; Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever - Hardcover Enlarge Book Cover." />JUSTIN BIEBER AUTOBIOGRAPHY BOOK ; Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever - Hardcover Enlarge Book Cover." />
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—Justin Bieber, "Up"I love those lines in the lyrics. Biography & Autobiography >; Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever - Hardcover Enlarge Book Cover. download First Step 2 Forever: My Story 1st by Justin Bieber, Robert Caplin (ISBN: Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber is a multi-talented singer and musician. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber is a multi-talented singer and musician. Spotted at just twelve years old, Justin's first album, My World, was certified.

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Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin first broke into the music industry when music manager Scooter Braun spotted his performances on YouTube and then joined. Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever:: My Story and millions of other books are .. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin first broke into the music industry when music. Justin Bieber's autobiography, First Step 2 Forever, was one of those books I finished in only a day! This was probably prone to the fact that i am a HUGE fan with.

Justin Bieber has sold over six million records worldwide and his YouTube views top out over one billion. Justin Bieber has also sung for the President of the United States and now, for the first time, Justin Bieber tells all in his very own book in stores now. Growing up an only child in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber was forever singing around the house and taught himself to play drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. Justin channeled his passion into homemade music videos, which he posted to YouTube. The videos became instant word-of-mouth sensations, garnering an astonishing 10 million hits. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In a few places, Bieber slows down the breakneck pace of his young life to wax poetic on the state of the North American family circa In one sentence, he says pretty much what took Jonathan Franzen pages to say in "The Corrections" -- more or less. If you're looking for a behind-the-scenes rock-n-roll biography, pick up Nikki Sixx's "The Heroin Diaries. View all 5 comments. Apr 30, Mel marked it as what-the-fuck-is-this-shit.

Justin Bieber: For the next few minutes you will undergo an activity using your brain that is called 'reading'. You just read that. Amazing what the mind can do, isn't it? Yes I know you're amazed. You will continue to undergo this process of reading as more and more words appear, which are built up of things called 'letters' which you might have heard about in Kindergarten. This is a story about the latest musical sensation, J Justin Bieber: This is a story about the latest musical sensation, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber releases autobiography

Justin Bieber, with his girlish good looks, awkwardly windswept gelled-beyond-death hair, and ultra-masculine voice. His whole exterior screams puberty having just being run over by a truck full of manure. And his child-like posterior, voice and appearance have aroused millions around the world, causing convulsion of ecstasy not only in middle-aged pedophiles, but awoken the pedophile within teenage girls.

Justin Bieber came from a pristine, money pumped upbringing, where his only tragedy has been a hairdo that has yet to look like his blind hairstylist gave him an awkward bowl cut, because not until he scored that awkward bowl cut did he charm the world as much as he does now.

He scored any girl he wanted, with abstinence of course, and grew up just being so damn perfect. His parents are lovely, pristine people who ensured Justin's diet to be full of nutritious age and growth stunting pills which he was force-fed daily, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even now that Justin Bieber is technically 'legal' for all you lucky ladies and gents out there he still sticks to his pill diet whole heartedly, as insured by his image and metal baseball bat wielding family. I don't know if he has any siblings, and I also don't give a fuck. One day, Justin's parents shoved their medically deformed child into the hands of some corporate machine, who then thought of the brilliant idea that this man-child was to become the greatest musical sensation in the history of the world.

For some reason he was well received by the far too large population of moronic twats who find soul in Fergie's 'London bridge'. Why has Justin Bieber become such a sensation? View 2 comments. Mar 18, Hannah rated it it was amazing. View all 32 comments. Dec 27, Leonard rated it did not like it. I skimmed this book belonging to my granddaughter.

It's a rather superficial glance at a young celebrity who, I discovered for the first time, is a best selling recording star. As you can tell I've never listened to his music.

There are a lot of photographs and mostly first person accounts of his experiences. But not much in depth. But then he is only 16 or 17 years old.

He has nice things to say about his family, and other celebrity musicians he's worked with including Taylor Swift, grieves ove I skimmed this book belonging to my granddaughter. He has nice things to say about his family, and other celebrity musicians he's worked with including Taylor Swift, grieves over the death of Michael Jackson who he greatly admires, and lets us know that his parents were teenagers when he was born, and their marriage didn't last very long.

However he is a Canadian and Canada has given us many fine musicians including Leonard Cohen, Bruce Cockburn, and Alanis Morrisette, so maybe there hope for this person after the celebrity phase wears off. View all 4 comments.

Is Justin Bieber really old enough for a biography? | Music | The Guardian

Mar 23, Alexia: Justin Bieber. What a familiar name. If you haven't by now, you must live in a cave! Justin Bieber's autobiography, First Step 2 Forever, was one of those books I finished in only a day!

This was probably prone to the fact that i am a HUGE fan with Bieber Fever but it was also because of his fascinating story. There were also many pictures of him throughout the book which i caught myself staring at for mintues.

Honestly though, I lo Justin Bieber. Honestly though, I loved the way he described how his whole career started and what life was like before fame. The way he caught the reader in with his sense of humor and interesting things about himself was probably why this book was such a successful sell. Being a Bieber fan, I already knew a lot about him but I didn't know many things that he stated in his book. He has become a worldwide sensation and the way he described this to all the fans really let us know how much he appreciates how far he's gotten.

He always mentions how thankful he is for his fans and that if it weren't for their help, he would be a regular kid right now. His passion and determination towards music truly shows and is inspiring to listen to. I never get tired of reading or watching him tell how amazing this roller coaster has been for him. Being famous has its ups and downs but he truly seems to have the will and character to try his best to keep it together.

As a girl who couldn't live without music, I look up to Justin Bieber and fall in love with him again and again when I see him singing so gracefully.

Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started

This book is one of the best books in the world. Justin Bieber has inspired a great number of kids around the world. He is such a small town boy with a touchng story.

I don't see how anyone, including guys, could read this book and not be a fan of Justin Bieber. Even if they aren't a fan of his music, you must be a fan of his personality after reading this. I learned all about his life and how he went through ups and downs. The book talked about when things were good and when things were bad and This book is one of the best books in the world. The book talked about when things were good and when things were bad and how he has gotten through his life with such great success.

He inspires people with this book and his key quote known all around the world, "Never say never. I can only think of a few people in this world that wouldn't like this book, but they are guys and it would be because they are jealous. Long story short, this is forever and always one of my favorite books of all time.

Oct 16, Sarah Taft rated it did not like it. My reactions: I will never like you. I have absolutely zero interest in reading this book. I only rated it one star because I wanted to write this review. Oct 02, Alexandra Maldonado rated it did not like it. Molly wanted this for her birthday. I told her that it would be more reasonable to ask for a live pterodactyl from me.

Oh, and justin, sweetie, 2 and two are completely different things. It's ok, sometimes I make silly spelling errors too when I'm on my period.

Mydol messes with your head. View all 9 comments. I absolutely loved this book. It really showed where Justin Bieber came from and the conditions that he grew up in. I despise people that hate on him because they have absolutely no idea where he came from. This book tells how he grew up in a very rough place. It tells about how his dad left him and his mom just 2 months after Justin was born.

Justin and his mom Pattie have a very, very strong relationship. Justin and his dad Jeremy also have a strong relationship, but his dad doesn't go on tour I absolutely loved this book.

Justin and his dad Jeremy also have a strong relationship, but his dad doesn't go on tour with Justin like Pattie does. This book goes into depth on the different struggles Justin went through to get to where he is today. Justin taught himself how to play the drums, piano, guitar, and trumpet at just two years old. Justin never took any vocal lessons or anything. Justin came from a musical background.

His mom Pattie was on broadway and Jeremy was a very good musician. Justin was discovered by Scooter Braun at the age of Justin couldn't tell any of his friends about it because they had no idea Justin could sing.

They always knew him to be the sporty guy. He was the lead man on his hockey team. He had so many medals for hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball. He had his own room at his grandparents house from all of his trophies he has gotten.

Justin has such a great sense of humor. He tries to make the best out of everything he does. He tries making people laugh and he loves popping jokes out at random times. I really like the way he wrote this book. He wrote it with an interesting form, and he also added in some little pictures on pages to show you what he was talking about.

He put in a lot of discription on things. He also followed order. He started out from where he came from and ended up with the last line of the book "As Usher walked to the stage he told me, "This here kid, is only your first step to forever. Now I'm excited for his 3D movie!

Bieber book justin autobiography

Jan 05, Gabby rated it it was amazing. I would consider this book to mostly only teenage girls, but guys who like Justin can read it too if they want! This book consists of Drama, Action, and a life story about a regular kid becoming the latest hit sensation, wit Well This book consists of Drama, Action, and a life story about a regular kid becoming the latest hit sensation, with millions of fans, Just from being Discovered on Youtube! Most people know that he was discovered on YouTube, but this book goes in to detail about every, single, little detail you can imagine that happened to Justin Which made this book VERY good!

I honestly didn't dislike anything about this book, because I am a fan too, and I enjoyed a life story like his! But for the people that don't like the way kids talk, or how they act than you might not enjoy this book, because it could get boring at times hearing about what he was up too at the time. Also you would probably not like this book if you don't find bibliography's interesting!

I would absolutely recommend this book too people if they feel like the good comments I mentioned above sound like there kind of book! It truly is an amazing story, and its very cool to think that a kid coming from that such of a small town in Canada can be so big of a superstar that he is now!

Dreams really do come true! Apr 21, Jessica Ong rated it really liked it Shelves: It is how Justin tells his story all in one. It inculds and biograhpy,and he was discoverd on youtube. Also including more unseen pictures of Justin. Why I picked up this book: But since this was for my english homework they finally let me download this book. Why I finished this book: I finished this book because I loved the storyline of Justin Bieber and it was really intresting to read about how Justin tells his story.

Who I recommend this book to: I reccomend this book to Ida in 7G because she also loves Justin Bieber and I think she would enjoy reading about him. And see how he tells his story.

Bieber autobiography book justin

Oct 28, Tanaka rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!! I don't only say this just because i'am a Bieber fan. I say this because this book was written by him, his own words, it really shows his infamous side of him, his regular self.

He uses good words and made goods jokes, cause u wouldn't want to read a book like this without a tiny bit of laughter that's just not fun! But its Justin that wrote this book, no one else so of course its going to be funny, happiness, tears, heartbreaking but that's what makes a book this good.

Bieber book justin autobiography

U hav I loved this book!! U have to catch the reader attention and make the reader never want to finish read the book and i think that's exactly what Justin did.

I loved it and i recommend others to read it, and not just the Bieber fans but those that don't know him. You might be surprised of what you find out about Justin Bieber. You might change your mind about him; like how sweet of a teenage kid he is, he just like every other teenage boys out there.

He very caring and thoughtful and a cheerful person: So goo! Mar 23, Baylie rated it it was amazing. Oh Boy. I could write a review 12 pages long about this book if I wanted to. Something happened to me when I read this book that had never happened before.

I started to get really sad when I was about to finish the book. LIke my journey with Justin Bieber was about to end. I know this sounds crazy, but this book really brings you in and you really get to know Justin Bieber. I was actually so sad to finish this book that I didn't read the last page for like 2 weeks.

I knew I could read it all ove Oh Boy. I knew I could read it all over again, but it just wouldn't be the same. There are a lot of people out there that really don't like him, but I think if they were forced to read this book, they would realize how inspiring and how hard he has worked to get to where he is now. Although I am a physco Bieber fan, I think anybody would enjoy this book.

First step 2 forever: My story has pages and was published in Justin Bieber is the main character he is very hot,funny,nice, and amazing. The story takes place in Canada and the United States. Justin Bieber does a singing competition. He has some family and friends that were not able to to come and watch him so his mother videoed him.

They put it up on YouTube so they could watch it. Then people really like it. This guy Scooter Braun called him and talked about him havi Justin Bieber: This guy Scooter Braun called him and talked about him having a record deal now Scooter is his agent. Justin Bieber is very famous! He makes a lot of money and is one of the biggest singing artists ever! Jan 21, maura rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all comments. Going into reading this book, I didn't know how much I would enjoy it.

I was surprised that this was actually a great book. Even though, I haven't read many biographies, this is probably the best one I've read.

The first thing I want to share is my favorite part. It had to have been when Justin was performing for "Stratford Star". This is basically a singing competition like American Idol that took place in his hometown. I felt nervous for him because he was my age and it was his first time perfo Going into reading this book, I didn't know how much I would enjoy it.

I felt nervous for him because he was my age and it was his first time performing publicly. He didn't end up winning, but I still loved it because I could relate to him reflecting on the first time I performed publicly.

A theme that is represented throughout the story is, even though it sounds cheesy, never say never. You find out when you read this book that Justin didn't get this amazing opprotunity handed to him. He had to work hard to get where he is today. Sure, sometimes he would fall down, but what's important is that he got back up. What he's trying to tell people is that he was just a normal kid. If he can do what he did, so can the readers.

The last great quality to this book I noticed was the voice. Justin is literally just telling his story. The conversational tone makes the book interactive and being able to become a part of the story is a great quality to have in a book.

I enjoyed the book a lot more because I felt like one of his friends when I was reading it. Overall, I loved this book. As a musician, I especially enjoyed it because it was almost a "How to get Famous for Dummies". I would recommend this book to musicians and anyone who is in the mood to hear an uplifting success story. This is one of my favoite books that I have read this year. I would give a scale of a 10, because it has a ton of information on Justin Bieber, it has pictures of him, and it also tells his real story and what stuff he goes through.

I liked how this book made me laugh while I was reading cause it shoes how Justin is funny. Also I liked how it would show you some of the stuff the he would put on twitter, and some stuff that he put on youtube. I thought that that was cool. Another thing that I lik This is one of my favoite books that I have read this year. Another thing that I liked was how it showed personal stuff like his driving permit and how letters from different fans come in. I liked how it showed some of his friends speaking, like helping him out trying to get him through the problem.

Also I thought that this was neat, how it showed how close he is with some of his workers and voice coach. One thing that I didn't like was how long the chapters were, to me they dragged on a little. The chapters were like thirty pages long, it got annoying. Another thing that I didn't like was the way it ended, because it was alright but I was just hoping for a better type of ending. I would recommend this book to whoever is a Justin Bieber fan and wants to learn more about him.

The thing that I liked the most was the pictures inside the book, because they were so up close and then were great pictures of Justin. As you can see I realy liked this book , and I couldn't put it down I think that everybody should read this book, because it might change their mind about Justin Bieber.

I hope that everybody can read it. Jan 28, Rahmadiyanti rated it liked it Shelves: Nggak nyangka saya baca buku ini sekali duduk, hahaha! Curiga nih, jangan-jangan saya masih ABG: Memoar atau semi-memoar? Dibuka dengan deg-degan dan membuncahnya perasaan Justin saat konser perdananya mau dimulai. Kemudian cerita mundur ke belakang. Tentang ayah dan ibu, yang saat Justin lahir, usia mereka tak jauh dari usia Justin sekarang MBA sepertinya. T Nggak nyangka saya baca buku ini sekali duduk, hahaha!

Tentang kakek nenek yang lebih fasih bahasa Prancis dibanding Inggris. Tentang Justin kecil yang sudah suka menyanyi sejak kecil. Bisa main gitar, drum, dan piano, dan pernah ngamen beberapa kali, yang hasil ngamennya lumayan banget ksiteang gitu, cowok imut cakep dengan suara bening, siapa juga yang nggak tahan ngelempar uang dolar? Kemudian perlahan orang-orang menyadari bakat si imut ini saat sang ibu mengunggah video anaknya yang sedang nyanyi ke Youtube.

Salah satu orang yang tak lelah "mengejar" sang ibu adalah Schooter. Schooter pula yang mengenalkan Justin dan ibunya kepada Usher. Hingga akhirnya Justin bisa rekaman dan melakukan rangkaian konser, dan Readers also enjoyed. Biography Memoir. About Justin Bieber. Bieber was discovered in by Scooter Braun, who happened across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager.

Books by Justin Bieber. Trivia About First Step 2 Forever. Quotes from Justin Bieber: Anyway, I didn't expect Justin to write another book after First Step 2 Forever and after I hearing that there was another book of his that was going to be released, I could not contain my excitement. Reading through the book was there never a moment where I wouldn't feel much more inspired.

He has worked very hard to get to where he is right now. He has never let his haters bring him down. He has never let a thing get in the way of striving to be the best, and these are the reasons why I look up to Justin Bieber, the kid who is always labeled as a "manufactured pop star", "the kid who sings like a girl" and all other names that can be possibly worse, and he is also definitely one who motivates and inspires people to never give up and just keep going.

After all these hate that was being brought to him, you don't see him backing down. Likewise, he's definitely not like the other pop celebrities out there. He's totally different. Another thing I really like is that we get to see more of his personal side. Justin talks about what he thinks of the media, all the controversy, the paparazzi. I'm sorry if this is going to sound so dramatic and exaggerated but I must add that really, being a HUGE Belieber myself, reading the book made me feel as if I just had a personal conversation with him, as if I got to know more about the real Justin behind all the madness, the attention, the media Ah, yes!

In the book, he even mentioned the city I live in. I was literally trying to keep my cool as he talked about how he had so much fun walking around the streets of Hong Kong and other stuff during the last few days after performing. It makes me so happy to know that he actually noticed my country, even at the very least, LOL. Okay, not only was I truly inspired but I couldn't even hold back tears as I read about the pranks during the tour.

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