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Ulrich Eberl (born in Regensburg, Germany) is a science and technology journalist. He has also been Editor in Chief of the magazine Pictures of the Future since He is the author of several books, including 's Life in Interview: “Future – the era of sustainability and smart machines” January 25, | Topics: Markets Download as PDF Dr. Ulrich Eberl is one of the most renowned German-speaking . Be curious, and have fun learning throughout your life – and do not be afraid of a machine revolution!. Life in How we invent the future today by Ulrich Eberl from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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Hannover Messe Life in – Megatrends shape our future. Dr. Ulrich Eberl. Siemens Future Forum @ HANNOVER MESSE wide variety of areas of life in the year , form the foundation for the FutureHotel Building . Ulrich Eberl is a renowned science and technology journalist. Life in is a futurology book by Ulrich Eberl. The book deals with the effects that . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Smart City is a type of city that uses new technologies to make them more livable, functional, competitive and modern through the use of new technologies, the promotion of innovation and knowledge management. Cities today are facing significant challenges including increasing populations, infrastructures, and declining budgets. Introduction: Social and economic globalization is making the world 'more uniform', and cities are being seen as main part of economic attraction, Cities need public administrations, businesses and citizens that have a greater technological capacity, more entrepreneurial and innovative, more creative and better informed. Smart city should address a comprehensive set of development areas such as Knowledge, Technology, Leadership, and partnerships. We need to achieve creative and talented cities that are innovative and highly technological. Successful governments are finding ways to reorient their structures, information technology and policies to address the needs of their citizens and businesses.

Here, humans have to retain the role of ultimate decision-maker. Many traditional jobs are also under threat by the new technologies. What are the jobs that will be badly hit in particular? Smart machines will undoubtedly change all jobs: many routine tasks in offices will be done faster and more efficiently by machines in the future. That does not mean that all these jobs will perish. Tomorrow, too, there will be doctors and financial advisors, because social contact to patients and clients cannot be adequately taken over by machines — even if chatbots and avatars will be improving their communication skills.

In short, humans will need creativity, social competence, and the mastery of complex activities. Job training schemes will have to adjust to this situation as well. Are there any areas with new opportunities? We will encounter smart machines everywhere, and we will need them: smart cars and smart homes as help for the ageing population, smart grids for sustainable systems of energy, smart finance for the finance industry, the smart factory — often referred to as industry 4.

Ulrich Eberl

This results in a multitude of new business opportunities, whoever recognizes these first, will benefit the most.

The world is becoming more and more heterogeneous.

On the one hand, we have autonomously driving cars, on the other hand people have to live in slums and are fleeing their home countries. One could draw a gloomy picture for the future, where only the wealthy nations benefit from new technologies. Do you share this opinion? Yes and no. Of course, you can imagine dystopic visions of the future, a gloomy world full of waste and conflict, as we have seen it in the new film Blade Runner But what path humanity is taking depends on the decisions that we are taking today and in the future.

I am trying to be optimistic, but without solidarity and cooperation among people it will not work. Technology can help if we use it the right way.

For example, think of solar and wind power, which provides the most remote areas with electricity. Or smartphones: even in poor regions, they open up new possibilities and access to the entire cosmos of knowledge that the internet holds; and also facilitates payments without cash or banks.

What advice would you give us? A Smart City Framework is a simple decision methodology that enables both the public and private sectors to plan and implement Smart City initiatives more effectively. Source: Cisco The four layers of the framework provide a logical flow that enables stakeholders to push through and test initiatives.

The circular flow of information within the Smart City framework results in a feedback loop that enables stakeholders to understand best practices of other Smart City initiatives. Key Benefits A Smart City Framework not only provides a detailed view of how cities function, but also enables three major outcomes: 1 Typology that enables cities to benchmark relevant content based on the hierarchy of physical city components, 7 2 Stakeholder roles that define who does what, 3 Catalog system of city content that is easily accessible.

This level of urbanization is unprecedented in human history—and it is expected to keep increasing. Urbanization on this scale brings numerous governance challenges.

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Increasingly, information and communications technology ICT is helping to meet these challenges. In the past half century ICT has already changed our lives and our behavior in numerous ways. With the advent of connectivity and cloud computing we are starting to get a glimpse of how this technology can achieve significantly more, and reach its true potential.

Eberl 2050 pdf life in ulrich

The development of efficient and effective e-government is a prerequisite for the development of Smart Cities. E-government applications and technologies must be able to address the fundamental questions of how cities work, how they are organized, and how they can be made to work in more intelligent ways for citizens and businesses.

A Smart City will be able to bring together technology, information, and political vision into a coherent programme of urban and service improvement. The role of ICT in four areas crucial to effective city governance: competitiveness, physical infrastructure, the natural environment and public administration.

ICT has the power to address the city governance challenges described and thereby improve quality of life for city residents—the successful use of ICT is about far more than merely investing in hardware and software. City officials must understand the needs of citizens and businesses to ensure they are effectively meeting them. They must educate and inform stakeholders about effective technologies.

Challenges Cities will need to be able to better integrate wireless networks and need to become increasingly active, aware, smart, compared to current passive and intelligent networks.

The development of Smart Cities requires a pragmatic approach to technological development that is based on standards and, focused on the needs of cities, citizens, and businesses. Functions of smart safe city - Applications Digital-city strategies provide new ways for governments, municipal authorities, and private sector companies to architect and build more efficient infrastructure and services. These "smart" strategies seek to leverage ICT to pursue economic, social, and environmental sustainability to enhance the competitiveness of individual cities and their communities.

Interview: “Future 2050 – the era of sustainability and smart machines”

City leaders must think holistically about operations insight, law enforcement and emergency management, government and agency administration, and urban planning including smarter buildings. Public Safety For everything from traffic tie-ups to security breaches, public safety agencies can gather data from disparate sources; deliver it in real time to key stakeholders, emergency management decision makers and first responders.

Smarter buildings and urban planning Managed through a central repository, buildings fit with smart sensors and control systems can measure, sense and see the condition of practically everything in them. Smarter buildings lower maintenance and energy costs, and improve reliability and sustainability.

Eberl pdf ulrich in 2050 life

Government and agency administration In smarter cities, successful leaders are finding ways to reorient their information technology and policies to guide smart growth and address the needs of their citizens and businesses. Typically this includes social programs, healthcare and education. Social programs Citizen-driven social programs enable timely access to the right programs, effective delivery of such programs, and improved outcomes to ensure that citizens are getting promised benefits — with reduced cost of delivery.

Health Healthcare analytics turns data into clinical and business insights in real time for point-of-care decisions and productivity. Forward-thinking organizations are connecting their healthcare data, systems and processes to facilitate secure communications and information sharing. Education Advances in education management and technology—analytics, early warning systems to identify at-risk students, cloud computing—can help our systems refresh outdated infrastructures with new functionality.

Eberl ulrich in pdf 2050 life

Automation technology is making the smart city system more energy efficient. Smart energy grids are the backbone of the Smart City, and will be responsible for the intelligent management and operation of energy networks in cities, by utilizing the potential for shift between thermal and electrical loads.

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