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It replaced Steve Jackson Games' previous magazine Roleplayer. In this was changed: Pyramid is available as a PDF download from. Pyramid is a gaming magazine, publishing articles primarily on role-playing games, but In this was changed: Pyramid is available as a PDF download from e23 (online service), and the subscriber forums have been discontinued. Discussion and reviews of Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid Magazine .. This month's Pyramid — the PDF magazine for roleplayers — once again revisits the.

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Pyramid was the monthly PDF magazine for serious gamers, created by serious gamers. Each month, Pyramid delivered articles about a specific theme, from. For 25 years, Pyramid magazine has delivered gaming goodness, but all good things must come to an end. This final issue of Pyramid, the PDF magazine for. Pyramid Magazine - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online.

All rights reserved. Submission of your photos, letters, humor, captions, and marginalia constitutes permission to Steve Jackson Games Incorporated to use them in all media. All such submissions become the property of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated and will not be returned. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this material via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal, and punishable by law. Please download only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted materials. But we discuss that elsewhere turn the page! Out of the Rough relates a variety of background reasons for using gems in a magical world.

Two of their number were already fallen, blood pouring from rents in their heavy plate armor. The demonologist facing them brandished a rapier black, and edged by red tongues of hellfire.

His chilling laugh echoed through the shadowy cave.

Pyramid Magazine - | Guild | Magic (Paranormal)

My blade was forged in the Pit itself! It can tear your paltry armor like parchment! The eldest knight stepped forward, touching the crucifix engraved on his breastplate and whispering a prayer.

Pdf pyramid magazine

His foe grinned, rapier poised to run him through. They allow someone to pick up and improve any otherwise-normal weapon an abil- ity that had previously been difficult to model. Weapons arent the only equipment that legend and fiction have portrayed as being enhanced by an individuals personal power, though. Consider the sorcerer who enchants his simple robes to be more resistant to flames, or the electrokinetic psi who prevents his metal armor from conducting a current, or the holy warrior who calls on the power of his god to extend the protection of his shield to his companions.

These are all excellent examples of Defensive Imbuements Imbuement Skills for armor and shields.

Pyramid Magazine Contributions (Issues #101 to #122)

Like those skills, they can only affect an object you have ready, cost FP for each use, and require a skill roll every turn. However, several special rules apply. Defensive Imbuements dont require specialization by spe- cific armor or shield type. For instance, the Fireproof Armor skill lets you make leather armor and plate armor fire-resistant with equal facility.

However, several skills require you to spe- cialize in Armor or Shield see below. These two specialties default to one another at This category is further split into three classes on the basis of items affected: General: Both the Armor specialty and the Shield specialty exist.


The Quick and the Dead The most potentially unbalancing, but also the most fun, new cinematic rules are for Quick Aim. Being able to aim as a free action, akin to Fast-Draw, can be a big deal.

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But because the roll always suffers the Bulk penalty — which cannot be bought off — this should remain in the realm of super-gunslingers. If not, try doubling Bulk penalties instead. So Quick Aim with a handgun will be at -2 to -6 mostly -4 , a carbine or SMG is -6 to -8, most full rifles are to That will force people to use smaller, handier weapons to claim that bonus, which may well impact the choice of weapons in a very realistic way.

I love the Accuracy and Aiming rolls, and seeing the players make meaningful tactical choices about aiming, and then get to roll dice. I Aim. I knew damn near instantly that this was something I wanted to see developed. After Doug got it into shape, I started using the rules in my campaign — and I have used them since.

I know that Jake Bernstein put in a lot of hours too, but I think I was the only one using it in a real game until Doug used it for Alien Menace. My gaming group, the Headhunters, actually full-on revolted when I tried to not use it for a campaign setting.

Pdf pyramid magazine

Since I run my group like a pirate democracy co-GM is chosen by the players, who then elects the GM , I basically had to backpedal. Overall, I love the rules. One particularly memorable moment in one of my campaigns involved my best friend, C.. He was playing a man out of time in modern day, and just nailing his role. At the climax of the story arc, the PCs had to stop an evil witch C.

Pyramid Magazine Contributions (Issues #101 to #122)

Everything was going fine until several snipers began to fire on the PCs from the nearby lighthouse. In a moment of sheer badassitude, C. The Silk Road that includes a handful of new mythic monsters perfect for that historical setting. Make a random heroic background with David L. Pulver, or devise a complete campaign framework with a roll of the dice.

With this issue, the world of dungeon-delving excitement is closer than ever! This issue of Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers, provides new kinds of magical options for cinematic universes. Sorcery in your super-heroic settings. Revel in David L. With this issue, your games just got more like a summer blockbuster; just add popcorn!

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The time for adventure is nigh. Add new threats to your underground lairs with six sinister undead from Sean Punch and nine deadly traps from Christopher R.

Outfit your dungeon delvers quickly and easily with ready-calculated kits of useful gear. Unimaginable treasure beckons within these pages, and adventure awaits! The shadows are insatiable, the odds are insurmountable. Take arms against implacable ghosts with strange abilities.

Battle a cosmic horror from beyond the edge of reality.

Pdf pyramid magazine

With this issue, the threats are deadlier, but the heroes are more prepared than ever! Learn how to augment existing monsters with Dungeon Fantasy RPG designer Sean Punch, and use those methods on nine new creatures of myth and legend. Uncover the secrets of David L. Books and brews and alternate views!

The world of magic just got bigger with this issue of Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers. Unleash new alchemical wisdom that challenges adventurers to think on their feet to do the impossible.

Lash out against arcane enemies with the mage-hunter for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. With this issue, imagine the unimaginable like never before!