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Need help picking the best NCLEX-RN review books? Read on to find out our most recommended reviewers. The best NCLEX review books you need to pass your NCLEX-RN exam! We've got our 10 favorite books that will help you pass with ease. Often called the 'the best NCLEX® exam review book ever,' Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination provides everything you need.

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Read on, and I will show you exactly how you can fit these books into your NCLEX success plan. Study smart, and study hard. I hope this helps. Best NCLEX review books of Read reviews of the best NCLEX books out there so you can make an educated decision before downloading. Choosing the best NCLEX study materials is critical for maximizing your chances of passing the examination. These NCLEX review books will.

While you might have fabulous study groups and a pretty good grasp on the information being tested, there is still much to be gained from a proper NCLEX review book before testing. While there are so many of these review books that you can use to prepare for you exam, having an overview of your top options is a great way to start your NCLEX study plan. Looking for more? One thing that most student notice from the Saunders Comprehensive Review is the arrangement of the text in sections. Each of the sections is written in language that is easy to understand in simplified grammar. With each new edition, you can notice that there is an emphasis to increase visual content such as charts, graphs, colored pictures that are properly annotated to ensure that students have something to break up the monotony of the text.

Best NCLEX Prep Books 2019: Quick Review & Comparison

I hope this helps you! Kevin Pan, RN.

Review book nclex

LPN Students! I didn't forget about you. I just haven't been able to review LPN books yet.

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Best wishes, Kevin. It's very easy to read. It has the most content by far, for about the same price as other content review books. It has a very well-thought out online question bank included with new downloads.

Best NCLEX Review Books – 2019 Guide

It's perfect if you have a shaky nursing foundation. The difficulty really ramps up in the case study sections at the end.

Basic Comparison: Detailed Comparison: Key Takeaways: Saunders Comprehensive Review was a bit easier, and also probably even easier than this test suggests because the practice questions are basically quizzes about the content of each chapter.

Because so many of the questions were content-focused and knowledge-based as I'll show you further down , it was easy to get them wrong if you simply didn't know the answer. You couldn't use your judgment to arrive at the answers.

HESI Comprehensive Review rated well - but there's just no point in downloading it when you can get Saunder's, which has more content AND practice questions, unless you really want a quick comprehensive review that's not too in-depth.

Question Focus As I practiced each NCLEX question, I rated it on whether you needed nursing content, nursing judgment, or if the question actually combined both of those things in order for you to get the question correct. My definition of each are as follows: Nursing Content: Nursing Judgment: Good for practice and honing nursing judgment, though will not help with highlighting content weaknesses.

Requires both of the above to answer the question correctly. Highly desirable!

Book nclex review

Saunders Comprehensive Review maybe unsurprisingly really skewed toward nursing content rather than judgment, and had very few questions that focused on both. Here's what you'll see in my chart: Bad Question: This is actually not a Bloom's Taxonomy level. Sometimes its just a wacky topic that no nursing student should expect to know.

Best NCLEX Review Books – 2019 Guide

Other times it's conflicting answers and rationales, or something that's just plain wrong. Low cognitive level. This is an NCLEX question that requires you to understand the definition of something or be able to describe something. Designed to help candidates make their way to the top of the pyramid, this best seller introduces all that one needs to know about the NCLEX exam, offers key tips and tricks about preparation, and, best of all, gives you access to rationales and test-taking strategies — which give you the information you need to differentiate the correct and incorrect options, and to determine a logical path to choosing the right option.

In addition to a great number of practice tests, you also get to enjoy access to a unique web portal that provides additional study materials to complement the book. As the title reads, this NCLEX review book is all about helping nurses hone their prioritizing, delegating and assigning skills. Questions that test your knowledge are rather easy to crack, but practice exercises and case studies that test your application and analysis need some critical thinking skills.

Top 5 Best NCLEX-RN Review Books - A Complete Buyer's Guide - NurseBuff

This is where this book comes in handy. Consisting of 3 parts that focus on the concepts of prioritization, delegation, supervision, this NCLEX review study guide is a game changer in the sense that it allows you to develop the ability to critically think through and analyze the situations. A must-have guide for those who struggle with delegation and prioritization of patient care needs.

Authored by an award winning nursing educator and an associate professor, this review guide for NCLEX features practice tests and questions that are written in the same style as the NCLEX exam.

Organized into different chapters, this book uses a variety of learning mechanisms to help nursing students prepare for the ultimate test in a structured way.

Review book nclex

What stands out is the way the open ended questions are presented at the end of each chapter. The review questions and study exams available online on the Evolve site provide much-needed exposure and practice to the critical thinking style questions that you are likely to encounter in HESI exams.

It might not be the best book for NCLEX style questions, but it is right up there with its well summarized and easy-to-memorize content.

A classic NCLEX prep book , updated on a regular basis, presents well-organized review content and relevant test questions in the newest format that will help you make the grade. She blogs about nursing, technology, health IT, at other healthcare topics at thenerdynurse.

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