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Chris McCandless, an intensely idealistic young man from an affluent East Coast family, graduated with honors in from Emory University, changed his. Listen to Into the Wild audiobook by Jon Krakauer. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest releases. By edgtaw51 Published on TZNew Hampstead High School · Login · Sign Up · Email VideosShare VideoEmbed Video.

There he headed down the snow-covered trail to begin an odyssey with only 10 pounds g of rice, a. He declined an acquaintance's offer to download him sturdier clothing and better supplies. McCandless perished sometime around the week of August 18, , after surviving more than days. McCandless shed his legal name early in his journey, adopting the moniker "Alexander Supertramp", after W. He spent time in Carthage, South Dakota , laboring for months in a grain elevator owned by Wayne Westerberg before hitchhiking to Alaska. Krakauer interprets McCandless' intensely ascetic personality as possibly influenced by the writings of Henry David Thoreau and McCandless' favorite writer, Jack London.

Into the Wild

Livin' in the bush isn't no picnic. The more they talked, the less Alex struck Gallien as a nutcase. He was congenial and seemed well educated. He peppered Gallien with thoughtful questions about the kind of small game that live in the country, the kinds of berries he could eat--"that kind of thing.

Alex admitted that the only food in his pack was a ten-pound bag of rice.

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His gear seemed exceedingly minimal for the harsh conditions of the interior, which in April still lay buried under the winter snowpack. Alex's cheap leather hiking boots were neither waterproof nor well insulated. His rifle was only. He had no ax, no bug dope, no snowshoes, no compass. The only navigational aid in his possession was a tattered state road map he'd scrounged at a gas station. A hundred miles out of Fairbanks the highway begins to climb into the foothills of the Alaska Range.

As the truck lurched over a bridge across the Nenana River, Alex looked down at the swift current and remarked that he was afraid of the water. It represented a route called the Stampede Trail. Seldom traveled, it isn't even marked on most road maps of Alaska.

On Alex's map, nevertheless, the broken line meandered west from the Parks Highway for forty miles or so before petering out in the middle of trackless wilderness north of Mt. This, Alex announced to Gallien, was where he intended to go.

Into the Wild (book) - Wikipedia

Gallien thought the hitchhiker's scheme was foolhardy and tried repeatedly to dissuade him: "I said the hunting wasn't easy where he was going, that he could go for days without killing any game. When that didn't work, I tried to scare him with bear stories.

I told him that a twenty-two probably wouldn't do anything to a grizzly except make him mad. Alex didn't seem too worried. So I explained that trees don't grow real big in that part of the state, that a bear could knock down one of them skinny little black spruce without even trying.

But he wouldn't give an inch. My opinion of him got slightly better as I learned more about him, especially right at the end of the book. But overall he still strikes me as a somewhat selfish dreamer with no grounding in reality.

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That said, the book was definitely interesting and kept my attention. Maggie M. Excellent read. I was unaware of the fact that the book was not just the story of Chris McCandless but includes the stories of other nomads as well which I found interesting. It seemed as though Krakauer was engaging in a bit of self exploration which I can appreciate because I think we all tend to do this to some degree, and also because I felt it made him more engaged in really researching and exploring every detail of McCandless' life and journey.

Catherine T. Interesting and informative. Not just about McCandless but about the strange community of off-the-grid nomads and hermits Cheyenne G Great book!!

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