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brandable creative. Primary Menu eBook / ePub We are familiar with all the leading formats such as epub, mobi, etc., and our eBook services include. turn the free rebrandable ebooks and reports that you can find online into big fat cash, right? . Epub & Mobipocket (Exclusive to V.I.P. members). To download. Results - of One of the easiest and most powerful ways to generate an autopilot income stream is by giving away free rebrandable ebooks that have.

Catalogue What are Ebooks? Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer. What is Resell Rights?

Can he do it? The beginning of the "Biggles" stories, and therefore a great place to start. The "exe" version of this ebook is also rebrandable, so you can put your name, your website title, a brief solidisement and a link to your website in a number of places throughout the ebook, if you purchase the Rebrander software available separately see below.

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Note: This ebook comes as a zipped. Pollyanna Such a charming, positive and feel-good novel for young people and everyone else , shows how a young girl, whose life has always been filled with adversity, by learning to be glad in every situation, makes her life and the lives of all those around her better.

This ebook reads like it was written yesterday - easy to understand, and a great story. I would recommend all parents make this book available to their children.

This is the first book of the series, so a good place to start.

Now available in Kindle and ePub formats for Ebook Readers, as a compiled. Frequently funny, but also poignantly capturing the hardships and struggles of life in such an isolated place. Australian classics that have been enjoyed by generations as radio plays, and more recently, a major motion picture.

Note: A Rebrander for the "exe" format is available separately.

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The executable file. Now available in Kindle mobi and ePub formats for Ebook Readers, or as a compiled. And now you can.

Includes Resell Rights. Note: A Rebrander is available separately. This ebook comes as a zipped.

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A real page-turner for children though adults will enjoy it equally , which warms the heart with its uplifting message of love and good morality. This is the third in Alcott's series which began with the much-loved classic "Little Women" see here.

Realising the problems that might arise for him, he takes unusual steps to shield himself from the fame of sudden wealth - by hiring a man to take his place as the millionaire.

The book follows the adventures of the Seagrave family who are shipwrecked at sea, and survive on a desert island with the assistance of veteran sailor Masterman Ready.

An enjoyable story, easy to read, in the style of Robinson Crusoe. Contains some Christian content. Inside the infoproduct, include links to the affiliate programs you are promoting.

Be selective on the affiliate program you're promoting. Promote only affiliate programs that are relevant to your infoproduct. This is the first and foremost thing you need to do to encourage people to rebrand your ebook.

This is particularly important because this is how you will make a fortune from your free infoproduct. Here is how it works: If Joe signs up the affiliate program in the infoproduct, you get commission for his signup. If he then distributes the infoproduct to someone else and that someone else signs up through Joe's affiliate link, both of you get paid!

Can you see how powerful it is? Of course, you need to make sure that your info product is informative enough that the readers would give it away even without incentive.

Second technique is to charge people certain fees for them to rebrand your ebook. In other words, you are selling the rights to rebrand your ebook.

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This is particularly the case when you have no choice but to promote a single tier affiliate program. To make your offer more enticing, sell them the master rebrand rights. Yes, I know you may be wondering why I said so.

I'll quote you an example to illustrate this. Say Joe buys the master rebrand rights and distribute your ebook to everyone he knows.

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Then, whoever wants to rebrand the ebook Joe gives away, he or she has to pay Joe instead 3 Free Rebrandable ebooks Tools to Grow your Online Success of you! Sound interesting? In such way, your readers are more willing to rebrand the ebook because it earns them more profits. I would definitely love the idea of me charging the people fees instead of you. The third technique would require you to have your own products. Don't worry if you're too busy and have no time to create one.

You can buy resell rights to a product. You can buy a package of ebooks with resell rights and repackage it to create your own unique product.