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Ovid: The Metamorphoses: a new complete downloadable English translation with comprehensive index, and other poetry translations including Baudelaire. Ovid: Metamorphoses, ed. by Richard Tarrant, Oxford Italo Calvino: Ovidio e la contiguità universale, in: Ovid: Metamorfosi, ed. by Piero. Bernardini. METAMORPHOSES BOOK 6, TRANSLATED BY BROOKES MORE. ARACHNE AND MINERVA. [1] All this Minerva heard; and she approved their songs and.

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P. OVIDIVS NASO. (43 B.C. – 17 A.D.). METAMORPHOSES. Liber I · Liber II · Liber III · Liber IV · Liber V · Liber VI · Liber VII · Liber VIII · Liber IX · Liber X. Metamorphoses by Ovid, part of the Internet Classics Archive. ExClass 21, , ISSN Peter E. Knox: P. Hardie, Ovidio. Metamorfosi In ff. Ovid describes how Vertumnus disguises himself.

His most celebrated work is the Metamorphoses , a poem in 15 books recounting stories from Greek and Roman myth. His two other myth-themed works were the Fasti and the Heroides. This volume is no longer in print, but second-hand copies may sometimes become available through site. However there are many more recent translations of Ovid's work see list left below. I have quoted from the A.

Under the supervision of the general editor Alessandro Barchiesi, the commentary has the texture of a harmonious whole. This is a remarkable achievement in and of itself, in as much as the project represents the labors of five distinguished Ovidian commentators Barchiesi himself, Gianpiero Rosati, E.


Kenney, Jay Reed, and Philip Hardie , two translators Ludovica Koch and Gioachino Chiarini , and the eminent literary critic Charles Segal, who supplied the general introduction to the series in its first volume. Not to be forgotten is the contribution of Caterina Lazzarini, who compiled the indices that appear at the end of the final volume and will be a welcome tool to many a relieved reader.

The completed series is a worthy tribute to Segal and Koch, the dedicatees of its first volume, whose untimely deaths deprived us of even greater contributions. The final volume of commentary by Philip Hardie H is a trove for all who have admired his many contributions to Latin literary scholarship. The contours of the volume follow the now familiar pattern of the earlier books. As with other volumes in the series, the editor has diverged from that text, with differences duly noted in the introduction pp.

For the most part these differences amount to relatively insignificant changes in punctuation, or preferences in choice of variants without major interpretative consequences. One such difference in Of the 22 lines bracketed as interpolations in these books by Tarrant, H restores 13, and although there are good grounds for finding Tarrant overly aggressive in such cases, in two instances H may have been better advised to follow his lead.

Hardie, Ovidio. In Ovid describes how Vertumnus disguises himself as a rustic to gain access to Pomona, the object of his unwanted attentions: In this case the surviving intertext intertext is Prop.

The same process of thought may be observed in a number of other textual decisions. At A collective verdict on the six folumes of this commentary will require a sustained period of digestion.

Metamorphoses pdf ovidio

Readers will appreciate the rich and detailed analyses of 1 R. Sara Myers, Ovid: This is not the only occasion on which H refrains from noting how Ovid manipulates the intertextual background to offer commentary on his predecessors. For example, at H will not be surprised that I sometimes find him pressing the intertextual button too hard, but even some readers less skeptical than I may find the notion of Ovid as Cicero incarnate p.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Ovid aspired to a broad readership—ore legar populi. Readers have always responded to the miraculous qualities of the Metamorphoses, even when scholars have not.

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Presso Bern. Collection getty ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Getty Research Institute. Contributor Getty Research Institute.

Metamorphoses pdf ovidio

Language Italian. The first of two eds. Each of the 15 libri is preceded by a full-page engraved ill. Woodcut initials, headpieces, tailpieces Includes index Mortimer, R. Italian 16th cent. Library's c. De jure civium, quam Apud Balduinum Vander Aa, The ill. Mortimer notes that the ill.

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Title written downwards on spine: Remains of 2 pairs of blue silk ties at foredge. Binding, c.

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Wider roll along edges of boards incorporates hunters and animals Library's c. Giangrandi at head and foot of t.