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Here's the pdf file for Mad Magazine issue # 58 Pages·· MB· Downloads. Here,s a copy of the pase from The coisuttai;;i";;;;t"ns. Alfred. April · March · February · January · December · November · October · September · August · July · June. Mad Magazine #1 – (): MAD Magazine has been a staple of American pop culture since the first issue in MAD was.

Email Copy Link Copied Though "Weird Al" Yankovic has been in the nation's consciousness for more than 30 years, he may not have had a hotter streak than the past 12 months. His latest album, "Mandatory Fun," debuted at No. To follow it up, he guest-edited this month's issue of "MAD Magazine," something he readily describes as a dream come true. How did this partnership come about -- or maybe I should ask, why did it take this long? John Ficarra: [Laughs] That's a good question. We had always talked about having a guest editor.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Gaines was named a Kinney board member, and was largely permitted to run Mad as he saw fit without corporate interference. Eventually, the magazine was obliged to abandon its long-time home at Madison Avenue, and in the mids it moved into DC Comics' offices at the same time that DC relocated to Broadway.

In , the magazine broke its long-standing taboo and began running paid advertising. The outside revenue allowed the introduction of color printing and improved paper stock. By the end of , Mad had settled on an unusual eight-times-a-year schedule, [10] which lasted almost four decades.

Gaines felt the atypical timing was necessary to maintain the magazine's level of quality. Mad then began producing additional issues, until it reached a traditional monthly schedule with the January issue. Throughout the s, Mad featured groundbreaking parodies combining a sentimental fondness for the familiar staples of American culture—such as Archie and Superman —with a keen joy in exposing the fakery behind the image.

Its approach was described by Dave Kehr in The New York Times : " Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding on the radio, Ernie Kovacs on television, Stan Freberg on records, Harvey Kurtzman in the early issues of Mad: all of those pioneering humorists and many others realized that the real world mattered less to people than the sea of sounds and images that the ever more powerful mass media were pumping into American lives.

It was magical, objective proof to kids that they weren't alone, that in New York City on Lafayette Street, if nowhere else, there were people who knew that there was something wrong, phony and funny about a world of bomb shelters, brinkmanship and toothpaste smiles. Mad's consciousness of itself, as trash, as comic book, as enemy of parents and teachers, even as money-making enterprise, thrilled kids.

In , such consciousness was possibly nowhere else to be found. In a Mad parody, comic-strip characters knew they were stuck in a strip. He ends up wanting to murder every other Disney character. Schmoe tries to win the sexy Asiatic Red Army broad by telling her, "O. You're all mine! I gave you a chance to hit me witta gun butt But naturally, you have immediately fallen in love with me, since I am a big hero of this story.

In a way, Mad's power has been undone by its own success: what was subversive in the s and s is now commonplace. Basically everyone who was young between and read Mad, and that's where your sense of humor came from. And we knew all these people, you know, Dave Berg and Don Martin—all heroes, and unfortunately, now all dead. And I think The Simpsons has taken that spot in America's heart. All of these people grew up on Mad.

Now Mad has to top them. So Mad is almost in a competition with itself.

Mad magazine – Star Wars Archives

The magazine often featured parodies of ongoing American culture, including advertising campaigns, the nuclear family, the media, big business, education and publishing. In the s and beyond, it satirized such burgeoning topics as the sexual revolution , hippies , the generation gap , psychoanalysis , gun politics , pollution, the Vietnam War and recreational drug use. The magazine took a generally negative tone towards counterculture drugs such as cannabis and LSD , but it also savaged mainstream drugs such as tobacco and alcohol.

Mad always satirized Democrats as mercilessly as it did Republicans. They were protesting the Vietnam War, but we took aspects of their culture and had fun with it.

Mad was wide open. Bill loved it, and he was a capitalist Republican. I loved it, and I was a liberal Democrat. That went for the writers, too; they all had their own political leanings, and everybody had a voice. But the voices were mostly critical. It was social commentary, after all. Things that go over your head can make you raise your head a little higher.

The magazine instilled in me a habit of mind, a way of thinking about a world rife with false fronts, small print, deceptive ads, booby traps, treacherous language, double standards, half truths, subliminal pitches and product placements; it warned me that I was often merely the target of people who claimed to be my friend; it prompted me to mistrust authority, to read between the lines, to take nothing at face value, to see patterns in the often shoddy construction of movies and TV shows; and it got me to think critically in a way that few actual humans charged with my care ever bothered to.

In , Geoffrey O'Brien wrote about the impact Mad had upon the younger generation of the s: By now they knew the [nuclear survival] pamphlets lied Rod Serling knew a lot more than President Eisenhower. There were even jokes about the atom bomb in Mad, a gallows humor commenting on its own ghastliness: "The last example of this nauseating, busted-crutch type humor is to show an atom-bomb explosion!

Magazine pdf mad

However, this routine, we feel, is giving way to the even more hilarious picture of the hydrogen bomb! It was a splinter driven through the carefully measured prose on the back of some Mentor book about Man and His Destiny By not fitting in, a joke momentarily interrupted the world.

But after the joke you recognized it was a joke and went back to the integral world that the joke broke. But what if it never came back again, and the little gap stayed there and became everything? An entire generation had William Gaines for a godfather: this same generation later went on to give us the sexual revolution, the environmental movement, the peace movement, greater freedom in artistic expression, and a host of other goodies. You be the judge. The thing for instance where you have a background that remains constant, and have characters walk around in front of it.

Or the inverse of that, where you have characters in the same place and move the background around. We quite mercilessly stole the wonderful techniques Harvey Kurtzman had invented in Mad. It didn't take a lot of thinking on that one. Ficarra: Then it was just a matter of fitting it into both schedules. There was a sweet spot right before Al was going to begin touring, and we had an opening with nothing big going on in the magazine, so it came together very, very quickly.

There have definitely been "guest editors" on magazines before, where it didn't necessarily mean that much, and was more of a promotional tool.

Al, what can you say about your involvement in this issue? Yankovic: Well, calling me a "guest editor" is very generous.

Certainly John and the rest of the normal editorial staff did all the heavy lifting. But I tried to be as involved as I could. I wrote a few pieces for the issues.

I did a six-page spread called "Pages from Weird Al's Notebook," which was ostensibly parody ideas that somehow didn't make the cut, mostly because they were so stupid. Also, I answered all the reader mail for the issue. I did a short piece explaining how I got corralled into being the guest editor.

And I also got several of my friends to contribute pieces to the issue. It was a dream to be involved to this level in an issue of "MAD.

Ficarra: We also did some other features that we surprised Al with. Al also picked one of his favorite articles of all time for the "MAD Vault.

So it's fun to see all of the different takes on him. So it sounds like pretty much the whole issue is going to be Weird Al-centric. Yankovic: There are a few things here and there that somehow they managed to avoid shoehorning me in. Ficarra: We did not do "Spy vs. Spy vs. Weird Al. There's always next time. Ficarra: Oh no there won't be! So there's two of the great Als in one issue -- Yankovic and Jaffee.

Mad Magazine - May 2008

Ficarra: Three! What about Alfred E.

Magazine pdf mad

Al, for you, as a lifelong fan as "MAD," what was your era of really being a fan of the magazine -- and some of the artists and contributors over the years that meant the most to you?

Yankovic: I think that this new issue is ushering in a new golden age of "MAD," so I think the current era is probably my favorite. Ficarra: We like to think of it as the first golden age.

Mad Magazine 227

A lot of the artists that were my favorite back then are still around and still working for "MAD. I'm at a loss for words here, trying to describe how much it means to me that Al Jaffee is drawing my likeness. Sergio Aragones is drawing my likeness in this issue. It's almost inconceivable. A lot of the friends you mentioned as contributing, such as Patton Oswalt and Thomas Lennon, are comic book fans.

Beyond "MAD," are you a comic book fan yourself? Tastes change so much, and you don't often see people stay relevant and attract new audiences the way you have. How are you feeling about the current phase in your career, where it seems that a lot of things are going quite well for you? Yankovic: I'm feeling pretty darn good about it! I'm still very grateful that I'm just able to make a living.

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Magazine pdf mad

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