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Kerala Motor Vehicles Department. Decision Thrissur · Vehicle tracking monitoring system- Kerala Implementation- Enlisted Phase 3. qnheader. Motor Vehicles Department is regulated by the Government of Kerala in terms. Vehicles Registration · Print Renewal of Registration Certificate. Form

February 23, IST Updated: February 23, IST more-in Chief Minister to roll out driving licence and RC book in smart card format on February 25 nding 14 years of uncertainty, microprocessor chip-embedded handy smart cards are to replace the driving licence in the form of book and plastic cards for motorists and the Certificate of Registration or RC book for vehicle owners. Accordingly, 70 lakh vehicle owners and 1. As many as one lakh new RC books and renewals and new licences and renewals are being done every month. Thachankary told The Hindu. All details from the registration of the vehicle to the issue of driving licence will be stored in encrypted form, and that will come in handy for the MVD and police, he added. Endorsements and PUC norms will also be added.

Please also read the comments below from readers who have helpfully provided latest updates regarding the same.

What Is Hypothecation and Hypothecation Cancellation? When you download a car on a loan, this fact is marked on the Registration Certificate RC of your car. This is known as hypothecation. When you fully pay off your loan, you want this fact to be removed from your RC, to claim complete ownership.

This is termed as hypothecation cancellation.

Book kerala rc

The financial company will also provide 2 copies of Form 35 Hypothecation Cancellation Form and a confirmation letter along with the NOC. Keep these documents safe. The NOC which is a certificate that implies the financial company has no objection to you claiming complete ownership of the car now that full loan payment has been done along with the Form 35 documents and confirmation letter need to be submitted at RTO.

You need to print out the receipt and keep it along with other documents more on this in next section which are to be submitted at RTO.

Please note, once you make payment, you are supposed to visit the RTO within 3 working days. So plan your visit to RTO on a suitable day and pay fees accordingly beforehand. They asked if I had applied and made online payment and I said no. So they suggested I do this at a nearby Akshaya center. On this note, I have to say that the people at Akshaya which I visited were the most obnoxious and least friendly people ever.

Book kerala rc

If you make payment at an Akshaya center, you will also be charged Rs. So totally you will have to make a payment of Rs. When you click on this, your browser might alert you about a security issue. It is perfectly safe, do not worry. Select RTO, enter Reg. Click on Go button and complete the application process. Note down your application number. Enter the Application Number in the text box given.

Print the fee receipt and keep it safe. As mentioned before, once you make payment, you need to submit the application documents within 3 working days.

Note down the application number. Make payment of Rs.

Book kerala rc

Print the fee receipt. Visit RTO within 3 working days.

Kerala Vehicle Registration Details

Alternatively: Visit a nearby Akshaya center. Ask them to apply online for hypothecation cancellation and make payment online. Pay around Rs. Collect fee receipt and keep it safe. S: The rates shown here are of the year when I had gone through the process. Fees might vary now. Step 3: Create a Checklist of Required Documents In my experience with government companies, I have noticed that they are very vague when providing information through phone calls.

Kerala - Obtain Duplicate Registration Certificate

You might not get all required information with just a single call. Important thing to note here is that within 3 days of submitting online application, you need to submit the documents at the RTO office. Fill out the application for RC address change application by selecting RTO, vehicle registration number and last 5 digits of chassis number see RC book. You can change permanent address, temporary address or both.

Kerala Vehicle Registration Details

The total fee I paid for this is Rs. Note that you need originals. Add signed Form 35 received from bank, confirmation letter from bank, signed Form 33 printed after applying for address change and attested address proof document to the file.

If you have paid one time cess separately, add a photocopy of the same. Use a paper clip to hold all documents together. You need 2 envelops with stamps along with your application. The first envelop requires a stamp of Rs.

You can get this from a nearby shop around RTO. In Trivandrum, you can get this from a nearby telephone booth. Add these envelopes to your file.

Step 7 : Visit the reception counter at RTO office and submit your paper file with all documents attached. Ensure that your fee receipts are in front.

Kerala rc book

This allows the officer to quickly scan the Transaction number and locate your online application. He will verify all the documents and then will forward you to the relevant counter.

At this counter, your application will be accepted and a receipt will be issued. Step 8 : You need to wait for 2 to 4 weeks to get the new RC card. In order to track your application, you can use the transaction numbers in your fee receipts at MVD website. If you have applied for address change and hypothecation cancellation, you have 2 transaction numbers.

You need to enter transaction number to get the details. The possible statuses seem to be Entered, Verified and Printed. Once printed, you can expect the registered post of your RC card along with original insurance and pollution certificate any time at your new address.

Ensure that Rs. As long as you have good legal understanding of the things and you follow the rules and procedures, you can get most of the government stuff done without paying bribe or getting the help of "agents". So far my interaction with Motor Vehicle department in Kerala has been hassle free.

The new online application process is a huge help in this regard.