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In the s and 60s, a handful of DRUG-FREE bodybuilders and elite ce- lebrities made shocking gains in muscle size, ranging from 25 to 30 pounds in only three to four months while dissolving countless pounds of fat when they began using a special protein formula developed by renowned nutritionist Rheo H. Blair in Hollywood, California. For 40 years the formula was lost, until now. We recently rediscovered the lost formula he used to develop this special blend of protein and have made it avail- able to you for the first time in years in Pro-Fusion! Listen, you may be one of many body- builders who mistakenly believed that youd have to choke down wretched-tast- ing protein all day long in order to achieve worthwhile training results. When you start using this once lost growth technology available in Pro-Fusion, youre going to launch your progress into warp speed. Research has proven when you con- sume a combination of the long-lasting anticatabolic action of casein protein with the short-term anabolic action of whey protein, you trigger several mechanisms responsible for unparalleled muscle growth.

The greater the number of reps per training unit, the greater the carbohydrate intake. Of course, squatting or deadlifting is more demanding than a curl or a triceps extension.

By the same token, performing three reps using a slow tempo on squats makes a different calorie demand from three reps of the power clean.

When training twice a day, I suggest you take a very tempos. The explosive work in the morning tends to facilitate the evening workout. That means you can use greater loads than normal in the evening. The nature of the exercise can take care of that. For example, do power cleans in the morning and deadlifts with chains at night. Liquid nutrition is best.

Here are some recommendations on what should be in your postworkout shake: Protein intake should be 0. I recommend using the eccentric hooks known as Power Recruit. For more info on that contact Bob Kowalski at Regarding exercise selection for both workouts, you may want to do the same ones if strength is your main concern or change them completely if hypertrophy is your main concern. For example, weightlifters will do back squats twice a day, while a bodybuilder may do bench presses in the morning and incline dumbbell presses in the afternoon.

Or you could do just a slight variation. For example, back squats with your heels flat in the morning, back squats with heels elevated at night. This DVD is a 10 on every level. You must be 18 or older to download it. Also, increase your training volume gradually—you may want to start with two minute workouts a day and very gradually increase the training volume. Q: Is it true that bodybuilders should never swim because it makes their muscles soft and ruins definition by adding an extra layer of fat underneath the skin?

Inquiring minds want to know! Have you ever seen a really cut swimmer? If you can afford it, take a phosphatidylserine supplement milligrams after the second workout of the day, which can give you a greater testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.

I also find that taking a blend of the R-form of alphalipoic acid and taurine with your shake helps reload the energy substrates quicker. You need between and milligrams of the R-form alpha-lipoic acid and three to six grams of the taurine. Those two key nutrients help build insulin sensitivity. Another very important nutrient is magnesium, a mineral that tends to drop dramatically in multiple-trainingsession patterns.

Not even at the Olympics. One of the mechanisms of subcutaneous fat found in swimmers is the fact that the body loses heat six times faster in water than in the air. Because the body is trying to preserve heat, swimming may in fact be a catalyst for increasing the fat deposit between the skin and the muscles.

So big-time swimmers tend to have a high sum of skinfolds. For more on his books, seminars and methods, visit www. Also see his ad on page IM 5 For every two weeks of twice-a-day training, do a week of once-a-day training.

Studies done on American and Finnish weightlifters have shown that training twice a day for short Bradford 4 You must leave four to six hours between workouts. That time spread is critical. Charles Poliquin w w w. This 55minute DVD contains nudity.

Various reports over the years, many of which circulate over the Internet, implicate aspartame in several health problems—hair loss, depression, dizziness, dementia, behavioral disturbances, adverse mood changes, impaired vision and headaches. Aspartame is also allegedly involved in the onset of several types of cancer, notably brain tumors. Government commissions in the United States, Europe and Japan have examined the many claims of harmful health effects made about aspartame and dismissed them.

The implication is that human health and wellbeing are sacrificed in the name of corporate profit. The newest report on the safety of aspartame initially appears to confirm the dangers of ingesting this sweetener.

The authors began studying the rats at eight weeks old and continued to follow them until they died, giving them various doses of aspartame as part of their feed. Unlike earlier Studies show an increased cancer risk from aspartame, but it appears to take excessive amounts to cause problems. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in and has been in widespread use ever since.

More than 6, products contain aspartame, including many food supplements popular with bodybuilders and other athletes. Aspartame is to times sweeter than sucrose, or table sugar. Aspartame is composed of three different ingredients: the amino acid phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol. Methanol is considered by many to be the most problematic ingredient, since its other name is wood alcohol.

It can be toxic at certain levels. Aspartame is rapidly absorbed, and its constituent ingredients go through specific breakdown pathways. Aspartic acid is converted first to another amino acid, alanine, and to oxaloacetate, a component of the citric acid cycle, which results in the production of cellular energy.

Phenylalanine is enzymatically converted into the amino acid tyrosine, which is itself the precursor of a number of vital body substances, such as melanin, the primary skin-coloring pigment, and the brain chemicals epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine, collectively known as catecholamines.

Along with the trace mineral iodine, tyrosine is a component of thyroid hormones. But is it being wrongfully accused? Testimonial endorsers have been remunerated by Muscle-Link. GH Stak is a trademark of Muscle-Link. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. GROW Nutrition With a Get-Big Mission studies about aspartame safety, this one followed the rats for a longer time and examined them after death for microscopic changes that may have occurred.

Both male and female rats experienced increased incidence of various types of cancer. The authors speculate that the immediate cause was likely the methanol content of aspartame, since methanol degrades into known carcinogenic compounds.

Does that mean that aspartame is dangerous after all? No concrete evidence shows that it causes any type of cancer in humans. Rats are far more prone to cancer than humans, and doses of chemicals that cause cancer in rats have no effect in humans whatsoever. Another problem is the suggestion that methanol is the probable smoking gun. Aspartame contains 10 percent methanol by weight, and a liter of a beverage containing aspartame would have 50 milligrams of methanol, far less than is found in an average serving of most fruit juices.

A study in which human subjects got 75 milligrams of aspartame per kilogram of bodyweight—25 milligrams over the acceptable safe intake—for six months failed to show any detectable increases in blood levels of methanol or its breakdown product, formic acid.

Still, the science of toxicology decrees that all compounds can be potentially toxic, including salt, water and sugar. The study had an isolated-cell design, in which cells were exposed to varying levels of aspartame. At low exposure levels aspartame had no effect on the sodium pump mechanism. At high concentrations, though, it indeed inhibited the activity of the sodium pump, which could lead to many symptoms of electrolyte imbalance. The effect was due to increased oxidation incurred by high levels of aspartame exposure.

On the other hand, the amino acid L-cysteine and glutathione completely blocked the negative effects of aspartame on the sodium pump mechanism. First, few people ingest enough to cause toxic effects.

Adults would need to drink 10 cans a day of an aspartamesweetened beverage just to get to the acceptable intake of 40 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Most people get an average of 10 milligrams per kilogram a day.

Because of its phenylalanine content, aspartame may produce problems in those born with a genetic lack of enzymes needed to process the amino acid PKU, or phenylketonuria. For them, aspartame may indeed turn bitter. First experimental demonstration of the multipotential carcinogenic effects of aspartame administered in the feed to Sprague-Dawley rats.

Environ Health Perspect Blair in Hollywood, California. For 40 years the formula was lost, until now. We recently rediscovered the lost formula he used to develop this special blend of protein and have made it avail- able to you for the first time in years in Pro-Fusion!

Listen, you may be one of many body- builders who mistakenly believed that youd have to choke down wretched-tast- ing protein all day long in order to achieve worthwhile training results. When you start using this once lost growth technology available in Pro-Fusion, youre going to launch your progress into warp speed. Research has proven when you con- sume a combination of the long-lasting anticatabolic action of casein protein with the short-term anabolic action of whey protein, you trigger several mechanisms responsible for unparalleled muscle growth.

At the same time, youll starve the stored bodyfat, causing your body to burn fat virtually 24 hours a day! Then all you have to do is feed that process every two to three hours, and youll teach your body to burn fat and grow muscles.

The Proof is Scienctific Fact.

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Your muscle mass is influenced by two critical factorsyour rate of anabolism, which increases your muscle mass, and your rate of catabolism, which tears it to shreds. The two functions are continuous bodily processes. What about incline presses? That means we opt for bench presses most of the time as the 10x10 exercise, trying to touch the bar at the midpec area to better involve the entire chest.

Luckily, the poundage is lighter when you use 10x10, so injury is usually out of the picture. It may be the drag of the weight stack or simply our lack of neuromuscular efficiency in our pecs. Our favorite way to use cable work is to superset it with wide-grip dips—dips first, then immediately after- ward middle or low cable flyes. We were sur- prised that we got the most soreness from standing calf raises.

Back, Forearms Shock Parallel-grip chins 8 x 8 Superset Dumbbell pullovers 2 x Undergrip chins or rope rows 2 x Bent-over dumbbell rows 3 x Superset Behind-the-neck pulldowns X Reps 1 x Bent-arm bent-over laterals 1 x Barbell upright rows 8 x 10 Dumbbell shrugs X Reps 1 x Cable reverse curls 3 x Dumbbell reverse wrist curls 8 x 15 Barbell wrist curls 8 x 15 Workout 3: As we mentioned last month, our standard calf routine is one set of leg press calf raises—15 reps to fail- ure just to wake up the gastrocs and get the blood flowing.

We get the most muscular trauma—from rib cage to pelvis— using 10x10 on incline kneeups. We follow with a tri-set of Ab Bench crunches, full-range crunches on the bench press bench and end-of- bench kneeups.

Back, Forearms Lats. Standard overgrip semi-wide-grip chins got us sore more in the upper lat, or teres, area. Your hamstrings will get sore, guaranteed. Chest, Calves, Abs Shock Low-incline presses or bench presses or wide-grip dips 10 x 10 Flat-bench flyes drop set 2 x 9 6 Donkey calf raises X Reps 1 x One-leg calf raises 8 x 15 Seated calf raises X Reps 1 x Incline kneeups X Reps 10 x10 Superset Full-range crunches drop set 1 x10 8 End-of-bench kneeups 1 x Workout 2: Back, Forearms Shock Parallel-grip or wide-grip chins 8 x 8 Superset Dumbbell pullovers 2 x Undergrip rows 2 x Bent-over barbell or dumbbell rows 3 x Bent-arm bent-over laterals 2 x Barbell upright rows 8 x 10 Shrugs X Reps 1 x Reverse curls 2 x Reverse wrist curls 8 x 15 Wrist curls 8 x 15 Workout 3: Grow Train, Eat, Close-grip upright rows done in 10x10 style blast the traps and provide residual delt work.

Then we move to 8x12 on the extensions. The jury is also still out on the best hamstring route. If we do the hypers for 8x10, we usually follow with one slow set of stiff-legged deadlifts, then three sets of leg curls.


If we end with 8x8 on leg curls, we start with three sets of heavy hypers and one set of slow stiff-legged dead- lifts. Why not stiff-legged deadlifts for 8x10?

We found that we start We follow with supersets of dumb- bell pullovers and undergrip pull- downs or rope rows. Because there is so much overlap between lats and midback, we finally decided to stop doing 10x10 on midback moves. So for midback we decided on three heavy sets of chest-supported dumbbell rows, followed by behind- the-neck pulldowns supersetted with bent-arm bent-over rows. One superset is all we do because there are still upper traps to contend with.

For upper traps we always do 10x10 on close-grip barbell upright rows. Then we follow with one heavy set of barbell shrugs. The main reason we always do upright rows is that they hit the upper traps with a compound move, and they also give us residual delt work.

Our delts are another problem area, so getting some extra work early in the week is a good strategy. Since forearms are a lot like calves—high-endurance muscles—we decided to stick with 8x15 on reverse wrist curls and wrist curls.

Quads, Hamstrings Quads. This is one bodypart for which we have a hard time choos- ing our ideal 10x10 assault. We get an incredible burn and ache with old-style hack squats—heels el- evated and bar behind the glutes. We get the most severe torching, however, with leg extensions, which we do for 8x V i n c e G a l a n t i Grow Train, Eat, Reverse curls can give your arms new dimensions, from shoulders to wrists.

Hypers are much safer and easier to control— but you must keep your back flat to get the hamstrings working. Delts, Triceps, Biceps Delts. As we watched each other do the exercise, we could tell there was no way the medial heads were getting the brunt of the stress.

We do three sets, which warm ups the medial heads.


We tried lots of medial-head exer- cises in 10x10 style and finally set- tled on forward-lean laterals. We do them a bit differently in that we lean forward on the Ab Bench.

That prevents any back-lean cheating. So our delt routine now remains constant: Dumbbell presses for three sets, incline one-arm laterals supersetted with one-arm cable laterals for one round, 8x10 on forward-lean laterals and two sets of bent-over laterals for the rear heads.

Man magazine pdf iron

Our triceps routine also stays constant: This routine has stayed constant as well. We do standing dumbbell curls for 8x10, incline curls for one drop set and concen- tration curls for one drop set. Those are our findings up to the moment. It has to do with workout density—more work in the same or less time. If you want to explore more about the method, see the newUltimate 10 x 10 Mass Workout, available at X-traordinaryWork- outs. The latest e-workout program is shown below.

It takes you six hours of fast-paced cardio to burn one measly pound of fat.

Australian Ironman Magazine - September 2016

Choose the three-days-per- week Fat-to-Muscle Workout or the four-days-per-week version in this e-book; print it out, hit the gym, and get it done in about an hour. I was just wondering, how do you support yourself in your bodybuilding?

Do you have sponsors that pay for all your stuff, or do you have a real job and do bodybuilding for more of a lifestyle? I have to ask you, why would you consider compet- ing with steroids when you can compete naturally? If you really wanted to Tested vs. The easier solution, of course, would be to forget the drugs and compete in natural bodybuilding contests in- stead. The fact that there are a dozen or so natural body- building organizations in the country means you have many options if you decide to enter a contest.

Natural bodybuilding contests are very, very competitive, with some incredible physiques onstage. The athletes are getting bigger and harder each year. Years ago there were very few natural competitions. You were basically stuck with entering nontested shows, and you had to make the difficult decision of whether to use the drugs.

Most of them are sponsored by supplement compa- nies, but, as I said, the number of bodybuilders who can make that type of income is very limited.

Pdf magazine iron man

During most of my competitive career I made my living by working a regular nine-to-five job. I competed on my own time and my own dime. It was strictly a labor of love for me. Why go to the risk and expense of using illegal drugs when you can just do it naturally? Thanks for all your great tips and advice for natural bodybuilding. I look forward to your col- umn each month. I wanted to get your opinion on training frequency.

Currently I train three times a week: Monday push , Wednesday pull and Friday legs. What are your thoughts on the best training frequency for building muscle? Can you recommend a better split?

I think the key to getting leaner, however, is diet. I think you could possibly add another day of training and still not overtrain. That would let you train each bodypart a little more frequently, which would help you grow.

You could continue to split your muscle groups with in my opinion. Develop your physique naturally through hard training and good nutrition and compete against other natural bodybuilders in a drug-free competition. Nor do most body- builders in this country or anywhere in the world. John Hansen has won the Mr. Natural Olympia and is a two-time Natural Mr. Universe winner. Check out his Web site at www. Home- Gym. You can send written correspondence to John Hansen, P. Box , Darien, IL Best of all, the evening show was completely sold out—with an audience that was enthusi- astic and, at times, screaming for the competitors.

The year-old Swanson wants to become Mr. Brittany Ramsey caused a near-riot when she stepped onstage for her first contest ever. He came out dressed as the Incredible Hulk, and the audience loved it. Watch out for this guy in the future. Jennifer Lynn Abrams Figure Open: Brittany Ramsey Fitness: Stacy Kvernmo Novice Men: Eric Forest Masters Men: Jeff Gruskovak Masters Women: Marissa Ruffalo Masters Figure: Patty Mayo-Katsion Teenage Men: Kye Mallernee Bikini Diva: Vickie Kolb Model Search: Jennifer Lynn Abrams.

Here are two examples of how you could split your training program: Day 1: Chest, deltoids, triceps Day 2: Back, biceps Day 3: Rest Day 4: Legs Day 5: Rest Day 6: Cycle begins again Day 1: Chest, biceps, triceps Day 2: Legs Day 3: Off Day 4: Deltoids, back Day 5: Off Day 6: Cycle begins gain To enhance your recuperation and grow between work- outs, you need to follow a proper nutrition program.

Eating enough protein will help the muscles rebuild after your heavy workouts. You should aim to eat 1. High-quality protein foods, such as egg whites, fish, chicken, turkey and lean red meat, are all great sources.

Complex carbohydrates are also very important for muscle growth, energy and recuperation. Be careful not to cut back too much, though. Carbohydrates are often described as protein sparing. That means carbs should be used for fuel during exercise instead of protein. I need help. I know exactly how you feel. Walking out onstage under bright lights in a tiny posing suit is not a normal thing. In fact, I once had a client—an exotic dancer—who competed in one of my contests.

When she came onstage to compete in figure, though, she shook so violently that I was certain she was going to fall down.

She ended up placing in the show but not nearly as well as she could have had she been able to project confidence. I was extremely lucky when it came to getting good stage advice. I competed in my first contest mid-May I was so nervous that I hardly remember anything about being onstage other than the elation I felt when I was awarded the third-place trophy—totally unexpected.

Sunbelt in Galveston, Texas. Before the night show I was sitting in the theater talking to Craig, another guy in my height class. Lee Labrada, who was judging the show, walked up to speak with Craig.

It turned out they were training partners. Craig asked Lee for a critique, as did I. Lee told me I looked great and said to keep training and putting on more muscle size—I weighed for that show. He asked me how I felt about the night show, and I told him that I was nervous. At that point Lee gave me the best advice I could have ever got- ten. How much cardio have you done? Have you busted your ass in the gym—for how many weeks? Rather than worrying about being onstage, I looked forward to it.

When I finally realized that being onstage is the ultimate goal—the fun part—I began to enjoy the experience to the fullest. This is the fun part. Your enjoyment will shine through, and everyone who witnesses your perfor- mance will share in your hard work and your enjoyment. Trust me on this too: You will inspire others. Late addition: Beverly Williams- Hawkins, competing in her first show at age 56, went out there and had fun.

She owned the stage. And let me tell you, she brought the standing-room- only house down. Today several over- 50 people talked to me about Beverly and about the possibility of compet- ing next year in the Shredder Classic. IronMan Magazine. Click on the blog selection in the top menu bar. To contact Dave directly, send e-mail to TXShredder aol. IM Lee Labrada always looked as though he was enjoying himself onstage.

Should I go on a low-carb diet and do car- dio every day? There have been lots of heated debates about low- carb vs. The answer, which Jonathan Lawson and I discuss in our nutrition guide, X-treme Lean, is very simple. You should treat carbs as fuel.

You need enough glycogen from carbohydrates to re- plenish what you burn from your muscles—to keep them full and able to contract intensely during your workouts. On top of that you need a slight excess to power bodily functions, like optimal brain activity. How much is that? The body stores about grams of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

If you train two or three bodyparts hard at a workout and deplete all the glycogen from them, that adds up to maybe grams. You need another 30 to 50 grams for good measure—and good brain health. What if you take in more than the amount your brain and muscles use?

Excess will be burned from your bloodstream for energy during daily activity—instead of bodyfat—and any- thing left over will be shunted into the fat cells. In fact, if overcarbed sedentary folks start doing cardio, they basically burn excess blood sugar to fuel the cardio, without using a lot of bodyfat. Back to you: I say gradually because a severe cut all at once can send a starvation signal and If possible, try to get the majority of your carbs close to your workout to refill muscle stores.

Reduce carbs and calories slowly over a few weeks—and, if possible, try to get the majority of your carbs close to your workout so you can refill muscle stores. Hold that count and gradually increase your activity with more fre- quent walks, etc. Having higher-carb, or cheat, days every so often is mandatory for proper thyroid function and metabolism rev- ving. As for your weight-training workouts, focus on growth hormone increases and trigger- ing muscle microtrauma, the two keys to fast fat-to-muscle effects.

For example, do the last set of each of your compound, or midrange, exercises, like squats, in negative-accentuated style—that is, one second up and six seconds down. Negative-accentuated sets require less weight, but the slow-mo lowering causes mus- cle microtrauma. The negative stroke produces microtears that help you shed blubber quickly.

Your body burns fat for energy when it repairs the muscle damage over many days. On isolation exercises, like cable flyes, use drop sets—two sets back to back with a weight reduction. That will increase muscle burn, which increases growth hormone release. GH is a potent fat burner and also an anabolic synergist—it helps make other muscle-build- ing hormones, like testosterone, more powerful so you get bigger and leaner.

Now for the fat-to-muscle finisher: After every weight workout do at least 15 minutes of steady-state, low-in- tensity cardio, like on a treadmill. That means your cardio will tap into fat stores almost immedi- ately.

Very efficient blubber-busting tactic. A number of other fat-to-muscle techniques can speed your results, but the ones here should get you started on your road to ripped. During Power week you do low-rep sets, and in Shock week you use eight to 10 reps but with drop sets, etc. Of all three weeks, Rep Range has the most potential to produce exceptional growth stimula- tion for the majority of bodybuilders. On the big, midrange exercise, like close-grip bench presses for triceps, you do seven to nine reps; on the stretch-posi- tion move, like overhead extensions, you do 10 to 12; and on the contracted-position exercise, like pushdowns, you do 13 to Or you could switch the order of the last two exercises— Do one set of your big, midrange exercises in negative-accentuated style—one second up and six seconds down.

That will result in more fat- to-muscle microtrauma. He says that some trainees need more frequent Rep Range phases to grow. Either way, POF results in lower reps for force genera- tion, medium reps for stretch overload and higher reps for occlusion and continuous tension—an exciting, balanced muscle-making attack, the perfect mass-building trifecta.

I tried it, and it seems to work the chest muscles much harder. Is that correct form—more of a middle-range move- ment? The reason is something Jonathan and I have discussed in our X-Rep e-books: Research shows that point to be where the muscle is semistretched but not completely elongated. On a bench press, that point is an inch or two off the chest.

The bottom range is where the chest can explode with the most pec-fiber-acti- vating force. Not locking out keeps tension on the pectorals and reduces the involvement of the triceps and front delts, so by stopping the bar short of touching your chest and before lockout at the top, you create more tension time and pec- fiber recruitment.

What about rep speed? In this case I believe the controlled explosion at the semistretch point produced more fiber activation, which resulted in more growth-activating microtrauma. Interesting, exciting stuff from an efficient muscle-building standpoint. Steve Holman is the author of many bodybuilding best-sellers and the creator of Positions-of-Flexion muscle training. For information on the POF videos and Size Surge programs, see the ad sections beginning on pages and , respectively.

Also visit www. I had proof enough. It was 99 degrees outside, and inside the gym it was fricking hot and muggy because the air- conditioning unit was malfunc- tioning—inconvenience defined. I know what some of you are thinking: What a big wuss this Har- ris character is!

Ronnie Coleman trains out at Metroflex Gym in the equally unbearable and oppres- sively humid Texas summer. So sue me: I like the little crea- ture comforts of modern civiliza- tion. I enjoy turning on a faucet to get my water, rather than carrying it in buckets up from the creek.

I download my steaks already cut up, rath- er than having to kill and butcher the cow myself. I appreciate being able to flush the toilets in my home rather than use a stinky outhouse. But I digress. It seemed to be working perfectly in the small area around the front desk—so the cute teenage girls working there and the young horn- dog guys who hung around spitting game at them could luxuriate in lightly chilled air. Over by the squat rack, where Randy and I were in our own little world of intensity and pain, it was a differ- ent story.

In that particular corner of the gym it might have been a couple of degrees hotter than outside. I kept thinking I was catching a whiff of brimstone, and any minute I ex- pected to see little red devils leap out from smoking cracks in the ground and start poking at us with pitchforks.

The weather was rough on me for a couple of reasons. Number one, I am not built for the heat. I start sweating when the mercury goes over 70 degrees, and it gets increasingly more disgust- ing the hotter it gets. Randy seemed to cope with the heat a little better than I do under normal circumstances, but now he was dieting for his contest, 12 weeks away. Each morning he woke up and headed right to the gym to do his cardio at four a. We had done leg curls and stiff- legged deadlifts, and now we were finishing up squats.

Randy sat down on a bench, looking like a wilted flower that had given up. It was tough to not feel sorry for him. Randy shook his head and looked up at me like he was ready to cry, loosening his knee wraps, which he wore only on his heaviest set of squats. Not today, please. But I had to be firm. You still have to do them. Your legs are good, but are they so incredible that you can af- ford to slack? But you are in a special situation here, as you should know.

How did you do at your first contest last year—do you happen to recall? You took dead last. You had your ass handed to you on a platter. I sucked! Between sets of 20, 30, then 50 reps, he stood under a nearby fan, which at least circulated the hot air, and guzzled cold water from a bottle that had already been refilled twice from the fountain. You looked pretty good. But you need to look a lot better this time, because this time you actually have a good chance to win.

You always have to assume that as hard as you are training and dieting, someone else is doing an even better job. Excuses are everywhere if you really want to look for them. Be- tween sets of 20, 30, then 50 reps, he stood under a nearby fan, which at least circulated the hot air, and guz- zled cold water from a bottle that had already been refilled twice from the fountain. As he got ready to start lunges, I went to the locker room.

He was waiting for me to begin, as I usually bark encouragement at him on the return trip from the rear of the gym to the front desk area and back. I had my workout shake in one hand, and one of the ice packs from my cooler in the other. Randy seemed puzzled and nodded toward the ice pack. Now that he was ren- dered helpless to stop me, I pulled his waistband outward from the top of his shorts and dropped the ice pack into his underwear.

And to Arnold we say, Thanks for the memories and motivation, Governor, and happy 62nd birthday. Denny Gable right and Robby Robinson left talk Arnold through a grueling set of cable rows. Drawing a crowd at Muscle Beach. Taking aim with Frank Zane. Christian Baumgartner and lifter-turned-an- nouncer Marc Huster. We were still on for the exhibition, and the Ger- man coaches wanted Spiess and Velagic to have a minicontest the day before the exhibition.

Strossen, Ph. Spiess nails it. Juergen Spiess and Almir Velagic. Top American weightlifter and Olympic bobsled hopeful Ingrid Marcum got the nod, and we were ready to roll. That evening we had dinner in a private room at M—giv- ing our guests a taste of elegant regional American cuisine.

On Friday we enjoyed the pre- liminaries in arm wrestling, hosted a question-and-answer session at the Strength Summit, and, when the USAPL raw meet ended in the grand ballroom, we jumped in, holding a minicompetition for our German lifters and Ingrid Marcum.

The Ger- mans were tuning up for the Euro- pean Weightlifting Championships. Showing his form, Juergen Spiess hit a personal record in the snatch, and Almir Velagic made the clean and jerk required to put him on the team. Showtime was Saturday at 1 p. Arnold introduced his wife, Maria Shriver, to Steiner, then moved on to shake hands with the other members of the group. He took a ringside seat, staying for the whole exhibition, and then came onstage when we were done to shake hands once more.

Most people have never had the pleasure of seeing a top lifter rip through a snatch or a clean and jerk.

Randall Stros- sen is the founder and president of IronMind, known worldwide for such products as Captains of Crush grippers and the book Super Squats.

Find IronMind on the Web at www. IM Almir Velagic hits his goal on the clean and jerk. Most people have never had the pleasure of seeing a top lifter like Ingrid Marcum rip through a snatch or a clean and jerk. The night before we were scheduled to talk about his shoulder training, he and his wife, Nga, had welcomed Stephen Azar- ian, all seven pounds, two ounces of him, into the world.

That provides a little insight into just how nice a guy Alex Azarian is. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards. Alex finished eighth in that competition and got an eye-opening look at just how difficult it is to peak after making a cross-country trip. Because of all that I was looking forward to speaking with Alex about how he trains his shoulders.

The development of both groups is key to having a finished physique, and the key to proper development is balance. Alex told me two things that I found surprising. The events sur- rounding his showing —and the mistakes that he made in prep—provide a caution- ary tale of the differences between competing at the national level and competing in local or regional shows.

What happened? At the minimum, you should be proud be- cause you achieved a level of conditioning that few competitive bodybuilders have ever achieved. So, what happened?

It was in Dallas, and I live in California. Before that show I had only competed in contests where I could drive to the event. Traveling and competing is a whole different ball game. I got off the plane and was bloated as hell, retaining water from the flight, etc. I also arrived the day before the competition, which is way too close to stage time to really fix problems that stem from air travel.

Add to that the fact that, at the last minute, I decided to change my tanning product, and you get what happened that night. Still, you made the top Exactly, which gave me confidence that I can be a winner at this level. Lessons learned, right? You have to keep learning in bodybuilding or you stagnate.

I learned a lot during the time I trained with Lee Priest. It was stunning to see how thick he is—in a good way. He also taught me a lot about proper form, which was an invalu- able lesson. So, what about moving for- ward? But I really want to nail my conditioning again and this time bring it up onto the stage.

I love that paper-thin-skin look and hope to be able to show it again.

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I tend to stay lean year-round. Those are two prod- ucts that I really like and am having success with. Using them and making sure to arrive in Miami well ahead of time, I plan on re- ally making a strong show- ing this time around.

He begins every delt ses- sion with seated front presses, normally done on a Smith machine. On occasion—maybe every third work- out—he switches it up and uses dumbbells to stimulate the stabiliz- ing muscles more fully, but for the most part Alex prefers the Smith machine because he feels a bet- ter targeted burn. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Maybe the enduring prin- ciples of bodybuilding are endur- ing because they work.

For Alex what works is performing his front presses with moderately heavy weight—50 to 80 percent of one-rep max—working hard until muscle fatigue sets in.

Form is important, as is rep speed. That takes away focus from their goal, which is stimulating the muscle to grow. His performance style is very much like what he does on the pressing move. Next up for Alex is a trip to the pec deck machine for five sets of reverse flyes, pyramid- ing the weight. The machine work is a good stimulus for his rear delts, he said. That head is key to looking good from the side and looking complete from all angles. First up is two sets of bent-over lateral raises, with either 25s or 35s, depending on how he feels.

He does them with very strict form—total focus on moving the weight up while isolating the rear delts. They work so well, the only variations people use are to attack them from different angles without fundamentally changing the movement. How people per- form shrugs, however, is uniquely personal. Alex uses a pair of heavy dumbbells. Find your own way on this one, he said, but be sure to give dumbbells a try.

When he steps onstage, you can be sure of one thing: His online prep pictures are ea- gerly anticipated by many pundits, including me, who will probably see them and predict great things for him, again. Chest, hamstrings Day 2: Delts, traps, calves, abs Day 3: Arms, abs Day 4: Back, calves Day 5: The method usually in- volves lowering the daily calorie intake by 30 to 40 percent, which is said to lessen oxidative effects.

Among those genes are the ones that control the aging process. Stud- ies show that, like calorie restriction, resveratrol is capable of increasing the activity of SIRT1 as much as fold over baseline. That implies that much of the aging-re- lated benefit of calorie restriction may be obtainable with resveratrol.

That also explains the attraction of resveratrol to life-extension devo- tees.