was much more complicated than he had expected. Although the restaurant was conveniently situated in a good area, he had completely forgotten a vttally Important thing: Unfortunately It was three months before he finally real sed his mistake and he had nearly run out of money by then. He quickly sent a ener to his brother asJ 'ing him to send some money by first class post as soon as possible.

The money arrived the next day and Paul immediately pu1 an adven on the front page 0' the local paper. Within week8 his restaurant beCame one 0' t e most popular In town and now he s planning to open another In the n ar future. Last June my f end and I were looking forward to a three-week holiday. We ad chosen oor holiday carefully and had spent hours looking through the travel brochures.

Eventually we had decided on a modern luxurious four-star hotel near a long golden beach. F om the brochure it looked like a hotel for the rich and the famous. The ,before we knew it, It was t me to leave. The Journey went smoothly. The entrance looked da and old-fashioned and here were hardly any other guests to be seen. Hlghty disappointed, we decided to go to the beach to relax. There was hardly anyone there-just an old man sitting 0 a rock.

We were afraid to lie down because the beach was extremely dIrty, so we went back to the hotel to prepare for dinner. Yet again, we were disappointed. The food tasted awful. For t e nex three weeks, all we could think about was going home. Well, we are back home now and are stUl waiting for an apology from the travel company. We haven't yet decided whether we will ever go abroad again, but one h ng I can say for certain - we probably won't be visiting that p ace again.

I was extremely sorry to hear about your accident. Accidents like that frequently happen frequently nowadays. I hope you won't have to stay too long in hospital too long , and that your friends are able to 'sit you often.

I'm go ng to send you a present soon. I've be n working very hard at the office la ely. Paul will probably be working In Franoe for three months. I know I'll miss him terribly. I hope you get better quickly as I'd quite like to oome and stay with you. The most exdling. The worst The sooner The more, the angrier 4. The faster, the more qulcklylthe qu c er 3. The smaller, the lower Suggested answers A docto s job sn't as dirty as a 'reman's.

A minets ob s the dirtiest of all. Iners aren't as well paid as doctors. A doctor's job is the best-paid of all. A fireman's Job is more Interesting than a iner's. A stool isn t as soft as an armchair. An armchair is the softest 0 all. As is harder t an a chair. A stool Is the most uncomfo able of all to sit on. As isn't as expensive as a chair.

An armchair is the most expensive of all. A car Is less economical than a bike or a mo orbike. RidIng a bike is healthier than rid ng a motorbike. A car is the fastest of all. A bike Is not as fast as a motorb ke. A motornlke is cleaner t an a car. A bike Is less spacious than a motorbike. A ca is the most spacious of all. A bike isn't as safe as a car. A car is the safest of all. Slippers are the most comfo able of all. Slippers a e less warm han boots.

Boots are heavier than sa dais. Slippers aren't as light as sandals. Sandals aren't as expensive as slippers. Boots are the most expensive of aJI. Tlm Is the fattest of aU. Rob is less at than Tim. Rob's ears are the blggeS1 of all. Tim's nose is longer than Rob's.

Ben is the most handsome of all. Ben's hair is longer lilan Tim's and Rob's. Tim's hai is not as long as Ben's. Simon Is less experienced than Ted as tar as teaching is concerned. Slmon has less teach ng experence than Ted. Ted is more quallfled t an Simon. Is as good as she Is uch taster than He tired Molly because she is lazy and works carelessly.

He fired Molly because she is miserable and writes untidily. He 1red Mol y because s e is rude and speaks too much. He fired Molly because she is often late and doesn't act responsibly.

He fired Molly because she is bad-tempered and types slowly. He ired A n because s e is hard-working and works carefully. He hired Ann beca se she Is cheerful a d works tldily. He ired Ann because she Is po ile and doesn't speak a lol He hired Ann because she is never late and acts responsibly. He hired Ann because she IS good-tempered a d types quickly. The Premium Super Vacuum has few accessories than the Conqueror The Conquero doesn't use as many watts as the Premium Super Vacuum.

The Premium Super Vacuum sweeps more powerfully than the other two. The Premium Super Vacuum is not as adaptable as the other two. Although i offers the ewest accessories, it's more effectrve than the other two as i can absorb almost anything. It's ot the least noisy of the three but it's the easiest 10 handle. Next on my list I've got the Conqueror S. Now, this one offers e most accessor es of all tenl , which s quite good consdering the fact that irs cheaper than the Premium.

It's lighter than the Premium. I s noi ier and less user-friendly than t e Premium as it is slightly bigger in size. I don't th nk it's as effective as the Premium, ut it's a good offer anyway. It offers mo e accessories than the Premium, but it srrt as effective as the other two. It's heavier than the Conqueror and certa nly less compact than the other two. It's a lot noister. I hope this letter will help you make up your mind. If you decide on one 0 these three makes.

English In use 4 J unable to see 3. H calm 4. A very hite 6. I very healthy 7. C very well-behaved 8. F very heavy 9. G no aggress;ve Impression Intelligence Onry AslWhen WithlUnder PART 4 Ite I were you, I would By the t me, had arr ved When 4. If When Ihe Que n arrive s, we must all stand p. As soon as I get home, I'll ave something to eat.

They didn't calt until they had found the so ut on. Can you phone me when you are ready? Every t me I go shopping, I spend too much money. I'll phone you i there is a prob em. The children cleared the tab e as soon aslafterlwhen they had finished eating. By the time we went to bed, it was nearly moming.

I'll call you immediatety when I reae my hotel. Oral Activity 7 I Suggested answers 2. The burglar had left before he came home.

Book 6 pdf up teachers round

H telephoned Ann after he had eaten. He waited until she came. It began raining while he was walking in t e park. When she was In Egypt, she vis ted the Pyramids. S e will never see anoth r horror film again as long a8 she lives. She has been typing etters since 2 o'c ock. By the time she got home she was soaked to the skin. She set he alarm cock so as to get up early.

She set her alarm clock so that she would get up earty. She set her alarm c ock for fear she m ghl gel up late. She set her alarm clock 0 avoid getti g up ta e.

She set er alarm c oc in case s e got up late. She set her a ann clock so no to ge Up late. I won't leave t e flat in case John calls. I won't leave the at 0 avoid m sslng John's call. I won't leave the flat so t at I won miss Jo n's call.

He revised hard or the test 10 order 10 succeed. He revised hard for the test to avoid failing. He revised hard for the test for fear he migh fail.

He revised 8rd for the test so that he wouldn't fail. He doesn't carry a lot of cash to avo' getting robbed. She saved money with a view to downloadIng a ho se. I ran to eaten the bus. Jane gave police her phone number so that they could phone her. Let's download some Co e I case we have guests.

Th s IS a tin opener for opening ins. The littie boy hid or fear at e might be punished. In order to 3. In case, need 7. They too a box of matches so hat they could light a fire. They took some tins of food 0 avoid geM ng ungry. They took a compass so tha they could find their way. They took a radio so that t ay could Ilsten to the news.

They took some blanke s In case j was cold at night 7. They took some hats In case it was very ho. They took a bucket to cot act water. They too some fishing rods to catch fish. They took a pack of cards so that they cou d play cards. They took soma rope to climb trees. S nee 9. Due to 27 Round-up 6 KEY T; nice flat T: The rain 'oumey was so long that I feU asleep.

It was a very long train joumey and as a resul therefore, I fell asleep. Because oflOue to the fact that e train journey was so longfrt was such a long train oumey, I fe I asleep, It was so long a train journey that I feU asleep. I fell asleep because it was such a long train journey. Because the meal was so bad, we never wen bac to tha restaurant. Because i was such a bad meaJ, we neve wen back to na restaurant, The meal was so bad that we never went back to that restaurant. It was such a bad meal that we neve went back to that restauran.

I was so bad a meal t at we never wen back to hat restaurant. The soup was so hot that she bu m her mouth. She bumt he mouth because it was such hot souplthe soup was so hot. Due to the fact that the house is so big, it takes days to clean, he house is so big that it takes days to clean. I ts such a b g house at it takes days to dean. It is so big a house tJ'Iat it takes days to clean. The house Is very big. The house takes days to clean because it's so big. Sharon doesn't listen; consequently, she makes mistakes.

There were so many people at the reception that they had to wait in fine. The Raid rs lost the game as their best player was hurt. The reason why I don't like Roger' because he is selfish. It was such a beautiful gesture that she nearly cried. It was so cold that I couldn't feel my ingers. Ills such stormy weather that he plane is delayed, clause of result Many young musicians dream of fame out ever considering how long and pa nful the road to success can be.

There are so many things involved In being successful that If a young muslclan Isn't aware of them all tallure fs certain. Perhaps it is most mportant to remember the time and work needed to gain popularity. Most up-and-coming musicians spend uch a long time travelling that it Is difficult for them to have a family Ufe. In addition, new groups make so little money that musicians are often forced to live in poor conditions.

Onoe the group is estabnshed, the next stage is to try and get a contract with a record company. However, this Is 80 difficult to obtain that only one group in thousands will actually receive a contract. Even that doesn' guarantee success and a record compa y w II soon drop a group if It doesn't sell many records. To 8 great extent. Most successful music ans adm t that fame came as a surprise to hem.

They were always more concerned about producing good music, They say you must have such a love for the music you are playing that success will automatically follow. Oral Activity 9 I Suggested answer 2.

There were so many cheap things tha they did a lot of shopping. As they had a 10 0 money with them, t ey did a of shopping. As the weather was good. T e sea was so clean that they swam every day. They were such gOOd people that they made lots of friends. As lh yare very friendly, they made lots 0 friends. As there ere many dlscos, they danced every night. They liked dancing so much the Ihey danced every night. As t climate was hoi. There were so many mosquitoes that they got bitten.

The sun was no and t e efore they got sunbumt. As they had no suntan with them, they got sunburnt. The food was so spicy that t ey couldn't eat it. The food was spicy and therefore they couldn't eat it. As the music at the ho eJ disco was very loud. The music at the hotel disco was so loud that they couldn't sleep. They ad such a lot of I ggage that they could hardly carry They had a lot 0 luggage and as a esutt they got tired.

Teachers book pdf up 6 round

Whatever 8. Even though 3. De pie 5.

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Even though 7. However 4. Fiona enjoys her lob she works long hours. Fiona oves classical music, her boyfriend likes rock usic. Fiona owns a new Jaguar, she never drive to work. Fiona Is tall with da hair, hil her mother s short with blonde hair.

Suggested n wars 2. Although she had nough mo ey for the dress, she didn't download it. Despite having enoug money for the dress, he didn download it. In sp't of the fact that she had enough mo ey for the dress, she didn't download it. Although she is sixty years old, she still goes jogging.

Despite being sixty years old, she sti r goes Jogging. In spite of the fac that she Is sixty years old, she still goes ;egging. AI hough Tom arrived early he didn't find a ticket for the concert. In spite of arriving ealy, Tom didn nd a tic et for the concert. Despite t e fact that Tom arrived ea Iy, he didn't find a ticke or the concert.

Although the programme was bOring, he continued to watch'. In sp te of the fact tha the programme was boring. No matter how muc money Oral Activity 10 I Suggested answers Sandra p ays t e piano. Sandra orin s ooffee, but Evelyn dnn s tea. Sandra smokes. Sandra is leam ng Spanls 0 while velyn is learning French. I'm not going ou un II this film Is over. Give me your number in case I want to call you. He sa his alarm for 8.

I've got so much work to do I don't thi k I can finish It. Mary was so upset that she couldn't stop crying. II was such delicious food e asked for more. Let's wait until it stops snowing. He foe ed the door for fear someone might break Into his house.

She worked hard with a view 0 getting a promo 'on soon. We arrived at the on ma early In case e missed the s a of he 1m. We'll show our ticke s when he i spector comes round. He was so exhausted e felt as If he hadn't tept for weeks. It's such awful weatherllsn it awful weather etc 2. What a heavy box this s! Isn't this a heavy boxt How h avy a box!

How clumsy a gi! She' such a clumsy girl S e's so clumsy a gir1! Isn't she a clumsy girl! She looks so smart] She's such a smart girl! They are so bad manneredl What bad manners they havel Don' they have such bad manners!

What a difficult test t was It was such a dlf11cut lest! It was so difficult a est! Wasn't it a d ffioult test! We're such a close family! Aren we a close family! Hasn t it been a tiring day! What a tiring day it has been! You lazy boyl What a lazy boy! How lazy you arel Aren't you lazy You lazy boy' etc What a How 7. Whata 8.

Round Up 6 Teacher's Book

What What exciting news! What an incredible story! Off they sail! Tim's 0 good-looking! Here comes the bus! What a boring lecturellHow boring a lecture 8. Whal a slippery road It lsi 9. I s such a difficult exercise! It's so difficult an exercise!

There goes the last trainl With a view to appo nting The man driving thaI bus is my brother. The car broken into was a Porsche. People caught stealing are mpnso ed, 5. The oman living in this house is Russian. The man playing the piano is bl nd. I have ten cousins. There are some beautiful houses in the lown, some of which are more than two hundred years old.

She met lots of new people at the party. Ted planted lots of new rose bushes In his garden, very few of which survived the cold winter. The supermarket has hirty employees, most of whom olk part-time. The building Which was next to the school fell down. Jane, who e brother is also a doctor, works at the hospital.

NO - not omrtted 5. Mrs Jones is the woman who is in charge of this company. The book that I'm read ng is about Chin. Mr Smith, who runs our company, is in hospital. Nevil e, whose tamily are rich, has just bought a Mercedes.

NO - not omitted The ch Idren who I baby-s for are twins. This jumper, which I bought in Ire and, 's pure wool. NO - not ornmed The priest who married us has gone to work in At tea, 0 - no omltted Emma, whose sister is an actress, is go ng on hofday to Hollywood. T e supermarket which is near our house is open on Sundays. The actor who I most admire is Robert de Niro. T is vase which he bough at a jum Ie sale, IS an ique.

The dog that Roger bought has Just had six pupptes. The country where my father was bom at war. Anna, who cuts my hal , has lust bought her own shop. NO - not omltteo There a e some questions that I cannot answer. My home town, which is near BirmIngham, is very small.

His unc e, who is a millionaire, owns a house n the Bahamas. NO - 0 omitted The boy whose b'cycle was stolen is at the police station. The dog whichlthat lives ext door has had six puppies. Sharon, who works in the Oate'Rousse, spilt coffee on a customer. Special attention has to be paid to how relst,ve adverbs are used.

The film about which I'm wn Ing was made in T e film w ichltha I'm writ ng about was made in B. She's the gi about whom 'hey were talking. She's t e gir1 whomIWhollhat they were talking about.

That's the restaurant wherelto wh'ch we go every Saturday. That's the restaurant Whic hat we go to every Saturday. This is the island which hat we spent our holt ayon. These are the Joneses with whom we went to t e theatre.

These are the Joneses w oIwhomlthat we w nt to the theatre with. That's the hotel thaVwhjoh we used to stay at every summer. It's Mr Smith from whom I go all the information. I 's Mr Smit who hom I got all the information Irom. Mrs And ews is the woman from whom I've received a letter. Mrs Andrews is the woman whomlwholthat I've r ce veo a letter from.

It was a lovely experience which I will never forget. I stayed with Louise, who is my French cous n. She introduced me to Pierre, whose knowledge of Paris is amazJng. My favourite building, however, was he Invalides. At the end 0 th week I thanked Pierre, who had been very kind. There's a door leadin9! Which leads to a secr t passage at he e d of he hall. Sam works n Switzer1and, which is not in the European Union. White on holiday I met a lot of people, some of whom were really boring.

When I was in Austraria. I VIsited my uncle who m I had never met before. The match about which you were talking ended In disaster. They didn't have what I asked for. Spanish that he's leaming Oral Activity 12 I Suggested answers Elephants are anima s which have trunks. The heatre is a place where plays are performed. An axe is something w ttl which we chop wood.

The seaside is somewhere where people sw m. A restaurant is a place where food Is served. A blanket is something which eeps you warm. A post office is a shop which sells stamps. A ey Is something which opens doors. A necklace is som thing which Is worn round the neck. A tailor is someone who makes suits. An author is someone who writes books. A professor is someone who teaches at a university.

A pop singer is someone who Is usually amous. A school is a building wher students go to learn. Suggested answers Positive AddltJon: She's clever.

She's ric too.


Moreover, she's rich. Furthermore she's rich. She's al. Besides, she's rich. Negattve Addition: Barry doesn't know how to drive and Kevin doesn't either. Neither does Kevin. Note that in -neither R'd ng a blcyc e may not be as comfortable 8S driving a car, but it is much more environmentally hien y. Conoes Ion: Consequence of a condftJon: In contra. At the same time, It is much more env ron mentally friendly. F A glass of milk before you go to bed may elp you sleep. He carried on playing un il the end of the game, but e had a broken toe.

Admittedly he was caugh stealing company property. Either you could tell her the bad n ws or you cou d let her find out for herse. Besides, yo are far too young. Not only this, but you are also far too young, - I'm afraid you are not qualified fo this job.

You are far too young 8S well. She's a gry. That Is to y,lln other words,rro put It another way,ll mean she's angry at you. She decided to order a salad. The coach explained the way in whlcMhe way the 'earn would beat their opponents. T e travel agency will contact you Iflas umlng that your flight Is changed. In that case the travel agen will contact you. You may be caught by the e emy.

Relative; Chronological: ThereforelThuslConsequentty she had an accident. If not, you will fail the exam.

Book 6 teachers round pdf up

Make a note of our appointment 'n your diary lest! Her second novel Is half twice a8 good a8 her first but better than yours. I like to visit the cathedral whenlwhllelnow that lwhenever I'm n Durham.

We had a lovely holiday, except forYdespltelbut forAn spite of that one day w en it rained. Is thai he one that you Ike? Suggested anaw ra 2. Despite 6. Actual yllndeed 7. However 7. Seeing that 9. Unfortunately Even though 35 Round-up 6 KEY Even though he never does any homework, he managed to get a good mark in the tes. In other words, he s totally mean. In this way To sum up Oral Activity 13 Sugge ted answers 2.

I without loe 'ng all Ihe doors. It is expensive, though. I don't feel like go ng alone. I; however, we can go out later. Firstly 3. As a rna er of factlWhat is more S. Alternatively 7. However Not only but also When 9.

All n alVAttogether Oral ActJvlty 14 I Sugg. Despite the fact that he doesn't have muc money, he wants to download a new car. In spite of having litHe money, he wants a download a new car.

He has very little money. If you want to practise these structures, you can give your Ss further ideas to combine. So, she arranged a meeting. When she reached he office, the secretary showed her Into Mr Smith's office. Help 55 if they run out of ideas. As further practice, give various situations and do the activity as many times as you want encouraging 5s to use linking words.

Suggested answers Karen ee for the reasons outlined below. Susan Jones has a degree in phys cs. BeeauN of his, I f el she s overqua ified. Despite the tact hat she speaks four languages which would be a benefit, she tends to change jobs often. She has, however.

Round-up 6 Student's Book: 6 (Round Up Grammar Practice)

Whereas Mrs Jones speaks lour languages, Mrs Lee speaks only two. However s e has a first- aid certificate. In addition, she has relevant work experience. Moreover, she has travelled as a tour guide. To sum up, I feel that both candidates are excellent Neverthel I would choose Karen Lee for this post.

English in use 5 Mary nor Paul likes B Suggested answers 1. Be ng woken every nIght by the baby is a pain In the neck, 2. People biti g their nails Is 8 pet hate of mine. As he'd already won the marathon, he ound the metres II piece of cake.

He's such 8 roiling stone! Never in one place for more than a few months. That way's too 10 g. Why don't we take a short cut through the park? H s conviction for theft ten years ago proved the skeleton In the cupboard which cost him is job.

Mr Bones What a silly lip of the tonguel 9. Please turn off the TV and stop making a noise; rve a splitting headache. The quick arnval of the police certainly put 8 poke In the robbers' wheel.

Do you remember 7. The politician is being interviewed now. The Mona Usa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. My flat was burgled last night. All tickets had been sold before we got there. The dog hasn't been fed yet. The presents are being wrapped now. The prizes will be awarded by the President tomorrow. Tea Is grown in I dla. The prisoners are being taken to prison now. Owas bought 9.

An al -day strike is going tolw II be held by electr city workers. The missing painting hasn't been recovered yet. A child was rescued from qu cksand yesterday. These ablets should be taken before meals.