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Love him or hate him, Triple H does what he wants, when he wants to do it. And now, for the first time anywhere, he tells you how he does it -- and how you can. HHH's Basic Bodybuilding Workout** > With this basic program, you want Whether you're doing high reps/lower weight or high weigh/fewer. Making Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body by Triple H, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Find out more about Triple H Making the Game by Triple H, Robert Caprio, James Rosenthal at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author. Quote Originally Posted by TommyStarwind View Post. Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body anyone have a torrent on this??. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, known as Triple H, is the only man to have been a Grand Slam Champion and to have won King of.

Love him or hate him, Triple H does what he wants, when he wants to do it. And now, for the first time anywhere, he tells you how he does it -- and how you can, too. He discusses how "a Jones for bodybuilding and a love for wrestling" morphed a skinny, pound fourteen-year-old into one of the biggest Superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment. But be warned -- the "Cerebral Assassin" has two words for anyone who's not serious about the craft: This book isn't for pantywaists who'd rather exercise their egos. Triple H had help along the way. He didn't get to be "that damn good" without the support of a loving family.

Incredibly smart. Because your mindset is totally different. Everything I learned in the gym was from body builders or power lifters. I just went to the gym and trained with guys and learned everything I could. But I was a sponge for it, and Arnold was my hero. And just was a sponge for all that stuff. So strength and conditioning and the whole stretching and mobility was totally foreign to me.

Because tough with old dogs, new tricks. Tell me what to do. I have zero knee pain now. What does that look like now? What are some of the exercises or the sequence? Well, it depends. And to then have your body just kick in a wake-up. Just makes me go: pu!

Triple H on The Tim Ferriss Show — Transcript

Tim Ferriss: How long does it typically take? Paul Levesque: Five, ten minutes. I just go right from one thing to the other. Paul Levesque: — a good little deal, yeah. So, people, you can find that at the show notes at fourhourblog. The fear factor: what you guys do is — can be very dangerous. I mean, there are risks involved. Paul Levesque: Sure. What are you saying to yourself? And that — when I was younger — that used to be the thing. You know how to do this. And this is fun. Enjoy it. Because you might not get another one.

Tim Ferriss: Incredible athlete. And I was walking him to the ring one time; I think when he fought Marquez. And we got there early, and his guys came and got me. And I wanted to watch some of the Undercard. And we come in and say hello and all that. You can sit down. I sat back down. We watched the game for a little more. Because I looked at the — inside of our business, there were guys, like, for me, my favorite performer character was Ric Flair.

Just kinda felt like overall he had the best package of everything to offer. You know, there were guys that were great showmen, very popular, or guys that were great at one thing.

He had kinda the combo of great in-ring performer and made everybody look good, this great character, all these things. Inside the wrestling business, that was a component of success for me: just that level of performer, the way he handled himself in the ring. I always wanted to be the in-ring kind of general and understand. No matter how much they were moving around and what they were doing, I knew where they were, I knew what they had in their hands, I knew — just on glimpses as I was moving around the ring.

I always felt like it was my job — if something was gonna screw up, that was my fault.

Triple making h pdf the game

So I always felt like the control was mine to take because it was what I could count on. Be ready. Here we go. Flair was very good at that. So that was, for me, from that point of view, was a success component. But there was a lot of things that I looked for. I looked at my father-in-law, now Vince. I looked at that as a guy that saw a business that was one thing, but had a vision of it being something else.

Cable is taking over. I looked at Arnold. Arnold was that in the structure. I just said it to him a few weeks ago. I say this in interviews a lot: that gym taught me everything I needed to know for life. I walked in a gym at 14, and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the end result look, right? Always in awe of these big, powerful, impressive guys.

I enjoyed the physical and all that stuff of it. And fell in love with that really, wholly. But just the discipline of it.

The harder you work, the better the results. Tim Ferriss: Congratulations. Paul Levesque: Thank you. But I bring it up because Evander Holyfield was there. And he told this story. Is that a dream, or a goal? Because a dream is something you fantasize about that probably will never happen. A goal is something you set a plan and work towards and achieve.

Making Game

Is that a dream or a goal? So the people that were successful models to me were people that had structured goals and then put a plan in place to get to those things. You guys seem like peas in a pod from a stamina and endurance standpoint. That I know of. At some point, I would love to have a family.

H pdf the game triple making

How do you think about being a father? What type of father do you want to be? What do you think is important in that role? I have three girls: an eight, a six, and a four. Tim Ferriss: Very well-spaced. They do what they see.

So how you live your life is their example. Holy cow. Now I gotta do all that stuff. And then you add in all the other things of life. But you wanna teach them right from wrong. You wanna help them so bad.

What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like? But when do you wake up?

Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body - Forums

What does the first 60 to 90 minutes of your day look like? So I wish I had a really cool example of that. But we train late at night. We try to get home every night no matter what to spend a little bit of time with them and put them down. And read them a book, whatever, get them in bed. So Joe comes to my house around Tim Ferriss: P.

And we start training. And usually by the time you warm up — takes me a while to warm up at at night. You train and do all the stuff. And then you get into bed after I wish I could say I jump in a Cryochamber. I use his protein powder, Species Protein. But so: every morning, roll downstairs, two scoops of whey protein, a bunch of Starbucks coffee, powdered Starbucks coffee, some macadamia nut oil, and I make a shake.

You gotta get the kick-in going. Paul Levesque: Two scoops of Isolyze protein and some ice, blend it all up. My wife and I get them ready for school, jump in the shower. Tim Ferriss: And this is all in Connecticut, is that right?

Paul Levesque: All in Connecticut, yeah. Paul Levesque: Stanford, yeah. See it right from 95, right off the highway. Down the street, not far. Tim Ferriss: Friend used live — used to work there.

I just — slip of the tongue. He pretty much lived in the office. What is your role currently at WWE in the executive capacity? I control those aspects. So: talent — and that goes from — we have a department, Talent Relations, which is like their HR.

Where do we recruit them from? How do we train them? We opened a performance center in Orlando, Florida. To a developmental territory or a developmental system that I have called NXT that has become kind of like an alternative brand. Through to how do they then evolve and get into the main roster of the WWE? So basically what we did is kinda created college football to get guys ready for the NFL. And then the last part of what I do is Creative, which Vince is kind of the ultimate filter of Creative.

Tim Ferriss: Sounds like quite a few hats. I just was always fascinated with the behind-the-scenes of the business and how it actually all came together, as much as I was doing it in the ring. And he and I just kinda clicked in that sense, and we started working together. And then we ended up having a relationship and the whole thing. But I had this working relationship with Vince.

You need to be in the office. I need to get you in the office. And it used to amaze me at how quickly he could change gears. And I find myself, now, having to do that same thing. And now — you learn it. You adapt to that process. Tim Ferriss: I know we only have a few minutes left. I feel like I could ask you questions for hours. Tim Ferriss: This is great. And I think we could do an entire session just on productivity.

But just really quickly: what is the book that you have gifted most to other people? Tim Ferriss: Not a problem. I need to work on that. Tim Ferriss: We can come back to that. What band or song have you been playing most on your iPhone or in the car or otherwise, recently?

So at at night I need to put something on the stereo that just gets me in ass-kicking mode. Tim Ferriss: If you could only do one or two physical exercises for the rest of your life, movements, what would they be? Paul Levesque: Wow. I think, at this age, if I could do freestanding bodyweight squats and pushups — bodyweight exercises would be where I would be at. Tim Ferriss: I should, at some point, introduce you to a buddy of mine named Travis Brewer who is a top competitor in American Ninja Warrior, and you guys could trade workouts.

I think that would be amazing. Paul Levesque: I bet. But what advice would you give your year-old self? And you need to keep that perspective of where everything lays out. What am I getting all worked up about? And I think that is the biggest thing, is just: not taking it so seriously. And then being open to stuff. I met Anthony one time. I was probably I was just kinda getting to a high spot in my career.

And I just happened to be in a hotel. I [inaudible] [] big, giant dude. Whatever — two weeks, a month later when I come back through the office at some point in time in my travels, they give it to me. This is amazing. I wish I was more open to it.

The pdf triple making game h

And, man, I should call and just foster that relationship. I would love to do a Round 2 sometime. I know your schedule is incredibly impressive to me. Where can people find more about you online, say hi, and so on? I just know how to push the buttons on it. Triple H's Approach to a Better Body anyone have a torrent on this?? Originally Posted by TommyStarwind. Originally Posted by Kadafi Waste of time, bro.

The autobiographical part of the book is horrendous - it's basically a slightly more comprehensive Wikipedia page on HHH's life. He gives no insight into his personal life. And the workout advice is pretty general; nothing you wouldn't find on the 'net. Some parts are actually surprising.

Unless you are a die-hard HHH fan, save your time. Age is just a number. Keep punishin'. Originally Posted by Deathstroke. What does the Nutrition section in his book tell us? Oh and the chapters on anabolic steroids, does he give us any tips or copies of what his cycles look like? Last edited by Kaz85; at Originally Posted by MaxPunishment. I can understand this, when I make beginner routines for my friends who haven't lifted seriously before, I advise them to stay away from the deadlifts and squats for the first few workouts until they build some basic strength up through isolation exercises.

Especially lower back, which if you haven't lifted seriously before is going to be a major bottleneck for the first few months, it's not worth it to risk an injury to this since nothing is worse than when you're first starting out to suffer an injury that'll keep you out of the gym for a few months. Play it safe until you get your feet wet, especially considering if you haven't lifted before leg press and seated rows and other isolation exercises will be MORE than enough to stimulate growth Don't remember if that was Triple H's reasoning as well, but needless to say I agree with him on this In b4 sh!

Man a chicken big mac? I have it So I am a Triple H fan, yes yes, make fun of me all you want for enjoying wrestling, grew up to it, but havent really been a big fan of the recent years etc If your a Triple H fan, download it, not much of anything interesting at all to be honest, but it is a WWE product, and they definietly are selling copies because of the Triple H brand name