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January 29, at am. You can . Hello Jeff, I have issues with Skype client, Gal file is unable to download. OCS client. Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book in Lync client. Click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Lync (Microsoft Lync ). WebSearchOnly is an option that was introduced in Lync and is still This means that the Lync client will download the Address Book files locally This setting determines that clients cannot download the Address Book.

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A Microsoft Lync client cannot download the address book file by using a File URL format. Note The File URL format is also known as a. The Lync client or the Office Communicator client does not download the corporate address book and displays a notification: “Cannot. Q: I've deployed Lync , but Lync clients can't see other Lync A: Microsoft Lync creates its address book based on information from Active.

The resolution section of the KB article details how to verify that the existing certificate is valid, and how to assign another certificate if need be. If you cannot map the Lync address book network share from more than one client and are running Symantec Antivirus, this is a possible cause. Problems have been seen when this is set to other emulator types such as E You can read more about the available VMWare network adapter types here: Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine. The majority of Lync clients download and use local copies of the address book files, but the default client policy is to also use the web service if the local address book files are not available. The Address Book Files Lync clients pull down the address book files from the file store configured on their home registrar pool. CMS File Store.

Lync 2010 – Cannot Synchronize Address Book

Can you post the error that you see when you run the command? Andrew, Thank you for the response and for taking the time to help. As I already mentioned, if I telnet to mydomain. One thing to note though: The exact error message is: Great good to know.

Address lync book client cannot 2010

Nothing else is springing to mind at the moment. Do you have a locked down AD setup? The topology has 2 sites, and this works well from 1 but not the other previously mentioned the non-firewall firewall piece.

We had no issues with the initial domain prep. Additional background: Everything worked for a while probably around a month , then the 2nd site started having address book update issues. Initial troubleshooting had us run the manual update to the database and address book on the 2nd site, and when that failed… we ended up focused on the fact the update to the database failed.

Various searches found most blogs glossed over the database part and concentrated on the address book service, but our problem appeared to be with the database update… so I started posting questions on various blogs about the update-csuserdatabase process to see what I could discover. Again, I have to express my appreciation and thanks for your assistance. Even if we discover nothing new, the fact you were willing to help says everything to me.

Pleasure to help. I was hoping I might be able to get a better technical explanation as to how the address book queries work.

Book cannot lync address client 2010

If anything comes up I will let you know. We noticed there are other issues on that particular server now standard edition , which is sitting behind a couple firewalls… i may have to take a trip and spend a day at the site to resolve some of the other issues, and maybe just maybe fixing them will fix the address book issue. As of this morning, no one except a local account can logon no logon server available to service your request so … more problems have crept into that area.

If all else fails, I will move the users back to the main site and rebuild it.

We ran a series of tests on all the ports we originally told them needed to be open, and found UDP and UDP were closed. As soon as they opened them both up, the system rejoined the domain.

Lync Server 2010 Address Book Normalization

We ran update-csuserdatabase and it completed without error, immediately followed by the update-csAddressBook. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. This was put on a back-burner to get some other troubleshooting done first and we just returned to it the week of Thanksgiving while I was on vacation, one of my co-workers got antsy and bugged the heck out of them to do the testing.

Lync Phone Edition devices access the reduced-size address book files with the. If a client logs off for example, a user shuts down his workstation , the client updates the address book as soon as the client logs in again, but only if the last connection was more than 24 hours ago. Depending on the number of days the client is inactive, the client selects the appropriate delta file, downloads it, and deploys it. The preference can be set through the Lync client policy from the server. Figure 1 below shows the different clients and their access options.

Figure 1. Clients and their access options. As usual, you select the contact and attempt to choose the desired call option. You expect the call options to show all available phone numbers for the contact. But instead, some of the call options are missing. What do you do? If the number is not in E format, we check the Lync normalization rules on the Lync server and convert the phone number to E. Then we continue checking on the client side.

Book cannot address client lync 2010

Figure 2 below shows the various paths this checking process can take, depending on a number of key variables. Figure 2. Address Book Troubleshooting sequence.

Lync Address Book – Client Synchronization Errors and Common Problems

Verification To verify the resolution, select a user who has a phone number configured in Active Directory. Add that user to the Lync contact list. Now select the contact, and check the call options. You should see all phone numbers of that contact that are listed in Active Directory. Server-Side Troubleshooting If all users in the company experience Address Book issues, then server-side logs and events will help you track the issues.

MS Lync - unable to find contacts - Application Streaming - Discussions

To check client requests to the Lync server and their responses 1. Navigate to the folder where OCSLogger.

Type OCSLogger. Figure 3.

Client book cannot address 2010 lync

For example, when the client connects and tries to contact the Address Book server for the Address Book file, you will see the below entry in the IIS logs. With this entry, you will be sure that the client is able to reach the server.