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My dear countrymen, Namaskar. I begin 'Mann Ki Baat' today with a heavy heart. 10 days ago, Mother India had to bear the loss of many of her valiant sons. Research Article Mann Ki Baat - Present and Future Aditya Pramod Gandhi1, J Balamurugan2 Abstract The main aim of this study is to learn about how people. PDF | The main aim of this study is to learn about how people feel about this radio show and similarly what people actually feel should be.

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Through, 'Mann Ki Baat', Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with people across the country on a range of important subjects. You can give a missed call on. National Portal of India is a Mission Mode Project under the National E- Governance Plan, designed and developed by National Informatics. Mann ki Baat, Webcast Services of National Informatics Centre, NIC, Govt. of India.

Flipboard Mann ki Baat completes 50 episodes on Sunday In October , in the very first episode of the programme, PM Modi urged citizens to use at least one khadi product, saying it would help poor weavers. PTI Nov 24, , NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's monthly radio broadcast ' Mann ki Baat ', which completes 50 episodes on Sunday, has in its previous episodes covered issues of social, national as well as international implication: education of the girl child, tackling exam stress , climate change and drug menace. In October , in the very first episode of the programme, PM Modi urged citizens to use at least one khadi product, saying it would help poor weavers. A statement from the Prime Minister's Office issued Friday said that after the episode was aired, the sale of khadi products went up by per cent. The 'Mann ki Baat' programme is broadcast every month on the last Sunday on the All India Radio and the Doordarshan Taking cue from a listener, Modi dedicated the entire December episode to making India drug-free.

Part, 25 th November Part, 28 th October Part, 30 th September Part, 26 th August Part, 29 th July Part, 24 th June Part, 27 th May Part, 29 th April Part, 25 th March Part, 25 th February Part, 28 th January Part, 31 st December Part, 26 th November Part, 29 th October Part, 24 th September Part, 27 th August Part, 30 th July Part, 25 th June Part, 28 th May Part, 30 th April Part, 26 th March Part, 26 th February Part, 29 th January Part, 25 th December Part, 27 th November Part, 30 th October Part, 25 th September Therefore only those will get its benefits who make a download worth more than 50 rupees but less than three thousand rupees.

Those who make downloads of more than three thousand rupees will not be entitled to rewards under this scheme.

Ki pdf mann baat

Even the poor people can use USSD on simple feature or ordinary mobile phones to download and sell goods as well as make payments and thus all of them can also become prospective beneficiaries of this reward scheme. In rural areas too, people can download or sell through AEPS and they can also win rewards.

Many will be surprised to know that now there are about 30 Crore, i. These million people can immediately become part of this rewards scheme. I have confidence that the countrymen will evince interest in this system and if you enquire from the young people around you, they would surely be aware of these things and on your asking will tell you about these. Come on, if there is a child studying in 10th or 12th standard in your family, he or she will also be able to teach you well about this.

It is as simple as sending WhatsApp messages on the mobile. My dear countrymen, I feel delighted to learn that the awareness about how to use technology, making e-payments, making online payments is spreading very fast. To give cashless trading a big impetus, Government of India has taken a very major decision.

The business community, our traders can well comprehend how momentous this decision is. Those businessmen who adopt digital transactions, who develop online payment process instead of cash transactions in their trade activities will get Income Tax rebate.

I congratulate all the states and union territories, who have promoted this campaign in their own way. Chandrababu Naidu is the head of a committee which is considering various schemes under this. However, I have seen that the governments also have initiated and implemented many schemes.

I congratulate Assam Government and also all those state governments who have taken such initiatives. A number of organisations have also successfully carried out many experiments to promote digital transactions amongst the rural folk and poor farmers. And the interesting fact is that compared to last year the fertilizer sales of GNFC have gone up by 27 percent.

Brothers and sisters, the informal sector occupies a major segment in our economy and in our pattern of life and mostly these people are paid wages for their labour and hard work in cash. They are paid their salaries in cash and we know that due to this, they are exploited also. If they are to receive rupees, they get only 80 rupees, if they are to be paid 80 rupees, they are given only 50 rupees.

They are deprived of facilities like insurance and those associated with health sector.

Mann Ki Baat Current Affairs - 2019

But now the practice of cashless payment is being adopted; the money is being directly deposited into banks. In a way, the informal sector is getting converted into the formal sector, exploitation is coming to an end, the cut, which had to be paid earlier, has stopped now and it has become possible for the worker, the artisan, such poor persons to get their full amount of money.

In addition, they are also becoming entitled to the other benefits due to them. Our country is blessed with the maximum number of young people. Thus, we are favourably placed for using technology.

A country like India should be ahead of everybody else in this field. This digital movement is a golden opportunity for our youth.

They should impart to this as much strength as they can with their new ideas, technology and processes.


But we must also connect with the drive to rid the country of black money and corruption with all our might. After I examined all the suggestions, I can say that these can macroscopically be roughly divided into three categories.

Some have written in detail about people facing difficulties and encountering inconveniences. The other group of correspondents have stressed that this is such a good work being carried out for the welfare of the country, such a sacred task but they have also noted that in spite of this there are many scams being committed and new avenues of dishonesty are being explored.

The third group is the one which has, while wholeheartedly supporting the action being taken, clearly stressed that this fight must be carried forward; corruption and black money must be completely destroyed and if this requires even more tough steps to be taken, those must be taken. We have many people writing this most emphatically. I am thankful to the countrymen for helping me by writing these innumerable letters to me.

We citizens are facing some difficulties, but we are all fighting against corruption and we are happy that we are making a contribution in this fight. We are battling corruption, black money etc on the lines of Military Forces. All of us are experiencing it. When the people face problems, undergo hardships, rare will be a fellow human being who will not empathise. I feel as much pain as you do.

But when a task is taken up with a noble objective, to realise a lofty intent, with a clear conscience, the countrymen stay firm courageously amidst all these trials and tribulations. These people are the real Agents of Change, pioneers of transformation. I thank people for one more reason. They have not only braved hardships, but have also powerfully given a retort to those limited few who have been trying to mislead them.

So many rumours were spread, even the fight against corruption and black money was sought to be tainted with shades of communalism. Somebody spread a rumour that the spelling on the currency note was faulty, someone said salt prices had spiraled, someone proclaimed that the rupee note would also be withdrawn, even and rupee denominations notes were rumoured to be on their way out.

Ki baat pdf mann

But I have seen that despite rampant rumour mongering, citizens have stood firm with their faith intact. And not just that, many people came to the fore and through their creativity and intelligence, exposed the rumour mongers, brought out the falsity of the rumours and established the truth.

I salute this great ability of the people also from the core of my heart.

Mann Ki Baat |

My dear countrymen, I am experiencing one thing every moment. When a hundred and twenty five crore countrymen are standing by you, nothing is impossible.

Pdf mann ki baat

The people represent the will of the Almighty and their blessings become His blessings. I thank the people of this country and salute them for participating in this Mahayagya against black money and corruption with utmost zeal. It was my earnest wish that the ongoing campaign against corruption and black money, including the realm of political parties and political funding, be discussed extensively in the Parliament.

Had the House functioned properly, there would have been comprehensive deliberation. Some people are spreading rumours that political parties enjoy all kinds of concessions. These people are absolutely in the wrong. The law applies equally to all. Whether it is an individual, an organisation or a political party, everyone has to abide by law and one will have to.

People, who cannot endorse corruption and black money openly, resort to searching for faults of the government relentlessly. Another issue which comes up is this. Why are rules changed time and again? This government is for the sake of the people. The government continuously endeavours to take a feedback from them.

What are the areas of difficulty for the people? What are the rules that are creating hindrances? And what are the possible solutions? The government, being a sensitive government, amends rules as required, keeping the convenience of the people as its foremost consideration, so that citizens are not subjected to hardships.

For the past 70 years, what kind of forces are involved in this murky enterprise of perfidy and corruption? How mighty are they?

Baat pdf ki mann

To counter these new offensives, we too have to devise appropriate new responses and antidotes. When the opponents keep on trying out new tactics, we have to counteract decisively, since we have resolved to eradicate the corrupt, shady businesses and black money. On the other hand, many people have mentioned in their letters all kinds of wrongdoing which are going on; how newer wily ways and means are being devised.

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In this context, I offer my heartiest salutations to my dear countrymen for one very remarkable thing. These days you must be seeing on T. Influential persons are being caught. How has all this been made possible? Should I let out the secret? The secret is that my sources of such information are people themselves. Information being received from common citizens is many times higher than that being obtained through government machinery.

And we are by and large being successful in our operations on account of the awareness and alertness that the people have displayed. Can anyone imagine the level of risk, which the aware citizen of my country is taking to expose such elements! The information received has largely proved to be fruitful.

For those of you wanting to share such information, you can send it on an e-mail address set up by the government for this purpose.