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Sigal Ehrlich - [Stark 03] - Outer Core (retail) (epub). Dokument: To reach the core of inner beauty, one must first unravel the many protective layers. No matter . Read "Layers (Stark, #1)" by Sigal Ehrlich available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. According to Hayley love is a subject of. Layers book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule, a myth created by hopele.

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Layers (Stark, #1). Series: Stark Download: epub mobi (Kindle) lrf more Online Reader · pdb Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html. First 10% Sample: Tags: romance adult contemporary sequel na layers. About Sigal https://www. Learn more about Sigal Ehrlich. Read {PDF Epub} Download Layers - Complete Series by Sigal Ehrlich from the story House by rallikenward16 with 3 reads. eye, weight, part. Simple Way to.

Layers sigal ehrlich epub software Layers has ratings and reviews. I thought Sigal Ehrlich did a fine job with her debut novel. There is a.. Tony Daniel Stark is a software developer. Strong knowledge of viruses, application glitches and hardware issues.

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The Baby Clause. Daniel Stark is an alpha male but he's a bit more than that. I found myself comparing him a bit to Ethan Frost in that he's such a genuinely good man.

He is a bit of a dominant, wealthy, sexy man character type, but I have a weakness for those so it all works for me. He doesn't expect to care for Hayley but he doesn't necessarily run from it, either. Hayley doesn't even know what to do about Daniel when she realizes who he is and that he is after her in a very intimate context. After the prodding from her two closest friends, she chooses to take him on in a physical sense.

The problem with even the best laid plans is that they can go awry. She can't help the feelings she develops for the demanding, charming, sexy and sensual Daniel Stark. I totally enjoyed the read and had to know what happened next so read the next book, too. I liked the way things moved, took shape, exploded and came back together again.

I was sucked in from the first meeting at Daniel's company to the end of this book. I was left wit the need to know which is why I bought the second novel and ended up swallowing that whole in a matter of a few hours. Nov 02, PJ rated it liked it Shelves: But, unfortunately the narrator ruined the experience. For example, lowering her voice way too deep to portray Daniel Stark was laughable. And her portrayal of 'besties' Tasha and Ian wasn't much better.

Our strong, intimidating Hero meets our twenty-six year old unlikable, party girl heroine. Her 3 'Meh' Stars Audiobook: Her rude indifference speaks to him on a deep level Unfortunately, their attraction grew too 'mushy' too quickly for me. I suppose the fact that they're both flippin' gorgeous helps. Hayley's BFFs Tasha and Ian are so annoying and immature-acting, much more in-line with early twenties when instead they're all edging up to thirty. Shit, I don't know, maybe it was that damn narrator that threw me off.

Conclusion, this was a two-parter. I started part 2 and was tempted to give it a DNF rating. There's nothing wrong with it, please know that. Maybe 2. It is too much like other novels. Older rich business man with a "personality disorder", young girl in publishing offered a job to work for him. Ugh There is nothing endearing about him or their relationship to want to read more. Sep 18, Snow rated it liked it Shelves: I guess.

Nov 15, Theodora Catalina rated it it was amazing. Review below! But still: I do not think that I am able to make a review for this book without sounding childish and extremely bad because I feel that there are a lot of things that I should be able to say and I do not find it very nice from my part to keep you so much in the dark, but you have — no, scratch that — you must read this book in order to find yourself and live as if the Review below!

I do not think that I am able to make a review for this book without sounding childish and extremely bad because I feel that there are a lot of things that I should be able to say and I do not find it very nice from my part to keep you so much in the dark, but you have — no, scratch that — you must read this book in order to find yourself and live as if there is always a Mr.

Stark out there for you or for anyone you want to be! This will make you probably hate me, but I wish I could be more specific! They lay there in your heart, branded by their own words to your soul and just not letting you go of them!

Hayley is someone strong and someone easy to read, yet beautifully put on to paper! Someone to make you wish you were having at least one of her qualities or just demand to be the one getting her some flaws straight.

She is not your typical one man woman, she loves to make herself feel good and try to bring people understand her with just a few words! She is one woman that likes her one night stands as much as you enjoy a good book or a good cup of coffee! She is not the one to get attached because, hey, how many of us can say that they have had never been in the situation of having a broken heart. She hates to lick her wounds and pretend that everything is alright, because she does not let too many people to come and get close.

She is straight-forward, yet easy to understand. She can make you chew your own socks or make you smile from the bottom of your heart because she is special and worth chasing after! She gets to accompany her friend on a company tour of the famous Stark companies and pay for the getting drunk from the previous night.

Without any caffeine in her system she joins Tasha to the tour, also applying her own CV even though she does not want to work there! The tour is as boring as any tour and the constant sort of apologies for Mr. Letting the tour to go on she goes to the beautiful kitchen and enjoys a nice way of making a good cup of coffee. She almost ready to take her cup and leave when the damn thing decides that it is time to stain her blouse and make a total fool of herself not even before she gets to see the grumpy Mr.

Stark and his precious fifteen minutes of presence. Her words are leaving her mouth before she can even think them and the way the mysterious man answers is just as intriguing. She decides right then that the beautiful creature that stands right in from of her is the most amazing person she ever met, yet she just met him. When pleasantries are exchanged she is ready to leave, yet the mysterious-careful man helps her with the stains.

They sort of bad-mouth the so called super-busy-to-be-here boss and then she leaves, yet the eyes of the stranger are still there in her mind burning her brain and making her heart flutter. Stark — Daniel — is your typical boss: He is driven by his own rules and ready to take what he wants whenever he wants it!

He finds himself attracted to a woman he barely met in his own private kitchen. He does believe that if the beauty has a face, she should be the only one who could get this title and be the right choice! He is lonely and somehow frightened, yet strong and not willing to lose his chance of seeing her again.

And that is why after her big failure of doing well on the interview he still calls her back and wants her to join the company. When she finally subsidies and goes to the company, she is more than shocked to find out that her beautiful stranger is actually the one and only Mr. She is more than shocked and a lot of teasing goes on before she easily rejects his offer.

They do meet and the craziness does begin. But it is one of those sweet crazy moments that you know are bad, but you do not want them to be over. There are moments when you are not sure if Daniel is as good as you thought, but she is making him better!

She makes him see himself improved, better, as if she is his improved upgraded model and he is reaching onto her to hold her tight and never letting go. Her best friends are there and she is as close to them as a family can be! They love each other and know each other as the back of their own palms.

Tasha and Ian are her best friends since forever and they have an enjoyable past. They both are charismatic, always there and forever by her side! They know how to entertain her, how to make her feel good even when the darkness does not ceases to appear! They are her pillar and the comforter she needs when is truly down and not ready to let go! And most importantly, they are not just some background characters, they have their own life, their own problems and they do make you want to look forward of their development during the book!

I was going from mad to crazy in less than 5. Everything falls into place so easy, as if it was meant to be from the very beginning! It feels so real that you are almost at the edge waiting to breathe in! For a debut novel this is extremely good and absolutely fabulous! I recommend it to everyone! Feb 12, Mihaela rated it it was ok Shelves: What the hell did I just read?

I don't even know where or how to begin.

Ehrlich epub sigal layers

When I started reading it, I was certain that the words will just flow for the review, but now I find myself stuck. Let's see That got your attention, right? So, let's proceed with introducing the characters. Tony Daniel Stark is a software developer. Wha Wow! What kind of software we don't know because the author never mentions it, but he deals with the governments of Asian Countries. He's this eccentric billionaire, whose hobbies are collecting fast cars, surfing and participating in car races.

Sounds familiar so far? Interesting name, right? When you pronounce it, it sounds a lot like holy grace. There's no info about her except that her parents live in Chicago, she has a brother and she used to do a man every evening a while back.

Hales that's what her friends call her , lives with her best friend, Kate Natasha who's intelligent, beautiful, charming and has all these lovely outfits. I wonder where I've heard that before? She's still a little drunk, half asleep and coffee deprived so , instead of sticking with the group, she wanders off in search of a coffee cup. Look, another similarity! Ana ended up sprawled on the floor but you get my point. Anyway, their first meeting doesn't go well and they exchange a few harsh lines.

Hayley has no idea who Daniel really is, so when she's called for an interview with the owner of Stark Software Inc. Let me tell you, this meeting was so similar to what happens between Grey and Ana that I found it hard to make the difference. Even Daniel's condescending attitude. He even offers her a job she turns down, for God's sake. Is it so hard to come up with your own story instead of copying those of someone else?

The plot is non existent. Oh, and can you guess how he shuts her up when she has objections?

Epub layers sigal ehrlich

Come on, it's so easy? What does Christian do? Why yes, he screws her brains off. Or like Hales and Daniel like to say, he projects her brains off. Daniel's mood swings are a thing to behold. She playfully refers to him as Dr. Perfect choice. One moment he's sweet and tender and the next he's ready to reap someone's head off.

Psycho much? Then, there's the dialog. These people talk more to themselves than with eachother. The conversations take place more in their heads than between characters. Annoying, really. And this project Daniel is working on, what's up with that? The author made it sound so important and he's going all psycho on his employees but there's no info on it either. I couldn't find a lot of info about the author so I'll just tell you my assumptions.

The name souds German or something like that and now she's living in Estonia so I guess English is not her first language but was her editor blind? There are so many mistakes! Phrases that make no sense in english or any other language. Once or twice I had to stop and ask myself what the hell did she mean to say? There were a few funny moments so it wasn't a total waste of time. I actually want to read the second installment and THAT is really something coming from me, after what I've written here.

I guess it was so bad that it ended up being good in the end. Aaaaand, I upped the rating because, all the time while reading, I had this picture of Robert Downey Jr. And he totally deserves some extra points, don't you think?

Layers (Stark, #1)

Well, Miss Ehrlich you managed what no one else had — you made me want to read the second installment in a poorly written series so kudos to you! Happy Reading! Quick Review: I had expected it to be one of those intense and long books.

Guess i was wrong! Hayley wants her One-Night Stand days to be over. She's funny, sweet and silly. Daniel only do One-Night Stands..

He's cranky, moody with issues. Hayley's friends were the best! BFF through everything.. Their first meeting was a serious hoot.. Not much angsty.. Much recommended to those who lov Sweet. Much recommended to those who love low angst. Feb 20, Caz Malpas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved this book, Daniel Stark is your typical rich alpha male, but he also says the sweetest things and doesn't hide how he feels for Haley.

Has he got a troubled past? Does his past come back and bite him in the arse? Does it all work out in the end??

Mmmm not too sure but it's looking good on to book 2 now. Dec 22, Alissa Evanson rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Alpha CEO fans. Adult Romance Readers. The Review: I both enjoyed this read as well as wished for more.

This is the author's debut novel and I found the story less dramatic that I like them, but for the most part, this sweet romance was just right for a bit of light reading. Tasha really wants to impress in her interview with the hope of getting hired but Hayley is just tagging along for moral support.

She has no real interest in interning at the company so she separates from the tour group to make herself coffee in Mr. Mistaking Daniel as just another employee, Hayley casually disrespects Mr. Daniel Stark is thirty-four and is a very private billionaire who has a string of broken trust issues littering his past. He was a total alpha when it came to what he wanted but definitely a shy teenager when it came to emotions and feelings. Hayley is a bright, intelligent, wonderful character.

She was grounded and her openness to love was a great asset to her character. Hayley was fun and charismatic with goals and a joy for life and that shined through in the author's writing. There were some fantastic moments between the friends with real yet fun and hilarious dialogue. I found myself laughing or smiling on more than one occasion at their antics. While I enjoyed the story and thought it was well written for a debut novel, I did find the story a bit lacking.

I kept expecting some dark tragedy, something traumatic, some kind of curveball or some gigantic wrench to be thrown into the story, but it plays out like a sweet romance with a slight conflict towards the end. I also wish the sex scenes were more in depth and emotional.

They were glossed over or cut short, letting the readers imagination work out the feelings. The Wrap Up: View all 3 comments. Feb 02, Robin B rated it it was ok Shelves: I made it to the halfway mark before I just had to give up. I was so utterly bored. Absolutely nothing of significance has happened thus far. Which is cool, I have no issues with foreign authors.

My issue is that if you are writing about American characters then they need to talk and act like American characters. Same goes for an American author writing about foreign characters! There is a distinct I made it to the halfway mark before I just had to give up. Use of things like "flat" instead of "apartment" and how he's shifting gears with his left hand are a couple examples.

I also wonder if English is even the author's first language. Use of the word "muttering" is driving me up the wall and completely incorrect in most of its content.

Muttering is a negative way of speaking. The definition being "to as something in a low or barely audible voice, especially in dissatisfaction and irritation. The sex scenes are bland at best.

The author likes to provide a lot of details, but sometimes fails to follow through with them. For example: The author makes it a point to not only tell us Daniel is on his cell mobile she says- yet another UK thing but she lets us in on his conversation, who he's talking to and even details how he's holding the phone.

But then never mentions him hanging up before having a very private chat with Haley. It's all about the follow through. If you commit to provide such inane details- please follow it through to the end. At the halfway mark- again- I was so bored. I am giving 2 stars because I made it halfway. But I definitely would NOT recommend. View 1 comment. The good: Original, witty, fast paced, and likable characters!! Can I have him as one of my besties?!!

The bad: This is not a bad thing but we aware that there is a cliffhanger!! I want the sequel now!! I liked how both Hayley and Daniel are not perfect and each have their own flaws and uncertainties.

Layers (Stark, #1) by Sigal Ehrlich

They mesh well together and so do the supporting characters! Ehrlich has in store for us next! Sep 10, Kristiina rated it it was amazing. Someone once said that perfection requires a touch of madness. Well, this book has enough madness and thanks to that it's perfect. It would be unfair to label "Layers" as just another chick-lit, love novel, beach reading or anything else that has the whiff of something light and shallow to it. What we have here is a book that stands higher of the aforementioned and creates a genre of its own.

If "Layers" were a cup of coffee, it wouldn't be a pouring from a random pot, it would be the perfect St Someone once said that perfection requires a touch of madness.

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If "Layers" were a cup of coffee, it wouldn't be a pouring from a random pot, it would be the perfect Starbucks treasure. Nothing is sugarcoated as the characters are only human with their flaws going hand-in-hand with all the amazingness they have to offer. We don't have to read about another pageant pretty princess who tames a badboy superman to take back to the pancake house for a happily ever after; instead we have a real story of real people's lives.

Thanks to the author's great way with words it seems like this crazy, funny and big-hearted bunch of people are someone we know and of course we want to feel with their lives.

Even the people that were quite random got a face thanks to the tiny yet important details. And how great is it to find something to relate to in a book as cool as this one. It is full of unexpected turns of events since no situation has an obvious solution. A great novel that gives you the book-hangover: Nov 02, Fran rated it really liked it Shelves: Of course this had to end in a cliffhanger; I wasn't even surprised. At this point, I'd like to think that I've become more immune to such frustrating endings, especially seeing words like End of Book One or To be Continued right at the last page.

I'm over it already. Ok, I'm probably just trying to convince myself. Anyway, on to my little review. Layers is part of another series involving a gorgeous, demanding, hotshot billioinaire with a troubled past naturally and his Of course this had to end in a cliffhanger; I wasn't even surprised. Layers is part of another series involving a gorgeous, demanding, hotshot billioinaire with a troubled past naturally and his less fortunate I-don't-care-about-your-money leading lady.

I, for one, am just so glad that we get a heroine who's not as weak and helpless as all the Anastasia Steele's of the fiction world. Too bad, Mr. Stark's no Gideon Cross in my humble opinion although he's pretty much patterned after the likes of him and the rest of the alpha male, Christian Grey heroes sans the BDSM angle.

I enjoyed reading this book even though I slightly rolled my eyes at some dialogues. I'm sure we've all pretty much gotten the drill already when it comes to this particular storyline so that's a normal reaction, I should think. What I really didn't like though were the abundance of side comments or Hayle's 'private thoughts' you know, those italicized bits of narrative, whatever you call it.

They just seemed silly to me and not always necessary, almost redundant even. Maybe I'm just nitpicking. Overall, I thought it was a good read. Cliche as it was I totally anticipated the "big" conflict , it was also hot and intense, and sweet in just about the right places.

May 22, -C- rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. Daniel and Hayley second meeting was very entertaining. Have you lost your words now? Do you need a moment? I like how they support Hayley. Even a nonromantic, coming of age, cynical gay guy can see that. Daniel is controlling, impulsive and captivating. They're a cute couple. Hayley has a very calming effect on Daniel. This is the debut book for this author and I do look forward to her next book.

Sigal ehrlich epub layers

Feb 09, Willow Brooks rated it really liked it. No it's not the same tale. It's a story all of its own. There are definitely some funny moments in this story. There is also a scene that will make you want to cry. I had to knock off a star because of the obvious set up at the diner that threw a monkey wrench into the couples happiness.

Overall this was a very good book. Not very detailed when it came to the sexy parts though, but the author gave us just enough. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About Sigal Ehrlich. Sigal Ehrlich. Bestselling author of the Stark series. Other books in the series. Stark 3 books. Books by Sigal Ehrlich. Trivia About Layers Stark, 1. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Layers. Welcome back.