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Read {PDF Epub} Download Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews from the story Choose by cordeelialawton26 with 0 reads. fund, student, food. Simple Way to Read. Epub and mobi format .. Magic Slays (Kate Daniels#5)--Ilona KB. Magic Gifts. Our Daily Bred (paranormal bree - Scarlett 72 KB. Poor Little Rich Kate Daniels - Magic Gifts - Ilona KB. Kate Daniels.

Turmoil follows as a powerful and influential matriarch causes upheaval. A previous violent act causes tensions to explode at a high profile fundraiser. Love and marriages are threatened — the secrets of long ago have a very public climax in their world of wealth and privilege. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience. And both of them are keeping secrets. Fall in love with this royal friends to lovers romance. That should have been my first sign — I write about guys like him for a living.

Fall in love with this royal friends to lovers romance. That should have been my first sign — I write about guys like him for a living.

Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

Writing romance novels comes with its perks, but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you. When the two are thrown together as part of a challenge, Sam sees the chance to win her back.

As their passion heats up, will it be enough to knock down the emotional wall between them? Hallmark movie fans will love this sweet contemporary romance with a touch of magical realism. Rather than idly lingering on Earth, she focuses on finding her killer.

She ran after the kids. The boy in her arms was stone heavy. They reached the top of the staircase and crowded on the landing. Below something clanged.

There it was again, the scent of hot metal burning her lungs. Karina set Jacob down and wrenched the door open.

They burst into the upstairs hallway. She scanned the rows of doors and tried to shove the nearest one open, but it was locked. Another-locked, too. This is a nightmare. It has to be a nightmare. A vicious snarl chased them. Emily screamed, a high-pitched shriek that could've broken glass. Karina grabbed her daughter by the hand and dragged her down the hall, to the single window. Karina grasped the window latch and jerked it up. Her head swam. The air around her had grown scalding hot.

Every breath burned her lungs from the inside out. She stumbled, caught herself on the windowsill, and pulled the sash upward with all her strength. The wood groaned and suddenly the frame slid up. A door thumped. Kids screamed.

The terrible dark beast had made it into the hallway. She grabbed the nearest child and hurled her onto the fire escape, then the next, and the next. Little feet thudded, running down the metal stairs. Emily was last. Karina clutched her daughter to her and climbed out on the fire escape. A black van waited below. Several men stood by the van. They had the children. They stood there silently, watching her, so calm while the kids screamed, and suddenly she realized that they and the beast inside were allies.

They were trapped. A growl washed over her. The world gained crystal clarity, everything becoming painfully vivid and sharp. Slowly Karina turned. Her daughter hugged her, her breath a tiny warm cloud on her neck. The metal rail of the fire escape dug into Karina's back. The thudding of her heart sounded so loud, each beat shook her rib cage like a blow from a sledgehammer.

Gifts Nature: Bouquets and Posies : Bouquets and Posies

Every breath was a gift. She saw the thing emerge from the darkness. Slowly, it solidified out of the gloom, one gargantuan paw on the windowsill, then another.

Enormous claws scratched the wood. It climbed onto the windowsill and perched there, a mere foot from her.

Karina stared into its eyes, inhaled its scent, and knew with absolute certainty that she was going to die. The thing opened its maw, revealing huge fangs. Its deep voice issued forth in a single mangled word. The beast snarled. Karina jerked back, shielding Emily with her hands. Her legs gave out and she fell to her knees.

She barely turned her head, not daring to take her gaze from the monster in the window. A dark-haired man climbed the fire escape toward her. His face was preternaturally beautiful, his eyes a dark, intense blue. I agree. Karina sat up. She was in her bed. The room lay dark about her. A nightmare.

That was all. Her heart thudded in her chest. She rubbed her face and her hands came away slick with cold moisture. What did she agree to in her dream? It didn't matter. It was a nightmare. In the morning, she'd call the grief counselor. Karina frowned and pushed free of the blankets. She felt a strange sense of wrongness, as if there was something very important she was missing.

Something vital. A small lamp waited on the table next to the bed. She flicked it on and a cone of soft electric light illuminated the room. The bedroom wasn't hers. She was alone in a strange bedroom. There could be a rational explanation for this.

There had to be. She just didn't know what it was. An echo of her voice from the dream.

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She had a terrible suspicion the unfamiliar bedroom and those two words were connected. Her clothes were gone. She wore only underwear and a giant T-shirt, three sizes too big. A pair of carefully folded jeans lay on a chair next to the bed.

Her jeans, the ones she had worn on the field trip. Karina pulled them on. She had to find Emily. The door swung open with ease and she found herself in a hallway. To the left, the hallway ended in a stairway leading up. To her right, a pool of electric light brightened the wooden floor and the rust-colored rug. Quiet voices carried on a soft discussion.

She followed the voices and stepped into a kitchen, blinking against the light.

Gifts epub magic

Three men sat at the round table in the center. No scary strangers hiding anywhere. Minutes ticked off, long and viscous. The man hadn't moved. The children kept quiet under his scrutiny, like tiny rabbits sensing a predator. Karina knocked on the door gently. Let the other kids have a turn.

The man kept staring at her. Gradually his face took on a new expression. Instead of staring her down, he was now studying her as if she were some bizarre alien life-form. That was even more disturbing. Karina fought a shiver. Jacob emerged from the bathroom. Does anybody else need to go? Emily hugged her leg.

[PDF/ePUB] Gifts Nature: Bouquets and Posies : Bouquets and Posies Read & Download

The man moved to block their way. His nostrils fluttered. He sucked in the air through his nose and his face split in a grin. He didn't smile; he showed her his teeth: abnormally large and sharp, triangular like shark teeth, and definitely not human.

Ice skittered down Karina's spine. The man took a step forward. Karina backed away, holding her hands out to shield the kids behind her. She wished she had a can of mace or a gun-some weapon in her purse other than Kleenex, her pocketbook, and a cell phone with a dead battery.

The woman ishh a donor. Sometimes if you looked like you were ready to fight, people backed down and looked for an easier target. The man bared his teeth again and she glimpsed what looked like a second row of fangs behind the first in his mouth. Time for emergency measures.

Epub magic gifts

The kids began to cry. Maybe this is a nightmare, flashed in her head. Maybe she was dreaming. Dream or not, Karina couldn't let him get a hold of her or the kids. She kept backing away to the door behind her, the one labeled "Stairs.

Where are you? Splintered pieces of wood peppered the hallway, knocking the shark-toothed man back and missing Karina by mere inches. Stunned, she glanced into the gap in the wall. The redheaded woman-Rishe?

The skin on Rishe's neck bulged, rolling up, as if a tennis ball slid up her throat into her mouth. This is just crazy. The woman spat. Something dark flickered through the air.

Gifts epub magic

Pain stung Karina's left side. A long thin needle, like the quill of a porcupine, sprouted from her stomach, just under the ribs. She yanked it out on pure instinct. She should've been terrified, but there was no time. Something hit the red-haired woman from behind, arresting her in midstep. Rishe's mouth gaped in a terrified silent scream. Huge claws grasped her face, jerked, and her head twisted completely around. Oh, my God.

Rishe's body fell, and beyond it Karina glimpsed a thing. Huge, dark, inhuman, it stared back at her with malevolent eyes. Its very existence was so at odds with everything Karina knew, that her mind simply refused to believe it was real.

An odd odor saturated the air, dry and slightly metallic, like copper warmed by the sun. The thing stepped over the woman, its gaze fixed on her. The man with shark teeth rose slowly, pulled a wooden splinter out of his eye, tossed it aside, and, with a deep bellow, charged into the lobby through the hole in the wall.

A snarl answered him, a promise of pain and death. It whipped Karina into a frenzy. She swiped Jacob off the floor-he was the smallest-and ran faster to the heavy door barring the stairs. She jerked it open. The same fear that drove her propelled them up the stairs better than anything she could've screamed.