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15 tahun tentang Standar. Dokumen Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah. ______ , Peraturan presiden RI No. 70 tahun tentang Perubahan. Pelaksanaan Pelelangan Umum Dengan Sistem E-procurement Berdasarkan Peraturan Presiden Republik Indonesia Nomor 70 Tahun Vintari Pakarwati . Dari catatan kasus yang ada, sebanyak 70 .. pelaksanaan pengadaan saja, sedangkan di Perpres Tahun nanti sudah mandatory.

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Samosir, telah melaksanakan proses pelelangan yang dapat disampaikan dengan proses dan hasil sebagaimana tertuang dalam Berita Acara ini, dengan rincian sebagai berikut:. Nama Pekerjaan: Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Kab. Samosir Kategori: Jasa Konsultansi Metode Pengadaan: Prakualifikasi Metode Evaluasi: Biaya terendah Pagu Paket: Proses Pelelangan Prakualifikasi: Sesuai dengan Ketentuan Perpres No.

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Penyampaian ulang dokumen penawaran. ULP segera melakukan: Berdasarkan Ketentuan Perpres No. The eleven business actors interviewed for this study are coming from three industries, namely hotel, advertising and government vendors. Based on preliminary discussion with NGO activists, journalists and other research colleagues in Makassar, the three industries are perceived have high interaction with government due to intense regulation to the industries.

Hotel and advertising industries are also contributed higher than other industries in local government income, while procurement budget from local government increases every year. The latest indicated the high intensity of government with its vendors in procurement industries which may be perceived that the firms in the industry implement political activities due to their dependency on government sales.

Findings The study indicates that even small firms implement non-market strategies, although from the interviews, most of them did not recognise the notion.

However, it is clear that most of the non- market actions implemented by small firms were predominantly for rent-seeking purposes. This is understandable since the environment surrounding the firms is characterized by public and private expropriation hazards. Although it is understood that there is a dependency relationship in the resources and management between a firm and government, such firms may not always accept the working environment passively.

Madrid, September even change the dependency relationship with its environment. Political activities implemented by a firm therefore may serve as a substitute for formal protection in situations where the government has insufficient formal policies in place. Unstable and Uncertain Environment Regardless of its industry, all interviewees from small firms described their dissatisfaction with the business climate caused by dynamic and uncertain changes in the regulatory environment.

As in many other places in Indonesia, the regulatory environment in Makassar is affected by decentralisation where all local governments have passed local bills peraturan daerah in order to boost their local income through tax and retribution.

However, the legal justification for these local bills remains unclear since the communications and coordination between local and national government is often poor. In the advertising sector, for example, the firms are facing unclear jurisdiction and a low level of coordination between government tiers which affect their strategic management. An unequal treatment and access to information from local government officials also caused the firms in the industry to refrain strategic movement such as expansion and acquiring new customers.

I give you an example.

2012 pdf 70 perpres

Ideally, the office should provide details on how much we should pay based on the size of the billboard, the location and also based on time frame. In reality, the regulation is not really clear. Sometimes I paid the tax for a billboard which is not the same with I have paid in the past although the size and location relatively the same.

The amendment also introduced the electronic system e-procurement to both national and sub-national level, which is expected to increase transparency and create healthy investment environment. However, the introduction of new electronic procurement system comes with confusion for the firms with its complexity and unchanged attitude from local procurement bureaucrats.

According to all interviewees from procurement industry, many local procurement bureaucrats approached the vendors to offer their help in filling out complex procurement documents.

In doing so, the local procurement bureaucrats demand payment in return. Knowing the officials who handle the procurement is also an important factor. Inter-jurisdictional ambiguities and weak parliamentary checks cause additional costs to business operations in the industry.

Several players in the industry faced challenge in land and labour issue, which mostly affected by minimum law enforcement.

A fragmented civil society challenges business operations due to unclear recruitment rules: According to the law, the firm may hire outsourcing worker for 3 years maximum.

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At the end of the period, the person can be employed permanently as long as the person meets the requirements. When I implemented the law, the staff through the union challenge the firm and ask to be recruited directly. Such situation at the end paved the ground for rent-seeking activities by government officials.

2012 pdf 70 perpres

Lord and Hillman et al. Each of the specific type of political strategies is highly context-dependent. The current governor election which took place, for example, has shaped different context for the firm regarding its political strategies. Although consensus exists amongst scholars that firm engage in political activities when such activities generate economic returns, there are potential explanations of political opportunities as perceived by firms as attractive or necessary.

Large firms have direct access to government top officials while small firms have to deal with lower level of government official and faced red type of bureaucracy.

As a result, many public tenders are regularly manipulated in favour of firms with close ties to the government officials or legislative members.

This emphasises the importance of political connection in this industry. Put it this way. In order to get , you have to provide first at the beginning of the process of procurement. It happens sometimes. The officials then have so many reasons to tell you. But I believe it was more than about the rules. Firms may engage in political activities to encourage third party enforcement of contracts in order to reduce exchange uncertainty. One interviewee even revealed that some of them have direct access to the governor or the mayor of the city.

In contrast, small firms have to deal with lower level of officials in many government agencies. Small firms also forced to deal with non-transparent and complex matters with no clear information regarding the procedures. The involvement of political actors as well as pressure group affected the complexity for the firm.

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As indicated by an interviewee from hotel industry that these actors affect its negotiation power in dealing with labour issue that faced by its firm. In a single issue, there are many players that involved ranging from several labour unions, Member of Parliament, government official from several agencies, business association and student union.

2012 pdf 70 perpres

In other words, political actors occasionally took economic positions while business actors occupied policy-making roles. Madrid, September The political action by firms relies heavily of the resources and the environment it encounters. Such restraints forced small businesses to act collectively and made business association as an important actor in business environment.

70 pdf perpres 2012

The involvement of the firm in the association is based on the interest of the firm which converge with industry interests. However, in the case of hotel industry, we found that the association sometimes inaccurately communicate the interest of the member. Menimbang: a. Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 2 Tahun tentang. Peraturan Presiden Perpres Nomor 70 Tahun benar-benar mencetak rekor dalam hal perubahan aturan.

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Ditandatangani tanggal 31 Juli Koleksi Perpustakaan Universitas terbuka. Perpres No. Presiden Nomor 70 Tahun tentang Perubahan. Kedua atas Peraturan Presiden Nomor 54 Tahun Lampiran Standar Dokumen Pengadaan versi pdf. Peraturan Presiden Nomor 54 Tahun sebagaimana telah diubah. Tentang Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa. Use Acrobat to convert, edit and sign PDF files at your desk or on the go.

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