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Uploaded by: LATIA Asirvatham, Eddy ronaldweinland.infoioned: mimetype: application/pdf ronaldweinland.infods: Political Theory. Home > Higher Education > Political Science > Political Theory. Political Theory, 13/e. Eddy Asirvatham & K K Misra. ISBN: Pages: Get this from a library! Political theory.. [Eddy Asirvatham].

Johari, Jan 1, , Constitutional history, pages. History of Political Thought: Ancient and medieval, with a chapter on Manu. Contributed articles in the Indian context.. Kashyap, , Constitutional history, pages. A commentary and study.. India announced that it was now a. Modern India , Sumit Sarkar, , History, pages.

How it is that the most ancient civilization of the world could not produce any thinker, philosopher, theory, and concept or book in the field of political thinking in more than five thousand years of its inception, which could be placed among the social scientists or political philosophers of the world? What would have been the reasons of classical neglect of political and administrative aspects of nation building by a country claiming and widely understood to be providing the world the way of ethical, universal and transcendental upliftment of the world community?

Whether the tradition of Rishis, Ashrams, Gurukuls etc. Should we presume that Indian intellect did not at all have any caliber to produce any ideology, system, administrative set-up or organizational structure of politics to be presented before world academia? It is really pity that sincere attempts to find answers to these perturbing questions are also rare in our intellectual exercises. The results of the overall westernization of Indian studies in Political Science have been evidently disturbing and disappointing.

The Social Contract Theory : A Model for Reconstructing a True Nigerian Nation-State Alubabari

The scholars of Political Science in India have found the western political thinking intense, systematic, fundamental and thereby incomprehensible for ordinary people and therefore better.

Various political concepts, constructs and theories, which seem to have essentially originated from the internal dichotomies and contextual political and social compulsions of the western world have unnecessarily been incorporated in the syllabi of our teaching departments howsoever irrelevant those could be in Indian situations.

Hence, the students of Political Science are usually unaware of the references and contexts of most of the theoretical frameworks presented before them and therefore, find the concepts alien and un-understandable.

There is a certain degree of apprehension about the universal application and utility of these west- oriented study materials in our own socio-political conditions. This has resulted into an obvious acceptance of the myth amongst the scholars of Political Science that the position of India in the development-journey of political thought is generally insignificant and negligible.

Some exceptionally talented works on ancient Indian political thinking and institutions have compelled some of our university teachers and the departments to recognize the political-study-value of only the public administration aspect of the outstanding academic treatise by Kautilya. Apart from Kautilya, nothing relevant and none significant, has been considered to be the part of the course of the students of Political Science. These trends have resulted in an incipient inferiority complex among Indian political scientists and because of the fear this complex being exposed the community of the scholars of Political Science in India is tempted to establish the superiority of western talent of creating original ideas.

This fact gets immensely and overtly reflected and manifested in the seminars, symposia, conventions and research journals of the subject. In fact, some rigorous analytical attempts and in-depth study would indicate that writers, philosophers, thinkers, poets, historians, rishis and others in ancient India had delved into minute and logical examination of the issues related to the overall development and growth of individual, society and state.

Thus, the logic of unavailability of separate treatises on politics in ancient India seems to be unfounded. The early Indian logic was essentially approving the fact that politics was an inevitable ingredient of the universal Dharma, which used to govern and regulate all the functioning of individual, society and state.

Theory asirvatham epub eddy political

Therefore, the core aspect of analysis and presentation of most of the ancient Indian treatises is mainly Dharma. All other aspects and elements are though not primary, but not at all negligible and secondary because Dharma is no entity in vacuum, rather it is accumulated whole of the overall moral, ethical and functional dimensions of individual, society and state. That is why we find Indian writers producing comprehensive expressions of most of the aspects of human life in almost every treatise of Vedic, Aupnisadik and Epic period while continuously exploring the epistemological and logical dimensions of Dharma.

The procurement of the highly acclaimed treatise of Kautilya, the Arthsastra, in the early years of twentieth century must have necessarily been a witness to the explosion of myth of non- availability and non-existence of any book worth mentioning specifically on politics, Rajdharma or Dandaniti in ancient India.

This is also interesting to note that some of the literary works of early Indian poets, though being completely the literary ones and being based entirely on love stories, present political institutions, functioning, theorizations in such emphatic and enduring manner that they bear a testimony to the vibrant and rich tradition of socio political thinking in ancient India.

It is very unfortunate to note that most of the early Indian writings including the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.

And, therefore, serious attempts to look into these grand old treatises for tracing the links of modern issues have largely been ridiculed as parochial, fundamental or otherwise. Some noteworthy works have, nonetheless, been able to put forward the basic ideas of ancient Indian society before the academic world.

Eventually, even most of these works are the academic exercises by western writers with an intention to peep into the socio-political life styles of early Indians and are based on an alien viewpoint. This shortcoming can mainly be attributed to the fact that they were simply unaware of the socio-cultural complexities of Indian society in general. Again, one of the main shortfalls of these works is to trying to locate the present days concepts and institutions in their raw form and shape in the early Indian society.

This is applicable to the most of Indian writings also. But it must be safely suggested that the huge time gap between these comparisons often leads us to misunderstanding of the myths, beliefs, value-patterns, role models and functional dimensions of those societies in the light of modern yardsticks being applied for.

The legacy of colonial rule, acceptance of modern democratic system, growing problems of national integration, the compulsions of multi-religious and multi-cultural secular set up, increasing allurement of westernized models of life, decline of vernacular languages and the rise of English based academia, etc. To our instant dismay contemporary pressures of real politick have produced a substantial section of Indian intelligentsia which has, under the impressions of academic hegemony of the English speaking and writing West, inculcated in themselves sense of sheer disregard, indifference, disbelief, apathy, hostility and criticism for anything that can be associated with ancient India.

The scenario is comfortable for those who find it hard to go through ancient Indian writings because they are written in Sanskrit, a language that has a very strict scientific grammar and has less elasticity as compared to English. In addition to that the adoption of the model of industrialization by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, as the only way of the upliftment of Indian society and the adoption of globalization-liberalization model of development by Rajiv Gandhi in s the then Prime Minister of India and eventually the grandson of J.

Nehru, and of course, by the succeeding governments have also led Indian academia to believe that any endeavour to look into our ancient past is purely futile. Leaving apart the political aspects of this attitude of Indian academia, the greatest loss incurred to because of this has been in the field of serious research studies in social sciences. Though it cannot be argued that the ancient Indian writings possess emphatic solutions to all the present day conflicts, yet it can be stated forthwith that serious studies of ancient Indian literature with social science view point would definitely pave the way of better understanding of the Indian mindset and thereby prove immensely helpful in shaping our socio-political values and institutions in an indigenous manner.

Strangely enough, our scholars appear to reject the ideas of ancient Indian texts with a viewpoint of Indian Vedas and Puranas containing many fanciful and unscientific ideas and therefore, not taking them seriously. But they fail to note that all ancient texts contain their mythic and legendary elements, and it is not the practice to so completely reject them.

It may well be argued that a close study of the texts of ancient India is essentially required to understand their comprehensive views on state, politics, sovereignty, rights and duties and yes-public administration beside the overwhelmingly amazing idea of welfare state. It is astonishing to note that some of your universities have not even bothered to include the study of ancient Indian Political thought in their syllabic. This is an area of great concern for all of us and requires sincere attempts from all in this direction.

Amartya Sen argues that the enthusiasm for ancient India has often come from the Hindutva movement-the promoters of a narrowly Hindu view of Indian civilization. Although he accepts the enormous influence these old books and narratives have on Indian culture, literature 7 and thought. Ancient India is claimed to be the repository of the highest form of democracy. We find the people vishah participating in urban councils with the power to instruct and direct the king according to their will.

The multitude of ethnicities and people provided for the autonomy and self-determination of the villages, city-states, republics and constitutional kingdoms through the observance of Dharma. The villages ruled by their elected representatives and were, therefore, autonomous and self-governing administrative units having the power to manage their educational, economic social, administrative and other requirements.

Their own assemblies and committees also governed townships. There were Republics in ancient India prior to Greek and Athenian democracy, which were established by people dissenting against monarchy. These republics were expression of the idea of government through an assembly representing the people.

Political Theory Ideas and Institutions

The earliest sources of information about ancient Indian political tradition, Vedas, provide enormous information about the theory and practice of government in that period. Mahabharat presents the views on polity in a systematic, comprehensive and authentic manner, besides presenting the views on sphere of state activity and government as chief instrument for the welfare of the society.

Chand and company,. The book is an indispensable resource for all political science graduates. Share your thoughts with other customers.

About the Authors. Eddy Asirvatham is an Indian asirvathham scientist and academician with a vast experience in teaching political theory at various colleges. Political Science. Political theory eddy asirvatham pdf. Eddy Asirvatham is an Indian political scientist and academician with a vast experience in teaching political theory at various colleges.

It explains how politics is a result of social process and how political thought has evolved over political theory eddy asirvatham tjeory.

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Asirvatham, Eddy and K. About the Authors Eddy Asirvatham is an Indian political scientist and academician with asirvahham vast experience political theory eddy asirvatham teaching political theory at various colleges.

Synopsis: Contents the nature, scope and methods of political science politics as a social process history, political theory and ideology the nature of the state the origin of the state the historical development of the state the social contract theory of hobbes, locke and rousseau the justification and end of the state the proper sphere of state action the welfare state theory of state: its.

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He wants to travel the world and see if there anything exciting. Macmillan, London, Publication date Topics. He has contributed widely to several journals on his theories and has helped many students carve our their careers. Political theory by eddy asirvatham, k k misra It also tries to throw light on the evolution of the republic and eventually democracy, showing how the state has changed in its view regarding the public and the rights and duties it assigns to them in current times.

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