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Nelson Pediatrics Review(MCQs)17ed - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. MCQs in Pediatrics Review of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 20th Edition PDF - If you found this book helpful then please like, subscribe and. Nelson Pediatrics Review Kaplan Step 2 Kaplan USMLE Ped 05 First Aid First Aid Full First Aid Flashcards Med-Ped Peds Ped PAEDIATRICS.

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MCQs in Pediatrics Review of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – 20th edition. This is question bank based on textbook Nelson Pediatrics. It helps. Nelson Pediatrics Review (MCQs) 19ed. for a late-component or alternative pathway deficiency with CH50 and AP50 Nelson pediatrics review (mcqs) 19ed Watch This Video ○○○ LATEST nelson PEDIATRICS review MCQs 19 ed pdf pdf free download for freshers experienced students objective books interview questions mcqs lab viva.

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Adolescent runaways are at high risk for substance abuse, unsafe sexual activity, and other risk-taking behaviors. Hypomanic or manic episodes are not features of major depressive episode.

A period of at least 2 wks is required while in persistent depressive disorder require a period of 2 years for diagnosis. All mentioned distracters have a role in suicide but major depression is the most common one. Autismis typically recognized during the 2nd yr of life but can been seen earlier than 12 mo if developmental delays are severe.

Initial symptoms most frequently involve delayed language accompanied by lack of social interest or odd play patterns. Duringthe 2""yr, odd and repetitive behaviorsand the absenceof typical play become more apparent. It is typical for parents to report that there was no period of normal development or that there was a history of unusual behaviors.

MCQs in Pediatrics Review of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 20th Edition PDF

Less commonly in 20 0. Absence of babbling by 12 months is a red flag for language development and should raise a suspicion of A50 autistic spectrum disorder. All these mentioned are recognized associations with ASD, it has 3 grads of severity, early diagnosis usually improve outcome, but those in the severe form continue to adulthood with problems of independent living, employment, social relationships, and mental health. Small group mild form with communication abilities can grow up to live selfsufficient lives in the community with employment.

Truancy is separate behavioral disorder. Increase in brain size and increased head circumference had been documented in autistic children. Other important finding in structural MRI is diffusion tensor imaging studies suggest aberrations in white matter tract development. Playmate concern is not considered.

The recommended evaluation should rule out dysmorphic syndromes; macrocephaly; hearing problems; tuberous sclerosis and chromosomal abnormalities and genetic causes like fragile X syndrome and Rett syndrome. Lead level should be order in situation of that, the child is pica eater or he is living in area with high lead level in soil, air or water.

Depending on clinical presentation, metabolic screen, thyroid stimulating hormone, EEG and specific genetic studies should be done. The drug of choice is risperidone, while methylphenidate is the drug of choice for ADHD in normal IQ children, atomoxetine is also a new medication for ADHD, and escitalopram is used for depression.

In children with non-psychotic hallucinations, the symptoms of psychosis are absent; normal mental status examination is the key for it is diagnosis. Non-psychotic hallucinations commonly occur in the context of severe traumatic stress, developmental difficulties, social and emotional deprivation.

Nelson textbook of pediatrics 20th edition - PediaCalls

Hallucinations related to fantasy, culture believes, grief, hypnogogic hallucinations, night terrors, fever, and acute phobic hallucinations all are considered normal. In this scenario, the case typically has an acute phobic hallucination which is benign, common and occurs in previously healthy preschool children. The hallucinations are often visual or tactile, last See Chapter 51 in Nelson Textbook of th Training staff in calming and distraction techniques Separating the child from other frightening sights and sounds in the treatment area Communicating clearly, with written instructions accompanying verbal information whenever possible Screening for mental health needs Question.

Pdf nelson pediatrics mcq

The safest and quickest manner to transport a critically ill child from a community hospital to the regional pediatric center is: Have the parents drive the child from their local hospital Request that the local paramedics transport the child Accompany the child in the ambulance with the local paramedics Request that the tertiary pediatric facility assist and transport the patient Explanation: The care and transport of a critically ill child requires staff with specific experience and knowledge of the pediatric population and the illnesses necessitating transportation.

In addition, the equipment, medications, and means to monitor children require pediatric-specific expertise. Coordinated efforts with a pediatric transport program yield the safest methods of transport. See Chapter 53 in Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 17th edition.


The transport team from the tertiary hospital is composed of all of the following except: A parent who can assist in the care of the child Explanation: Parents are not expected to provide care during pediatric transports. Nonetheless, if room is available in the transport vehicle, a parent may accompany the child.

Usually this is not possible, and the parent follows the transport van in another vehicle. Team members skilled in various aspects of pediatric critical care A dispatch service that facilitates communication with the referring hospitals A medical control physician who is available for telephone consultation Question. Appropriately trained and equipped pediatric transport teams should be able to: Perform major surgical procedures at the referring hospitals Provide appropriate medical care during the transport Explanation: Appropriately trained and prepared based on information from the referring hospital transport staff should be able to care for the patient en route to the PICU.

This does not mean that a patient's condition cannot deteriorate during transport as part of the natural history of the disease. Special transports ECMO are not common and are used for only unusual circumstances. The mother of a 5-yr-old near-drowning victim arrives at the pediatric intensive care unit PICU. She is highly upset and emotional, and forcefully demands to see her child.

The best response of the PICU staff to the mother would be: To sit with her and explain the procedures of the PICU, including times permitted for visitation, the number of visitors permitted To direct her to a social worker who would provide a description of the rules for visitation in the PICU To require that she speak with the child's physician before being permitted to visit the bedside To direct her to the parents' waiting area, and inform her that she will be summoned when the time is right To take her as soon as possible to the bedside, after having provided a brief description of what the room might look like, what medical devices will be present, and what level of response she might expect from her child Explanation: It is not always possible for a parent to immediately be brought into a child's PICU room.

A health care provider should be there for the parent to explain the patient's condition and facilitate ongoing communication. Nonetheless, this process should be brief, as any delay increases anxiety and possibly mistrust.

See Chapter 54 in Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 17th edition. A child has been in the PICU for 10 days and still faces at least a week of further treatment. Various family members have consulted with a variety of treating medical staff about prognosis.

As a result, the family has heard several contradictory versions of what the treatment plan will be. You should now: Advise the family to speak only to you in the future Explanation: All of these answers have been suggested except the letter to the administrator and depend on the circumstances in the PICU and the patient.

Although "B" has value, once confusion has taken over it is important for one person to communicate with the family. Practically, this is not always possible. Schedule regular meetings where representatives of the different services are present and consensus can be reached Advise the family to write a letter to the hospital administrator Advise the family not to speak to consulting physicians Advise the family that this degree of ambiguity is unavoidable in this setting Question.

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A 2-yr-old child arrives in the PICU in respiratory distress and soon requires intubation and mechanical support. Because of a heart murmur detected 2 days later, a cardiology consultation is requested, and the fellow performing the consultation speaks with the family, indicating the need for immediate heart surgery.

The family is distressed at this news, and wonders why you have not mentioned the possibility of surgery. The most appropriate next step in management is to: Ask the family to discuss the matter further with the cardiology service Contact the chief of cardiology and lodge a complaint about the actions of the fellow Convene a meeting with representatives from your service and the cardiology service, develop a plan, and then meet with the family to present recommendations Explanation: When such communication catches you off guard, regroup the team and family and discuss the events that led to the diagnosis and surgery.

Costochondral junction swelling are seen in a Scurvy b Rickets c Chondrodystrophy d all of the above.

Kwashiorkor is diagnosed in growth retarded children along with a edema and mental retardation b Hypopigmentation and anemia c edema and hypopigmentation d hepatomegaly and anemia. Which one of the following contains least fat content in the milk a Human milk b Goat milk c Buffalo milk d Cow milk. The normal calorie requirement for a 5 year old child is a calories b Calories c Calories d Calories.

In an infant exclusively on breast feed all are seen, except a GI bleeding due to vitamin K deficiency b Relative prolongation of physiological jaundice c Evening colic d Golden colour stools. A month old baby presents with recurrent episodes of excessive crying followed by cyanosis, unconsciousness and occasional seizures since 9 months of age.

Pediatrics pdf nelson mcq

The most likely diagnosis is a Epilepsy b Anoxic spells c Breath holding spells d Vasovagal attack. A new born baby has a head circumference of 35 cms at birth.

His optimal head circumference will be 43 cms at a 4 months of age b 6 months of age c 8 months of age d 12 months of age.

Pdf mcq nelson pediatrics

A child can walk up and down the stairs alternating his feet by a 12 months b 24 months c 36 months d 48 months. Gender of external genitalia of foetus becomes clearly distinguished by a 10 weeks b 16 weeks c 12 weeks d 20 weeks. A child can copy a circle first at a 2 years of age b one and half year c 4 years d 3 years. Fetal Respiratory movements occur earliest at a 12 wks b 16 wks c 20 wks d 11 wks. Vocabulary of IViyear old child is a words b words c words d words.

Order of development of secondary sexual characteristic in male a Testicular development — pubic hair — Axillary hair — beard b Pubic hair — testicular development — axillary hair — beard c Testicular development — beard — pubic hair — axillary hair d Axillary hair — beard — pubic hair — testicular development. Which is incorrect about Thumb sucking a Can lead to malocclusion b is a source of pleasure c is a sign of insecurity d must be treated vigorously in the first year.

IQ between indicates a Mild mental retardation b Moderate retardation c Severe retardation d Profound retardation. Preference of use of one hand handedness is evident by a 6 months b 1 year c 2 years d 3 years.

Mcq nelson pdf pediatrics

Neonatal period extends up to a 21 day s of life b 30 days of life c 28 days of life d 35 days of life. First permanent tooth to erupt is a 1 st Premolar b 1 st Molar c 1st Incisor d 2nd premolar. How many digits can a five year old child remember a 4 b 5 c 8 d The average B. Delayed speech in a 5 year old child with normal motor and adaptive development is most likely due to a Mental retardation b Cerebral palsy c Kernicterus d Deafness.

Anthropometric assessment which does not show much change in years a Mid arm circumference b Skin fold thickness c Chest circumference: Head circumference ratio d Height. A 5 year old child is assessed to have developmental age of one year. His developmental quotient would be a b 80 c 60 d