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Just Friends [Billy Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. August and Ethan have been bestfriends since the day they met at Ethan's. Read story Just Friends by artisy with reads. justfriends, romance, The names, characters, places, or events used in this book are the product of the. If I am real honest, I had never done a book review. Yes, it's my very first time if we can call it like they say there's always a first time.

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Start by marking “Just Friends” as Want to Read: Just Friends by Billy Taylor follows the story of August Bishop and Ethan Knight, who have been inseparable best friends since Ethan's seventh birthday. But when Ethan saves her life in a car crash, she begins to wonder if maybe they. Start by marking “Just Friends” as Want to Read: A new spin on the classic smart-girl-and-bad-boy setup, this witty contemporary romance shows how easily a friendship – even one built on an elaborate lie – can become so much more. Jenny meets Chance for the very first time when she. Just Friends book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. He knows everything about her, right from her favourite books to her.

And now, twelve years on, their friendship continues to grow. But after magic, fame, money and an unexplainable miracle in a car accident, August realises maybe she wants to be more than just friends. Billy Taylor's Just Friends is a modern-day fairy tale that's impossible to put down. We fell hard for best friends August and Ethan, whose young lives are touched and tested by tragedy and magic, loss and boundless love. Sweet, funny, and totally charming, this fizzy romantic comedy is perfect for anyone who believes that true love is out there…as long as you know where to look.

With adrenaline surging through me, I was excited to be reunited with a true YA romance. Just Friends came to life before my eyes as I fell into a deep coma of captivation, fully immersed and intoxicated, where I felt every word I read. I feel deep into this slightly dark and deceptive tale, so deep that Just Friends found my lost high school years.

I felt my teenage years flash before my eyes. Those years when I was a rebel against my parents…against the world…where I knew everything and they knew nothing. Fast and furiously, Just Friends became my fix…my fascination. I could not put this all-consuming story down.

This alluring tale was my addiction, my angst, and my amazing escape. He wants more. He wants it—me—all the time. Then that boy best friend messed around the with other girl best friend.

Their triangle of friendship became one of fraud. A new boy enters the mix, messing with two of the best friends in the triangle, making for one screwed up square of deception. His words. He belongs to Em. She is Drake's girlfriend but she wants Chance, leans on Chance, thinks about Chance.

Do you see why I hated this book, the romance, and Jenny? I hate people who fool themselves. I hate people who want this one thing so badly, they don't care who they hurt in the process in this case, both Chance and Drake. It's not like Jenny is trying to hurt anyone on purpose - she is too naive to realize that 1 Chance is in love with her, and 2 she is fooling herself into thinking that she must be in a relationship with Drake.

It's so fake. And I couldn't stand it.

Friends book just

I hated seeing Chance pine from a distance. And yet he was always there for Jenny, every step of the way. Jenny is an awful girlfriend and an even worse friend. Chance has so many negativity going on at home, and Jenny often puts his problems last.

Again, she is so focused on checking off this box and that box. She is a terrible friend to Chance. And a terrible girlfriend, for constantly thinking about another boy, and for unknowingly stringing Drake along. I don't condone Jenny hitting Chance. Violence whether girl-on-guy, guy-on-girl, guy-on-guy, girl-on-girl really isn't something to promote. Chance gets into a legit fight with Drake and seriously? That was so cliche and disgusting.

Can we not. I went through four years of high school and a grand total of fourteen years of public school, and I never saw any two people fighting over a girl or guy.

Love triangle, emotional cheating on Jenny's part , messy drama when Drake and Jenny break up. Don't misunderstand - Jenny never cheats on Drake with Chance. Chance never cheats on anybody because he never dates Jenny or anyone in this book he goes out with a lot of girls, but he never dates, until the very end with Jenny.

Jenny likes to judge Chance for all of his "relationships" with all of the girls, but she has no right. If she had wanted to be with him so badly, she should have spoken up.

She should have asked him out. She should have told him how she felt. Instead, she misunderstood one thing, ran away like a coward, and wasted months of time with a boy she didn't like, and felt pressured to have sex with.

That part drove me crazy! She was so stingy about her virginity in the beginning of the book, and then when she and Drake have a big argument, she throws her virginity out of the window in order to convince him that she wants him.

Spoiler alert: What a waste. Look, y'all. I don't really care if the heroine has sex with guys. Sex positivity is a good thing, in YA and in general. I'm not a fan of heroines who throw away their virginity or have sex for a stupid reason or use sex to manipulate someone.

I'm not a fan of the fact that Jenny deliberately started seriously dating someone when she was totally in love with Chance and thought about being with him, while she was with the other guy. That's wrong. I mentioned how I wasn't really sure how Chance fit the "bad boy" trope -- I mean, I guess the "bad" aspect of him is that he sleeps around a lot?

Is that really a "bad" thing? I'm not saying we should give him a medal or something, but when I think of a "bad boy" in YA, I think of smoking, drinking, tattoos, motorcycles, gangs, maybe even drugs and petty theft. Don't get me wrong; tattoos aren't really a bad thing. But they are definitely illegal for anyone under eighteen.

The more I think about this book, the less I like it. Would I Recommend It: I don't recommend this book. I started off with a 2-star rating, and then bumped it down to 1 star. This isn't a contemporary novel for me and even though I am not a huge fan of YA contemporary, I could list you at least a dozen better YA contemporary novels with solid, healthy, good romances worth reading.

This book was not one in which I could root for the heroine. The hero, yes, I couldn't blame him for very much. I know there may be people coming after me to say, "boys are never blamed for anything! Trust me. This one's on Jenny. Too many issues with the romance for me.

And I started to dislike Jenny and her ridiculous decisions. Yes, I know, Jenny is a teenager and teenagers make stupid decision. Y'all, I'm 22, and even if I had read this book three, or four, or five years ago, my opinion wouldn't have changed. I so wanted to love this book, and I feel bad for rating it as low as I am, but it is what it is.

View 2 comments. This story is about two completely opposite people. The assignment was to get to know the other person and what they had done over the summer but since Jenny was boring and Chance was not school appropriate, so they decide to completely make up a false story about their lives together on the spot, and it works! Well, things progress so where they have a difficult time remaining just friends.

Although the story is quite cute and fun I had some issues. Everything came on too fast it was unbelievable.

Friends book just

Feeling and emotions call so easily and so fast for them. Overall it was a fun cute story something that would be cute if it were turned into a movie. Sexual Content: Jenny and Chase are hilariously adorable. This is the perfect book about high school relationships.

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Jenny is the nice, quiet girl. When Chase is assigned as her partner, the two make up a lie that they have been friends for years, in order to get a good grade. This book was the perfect romance story. First let me start off by saying, no this book is not insta-love. The other thing I loved about this romance, is that it was extremely realistic to real high school romances.

This is the perfect representation of a high school romance, at least it is for when I was in high school, which was only 3 years ago… I adore both Jenny and Chance so very much. Jenny is such a sweetheart. Watching her character development go from a stay-at-home book nerd to having a social life and dating one of the most popular guys in high school, was absolutely brilliant. Chance is the typicall bad boy with a horrible home life, where you fall in love with him because you feel bad for him.

Not a lot of children with homes like these are able to make it out and become good people, so it was wonderful to see his story. I found this book so engaging, that I read the whole thing in one sitting. There was definitely some action, but this book is mostly focused on Jenny and the relationships she has made with people. I definitely recommend this book to anyone in high school, as well as people looking for a cute romantic read or a short and sweet summer read.

I guarantee you will fall in love with the wonderful characters, the charming romance and the realistic story. Happy Reading, Aneta View all 3 comments.

I loved the synopsis of this one and was quite eager to get to it. I loved Jenny and Chance. They're so opposite that it works. Their banter and made up stories were perfect. Jenny's friend Kelsea was also fun. She was sarcastic and added a bit of levity. Plot wise it was perfectly high school: There was a bit of push and pull, but it worked.

My only complaint is I would have liked a bi I loved the synopsis of this one and was quite eager to get to it. My only complaint is I would have liked a bit more from the ending. It seemed like all of the build up came to a grinding halt. Overall, it was a cute and fun read with characters I could really root for. I was really looking forward to this but just by reading the first few chapters I knew it wasn't gonna live up to my expectations.

I simply didn't feel like suffering through bland and cringey writing. The opposite personalities of the two main characters are interesting to read about, and both Jenny and Chance visibly transform as the story progresses.

This book is so adorable! It tells the story of Jenny and Chance, two teens who meet in an Oral Commu 3. It tells the story of Jenny and Chance, two teens who meet in an Oral Communications class.

On a whim, they successfully convince their class, and the entire school, that they have been best friends for years. However, as the two become closer and actually get to know each other, they slowly become more than friends. I loved how Jenny and Chance make up cute stories about their childhood together and how they are able to create such an intricate backstory even though they just met.

The way that all this happens so spontaneously is also enjoyable and makes their interactions so believable. This book may seem like pure fluff, but it actually gets pretty deep, so this is a good one for those looking for a mix of cuteness and seriousness. One of the aspects that I especially enjoyed about this novel is the fact that Jenny and Chance are complete opposites.

Jenny is the good girl who does well in school, and Chance is the bad boy with a bad reputation when it comes to relationships.

The book is split into dual POVs, which I really enjoyed. Reading about the two characters pine for each other and getting both sides of a misunderstanding is so entertaining for the reader. Jenny and Chance also really change each other throughout the book, and it is so interesting to see how much they both transform from the beginning.

While I enjoyed the book, I still had one main issue with it that lowered my rating. The story is so unrealistic and hard to believe that it becomes a bit frustrating. Just Friends is a cute read about two strangers who fake years of friendship after a school assignment bring them together.

It was real, unscripted and unplanned. After the class is over, they just go with it, pretending to be best friends. The more real memories they create the closer they get until their need for each other by their side is undeniable to everyone. The Story - Pitcock mentions in her acknowledgements that Reality Bites played a part of inspiration for the book, but I honestly have never seen it.

Which, I completely adore. Let me be completely candid here. I started this book last night and read till 2AM, woke up and finished it in bed before getting up for coffee.

So the fact that I just had to finish before marking these tasks off my morning routine has got to show how much I adored this. I have to admit that the first chapter or two had me wondering if this was the type of book that would talk about how great Chance is with enough cheese factor to put Tillamook out of business. Fortunately after the initial meet-cute it tempered down a bit to a steady and consistent feel goodness. The issues were used as a way to reinforce the friendship that was so needed between Chance and Jenny.

Other common teen issues are lightly used as well, including rumor mills, double standards, and relationship expectations.

I just loved how this book deals with friendship and how they were there for each other first before their feelings became an issue. I seriously loved their interactions and the stories they came up for their fake past were super cute too. They made it super nostalgic for my childhood best friend. You just have to get the book to see hers for yourself.

View all 12 comments. Okay, I'm such a sucker for straightforward romances, and since there's a couple kissing on the cover, I was hooked even before I opened the cover and found chapter one. But then, look again at the title - it turns our they really are going to be Just Friends And, oh my goodness, the agony of Jenny and Chance trying to be Just Friends is so tantalizingly painful, I barely breathed through most of the this book.

With such clever plotting and her ability to give our hearts all the Okay, I'm such a sucker for straightforward romances, and since there's a couple kissing on the cover, I was hooked even before I opened the cover and found chapter one. With such clever plotting and her ability to give our hearts all the push-and-pull she can, Tiffany Pitcock certainly makes us sweat for the longest while.

But it's so delicious! Not out until August , so I'm thrilled to have had an advanced peek, but you need to get this on your TBR list now. I had to read a book that shares the same title as one of my books LOL I enjoyed it.

Cute YA romance. YA Contemporaries have always been a favorite of mine. I've read some really great ones in the past and I thought that this book is promising. At least, the first few chapters. The beginning was unique and it got me hooked. I found it entertaining enough to keep me wanting to read more. Which is always a good thing for a story. But come the next chapters, the novel lost its charm. I was expecting it to be a partly fluffy read with all the "just friends" trope but this book does not really make me swoon at all.

I felt myself slowly slipping off the hook that kept me going in the first place. I find Jenny and Chance kind of bland. Their characters just don't have enough character for me. You see, these two are trying to uphold a stereotype.

Chance is you guessed it the cliche bad boy. He has this "reputation" that makes people wary of him. I'm not really against stereotypical characters. In my opinion, if the author makes the stereotypical character interesting enough for my taste, maybe giving it a twist or something, it's not really that big of a deal. I look at cliches as a challenge, and if a writer manages to spin something good out of it then In this book, we are only told that these characters are this and that blah blah blah.

We aren't showed anything. They kept on saying that they are one thing but was there any evidence? Neither did Chance did something so badboy-ish. Also, the romance between them is unjustifiable. I get it that they're attracted to each other but I'm not up for it. Moreover, the supporting characters weren't given a chance, in my opinion. In this book, they're like cardboard cutouts put there to fill space as if to make the reader believe that this book is well-rounded when in reality, Jenny and Chance only cared about themselves.

I've read a lot of romance novels with even steamy sex scenes, sometimes kinky, and yet this novel makes me cringe. Not because of the idea of teens having sex, but ugh, I've accidentally read a part where a guy Chance or Drake? I don't know I didn't finish the book said that Jenny never gave him anything. Like what Girls, first off, you should not feel bad about not doing anything sexual with your guy if you're not up for it, not ready, or uncomfortable about it.

If he makes you feel bad about it, then fuck it, it's not your problem. He's the problem. So I skimmed the book if there's more of this absurd thing. And sure was, there is. There's a scene where Jenny said something like "If he's ready and, oh yes, she knew he was ready You will seriously depend your sexuality on this jerk?! That's it.

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I'm DONE with this book. Nope, I won't finish it. I won't read any more of this crap. If you like the best-friends-to-lovers type of story, then I can recommend Adorkable by Cookie O'Gorman.

It's one of the cutest stories I've read this year. So much better than this one. I finished this last night and I thought it was super cute! I really loved the idea of this because I always love a good fake dating trope, but this was just pretty flat to me. I liked them creating a history and deciding to actually become friends, but the entire situation was just a little too unbelievable, beyond my suspension of disbelief. And I also thought that Chance had the worst family ever.

So much of the story was just one dimensional and kept me from loving it I really loved the idea of this because I always love a good fake dating trope, but this was just pretty flat to me. So much of the story was just one dimensional and kept me from loving it as much as I wanted too. Abso-freaking-lutely adorable. Other than enemies to lovers, best friends to lovers is my favorite romance trope ever. This one was ever more special because it had a twist to it. Or maybe because of that. I adored how they made up super fun and brilliant stories about their shared fake past.

I ended up going with it because I wanted it to be true so badly. I wanted them to have that past because they needed it. Both Jenny and Chance were going through difficult times in their lives, and that friendship fake or not was exactly what they needed to get through tough times.

Also, have I already said how adorable the whole thing was? I was pretty much smiling the entire time I read this. My heart was full and I was swooning hard. Now, I have to say I liked Jenny, but she and I had a few problems here and there. Now, Chance was a different experience altogether. Absolutely loved him. His vibe, his heartbreak, the way he cared about Jenny, the way he stepped back when he feared losing her, the way he was still there whenever she needed him.

Chase and Jenny together were adorable, adorable, adorable, and left me wanting more. That final scene with them making up stories about the future was just too much for my poor heart. Just Friends gave me more than I expected it to in terms of feelings, and the way it added a spin to one of my favorite tropes only made the whole thing a thousand times better. It was so, so worth the wait. I love it so much!

Book just friends

Jenny and Chance is really shippable. It's going to take me a while to get over the end of this book.

Just Friends by Billy Taylor

I wanted to live with these characters for at least more pages, if not into a new book here's looking at you, Tiffany! Chance and Jenny have this incredible chemistry and the most hilarious banter that seriously made me laugh out loud. It takes a lot for me to lol mid-read. I know people keep making comments about it being "cliche goodness" but I swear to you that it's NOT!

It takes all of the tropes you're expect Ya'll. It takes all of the tropes you're expecting to experience throughout the book and flips them on their head with some awesome commentary on why they should be flipped. Watching Chance and Jenny's friendship develop over the course of the book was so real and raw and I appreciated the careful pacing of it all unfolding.

And did I mention it's funny? The humor, the pop culture references- they are all spot on. I seriously can't gush enough about this book! Parts of this book were really charming and funny. Every time Chance and Jenny were making up their past history, I was tickled. So there was some good chemistry there. To start out, the premise of this book is fundamentally ludicrous. Also, random thought, it's set in the South and takes place i Parts of this book were really charming and funny.

Also, random thought, it's set in the South and takes place in the fall and football isn't really even mentioned, which I don't care if the characters give a shit about sports or not, it's sort of inescapable. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, especially considering they go from zero to full on ride or die in about an hour.

We have Jenny randomly using the word fucking when she hasn't all book and has given no indication that she would. We have two teenagers using phrases like "run inside for a moment" and "so utterly upset" and "quick say something antiestablishment! And I read a lot in high school myself. Seventeen year olds can be and are smart and have broad vocabularies and I will download it, even hope for it. Plus Chance describes Jenny's bedroom decor in huge detail, down to the peach paint on the walls, and it felt weird.

Neither character felt authentic to me. Jenny didn't read to me as a believable modern 17 year old girl - even one who we're TOLD is a little emotionally stunted and naive. We're told she used to be in all of these clubs but this year she doesn't want to do them? And Chance was worse. Not in any way did I download him as a 17 year old dude.

Especially one with a "reputation" who assumes Jenny's mom is going to hate him on sight. He has a massive abandonment complex but happily just adopts Jenny as his "best friend" almost immediately. And we're told he's popular and all the girls want him with no explanations as to WHY? He drives a Dodge Charger we're told is all beat up, but we never know how he GOT it - he clearly doesn't have a job seems odd with his home life so did his terrible parents download it for him?

And I guess that's the crux of my complaint - this book felt way too easy. We have two generic, self insert sorts of characters who quickly decide they like each other but a simple miscommunication keeps them apart. Like, they meet, declare themselves best friends, and just miraculously start sharing all of their deepest secrets. I get that you meet people and click, but I want to see more development of that; I NEEDED more development of the idea that their pride and issues were what kept them from speaking up about their actual feelings considering how the book made such a big deal about how honest and comfortable they were with each other when usually they are each so closed off.

Not to mention Jenny HAS a best friend named Kasey who shows all book that she's smart, cares about Jenny, gets her and supports her, and she basically falls off the page in favor of Chance.

NOT "Just Friends"

But then he goes home so Drake can come over and she decides, yup, great time to have sex for the first time with this other guy who just accused me of cheating on him with said best friend. What the hell? We're told Jenny's mom is great and loves her kids and supports them and etc. She does. But she also doesn't notice when her daughter is out all night on school nights multiple times, with not a single mention of a worried text or call.

The book tries to explain this away with her mom being in a new relationship, but I didn't download that at all. I especially didn't download that any parent is gonna let a dude hang out at their house until 11 or 12pm on a school night when there are two much younger siblings.