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o Certain jokes and humorous tales contain both an experiential and inner . o The Mulla Nasrudin corpus of stories and jokes are multi-dimensional in nature. JOKES OF MULLA NASRUDIN (Early booklet). JJK. 4. A CUP OF TEA (L) . RF. 4. A CUP OF TEA (L)(PAPERBACK). RFI. S3. 4. Meet Mulla Nasruddin, Download in PDF. Selection of Mulla Nasruddin Jokes, Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Notes of a Madman, Download in PDF.

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(Jokes of Mulla Nasrudin). Jokes. [During his discourses on the AKSHYA UPANISHAD Osho explained the place and significance of laughter in human life .]. Many countries claim Mulla Nasrudin as a native, though few have gone so far as and enact the famous jokes at Eskishehir, the reputed place of his birth. A rich farmer had been trying desperately to marry off his daughters. One day he met Mulla Nasrudin. "I have several daughters," the farmer told the Mulla.

Shelves: linguistics-and-philosophy , well-i-think-its-funny , strongly-recommended , islam-and-arabic If one of your main objections to the Bible is that it kind of lacks humour, then check this out. A religion where one of the holy texts is a huge collection of jokes! And most of them are actually pretty funny. My favourite is the following. Nasrudin the Sufi holy fool, who is the hero of most of the stories , is walking past the lake, when he sees a wild-looking guy sitting by the bank with a big jar and a spoon. When he gets closer, Nasrudin sees that he's spooning yoghurt into the water.

But it is inherent in a Nasreddin story that it may be understood at many levels.

Osho Jokes on Mulla Nasrudin – 5

There is the joke, followed by a moral and usually the little extra which brings the consciousness of the potential mystic a little further on the way to realization. The neighbour obliged and Nasreddin promised to bring it back shortly. Weeks passed when the neighbour came by to remind Nasreddin about his pot. Embarrassed, the hodja went inside and after a short time re-emerged with the pot.

On handing it over there was a clanging sound inside upon which the neighbour lifted the lid to reveal a smaller pot inside.

The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin

Some time later Nasreddin again asked to borrow the pot and the neighbour happily obliged. Again weeks passed and the neighbour found himself on the hodja's doorstep inquiring about his pot. Now begone, you rascal!

When he got on the pulpit, he asked, Do you know what I am going to say? The audience replied "no", so he announced, I have no desire to speak to people who don't even know what I will be talking about! The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time, when he asked the same question, the people replied yes.

Pdf jokes mulla nasruddin

So Nasreddin said, Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won't waste any more of your time! Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mulla to speak the following week.

Jokes pdf nasruddin mulla

Once again he asked the same question — Do you know what I am going to say? Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered "yes" while the other half replied "no". So Nasreddin said Let the half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the half who don't, and left. The Mulla went to meet him outside. I have some goods to transport to the next town. So, not to seem rude, he answered: "I'm sorry, but I've already lent him to somebody else.

Pdf mulla nasruddin jokes

Here's the episode in question, which I hadn't seen before: Nasrudin is scheduled to preach in the mosque. He stands up in front of the congregation, and asks "So, do you know what I'm going to say?

200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories and Jokes

I'd just be wasting my time. The next week, he stands up and asks them the same question. This time, the congregation all claim they do know what he's going to say. The third week, he's still sticking to his script, but this time people have been thinking about it.

Osho Comics - Wisdom of Folly: Jokes of Mulla Nasruddin

When he asks the question, they tell him that some people know what he's going to say, and others don't. After a while, the customs official is certain he's smuggling something. He stops Nasrudin time after time, searches him thoroughly, but never finds a single item.

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One day, many years later, he's changed jobs and happens to meet Nasrudin by chance. It's been driving me crazy. What were you smuggling?