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Poos Ki Raat written by Premchand, Free hindi story books download pdf. Online Hindi Story books free download pdf in pdf ebook. 'Poos ki. 16 दिसंबर (Poos Ki Raat – Munshi Premchand Story in Hindi) . Munshi Premchand Stories in Hindi – मुंशी प्रेमचंद की कहानियाँ . munshi premchand novels in hindi pdf, munshi premchand novels list, munshi premchand. Also remember never to talk plain Hindi. Otherwise the secret will be out that you' re an .. Then the two of them went to sleep. January Night. Poos ki Raat.

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LanguageEnglish. HINDI, STORY. IdentifierPoosKiRaat-Hindi-Premchand. Identifier-arkark://t9r25bn1t. OcrABBYY FineReader LanguageHindi. Poos Ki Raat (On a Winter's Night) by Premchand in HINDI Uploaded by Mayank Saxena (Agra, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA). Aadinath Puran (Jain Dharm) Hindi pdf · Dr. Ambedkar [Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar ki Jeevni] by Indian Constitution in Hindi and English.

Early life[ edit ] Munshi Premchand was born on 31 July in Lamhi , a village located near Varanasi Benares and was named Dhanpat Rai "master of wealth". His ancestors came from a large Kayastha family, which owned eight to nine bighas of land. When he was 8, his mother died after a long illness. His grandmother, who took the responsibility of raising him, died soon after. His father, who was now posted at Gorakhpur, remarried, but Premchand received little affection from his stepmother. The stepmother later became a recurring theme in Premchand's works.

Occasionally he repeated the same name word sentence many times over. Eventually, the influential businessman is released of all the charges, leaving Raxt disappointed.

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He was a simple poos ki raat story in and his simplicity reflects in his writings. He got up out of the shed and raxt to bark vigorously. He would bite them away. All Comments Your Activity. He would not have embraced his dearest friend or the nearest relative with such affection!

पूस की रात – मुंशी प्रेमचंद की कहानी | Munshi Premchand Story in Hindi

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. But he knew that refusing the money monger pios be even worse. Alopideen offered could get Vanshidhar to compromise on his morals.

As he can see there are toys in the shops lined along the way. Poos ki raat story in yourself toiling, and when the harvest is ready, hand it over to him. Why is he like that? Soon blue bulls attack his farm, the dog barks and runs into the field. He tried to put his thoughts in order, so as to take a decision.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. The story ends with a life lesson for all of us and that how each person perceives a situation from their own perspective.

Another great story by Premchand narrating two poor lives. Suddenly, to break his attention from the lingering toys, his mother tenderly shifts his attention to the swaying muster field, which seems to be full of golden ripples — moving to and fro. Man rams speeding Jaguar into several cars, injures 21 Binya is a poor little girl living with her mother and an elder brother, Bijju, in a very small poos ki raat story in village of Garhwal.

The duo breaks free from the shackles but eventually ends up in a warehouse with so many other animals stuffed in deteriorating condition to be sold. It's a heartwarming tale of how these friends stick together in every difficulty and finally reach home.

Poos Ki Raat Yet another masterpiece from Premchand. Poos is a local word for Poush- a month in Hindu calendar that begins from mid December till mid-January. Read 'Poos Ki Raat' to know how Halku managed to survive through the chilling winds, with just an old tattered blanket and his loyal dog by his side.

Eidgaah We've all read this story at least once in our lifetime. They are extremely poor and his grandmother is barely able to provide him with two square meals a day. All the children are excited about the fair and all of Hamid's friends download sweets and beautiful toys. Hamid, who has the least amount of money among all his friends, is tempted seeing their toys and sweets but doesn't give in. Instead, the thoughtful boy downloads a pair of tongs for his grandmother, so that she doesn't burn her hands in the flames while cooking.

This poignant story of a young boy's sacrifice and love makes everyone shed a tear or two. Thakur Ka Kuan Thakur Ka Kuan throws light on the degrading condition of Dalits in the old days when they were denied clean drinking water by people from upper caste. When a Dalit woman Gangi's ailing husband complains of an unbearable odour in drinking water, she asks him to wait until she fetches clean water from somewhere.

Thakur Ka Kuan will make you dread the caste-based discrimination in our country.

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Boodhi Kaaki Like most of his stories, this one highlights the struggles of a poor and helpless soul. This time, his central character is an old and blind woman whose husband and sons have died.

With no one to look after her in this age, her nephew promises to keep her, but not before transferring all her property to his name.

And now, the nephew Buddhiram and his wife Rupa, don't even give her food to eat. Once during a function at their home, everyone enjoys eating sweets and pooris, ignoring the old Kaaki who's starving of hunger. Unable to control herself any longer, the poor and frail woman lands in the middle of guests. This angers the heartless couple even more.

The climax of this story, when Rupa finds the Kaaki quietly eating the leftovers, will melt even the toughest of hearts. With this story, Munshi Premchand gives out a message that old age is just a re-arrival of childhood.

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Namak Ka Daroga Another soul-stirring gem from his stories, Namak Ka Daroga leaves a sweet taste in your mouth and tears in your eyes. Vanshidhar is newly appointed as the Daroga in the government's salt department. Back in the day, salt was a precious commodity and its illegal trade was rampant. Despite his old father's advice, encouraging him to make some extra money by accepting bribe, Vanshidhar is honest and just in his conduct.

As it happens, Vanshidhar arrests a wealthy businessman, Pandit Alopideen for illegally trading of salt. No amount of money that Pt. Alopideen offered could get Vanshidhar to compromise on his morals.

Eventually, the influential businessman is released of all the charges, leaving Vanshidhar disappointed. But the twist in the story comes when he turns up at Vanshidhar's house praising his honesty. Bade Bhai Sahab Bade Bhai Sahab is a light-hearted story of two brothers, one of whom is 5 years elder to the other.

The elder brother's rant about the importance of education and how ridiculous he finds it at the same time evokes much laughter. He often lectures his younger brother, who isn't fond of studying and spends most of his time loitering around and playing.

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