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mime_content_type (string $filename): string. Returns the MIME content type for a file as determined by using information from the file. php $file = 'path/to/PDF/'; $filename = ''; header('Content- type: application/pdf'); header('Content-Disposition: inline;. Because these pdf's are rather important, and they are updated frequently, I was wondering if it is possible to disable the save-button in the.

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Example 2 on w3schools shows what you are trying to achieve. php header(" Content-type:application/pdf"); // It will be called. moved permanently (redirect). php. header('HTTP/ php. header('Content-Type: image/bmp');?> PDF (output pdf with php). php // We'll be outputting a PDF header('Content-Type: application/pdf'); // It will be called header('Content-Disposition: attachment;.

Laravel provides several different ways to return responses. The most basic response is returning a string from a route or controller. They will automatically be converted to JSON. Give it a shot! Response Objects Typically, you won't just be returning simple strings or arrays from your route actions. Returning a full Response instance allows you to customize the response's HTTP status code and headers. If etag is specified in the list of directives, an MD5 hash of the response content will automatically be set as the ETag identifier: Route::middleware 'cache.

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header ('Content-type') does not work properly if session_start initiated - PHP Development

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If you get stuck you can get support by emailing forums sitepoint. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Browser Issues Safari and Filenames Surprisingly, all of the force-download scripts I researched online failed to work properly in Safari.

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The download occurred, but the resulting file was named after the script i. If I renamed the downloaded file to its correct name, it would open just fine. This, however, was a terrible inconvenience. A bit of testing revealed the culprit.


Caching Problems Many of the scripts I found included header calls to tell the browser not to use a cached version of the file. Caching wasn't an issue with any of the browsers I tested, but if it becomes problematic, add the following lines to the script above the call to readfile. Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site.

Content-type php pdf

Regarding serkanyersen's example: The original expression would not work if the filename is a relative path. There is a composer package that will do this: Lukas V is IMO missing some point. The MIME type of a file may not be corresponding to the file suffix.

Imagine someone would obfuscate some PHP code in a.

PHP Content-type and Content-Disposition don't work on Internet Explorer

The server can issue an error, i. His provided function should begin by the test of the function existancy like: It should also work on Windows hosts with msysgit installed. I see a lot of comments suggesting doing file extension sniffing i. I want to point out that there is a much more accurate way.

Pdf content-type php

Doing something like this: