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Part Okami Artbook 1. Considering that this game is renowned for its Japanese wood-cut, water-colour style artwork, I am very glad to share the artwork from. Okami Official Complete Works [Capcom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Okami is one of the newest Capcom action games boasting a. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Okami Official Complete Works Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. Ads by.

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All of the images in this set are scans from the following artbook: com/Okami-Official-Complete-Works-Capcom/dp/ Okami Official Complete Works - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Okami artbook of the game. Show us your artistic drawings. Send us your drawings for a chance to be featured. Okami Art Contest. Enter your art for a chance to win an exclusive prize!.

I would highly recommend this book, since it is now out of print at least, the english version and is very hard to find. Rarely do I see this book even in art book stores that would usually contain books like this. I had never finished the game Okami, but was astonished by the concept development behind the visuals. For fans of the game Okami, Japanese mythology, or Japanese watercolor artwork, this book is a must have. Plenty of detail for hardcore and casual fans alike.

But with pages this book crams in a whole lot more than just artwork. This was developed by Capcom and still runs as an exceptionally popular franchise to this day.

Megaman Complete Works is a beastly 25th anniversary artbook totaling over pages worth of interviews and artwork.

This covers every game from the first Mega Man to the newest title Mega Man X newest when the book was published. The book includes rare concept art, rough sketches, storyboards, wall pin-ups, and tons of interviews. Other Mega Man books were released prior to this with scattered artwork from different games.

Pdf okami artbook

This first came out in to a very receptive audience. This tactical RPG offers a metric ton of rare concept art packed into this page compilation. You get everything including character art, environments, weapons, vehicles, creatures, costumes, and anything else you could imagine. Valkyria Chronicles follows the traditional Japanese RPG style so the artwork follows the common artistic vision found in Japanese gaming.

Since then it has grown into a tremendously large series with over 30 different titles. The Art of Castlevania — Lords of Shadow concentrates on one of the newest games in the series called Lords of Shadow. It has a follow-up sequel with similar concepts and many followers.

In this art book you get artwork from the entire Lords of Shadow video game. It covers characters and environments along with all the other minor stuff. This video game series first premiered in and has since released close to a dozen titles. It spans the typical length of pages of artwork from the Industrial revolution era in London.

The artists poured their hearts into this title and you can tell by the quality of work in these pages.

Okami Official Complete Works

Environments in this book are exceptionally beautiful with detailed artwork for interiors and exteriors. Also since the games have been around for so long there are many other artbooks to choose from. This title follows Japanese folklore with some creative ideas towards gameplay and storytelling. You get a behind-the-scenes peek at how this entire world was created. It may not directly apply to your own work, but Okami can offer perspective from the creative standpoint of a popular AAA title.

But I would only recommend this book to fans of the Okami series. The gameplay is not traditional and the artwork is mostly relevant to folks who want to learn more about the game. You get illustrations from all the major games with some light commentary.

However this is not all concept art so it may not be the best choice for game artists. This fairly large book combines all the rare production art into one big tome of concept art inspiration.

Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition Fantasy is an advancing category of adventure games and The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition collects all the production art into one tightly bound artbook. In pages you get to look over characters, weapons, creatures, and environments from the Dragon Age series.

Every piece of art is labeled and categorized for easier browsing. Mythical legends and fantasy overtones heavily influence this game series. This art book has absolutely everything you would want to see from the Professor Layton video game production pipeline.

You get concept art for all the characters, worlds, and in-game puzzles. Characters have their own bios with sketches and concept art for each person. Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening The very first Fire Emblem game was released in and since then the series has spawned over 12 different titles. The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening spans pages of beautiful concept art from the game.

This includes illustrations of worlds and characters, along with storyboards and rough sketches made during the creative process. You get a peek at concept art featuring vehicles, weapons, props, costumes, and the entire script written for the game. But it can also prove incredibly valuable to new aspiring game artists looking for inspiration. Fire Emblem Awakening is not that old so the artistic styles are quite relevant to modern game design.

It quickly grew an audience leading to the Bravely Default Art Works artbook. But the artwork is incredible and well worth the cost. With this much success it was natural for Square-Enix to release a sequel to the game. This came in the form of Bravely Second which also got its own beautiful artbook. It should be noted that the Japanese version of the Bravely Second art book is a better download than the westernized version.

It appears Square-Enix censored the western version for unknown reasons. Either way these two artbooks will give you stellar examples of professional RPG video game concept art. Even those who are simply interested in Japanese-style art and not necessarily fans of the video game would appreciate this collection.

Mega Man Zero has had some of the best artwork of any Mega Man game out there. Seeing it all together from conception to implementation is great. I've had it since it first came out and I still go back to it sometimes to see what certain characters or enemies looked like before becoming their final versions in the production phase. A wonderful little book to have. Feb 17, Mary rated it it was amazing. I absolutely adored the game.

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It was the one game that redeemed the Wii for me, and now I can flip through the gorgeous art any time I want. And now I can replay this on my Ps3 I got for Christmas.

I never did finish this game, so not all of the characters or scenery were familiar to me. I stopped reading all the little blurbs once I got to the unfamiliar stuff, I guess to avoid spoilers even though I don't have the game or even a PS2 anymore. But the stuff I did recognize was a nice throwback to a game I really enjoyed, with amazing aesthetics and cultural appeal. Quirky but challenging, and of course you play as a wolf and that's always a win.

It was interesting to learn a little more ab I never did finish this game, so not all of the characters or scenery were familiar to me.

It was interesting to learn a little more about the characters I did encounter, and to see how much I never ended up figuring out. Jul 31, Meh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Magnificent artbook detailing characters and environments from the game.

Jan 16, Carrie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: D Not to mention that they kept the book in its original Japanese format, so it reads like manga. Very nice. It's really interesting to read everything the game's creators wrote about the game design process.

It's funny to look at the concept art of familiar places and characters and wonder "What the heck happened?! I learned some things about the game that I hadn't noticed yet in my five playthroughs. P While I was familiar with most of the art, there was also quite a bit that was published only in here at least to my knowledge , so that was great to see. I also found it amusing to read familiar text with a different translation, as you will find in the "Providence Image Scroll".

This is a very high-quality book that all Okami fans must get. All the images and text stuffed in here is almost overwhelming, especially the large images that span entire pages, or even two. Even the bosses look glorious. Another bonus is that the cover already has a beaten feel to it, so I actually wanted the spine to fold and crease. It looks more worn and loved that way. I suppose that if I had to complain about one thing, it would be the smell.

It has that 'new fancy book' smell, which makes me a bit lightheaded. But hey, it'll air out in time. P Also, there are a few inconsistencies Dec 03, Jeff Lanter rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is easily the best video game art book I've downloadd. The cover and design of this book is gorgeous. Inside, it is crammed full of beautiful imagery from a game that has some of the best and most distinct art you will see. Much of the art in the book is the characters, enemies, and environments, but it is really remarkable how they manage to include almost everyone in what is a pretty long game.

There are some early and rejected designs for key characters later on which is always interesti This is easily the best video game art book I've downloadd.

There are some early and rejected designs for key characters later on which is always interesting and a small amount of sardonic commentary from the designer who certainly has an interesting voice and sense of humor. I liked some of the Japanese only art that I imagine most people here have not seen before too. Overall, this is the total package. If you're a fan of Okami, you will love this book.

It is probably worth picking up and at least looking through if you like Japanese Ukiyo woodblock prints as well. Jan 25, Vic Brotzman rated it it was amazing. Okami was an extremely unique video game that was released a few years back. What made it special was its one-of-a-kind visual style. The graphics were a striking imitation of a feudal-era Japanese watercolor painting in motion. Just thinking about it makes me want to dust off my console and turn it on just to marvel at it.

It is only natural that such a work of art deserved to be gathered into a printed collection.

20 Best Video Game Art Books For Aspiring Concept Artists

This gorgeous volume is exactly that, a collection of images from the game and al Okami was an extremely unique video game that was released a few years back. This gorgeous volume is exactly that, a collection of images from the game and also concept art and artists' sketches. Here the lively imaginations of the game's creators come to life in sweeping brushstrokes. You can and will lose hours at a time as you turn the pages to study the details of each subject. You don't even have to be a fan of the game to appreciate it.

It isn't too difficult to imagine this book on the shelf of an art fan who never even heard of the game. View 2 comments. Jan 18, Saralena rated it really liked it. This book offers backstories, descriptions and other awesome material from the video game Okami. There are character and game concept sketches and the artist's notes as they're drawing them along with insider information on the game.

Reading it really feels like an inside look on the game. I was so, SO excited to download this book because Okami has been my favorite video game for years! Once I got it, I can't say I was disappointed in the slightest. It was so cool to read all about t Summary: It was so cool to read all about the concept art and backstories of the characters. I only wish they could of included more! Jan 12, Canesgalactica rated it really liked it. I actually read this book to my one year old son as a 'bath time' book because of how many illustrations and concepts are seen in this book.

The book itself is full of concepts and finished works and contains small notes beside most of the pictures detailing the thought process of the artist or producer who worked on that particular part of the game. There are no 'in game' illustrations like you see in some art books. The entire book is full of concepts, advertising work like the magazine cover I actually read this book to my one year old son as a 'bath time' book because of how many illustrations and concepts are seen in this book.

The entire book is full of concepts, advertising work like the magazine covers, original and alternate box covers, etc. There is even a section devoted to Issun's scrolls, all done in the Ukiyo-e style. All in all, it is a pretty neat book to have if you like video game design and in particular if you really enjoyed this game like I did. May 22, Benjamin Chandler rated it really liked it. It's no secret I fell in love with this game, and the visual style was a big part of that.

Interspersed in the adventure are still images done by Issun, the tiny companion to the game's hero. In the game, Issun paints portraits of all the villains and also creates woodcuts of important moments in the adventure. The book collects these drawings and also character sketches, landscape plans, advertising drawings and the like. Okami is simply a masterpiece.

Artbook pdf okami

Therefore, I expected my favourite game of all time to have the most gorgeous art book to ever exist, so I bought it without any hesitation. Did it live up to my high expectations? Yes, absolutely. I catch myself smiling every time I open the book, something I do often, especially when I feel a bit down. Literally every single page is a joy to the eye, and the notes and comments are very interesting and fun to read. The related OST tracks they put beside the descrip Okami is simply a masterpiece.

The related OST tracks they put beside the descriptions are also a plus, and listening to them while looking at the drawings helps recreate the wonderful atmosphere of the game itself.

Jan 18, Andre rated it liked it Shelves: Well I can't say much since the edition I could get my hands on was the japanese original and I can't read kanji. However I did like the artwork and all those sketches for the characters in the game.

And as you can guess I am not behind this. Apr 26, Nick Sweet rated it it was amazing. As a fan of the game, this book is a perfect companion to it. The books is filled with concepts and sketches that were not included in the game as well as those that were. You will also see the development of some of the concepts from start to finish. Although I do not play video games anymore, I still have this book as an enjoyable art reference and read. Highly recommend for fans of Okami or Capcom.

Apr 20, Meg rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okami is a great game for many reasons, one of them being the artwork. The price seems high, but it is worth it - this book has everything! Concept art that far predates production, sketches and art for every character, weapon design, background studies, and everything else you could want. It has great production value too - about pages, good layout, full colour.

Absolutely love it. I hate to be cliche, but a must-have for fans. Apr 16, Tannie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I bought this for reference use, and its quite awesome. Although, I wished some of the screenshots were bigger, but the other stuff are cool.

I liked reading the comments and the character development made by the artists who worked on it. One of the great things about Okami was the artwork, its very unique, Japanese-style sumi-e.