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Downloading statements. About HSBC · Site map · Privacy Notice · Website Terms & Privacy · Cookie Policy · Legal · Accessibility; © HSBC Group HSBC bank statement walkthrough/Dec17/v1. Citizens Advice financial capability . This resource has been produced as part of Citizens Advice. Welcome to Community, Skinbad. You can look for an file converter. Make sure to check the file converted to ensure all.

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Get your bank statements online. Register for E-Statements on your bank accounts and credit card and view your statements online. Please note that only the latest 11 credit card E-statements and the latest 15 bank account E-statements are held on your HSBC Internet Banking account. It is easy to get acquainted with your HSBC Credit Card Statement. Should you find any discrepancy in the Statement, please contact us immediately. You can now quickly and securely access your statements through the HSBC UK Mobile app or online 24/7. Log on to Online Banking. You can also switch to online statements within Online Banking by following these steps.

You are not logged on to the internet banking Email Statement 1. What is Email Statement? Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing, printing and saving the Email Statements. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from the Adobe website, if needed. This is HSBC's initiative to ensure you receive your statements in the most convenient, secure and timely way possible. By having an Email Statement, you will enjoy the following benefits: Timely delivery of your statements in a secure and private manner. Only you get to see your Email Statements No lost or misplaced statements.

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Only you get to see your Email Statements No lost or misplaced statements. No more physical filing.

This is important to ensure the Email Statements reach you in a timely manner. Do I have to pay for Email Statement service? There is NO fee to subscribe or use the Email Statement service.

It is free of charge! I forgot my Email Statement password, how do I reset my password?

Email Statement

There is no function for password reset currently. However, all you have to do is to read the accompanying e-mail which describes your password and key in your password to open the Email Statement. I am concerned about my personal data, is this secure?

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Since the Email Statement is sent with password protection, only you will be able to view the statement. Will my payment due date change with Email Statements? No, your payment due date remains the same.

How will I know when my Email Statements have been emailed to me? Can I request for any previous months' statements to be sent to me via email? Yes, you can request for statements up to 12 months prior to your last billing date to be sent to your email address at no charge. Please call the Call Centre or walk-in to a branch to submit your request.

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Can I revert back to paper statements? Run the script. Use the index.

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You now have a proper record of your statements. Here are some reasons why the current HSBC online statement facility sucks : - You can not download old statements into a sensible electronic format - You can only download CSV files for recent statements - CSV files are fine but a nicely formatted PDF would be a lot nicer - In order to view old statements you have to make lots of mouse clicks.

When you use the "Return to list" button you are dumped back in the current year rather than the year you were looking at. This results in hundreds of mouse clicks just to review a handful of old statement.

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HSBC want you to go paperless "to save the environment" but then give you a crap system to replace it. A PDF download would be nice!

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Give my PDF downloads of my statements and I will go paperless on all my accounts. Come on HSBC it's not rocket science well not for me anyway.

Note : As with anything related to online banking you should take appropriate precautions when downloading stuff off the internet. If you are not able to check my macro code and see how it works please get someone who can do it for you.