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A One Year Bible Reading Plan for Bible Reading Plan for Share Tweet Save. Download PDF Finding Your Purpose - A Day Esther Study. One Year Bible Reading Plan. God's Daily Word Ministries January. DATE. OLD TESTAMENT. NEW TESTAMENT. PSALMS. PROVERBS. The most thorough list of bible reading plans for (Including a list of PDF and printable). If you have plans to read the bible in one year, two.

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Uploaded by: VELVET One Year® is a registered trademark used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. January. The One Year® Bible Reading Plan consists of passages from the Old Testament , New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Bible reading plans for you to choose from. Maybe in Duration: One year | Download: PDF.

There are tremendous benefits to reading in different places at the same time, which I discuss in Chapter 20 of my book, Secrets of the Secret Place. First, I decide how far I want to get in each section annually. Then, by counting the number of pages that my Bible has for each section, I do the math to figure out how many pages I need to read daily to meet my reading goal. You can decide to read through a certain section of Scripture once a year, twice a year, once every two years, or whatever you want. You can adjust the math according to your own goals.

Read From 4 Separate Places This plan gives you a good mix of reading an Old Testament book, a wisdom book and two New Testament books for each reading.

It is also structured well enough that you could shorten your reading for each day by focusing only on Old Testament, New Testament or some other variation.

Read from the Old and New Testament This is a pretty straightforward plan starting from the beginning of the Old and New Testaments and working its way to the end.

Bible Reading Plans for 2019

The family readings are meant for going over with your family, in groups or at a Bible study whereas the secret readings are for your own personal devotional time. You could just as easily read the secret readings in a group and vice versa.

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The whole Bible will be read through in an orderly manner in the course of a year. Read in chronological order This plan is based upon the historical research of scholars as it compiles readings according to the order that the events actually occurred.

Read in the order each book was written This plan is founded upon the research completed in regard to the dates each canonical book was authored.

The books in the Hebrew and Greek Bibles are not in the same order as in our modern Bibles, and this plan restores that original ordering of the scriptures.

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Read from cover to cover The classic plan. Start at Genesis and end in Revelations. Short-Term Commitments These plans take no more than a month to complete and focus on a specific topic.

Maybe in you will read more of the Bible each day. One year Download: Read through the Bible in a year with each day of the week dedicated to a different genre: Read through the New Testament in a year, reading Monday to Friday. Weekends are set aside for reflection and other reading.

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Read through the Bible at your own pace. Flexible Download: Four daily readings taken from four lists: Read through the Bible one chapter at a time. Three years Download: A year-long study in the Gospel of Matthew from Tabletalk magazine and R.

A One Year Bible Reading Plan for Printable - Download Free

One year App: Accessible on YouVersion. Download the app.

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Ongoing Download: One or two years Download: This plan does not have set readings for each day. Instead, it has set books for each month and a set number of Proverbs and Psalms for each week. Two years Download: