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More praise for the novels of Maeve Binchy Light a Penny Candle “A heartwarming novel of real people.” —Publishers Week. Light a Penny Candle by by Maeve Binchy. This [] Light a Penny Candle book is not really ordinary book, you have it then the world is in your hands. The benefit. Get Free Read & Download Files Light A Penny Candle By Maeve Binchy PDF. LIGHT A PENNY CANDLE BY MAEVE BINCHY. Download: Light A Penny.

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Friends and relatives all like her. I think its partly because she writes so well about the Irish. She has a knack for showing what Irish Catholics do, believe in, think about etc. It tells of a very different era from our own. Now we counsel women to leave their alcoholic and violent husbands; then, Irish Catholic mothers told their daughters that it was their duty to stay with such I know all kinds of women who read Maeve Binchy.

Now we counsel women to leave their alcoholic and violent husbands; then, Irish Catholic mothers told their daughters that it was their duty to stay with such men because of the sanctity of marriage! I read this novel pretty quickly and so did my mother, who started it and left all her other books behind to focus on it.

The pacing is good, though the beginning and end are a bit slow. My main criticism of the novel is its ending. The novel tells us so a lot about Irish customs and ways, and it gives us a glimpse of England during WW2. Mar 17, Marina rated it really liked it.

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This book is long! I bought it, second- hand, in paperback and it was so thick that having become used to reading on a Kindle it felt quite uncomfortable to hold at first. Vivid characterisation really is the This book is long! Vivid characterisation really is the heart of this book.

The main characters are loveable, especially lively red-head Aisling. There was a large supporting cast of distinctive characters: I felt that I was supposed to like Eileen but I found her prematurely old demeanour and judgemental Catholicism quite unattractive.

And then, after pages view spoiler [ a murder does occur. I was pretty disappointed in this book overall. It starts off well, and I was at first enjoying it a lot. Light a Penny Candle: Audio But though the writing has energy and drive, the themes never are really given their due, the characters are introduced and barely slip out of a form character for the rest of the novel which is meant to be 20 years of their lives , there isn't really any consequences to their actions, and I felt like the whole things was a bit shallow.

But rather than being totally negative I'll note the t I was pretty disappointed in this book overall. But rather than being totally negative I'll note the two things I did like: Elizabeth White as a child was stronger.

Mostly because we were able to see her adapt to a new country, family, and culture and see her change there—which doesn't happen at all in the rest of the novel, and when Eileen changes her mind about her daughter's separation from her husband it doesn't seem anyone cares anyway.

Hold Me Always. Top Authors. And the relationship between the strong independent woman when Aisling moves to London.

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Though I totally saw Aisling and Johnny's relationship coming, I did like that she has Aisling ending the book as single, childless, but content and willing to duke it out in the tough streets on London rather than returning to her familial Irish tough.

But otherwise the book fell flat for me. And in particular the male characters. Only the Irish men has something there. Light a Penny Candle - Wikipedia Johnny, meant to be so seductive, is just boring and juvenile.

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Didn't do it for me. Dec 10, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Another excellent family drama from one of my favourite cosy authors. We follow two girls growing up during and in the aftermath of World War II from girls to women in both Ireland and England. See a Problem? This was her first novel and it's a little darker than others I've read but a very impressive first book with all her signature touches. Strongly recommended to Binchy fans. Dec 31, Ann rated it it was ok. I found this a very slow read and terribly predictable.

Light a Penny Candle

All the characters were one-dimensional, either very good or very bad. And there wasn't a single likable male character. The ending was just ridiculous; solving problems by killing off the source of the problem. She is sent to live in Kilgarret with the O'Connors , and quickly befriends Aisling. She gradually comes out of her shell and becomes more confident, and she returns to England after the war as an independent young woman.

However she finds that things aren't as she left them, and although she keeps in touch with Aisling, their friendship will be tested by the years to come. At over pages long, this is one of Binchy's longest novels, with many side characters , making it very difficult to summarise.

It's also comparatively darker than Binchy's usual fare. This novel provides examples of: Eileen is a strict no-nonsense mother who runs a tight ship and doesn't tolerate any misbehaviour from her children. The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza. Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty. The Husband's Secret Liane Moriarty. Less Andrew Sean Greer. Muse of Nightmares Laini Taylor. Lethal White Robert Galbraith.


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