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FlipHTML5 Overview. With FlipHTML5 Page Flip Magazine Software, your printed PDF magazines can be converted into stunning page flip publications simply. This wealth of information is now available to everyone as you can now download every single issue of Qi Magazine ever produced, in pdf format for free. Check out our list of 15 of the best free PDF readers. like digital catalogues, magazines, and comic books -- you can even view files in 3D.

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In piratsite there is option (others) you could download from there. ebookbiz is the best free ebooks and Magazines download library. It's the open directory for free ebooks, magazines and the best place to read ebooks. Millions of readers find and share the magazines, catalogs and publications they love on issuu.

View and annotate PDF files. Take your PDF tools to go. Work on documents anywhere using the Acrobat Reader mobile app. You can use your device camera to capture a document, whiteboard, or receipt and save it as a PDF. Say hello to easy file access. Convert PDFs to Word. Additional PDF services are just a click away.

If some information in the document changed or typo to be fixed but the URL was sent out, you could re-upload an updated document, while the URL will be the same. Decide who can view your content, or part of your content, extremely useful for selling books to your audience.

The online publication makes it possible embedding back ground music to your publication, or play back narration for each pages. You can even make it a reading book with aXmag.

Publications uploaded to aXmag are search engine-optimized.

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Which means your PDF content is ready to be indexed by search engines, and therefore can be found and accessed quickly by the users. Print whole document is not recommended, contact us if you do need it. Though online reading is awesome, PDF document is still the best way to read document offline, it is your option to allow users click and download a specified PDF.

Easy publishing Within minutes of uploading and converting, your publication is ready online. Bookmark : Allows your readers to add bookmarks to your edition for easy reference and return to a specific page.

Printing : Readers can print single and multiple pages of your digital edition. Send as e-mail : You and your readers can e-mail the digital edition to friends, customers and business associates. Save on paper and mailing costs. Sharing on Email, Facebook, Twitter.. Download, Print, Fullscreen and Pageoverview controls. Auto-Play support - automatically flipping pages Easy Navigation - Online publications look and read like traditional magazines with turn page. The developers recommend it to fashion magazine writers, but it could really be used for anything in the lifestyle categories.

The overall design lets off a scrapbook vibe, and it has a responsive layout so people can come to your site on mobile devices. Although it may not seem like a huge deal when a theme has mobile friendly settings, you'd be surprised how many of the free solutions are lacking that feature.

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This means that each one of your articles includes a nice area for people to respond and discuss what they read. Choose the amount of columns and sidebars you'd like to be displayed, and utilize the translation files to expand your reach and share your ideas with the world.

Magazine Templates [Ready-Made]

The slider module flips through some of your most recent blog posts, while the social media buttons reside right at the top of the header. The blog pages are delivered in four different styles.


So, if you'd like to see more of a list of blog posts, that's possible. Or you could opt for more of a gallery style. The theme is fully responsive for viewing on mobile devices, and you can add a contact form to keep in touch with your readers.

The four column footer widget improves on how many modules you can have towards the bottom of your page, and the featured post banner is sure to grab attention from visitors.

You'll also find a widgetized sidebar for inserting items like social media buttons and About Us information. Google Fonts integrate seamlessly with the theme, allowing you to spice up your typography and bring your site to life. We like the magazine theme for online publications that focus on sports, technology and anything that may be a little more masculine.

The colors and fonts are set to give off that vibe, but you do have the opportunity to change these elements around. The ad widgets come into play once you really start to bring in money for your efforts. For example, you could sell advertising to certain businesses in your industry.

Or, you could implement a bit of AdSense code on your site to achieve a more targeted marketing situation. The majority of your content is managed with a customizer or the widgets. You can change around the header, footer, sidebar and homepage. Breaking news options are available, and the entire design is suitable for mobile devices, which comes into play for magazines quite a bit. After all, many people are going to be reading your articles directly from tablets and phones.

Threaded comments come along with the theme, pushing people to talk to you after reading an article. A favorite feature is the translation setting, since most magazines eventually start getting read by people from different countries.

The clean design caters to those running more sophisticated magazines, but it also works nicely for those with personal blogs or online journals. It's not your traditional online magazine layout, but that's part of its charm. The large images link to your blog posts, so the readers see a wide variety of content the second they land on the homepage.

A slider is included with the theme as well. In fact, the slider is just one of five custom-made sections you can move around on your homepage.

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Another one is an ad banner for connecting with AdSense or any other ad network. We really enjoy the Instagram feed, since it allows you to connect with your Instagram account and get magazine readers to follow.

It helps with adjusting the way your titles work, since every magazine should look unique. Another reason this theme works so well for magazines is because it has sticky social sharing buttons next to all of the posts.

Therefore, all visitors can stop by, read your post, then share it with their friends if they like the content. EasyMag EasyMag surely lives up to its name!

This magazine theme makes it possible for you to setup a fully functional wordpress magazine website straight out the box!

Included in this theme is all that you need to take your magazine site to the next level. With ad slots, a sizeable slider and enough space to showcase tens of articles on your homepage, EasyMag is the high-powered magazine theme you need to run the expansive online magazine you dream of. Awesome, right?

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Any type of industry magazine would work just fine with this layout, and you can change around the colors to match up with your logo. Several spots are available for placing ads on the site.

In fact, most of the ads and other elements on your site are going to be managed with widgets. This is good news for those who like drag and drop interfaces, as it prevents you from having to touch any code. The custom backgrounds and colors are essential for landing on the perfect look, while the custom navigational menu delivers a solid road map for your readers when landing on your website.

A list of your blog posts is provided on the homepage, or you can opt to have a more list-oriented setup, where users see modules with your most recent or popular posts. Regardless, featured images are shown for each of your articles, and people can click on the articles or read the previews to decide if they're interested or not.

The theme has a responsive layout for people to view your content on mobile devices, and translation files are included for reaching out to people all over the world.

Magazine kostenlos pdf

Finally, the threaded comments are exactly what you need for generating some conversation and showing that you're willing to chat with your readers. Semicolon The Semicolon theme is one of the cleanest WordPress magazine themes on this list, and possibly on the entire market.

The design elements are somewhat limiting, but that's somewhat of the point, since you don't have to worry about clunky backgrounds or included plugins, considering you are trying to write and publish your content within one fluid swoop. Upload your logo, and move around the various widgets in your footer, sidebar or header. These widgets allow for a nice showcase of your most relevant content, and the overall theme is a web designer's dream, giving access to a blank slate for you to make tweaks when needed.

That's if you know how to code a little bit. The theme includes custom widgets for easy customization, and you receive a clean frontend interface with light colors to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. The grid layout helps you show your most recent or relevant posts in an appealing way, and the unlimited color schemes assist with the overall branding on your site.

Not to mention, you can upload an unlimited amount of backgrounds and translate your page with the localization features.

Gadgetry Gadgetry reminds us of the TechCrunch layout, so it's clear that the theme is designed for tech magazines, offering large product images, a full slider for bringing up popular articles and clear social media buttons. The slider includes an option to type in dates for upcoming product launches and events. Users can filter all of the magazine articles based on popularity, comments and more. Use a simple color picker to choose and modify your website shades, and give your readers the chance to look at your magazine with a tablet or phone, since the design is completely responsive.

The admin interface looks rather easy to navigate, and the theme comes with demo content so you never have to start with a blank slate.

This all helps turn your website into a publication like the Huffington Post. The basic blog layout works for most webmasters, but the theme has a premium twist that you don't receive from most other free themes. For example, it has several included plugins for displaying popular stories, featuring certain news and more.

Courage The Courage theme doesn't have as many downloads as some of the other offerings on this list, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying out.

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After all, it is free! The idea behind the Courage theme is that it's extremely easy to use for setting up a rather large magazine site. The minimalist theme lets you upload your logos, feature large images for your articles and move around widgets in the sidebars. The featured post slideshow helps with drawing people into your most important articles, and the flexible magazine homepage template works so that you never have to learn a thing about coding. Hiero Looking for a magazine that's both minimalistic and stylish?

The responsive design lets you include featured images for drawing people into your magazine, and the logo upload feature is always useful for staying away from site files. This is a full-width template, meaning you get all the real estate you need. The theme options are all consolidated into one area, allowing you to modify things like typography, colors, layout and more.

The theme comes with social media buttons and a custom widget that features the most relevant and popular articles for your visitors to check out. ComboMag ComboMag provides a stunning full-width magazine layout, with social media buttons, custom widgets and large featured images to bring readers in. The theme includes features for quickly uploaded your logo and favorite icons, and the over Google Fonts allow for the ultimate branding experience.