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A collection of very cool Ray Gun Magazine covers, spreads and pages designed by David Carson, Chris Ashworth and others. | Voir plus d'idées sur le thème. His unmistakable 'experimental' editorial design work for lifestyle and music magazines such as Surfer, Transworld Skateboarding, Beach Culture, Blue and Ray. David carson ray gun magazine pdf. Close all open windows except hijackthis and click fix checked, then OK. Choose the custom installation option to accept or.

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Ray Gun Magazine - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Ray Gun Magazine. Ray Gun was an American alternative rock n roll magazine, first published in Led by founding art director David Carson who was. Ray Gun's audience is primarily Generation X, as the magazine appeals to this group's desire to rebel against conventional tradi- tions. The chaotic designs.

From my hotel room in Frankfurt. Right side remainds me of Rothko a bit This was the graphic-designer-as-rock-star, living an itinerant life of wall-to-wall airport lounges, luxury hotel rooms and limousines-before Carson, only British designer Neville Brody had come close to occupying such a rarefied position. But what else could be expected from someone whose work teeters precariously between the usually well-defined bound-aries of art and graphic design? Some six years after The End of Print was first published, David Carson is still managing to maintain his controversial position.

Perry Farrell cover. Ray Gun 18, August Lush cover. Ray Gun 20, October Kim Deal and J Mascis cover.

Ray Gun 21, November Liz Phair cover. Keith Richards cover. Ray Gun 23, February Belly cover. Ray Gun 24, March Mudhoney cover. Ray Gun 25, April Pavement cover.

Ray Gun 26, May Beastie Boys cover. Ray Gun 28, August Neil Young cover. Ray Gun 29, September Flaming Lips cover. Ray Gun 30, October David Bowie cover. Last issue to be art directed by David Carson.


Ray Gun 31, November My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult cover. Ray Gun 33, February Smashing Pumpkins cover.

Weekend Project: The Raygun (PDF)

Ray Gun 34, March Cypress Hill cover. Ray Gun 36, May Rage Against the Machine cover.

Soundgarden cover. Ray Gun 38, Yoko Ono cover. Ray Gun 39, Beck cover.

Gun pdf ray magazine

Ray Gun 40, Tricky cover. Ray Gun 41, Mazzy Star cover. Ray Gun 43, February The new work is the old work, in a sense. Now they appear as isolated moments that say more about Carson and his process of working and his travels than they do about the substance of his experience.

But is this enough to warrant placing them on a gallery wall? Which brings us back to the designer as artist, or in this case the artist as designer.

Ray Gun Magazine:1992-2000

In certain places maybe that is okay, but I think this is where fine artists can pull it off. And, in combination with the repeated use of his name in the works themselves, there is little doubt that this is a branding exercise.

It is high quality, but it is a new brand. Carson is the art director and designer on the project and shares a cover credit. Carson is clearly a Mcluhan fan and is keen to promote this page achievement, which skilfully combines his love of the photographic image and penchant for typographic experimentation.

Emigre Magazine #24

Carson points out that Probes is about introducing McLuhan to a whole new generation of readers in an accessible way. Being a professional surfer himself, he knows the culture of the target audiences of magazines and companies such as Beach Culture and Quicksilver.

Pdf ray gun magazine

He understands the needs of the young people who love extreme sports, and he knows how to address them. He knows that letterforms can communicate a certain emotion, depending of the shape, size, color and how they are placed in the composition.

He wanted his work to be connected with people emotionally, because it creates more impact.

Ray Gun Magazine:1992-2000

Visual Communication When David Carson had to design a layout for a magazine, he first read the article and then tried to visually reproduce the message and recreate the concept.

Working at the Ray Gun was a period of visual experimentation, without any rules. The designers just let the music communicate the direction of how the magazine looked.