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of Michel Desmarquet This is from the book “Thiaoouba Prophecy” - about a direct contact to a here came Michel down the stair when he was taken away. Looking for a book by Michel Desmarquet? Michel Desmarquet wrote Abduction to the Ninth Planet: A True Report by the Author Who Was Physically Abducted. Michel Desmarquet. Michel Desmarquet Is the author of books such as Abduction To the Ninth Planet. Michel Desmarquet books. Abduction To the Ninth Planet.

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About Michel Desmarquet. Born in Normandy, France in , Michel Desmarquet joined the French army after finishing high Books By Michel Desmarquet. Results 1 - 6 of 6 Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Michel-Desmarquet books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. While reading, as first published, "Abduction to the Ninth Planet," I became further interested in the ideas being ventured in the book/journal. This book was.

Aug 25, Rebecca Coyne rated it it was amazing Brilliant story. It's fantastical in it's claims, but honestly even if it's not true, it's so imaginative it's still a great read. Really enjoyed it. This book was recommended to me by a friend who thoroughly enjoyed it and found it be to enlightening. Overall, I was beyond pleased with this short, intellectual read. There really is no smooth transition into the book to prepare you for the heavy, metaphysical ideas written in non-fiction by Marquet. By taking notice of the cover and short excerpt on the back page, you could infer that this novel explores the spiritual side of a universe we actually know nothing about.

Sure, or at least that it is based on true events, like most of our history. Read it three times, just as it recommends. It's short for a novel. But keep in mind the advice I give for other books that claim to be history on a It has a consistent pattern with other prophecies I've heard of.

But keep in mind the advice I give for other books that claim to be history on a religious or universal level: The Thiaooubians make no effort to hide that this is the case here as well.

Mar 26, Lisbeth M rated it it was amazing. Incredible, makes one ponder everything they've been taught. Unfortunately I really don't feel the story to be true I liked the pacifist messages the author transmits, but for someone with a knack for artistic imagination, it's not so hard to write something like this.

It's enough to read a little about chakras and spirituality and you can crop an acceptable scenario. If you really practice meditation, then it's a piece of cake. I do, so this 'new mentality' is nothing new for me, it didn't open my eyes.

And in the material area, everyone can find rea Unfortunately I really don't feel the story to be true And in the material area, everyone can find real faults in religions and politics A subject that leaves me sad is that the author said that they have as food various types of concentrates, including fish! Really, the most evolved beings in the galaxy murder innocent animals for food????

That's just sick. Even if they could create the concentrate, without involving killing, shouldn't they have disciplined their cravings for meat some spiritual levels ago, when they couldn't create things from thin air?

The Mysterious Michel Desmarquet

The statement that all you need for survival is 'air, water, bread, vegetables and meat' is also kind of doubtful.

Even if it is just a personal opinion added at the end, the author must assume every word of his book. And he claimed to be against them both The book was far under my expectations, I expected a spiritual enlightenment. It didn't come. I'm not going to read it three times Jun 10, Saqib rated it it was ok.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Your spirit will be reborn when you die and your Astral body passes through the River of Oblivion. Does that make sense? Then the rest of the book won't make sense either. The author claims to have made to go on a trip with extra-terrestrial beings who told him about the Creator Spirit who made all things.

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These beings are the same that sent Christ,apparently,the same who periodically kill off entire peoples as mentioned in the Bible. Now they sent the Author to spread the same message Jesus sent, Your spirit will be reborn when you die and your Astral body passes through the River of Oblivion.

Now they sent the Author to spread the same message Jesus sent,which has been distorted now. Chasing money is bad. Love heals all etc etc. Evidence for all these claims doesn't exist. Fun read, creeped me out a little bit. I might have bought into it had I never read a Jane Roberts book, but it's too simplistic for it to have any ring of truth. I highly recommend "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul," by Jane Roberts, for a more plausible and multifaceted explanation of the meaning of life.

You must have some milage into the unknown before reading this great book otherwise it's pretty mind bending and unacceptable for many many people and better for them not to read it at all so you're warned.. Dec 27, Carmella rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I've ever read.

Very enlightening and holds many answers to questions that I have been asking myself for years. Will read again as the author suggested. So glad I found this. Aug 08, Ania rated it it was amazing. Sep 08, 4now rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's a book with a strong message, really worth reading or rather it's a must read. You will not regret spending some time on it.

Sep 21, Dipayan rated it really liked it. Love the way the author has claimed that this incident has happened to himself. Weather it's fiction or not, this book gives a fantastic overview into life and our spiritual selves. Aug 23, Malay Mehrotra rated it really liked it. An excellent read.

Will give you a new way of looking at the things around you. But how does judgement make the universe and how does forgiveness make it disappear? Because our beliefs are all powerful. And it is completely true. What have we denied? We have denied that we are them! Now there seems to be twoness instead of only oneness. There is the separation experience instantly! Infinite potential then appears to become finite objects limited by the belief you have placed upon them.

I have. And when you ask that question and are willing to suspend all belief, and are willing to accept what your Higher Self is willing to share with you, you will be amazed at the answer! There is also order within chaos.

This idea was something I could not grasp for many years. But after asking HS for an explanation, I got one. All I can share with you is my interpretation of what HS gives me. You have filled your mind with questions, doubt, and a false belief that you already know things and you want to be right above all else.

Have you ever asked yourself if you would rather be right or happy? What if being happy meant you were completely wrong about everything you believed in up to now? Would you be willing to give up your beliefs for Truth above all?

There is no score keeping. You only need to quiet the mind i. Furthermore, they are dangerous because they behave more like wild beasts than human beings. Dialogue would not have been possible between them and us, just as it is not possible between them and most of the others living in this parallel universe.

For one thing, they are unable to communicate; and for another, they, less than anyone, understand what has happened to them. We were in real danger and, if I do say so, I have done them a favour just now, of liberating them. You know quite well what I mean by that.

You were right in explaining it as a kind of purgatory but, of course, this is quite accidental. In fact, this is one of several accidents of nature.

An albino is an accident, and a four-leafed clover can also be considered as an accident. Your appendix is just as much an accident.

Desmarquet book michel

Your doctors still wonder what use it could possibly have in your body. The answer - no use whatsoever. For example, if I hit you, you would feel no pain, but if the blows were strong enough, although without pain, you could still die from them. This might be difficult to comprehend, but it is so. Those existing here know nothing of what I have just explained to you, and it is fortunate because they would be tempted to commit suicide - which, even here, is not a solution.

In all, the greatest service that one can render these people would be to kill them! Effectively it would be one of two solutions. Here, as I have already said, you have people, who have been here for thousands of years. What would happen if they found themselves back in the universe they left so long ago?

In all, there is nothing to do. By this, I mean that you must be instructed further on certain points before proceeding beyond. We must leave. I followed her gaze and stared wide-eyed with surprise. About metres from us was an enormous sphere, from which emanated a bluish Aura.

I later learned that it measured 70 metres in diameter. The light was not steady, but shimmered, resembling a heat haze when one looks from a distance at sand heated by the summer sun.

Thiaoouba Prophecy

With no windows, no openings, no ladder, it appeared as smooth as the shell of an egg. Thao signalled for me to follow her and we set out towards the machine. I remember that moment very well. During the short time we took in approaching the sphere, I was so excited that I lost control of my thoughts. I saw myself relating this adventure to my family, and I saw again newspaper articles I had read on the subject of UFOs.

I remember a feeling of sadness sweep over me when I thought of my family whom I loved so much; I saw myself caught, as though in a trap, and it occurred to me that I might never see them again You will be reunited with your family very soon, and in good health. That was the second time she had read my thoughts; the first time I thought might have been a coincidence, but this time there could be no doubt.

Under any pretext - do you understand? Just when I was sure we were going to collide with it, a portion of the hull retracted like an enormous piston in the core of a cylinder, revealing an opening, oval in shape, of about three metres in height. We regained our feet, Thao and I, on a type of landing inside the craft.

The Mysterious Michel Desmarquet

Taking me by the shoulder, she guided me towards a small blue light, so intense that I had almost to half close my eyes.

I had never seen a colour like it on Earth. That is the only way to describe it. From the way in which my mentor was leading me, I could have sworn I was going to have a handsome lump on my forehead, but we passed through the walls - like ghosts! Thao laughed heartily at the shocked expression on my face. That did me good. I remember that laugh - like a refreshing breeze and reassuring at a time when I was not feeling at ease. Of course, deep down I was delighted.

However, she was not alone: I wondered what the others were going to be like. In spite of my fascination with this adventure, I still doubted if I would see my family again. Already, they seemed so far away, when only several minutes earlier I was in my own garden. The walls formed a vault - exactly as if we were inside an upturned bowl. Thao covered my head with a helmet made from a transparent material and I found, by opening one eye, that this enabled me to tolerate the light.

It is just the present colour of the walls in this room. Have you brought me here to repaint them? There are only vibrations, Michel. You still believe that you are in your Earthly universe, when you are not. You are now in one of our super long-range spacecraft, capable of travelling at several times the speed of light. We will be leaving soon, if you will lie down on this bunk..?

I stretched out in one of them and Thao in the other. I heard her speak in a language unfamiliar to me, but very harmonious.

The yellow colour progressively disappeared from the walls, to be replaced by a blue that was certainly no less intense. One third of the room suddenly became dark and I noticed minute lights sparkling like stars.

We know you are going to be greatly interested in the journey, but also in our departure that will be quite slow, for your benefit. Thao answered briefly and then the voice spoke to me in French - excellent French although the tone was more melodic than is typical welcoming me aboard.

At the same instant, I felt a very light movement of the air and it became cool, as though air-conditioned. Things began to happen quickly. On the screen, appeared what could only have been the sun. At first, it seemed to touch the edge of the Earth or, more precisely, South America, as I later learned.

Again, I wondered if I could be dreaming. Second by second America was shrinking. Now the contours of the planet could be distinguished, and we seemed to move around the globe, to a position above the North Pole. There, we changed direction, drawing away from Earth at an incredible speed. Our poor Earth became a basketball, then a billiard ball until it finally disappeared - or almost - from the screen.

Instead, my vision was filled with the sombre blue of space.

Desmarquet book michel

Only now are we travelling at full speed. But how many times? What about the light barrier? Not even your experts would believe it - it is, however, the truth. The precise speed of our spacecraft is one such detail. On the screen a coloured dot had appeared and was growing rapidly. Its colours were wonderful - incomparable to anything I had ever seen on Earth. There were yellows, reds, greens, blues, oranges - within each colour, an infinite range of nuances mingled, separated, grew stronger then weaker, creating the famous rings and confined within them It was an amazing spectacle, which filled more and more of our screen.

Book michel desmarquet

Realising I was no longer restrained by the force field, I wanted to remove my mask so as to see the colours better, but Thao signalled that I should do nothing. I believe it was at that moment I felt exalted, as I never had before. It hit me that I was in the process of living an extraordinary adventure - and why? I had asked for nothing and had never contemplated the possibility who would have dared?

Thao got up. It was only then, I noticed Thao no longer wore her helmet. We come from a planet bacteriologically different from Earth, which, for us, is a veritable culture medium.