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LOCKED Twilight Fanfiction - FanFiction Alley - Perusing The Shelves. Master of the Universe (MOTU Complete ).pdf ( kB. Info for the PDF is at the bottom of this post of the Universe, twilight · Tagged with desktop, E.L. James, fanfiction, iPad, iphone, MotU, PDF, quiz, wallpaper. Are you looking for the Master of the Universe PDF? I've mentioned Master of the Universe (MotU) before and I'm sure most of you ff diehards.

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Fanfiction inspired by Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series. Warning: Mature Content. For 18 years of age, and up. Master of the Universe by Snowqueens. So on the anniversary of motu chapter 1 – heres chapter eleventy billion hassle to reply from this blog never thought I'd miss (Midnight Sun, PDF). as compared with MoTU MoTU clearly draws on this fanfiction precedent (and others) as well. Midnight Desire begins in.

If you are looking for Master of the Universe PDF info it's at the bottom of this post note this has been added to the 50 Shades Master Page This post is prompted by the hits I get a day on my old blog at wordpress. Do you know I've just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey? Well, I am treating them almost like twin brothers and love them both. Here are some of my MotU graphics but revamped for 50 Shades of Grey. Enjoy everyone!

My e-mail is: I, too, would adore a copy of the original MOTU. If you can, please email maliat24 yahoo. Thanks so much!! If you still have Master of the Universe I would love to read it please! My email is lmahartz5 gmail. Could you send a copy of MOTU to kbmcmil89 aol. I would be forever in your debt! Hi can you send a copy of MOTU to me too? Would greatly appreciate it! I had it on my laptop and it crashed, leaving me heartbroken!

Hi, yes i am wayyyyy past over due, but i wanted to know if i could please have a copy of the original MotU? Thank you!!! If you see my latest post at http: Could you please send me Master of the Universe if you still have it. My email is clpietlock yahoo. I seen that u have a copy of master of the universe. Will you please email me a copy? My email is austinsmom gmail. Yes, I am stalking you. We will travel through Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Gawd, I love 50 shades. I want it to keep going like the Energizer Bunny!

Fanfiction pdf motu

And I love a strong Bella. Good fic rec! And thanks again for help getting me up and running with my iTouch! Happy weekending! Thanks Erin. I am pretty sure it is winding down but I absolutely hope that you are right. I would love for them to have 4 kids and a house with a dog if they could keep writing for a few more years. Just made a blog comment — I like your blog design too. Hmmm…That would leave something like 20?! Okay, that DOES sound like wishful thinking! Paper Bell — you are very welcome.

Yes at least 20 more chapters of MotU would be wonderful! Please help!!!!! I too would love the original MOTU my email is tictac yahoo. I too would love the copies of the original fanfic version , my email is: How in the world am I aTwihard and totally miss this fanfic world until now? I would love to read the original. My email is stachkunasm yahoo. I have been looking everywhere for the original motu.

Why did they take it down? My email is heatherlharwood gmail. Thanks for coming to the blog. She pulled it to publish and sell the story at http: Jenny, I appreciate you not wanting to deprive the author of her royalties, but I already downloadd the Kindle version of FIfty Shades so feel that I have done my part to support her.

I just think I would prefer to read the version with the names Edward and Bella. It would just help me to stay in that magic Twilight place that I want to go back to. Can you help me? My email is: Would someone please send me Master of the Universe 1 and 2? Thanks in advance xx. I would also like original story if anyone has it. My email is samiam2u11 Yahoo. I too would like the original story with the Twilight characters!! Email is dlniemi wi.

I am definetly going to be downloading the new story but can someone please send me the originals? I never got to read the ending of 1 or any of the second! My email address is pjainabadkar gmail. Thanks in advance for any help! I would like to compare them too, I just found out about this today and would love to compare the two stories, here is my email address Tinkerbellmrs yahoo. Email is anja21 live. I want to read the edward and bella version, pls.

My email is dortega hotmail. If anyone would be willing to shoot them to me in email…I would greatly appreciate it! Please Help! Where can I find the original motu? Can you email me them too at lenapriscilla81 aol. I would love a copy of MoTU pt. I love the 50 shades books and would love to read more. Thank you. Can someone email it to me? Werdizamy gmail. Thank you, 50sog is not the same. Can I also have the fanfic version? My email is charita gmail. Thank you!! Hey i love this story and even though i can download the book, can i please have a copy of master of the universe please?

My email is auroraswims yahoo. Could I please get an email of the story as well?? I loved it as a fan tic if I could get an email of it would be amazing! Jessigrabenstetter Yahoo. If anyone has the original fanfic could you please email it to me?

Pdf motu fanfiction

Would love the original. New to ff world wondaful1 att. Someone got the original already? I join the request, please email it to me sandra. Read MOTU 1 and 2 last year. Just bought Fifty Shades of Grey and loved it. Made me want to reread MOTU.

Fanfiction pdf motu

Please email a copy if you have one- sehwilson gmail. I would love to read MOTU if someone would be nice enough to forward, please. Granny-weatherwax supanet. OMG I used to love this fanfic! Can someone email me the original too? I followed it for so long I was sad to see deleted afterwards but I understand why. My email: Could someone email it to me? If there is anyone that as a copy of Master of the Universe could you please email me a copy to keyes gmail.

I also would love to read the fanfiction as well. I bought all three books and I really am desperate to compare them.

In desperate need of a copy of the original Master of the Universe. Please email trulyprue yahoo. Could someone please also e-mail me a copy of the original MOTU fanfiction?

Have bought all 3 of the published but I too would love to read all the MOTU if anyone has dazzledchick yahoo.

When Does Fan Fiction Cross an Ethical Line?

I too would love a copy of MOTU original — my e-mail is eightbuggies gmail. My email is wendy. Thank you! Can someone please email me MOTU 1 and 2 to charleybaby2 hotmail. Thanks so much! Wow, not the only one looking for the Original! Just bought the trilogy and want to read the story line with the Twilight characters. Please send me a copy shawmr hotmail. I would greatly appreciate if someone could email me this too my email xochellsxoxo aim.

I would really appreciate a copy of this also. My email is haelysmom gmail. My email address is taniabcde yahoo. I bought all three books and totally want to compare them. My email is sabrina ajellis. I am dying to check the original MOTU! If someone would take pity and email it to me onlinegeek gmail.

I read 50 shades and although I could at times imagine Bella and Edward instead of Ana and Christian, it was a bit distracting.

Thank you in advance!! Please email to elaineroy cox. I had originally started to read it and then it was pulled. I have bought the three new Fifty Shades books but I prefer the Master of the Universe version with the acual fanfiction characters I fell in love with..

Wow, just in case all of you who requested the original MOTU did happen to get a copy sent to you, I will join in on the request. If anyone out there is monitoring these replys and actually has the original, please send to jspezzano hotmail.

The link at the bottom of the post at http: I would love a copy of it as well amixcthegirl yahoo. I would love to read this if someone could email me a copy at tinabelle74 yahoo.

Hi guys, i am yet another looking for MOTU 1 and 2 emailed to me…thanks alot!! If anyone finds it, please could they email me it at heyder11 hotmail. If anyone finds it, please could they email me it at dimples yahoo. Me to please, loving 50 shades!! Please email it to me! Hi, I would love if you could send this fic to mail: Please, please I would love a copy! Loved 50 Shades and so want to read the original! Please if anyone has a copy of MotU please send it to me too?

My email is j. Would u mind emailing me master of the universe? Ii just really want to read it1. My email is Euyang gmail. Hey, if anyone has a copy please send it to taylorjarzabek hotmail. Could someone email it to me, pleaseee????

I would be very grateful! Can i have a copy of MOTU too please? Is it possible to get a copy of Master Of the Universe? If so, I would really appreciate it. My email is lovinthebugs yahoo. WOuld love a copy of the fanfiction, read it when it was posted. I miss it! If you still have a copy of MOTU could you send it to me, please? Hi, if someone can please email me MofU to c. Please please please could I also have a copy been literally stalking any signs of finding MotU for the past 24 hours!

Please and thankyouuu x. Hey, if anyone has a copy please send it to miahisabella aol. Can someone email me a copy!! Lrehfield05 hotmail. Hi, can someone send it to me too, please. OH my gosh i am reading the 50 shades books and when i looked it up online for a friend i kept hearing about this fanfic called master of the universe…can someone PLEASE let me know how i can get it it sounds great!!

Hi, I was wondering if you still have a copy of Master of The Universe, since it was taken off the sight and if you could send it to me… Pretty please? Please and thank you! Would you email me a copy please?

Fanfic Friday: Master of the Universe | twilight, travel, and treats

I would looove a copy of MofU please email me nikkidadon gmail. Can you send me a copy of master of the universe if you still have it please! Please pretty please does anyone have the copy? Could you please email it to me? Pandapunch88 gmail. Hi there! Somebody could sent me a copy of MOTU to my e-mail?

Thank you very much! If there is somebody interested in 50 Shades in pdf, I have the 3 of them! If any one is looking for a copy of MOU 1 please contact me mmmmedina44 gmail. Hi everyone! I was wanderin if someone could send it to me too please? Hi, are you okay? I am Brazilian and I wonder if you still have the orginal copy of Masters of Universe. Could you send me by email? Sorry for the horrible English. Hi, can you also please send me a copy of MotU?

Can you please send it to me at sammiespana hotmail.

Master of the Universe

If anybody has Master of the Universe, i would be forever grateful if you emailed it to me at meneedhugz ymail. I had Motu on my computer but when I was in hospital my son deleted all my stories by accident. I wondered if any body had this story saved and could send it to me. There are others I am looking for as I am ill and they make me happy.

Thanks so much. Sorry my email address is karen. I hope you all have a merry xmas and mine would be better with Masters of the Universe if any one has it. All of you will be happy to know that your emails are forever known to people that will mock you endlessly. Can you send it to my email?

I would love motu also…………nikki yahoo. I would love to be able to read the original. Hey I know its really, really late, but I would really like to read Maste of the universe. So if you still had a copy that would be great.

If u have it, plz email it to me? Thank u! Hi Beatrice, If you go to perusing the shelves and register. Then there will be either Twilight fan fiction index to uploaded stories or twilight fan fics in fan fiction alley. They have all three parts of MOTU. My email is didyougetmytext05 yahoo.

Hey Do you still have the copies? Ive read it before and I miss the our character not christian and Anna… sharif. I really want to read it!

My email is karligp hotmail. Can you send it to my email: I really appreciated. This seems so late.. But i recently heard about this. If you can, could you please send it to Rawryuki45 gmail. My e-mail address is khadijaj4 gmail. Just heard about MOTu any chance someone could tell me where I could get a copy please. Hi, if you still have a copy of masters of the universe could you send me a copy please, I own the fifty series but never knew until after the fact that it was a fan fic to begin with….

Hi my name is Tiffany and I would love to get a copy. My email is tiffanylebel gmail. I never got a chance to read it when it was on ff. HI if anyone has a copy I would love to read it please email to billnboc gmail.

Nicarlene16 gmail. I know this is very late but asking anyway. Email me sharon live.

If you still have it, Send it to me please Dany. Hi, if you still have the copy of MofU can you send it to me please. My e-mail address is suelenpalhares hotmail. If you! Open and look at this page. Only there the choice of slaves for every taste and completely free! They are good slaves, they will and want do anything you command! Many thanks. Hey, did you manage to get it sent to you? If anyone checks this, please send me it as well! For any of you that are offended by this shot at the dark side of Fan […].

But then a little-known UK TV executive wrote a racy re-telling of the Twilight saga called Master of the Universe, which took off like a rocket in fan fiction circles. This story was so popular that the author […]. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Fanfiction pdf motu

Grace Trevelyan Grey, etc. But first, the cover. A promising start. Holy crap… was that just yesterday? Did E. James…intern…for TMZ…before she wrote…this? I push even harder and in a moment of extraordinary confidence I bare my teeth. It tips him over the edge he cries out and stills and I can feel warm, salty, liquid oozing down my throat.

I sit back and watch him, a triumphant smile tugging at my the corners of my lips. His breathing is ragged… he opens his eyes and he glares at me. Isabella gazes at me, with what…?