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PRODUCT DESIGN PORTFOLIO Darja Osojnik. INTRODUCTION. Darja Osojnik. I am Darja Osojnik and I love my life. I love it because I have choosen the best. As intern at the Community Design Center of Rochester, I spent the summer developing base maps for a vision plan project for the Ibero community within the . points in the product design process. Worked on large one of the top industrial design schools in the world, .. portfolio, these are summaries of other projects.

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A PDF / physical, condensed version of my portfolio, demonstrating some of what I consider my best work. After high school I started my study Industrial Design at the. Technical University in Eindhoven and completed my first year's degree in Although I learned. See more ideas about Graphics, Industrial design portfolio and Product design. Martha Toledo > Industrial Design Portfolio Portfolio Pdf, Portfolio Layout.

Design and Prototyping tools. News and Events of UX design. Design portfolio is the best way for UI designers to show their design ideas and talents. Creating a portfolio is one of the best ways for designers to show their design ideas and talents. But what about designers who have a passion for UI design?

Industrial design by Ridley Your prospective client will still be able to see the professional quality of your work and your enthusiasm for the project will help carry the interview forward. If you have a strength, showcase it Everyone submitting a portfolio for the job you want will have a strong background in design. Taking the time to figure out what you excel at when it comes down to product design can help you land more jobs. Do you have an intuition for how to make a product more ergonomic?

Do you have a flair for visual design? Can you spot safety issues from a mile off? Perhaps you have a passion for environmentalism and love making products that are both functional and sustainable. Get your portfolio critiqued before you send it out It can be hard to face criticism, even the constructive type, but putting your portfolio in front of a fresh pair of eyes can help you spot mistakes before the recruiter does.

As an added benefit, showing your work to different people will also help you practice talking about the designs, and answering unexpected questions they may have.

Creating a great portfolio takes work. Your portfolio may only be glanced over for a few minutes, but those minutes could mean the beginning of a great relationship with a new client or a dismissal. Creating the best possible work you can set you up for the best possible chance at success, and help you stand out from other industrial designers. Your recruiter will be able to see the difference in your properly polished portfolio and that will lead to getting more of the jobs you want.

Cad Crowd has a vast database of vetted and confidential professionals who can do just that. Turn your designs into photorealistic images with our 3D rendering services. Principle 2. Timely feedback is often reported as one of the most contentious aspects for the teacher and the student. Typically students receive feedback too late to incorporate to further their learning. Feedback that is line with Principle 3. Principle 4. Engaging involves students reflecting on the feedback and using it to inform future learning rather than it being a once off at the end of the studio.

A number of advantages for the lecturer integrating digital feedback into the studio feedback process are reported by Bender and Vredevoogd, Does not have to be resource intensive. In Table 1, the comparison between the traditional and digitally modified studio assessment and feedback process put forward by Bender and Vredevoogd , pp.

Portfolio pdf design industrial

Table 1 A comparison of the two instructional Models Traditional Design Studio Modified Design Studio Assignments are introduced by the instructor Assignments are introduced in the same and submitted by the students during class time.

Class size is typically students to one Class size remains the same but the instructor instructor per section. The same instructor may can handle an increased number of sections oversee two or more sections. The individual critiques provided in class are Students receive feedback via the audio seldom shared with other class members.

Portfolio pdf design industrial

Therefore, critique and group feedback during the weekly the same feedback may be repeated to several lecture period. The critic repeatedly corrects the same or similar The critic needs to address student errors only student errors. In addition, there are no print costs for digital portfolios, they are quicker for students to assemble, review, and mark-up occurs without damage to the portfolio.

The resulting documents are easily packaged and transported for grading. Importantly, the lecturer no longer handles heavy documents and work can be digitally sent to students reducing the risk of losing or misplacing paper-based portfolios during grading and at collection periods. Finally, creating digital assemblages, using various digital tools, allows students to easily rework their projects and emulate and gain insights into the real world practices occurring in their industry.

In order to emulate this kind of industry practice, and enhance the feedback process in two industrial design studio classes one in second year and the other in fourth year , a digital feedback process was introduced. The digital portfolio work submitted was in response to particular design briefs set as a part of the core design studio program. Students were required to adapt their current paper-based techniques to digital PDF documents.

Digital Assessment Feedback Process 3. Digital portfolio process Students used a combination of various mediums such as scanned images, digital sketches, text, computer aided design CAD models and digital visualisations and renderings for their digital portfolio.

Various scanning technologies were utilised to represent large drawings and reverse engineer 3- dimensional design mock- ups in digital form.

20 Best UI Designer Portfolio Examples for Your Inspiration in

This allowed students to formulate, respond and reference the written content of the design studio for desktop publishing. The ability to proficiently use these various tools allowed students to easily combine the different elements into one digital portfolio.

This web-based learning tool was critical to the lecturer, as it automatically notes a submission time, generates reports and packages the assignment submissions to a single compressed file for download. Moreover, this process significantly reduced the time taken in traditional portfolio submissions.

In order to provide effective and personal feedback to students regarding progress and final grading, a tablet PC was used. The tablet PC has a form factor similar to a laptop with the addition of a swivelling interactive pen display that is pressure sensitive through a stylus pen. The advantage of the tablet PC is its flexible adaptation and portability when compared to alternative solutions. This form of assemblage required the lecturer to use three main software tools, Acrobat Pro — mark-up tool, Audacity — audio tool and Sketchbook Pro — drawing tool.

After reviewing for feedback or marking, the lecturer uploaded the PDF portfolio via the web- based learning tool to the assignment portal for confidential collection by the individual student. As each section of the portfolio was reviewed the corresponding section of the marking sheet was digitally filled in.

In addition, drawings were visually annotated using the two main tools, text edit and drawing, similar to the way track changes works in Microsoft Word. Figure 1 Marking sheet containing mark-up, embedded audio, critique and final grade. Visualised sections of the portfolio were captured through the snapshot tool, Acrobat Pro, and pasted into Sketchbook Pro.

Figure 2 Detailed PDF page representing typical portfolio. Audio feedback process Formative feedback in weeks 4, 8 and 11 was provided using a combination of digital and traditional presentations. These in-progress presentations consisted of a lecturer panel and peers.

In-progress portfolios were submitted and downloaded by the lecturer via the learning hub to a tablet PC. This hybrid visual medium allowed the critique panel to refer to various design pages, old and new, during the presentation while the lecturer marked up relevant notations within the PDF file.

Students were then given a copy of the marked up file to review at a later date and an audio file of the panel critique as well as an individual feedback audio file from their lecturer.

The survey asked them to comment on whether they listened to the audio feedback or not and if they found it useful; when they listened to it; and how often they did so.

It also asked whether they found the digital mark-up feedback process useful and their preference for creating a paper—based or digital portfolio, and why. In terms of digital mark-up, students found receiving feedback in this way useful. They mentioned that they were easily able to identify the particular parts of the portfolio that required attention, including: It also saved on print costs and saved paper commenting as follows: Very useful, I found it easier to look at. I can read the comments directly.

Easier to read exact feedback. I can see what was wrong with it [portfolio] more clearly. It highlighted very specifically what could be improved. It made improvements easier and quicker to make. Saves time much easier to do. Better presentation, less costly and easily re-usable. Less stress regarding [associated] printing [and] problems.

Shape 2018 Student Portfolios - Industrial Design

While most students were positive, there were two students who reported that they actually preferred to create a paper-based portfolio. All of the students who downloaded the feedback also reported finding it very useful. Students reported predominately downloading the feedback at the end of the studio session and listening to it within one week after class.

They also reported replaying it to focus on particular points of view and listening to it on average 3 times.

Not forgetting the social portfolio platform behemoths, Adobe Portfolio and Behance. If you do wish to edit the look and feel of some of these sites then most allow you to edit the HTML or CSS directly and it only takes a conversation with a code savvy friend to learn the very basics. Or failing that, Google is always your friend.

Pdf portfolio industrial design

Don't be tempted to over-embellish your online portfolio or printed portfolio for that matter. Allow the work to do the talking by making projects easy to view in large formats. We wanted all of our projects on one page at the same time, which would allow anyone commissioning us to easily be able to scan projects until finding the desired reference.

PDF Product Design Portfolio (2017)

SAWDUST's site is a great example of a clean and concise online portfolio that's easily navigable and puts the work at the forefront.

I can speak from experience and say that on more then one occasion I've ended up not commissioning someone because the user journey was too convoluted or it took too long to load the images. If sending out a PDF sampler or curating your portfolio for an interview, always make a bespoke selection of work each time that's tailored to that specific client.

Although it may be the thing that you're most proud of, a potential corporate client probably isn't interested in the experimental fashion shoot you've just worked on. This applies to whole selections of work on websites as well; only show the kind of work that you want to get commissioned for or hired to create.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard fellow creatives state how important self initiated work is to their practice. Potential employers are also interested in seeing you flex your creative muscles and express your individual voice, to the point that I actually saw it specifically stated as a requirement on a job ad.

Including self initiated work helps the employer to see where your passions lie and the kind of work that you'd choose to do if not restricted by a tight client brief. Along with seeing self initiated projects, its can also be valuable to show your working and the journey you went through to realise the outcome to a given brief. This may be the journey from marque creation to implementation within a branding project or the craft based process behind an analogue piece of work.

I asked Kyle Wilkinson , who often works with real world materials, why he thinks it's important to show the process behind his stunning images.