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Import Export Management Introduction; Concept Key Feature; Foreign Trade . The book recognizes the growing significance of export import trade and the. As presented in Chapter 2, the nature of international exports and imports has Promotion and Assistance (New York: Quorum Books, ), pp. 25– download this book online at bpcom or by calling toll-free Starting & Operating an Import/Export sense to get involved in the import/export boom.

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anywhere near the width and depth that Export-Import Theory, Practices, and. Procedures: Second Edition, does. Each of the twenty chapters in this book closes. I will say in this book that importing is easier than exporting, but there is money linkhandler/cgov/toobox/publications/trade/ Oh,Those Lovely. The second edition of Export Import Management is a comprehensive textbook designed for management students pursuing a course in international business. The book highlights the growing significance of export-import trade and the need to understand the nuances of export management.

It is the most traditional form of international business activity and has played a major role in shaping world history and has also been shaped by world history A brief History of International Trade: International Trade Based on the free exchange of goods started as early as BC. Archeological discoveries indicate that the Sumerians of Northern Mesopotamian enjoyed great prosperity based on trade on sea in textiles and metals. The Greek profited by exchange of olive oil and wine for grain and metal somewhere before BC. With the decline of Greece, Rome became powerful and began to expand to the East. In the first century the Romans traded through the Silk Road and developed many trade routes and complex trading patterns by sea. By the time of breaking up off Roman Empire in fifth century the papacy had emerged as a strong institution in a new and unstable world.

In the first century the Romans traded through the Silk Road and developed many trade routes and complex trading patterns by sea.

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By the time of breaking up off Roman Empire in fifth century the papacy had emerged as a strong institution in a new and unstable world. New products such as carpets, furniture, sugar, and spices brought from Egypt, Syria, India and China stimulated the market and the growing commercial life of the West. Letters of credits, bill of exchange, and insurance of goods in transit were extensively used to accommodate the growing commercial and financial needs of merchants and travelers.

By the end of fifteenth century, the center of international commerce had moved from the Mediterranean to Western Europe. The more developed areas of Europe were changing from a subsistence economy to one relying heavily on imports paid by money or ;letter of credit.

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With the discovery of America in and sea routes to India in ,trade flourished and luxury goods and food products such as sugar, tobacco and coffee became available in the markets of Europe. The second historical phase of overseas expansion happened during By the industrial revolution had transformed the social and economic structure of England. The major characteristics of economic relation from until the outbreak of world war 1 were further development of trade and emergence of world economy.

These were also the result of integration of people and capital. The post world war recovery was delayed by the disruption of trading links and border problems. There were problems of high tariff I certain countries and embargo on certain products. Currently the organization has members. The WTO is an international organization that governs and maintains rules and regulations for conducting trade among different countries.

WTO rules are the basis for conducting businesses among countries. The main functions of the WTO are — i administer WTO agreements, ii act as a negotiating forum, iii handle trade disputes, iv monitor national trade policies, v provide technical assistance and trainings, vi Cooperate with international organizations.

The WTO is a rule-based organization. The basic principles of the WTO are — i MFN most favored nation treatment equal treatment to all members in all respect, ii National treatment, equal or similar treatment to domestic and imported products iii Ensures predictability through practicing transparency in all stages of activities.

After establishment of the WTO, the first round of negotiations has been started in during the Ministerial Conference held in Doha. This round of negotiations is known as Doha Round negotiations. It is also called Development Round as its main focus is on development oriented issues. Though it was originally scheduled to conclude the Round by 01 January , several deadlines have been missed. Though negotiations are at the final stage, few issues are yet to be resolved.

Bangladesh is founder member of the WTO and has been actively participating in all the activities of the WTO, including negotiations. Developments in Word Trade: The volume of world trade in was about three times what it was in and approached eleven trillion U.

The dollar value of total world trade in was greater than gross national product of every nation in the world except the United States. However recent data showed a slowing down in volume of world merchandise exports shown in the figure given below.

The Final Act signed by governments primarily focused on global reduction in trade barriers, establishment of multilateral framework of discipline for trade in services, and protection of trade-related property rights. After the implementation of the Uruguay Round, WTO members launched a subsequent round in Doha Qatar, in to further reduce trade barriers and to promote equitable rules for developing nations and to discourage the agricultural subsidies by them The Emergence of Developing Nations, Opening up of New Markets and the Ascent of China: There has been a steady growth in the role of developing countries in world trade.

New markets, such as China and Eastern Europe are now open for trade and investment. Shifting Emphasis of Developing Nations: Many developing countries have shifted their emphasis from demanding tariff cuts by wealthy countries for their exports to requesting technical assistance to increase production and exports.

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The main reason behind this tendency is further increasing economic linkages among nations through trade, investment, and the operations of multinational companies. Small and medium sized businesses are increasing their share of exports. These firms have the advantage of developing much more flexible structures than the big multinational enterprises.

A number of Western companies have started outsourcing to overseas firms.

Faster economic growth in emerging economies is also putting pressures on the limited supply of raw materials and other natural resources. Infact Bangladesh is the founder member of WTO. The geographic location and competitive advantage in producing export quality local goods, low cost etc have made Bangladesh potential country in the field of world trade, though Bangladesh is listed amongst the Least Development Countries LDC ,The performance of Bangladesh in World trade is relatively good.

It is not very diversified and depends on the fluctuations of the international market. The Bangladeshi government struggles to attract export-oriented industries, removing red tape and introducing various financial and tax initiatives. During the s, the United States has been the largest trading partner for Bangladesh, with its exports to the United States reaching Germany is the second- largest export market, with the proportion of goods reaching The average annual growth rate of Bangladesh export Because of the lower export performance in the s, annual average growth rate of this sector during is not as impressive compared to other Asian countries and the world, though this sector shows competitiveness compared to other SAARC countries IMF various years.

The ratio dropped to0. But both Import and export significantly decreased in the following year as a consequence of domestic political turmoil and overall economic deterioration. The recent disaster in garments sector that is the burning of garments building, collapse, death of garment workers, wage discrimination and the adverse effect between owners and workers all attributed to the fall of export business.

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The problem of balance of trade in Bangladesh is well known: ever since the independence of the country, export earnings have persistently fallen behind import payments. Consequently, every year the country incurs a huge trade deficit. However, foreign trade is of vital importance to the economic development of Bangladesh.

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In order to finance those imports and also to reduce the country's dependence on foreign aid grants, the government, since liberation, has been trying to enhance foreign exchange earnings through planned and increased exports.

The significance of foreign trade to the economy is manifest in a number of facts and figures. Code Number, means the H.

Government may change this list, if necessary:- Sl. Toilet soap BDS- 4. Shampoo, synthetic detergent based BDS, amendment 5. Tubular florescent lamps for general lighting BDS- services 6. Cocoanut oil BDS Ceramic Table wares BDS, amendment 1,2, 23 Biscuit BDS Lozenges BDS amendment Soya bean oil BDS Vacuum pan sugar plantation white sugar BDS Fruit or vegetable juice BDS Fruit Cordial BDS Sauce fruit and vegetable BDS Tomato ketch-up BDS Soft drinks BDS Instant noodles BDS Tooth paste BDS, amendment 1,2, Sl.

Name of goods BDS No. Skin cream BDS, amendment 1,2, Skin powders BDS, amendment Lipstick BDS, amendment 1, After shave lotion BDS Toffees BDS Bangladesh Bank can increase these limits examining each case, if necessary.

ICT based activities 2. Construction business 3. Recreation related activities 4. Health service activities e. Hotel and tourism based services 6. Consulting services 7. Laboratory testing 28 8. Photographic activities 9. Printing and packaging These important issues and more are discussed in this book.

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It is great to have a theoretical knowledge of the industry, but trade professionals also need to know the nitty gritty logistics of shipping and trading imports and exports around the world. This book can help you learn these important trade secrets. International Trade Law by Peter Stone There are many laws that govern the world of international trade.

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Knowing them can help you navigate this business environment with skill and comfort. This book covers issues such as the Rotterdam Rules, dispute resolution laws, cargo transportation laws, laws regarding credit, e-commerce and other payment mechanisms, etc.

When it comes to international trade law, it is far better to be prepared in advance then to be surprised by a law.

After all, accidentally breaking a law can be incredibly costly. Reading this book can help you understand what to avoid, and how to stay within all the necessary legal parameters.

Topics covered in the book include honing in on a market, researching an idea , launching the business, maintaining successful operation, and many others. Real life examples are provided to help demonstrate the concepts in the book.

Hugos Supply chain management is a critical component of almost every international trade business. After all, it is how the products are moved from one country to the next in order to be bought or sold.

Without a successful supply chain, global trade companies would struggle to survive. This book can help you learn important information about how to successfully manage a supply chain. It covers topics such as: exactly how supply chains work, important developments in supply chain technology , first hand accounts from supply chain executives, and more.

The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger by Marc Levinson If you are an international trade professional, or plan on being one, then there is a good chance that your company will rely on shipping containers at some stage. Shipping containers really were an incredible development, and this book shows you just how important they are for the industry.

This book shows how one simple idea can change a massive industry. It can also help you put this staggeringly vast shipping industry into perspective. It gives tips and tricks for achieving success in the industry. It also provides encouraging facts about self-employed entrepreneurs to help keep you motivated to pursue your own business dreams.

Reading this book may help you to avoid making some common rookie mistakes if you are trying to start or expand a trade business. It can also serve as a highly useful general reference to help you navigate the startup world in the global trade industry.

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