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Note the epigraph to the novel, from “The Balcony” by Octavio Paz: “Beyond myself/somewhere/I wait for my arrival.” How does it apply to the problems of. novel, House of Sand and Fog, “not knowing” is the engine of a plot that counteracts the American exploitation of gender in its propaganda machine. House of Sand and Fog [Andre Dubus III] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The National Book Award finalist, Oprah Book Club pick.

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Fog Jack Cady Fantasy and Science Fiction December, Down in Texas, there are folks, who still talk of how big Chad. House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: In library, Home ownership, Accessible book. The county sells Kathy's house at a public auction, and the person who downloads it is. Massoud Behrani, an Iranian immigrant who was a colonel in Iran's airforce.

Plot[ edit ] The novel begins by introducing Massoud Behrani, a former colonel exiled from Iran after the Iranian Revolution. Because his background is military rather than professional, he has not been able to establish a career in the US and works as a trash collector and convenience store clerk. With savings, he pays the rent on an expensive apartment for his family and for an elegant wedding for his daughter, and his fellow, more successful Iranian exiles do not know that he holds low-skilled jobs. Meanwhile, Kathy Nicolo, a former drug addict who is still recovering from her husband abruptly leaving her, has been evicted from her home, long owned by her family, because of unpaid taxes the county wrongfully claimed she owed. When the house is placed for auction, Behrani seizes the opportunity and downloads it. He bets his son's entire college fund, planning to renovate the house and then resell it for much more than he originally paid as a first step on the way to establishing himself in real-estate investment.

Just an instant smear of me right out of all this rising and falling and nothing changing that feels like living. She is an addict who has been through a drug rehabilitation program.

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She has been flying straight for a while. She cleans houses for a modest living.

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She spends most of her free time watching movies, one after the other. All is going okay until she has a dispute with the county over the house her father left her and her brother. They claim she owes back taxes.

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She avoids, evades, and hits the escape hatch any time anything gets too real. The next thing she knows the cops are on her doorstep explaining to her that she has an order to vacate. Her property has been seized.

She meets Deputy Sheriff Lester Burdon as he is escorting her off her property. She can tell by the way he is looking at her that he is attracted to her. She is pretty, waifish, and vulnerable.

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He has a wife and two kids, but every time he makes love with his wife it feels like he is making out with his sister. They are best friends, comfortable with each other, and like a lot of people he interprets that to mean the spark is gone from the marriage. Kathy, as he soon finds out, is much more than a spark. She is more like a full on raging forest fire.

The county sells her property quickly. This is where Colonel Massoud Behrani enters the plot. He and his family were lucky to escape Iran when the Shah is ousted.

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He was high enough up in the government to see his name appear on the blacklists. His wife has never really forgiven him for the circumstances that have made them immigrants in America.

House of Sand and Fog

They did escape with some money, but much of that has been eaten up by keeping up appearances with the community of Persians in California. Behrani works two crappy jobs, one picking up trash along the highways and the other as a late night convenience clerk.

Both jobs that are difficult to hire Americans to do at any price.

They go through the system, hiring a lawyer to fight Kathy's wrongful eviction, but although the County admits the error, Behrani insists that he will not return the house unless he's paid what it's worth, not merely the low sum he paid at auction. In desperation, Kathy goes to the house and attempts to commit suicide twice, first trying to shoot herself and then overdosing on pills.

The Behranis manage to stop her both times and she is put in a bedroom to rest. Lester breaks into the house and locks the Behranis in their bathroom at gunpoint until they agree to return the house to Kathy.

House of Sand and Fog

When Lester takes the Behranis to the county office, Behrani's son, Esmail, retrieves the gun and is shot by authorities. When Behrani finds out in the hospital that his son has died, he is overcome with grief and rage at both Lester and Kathy.

He returns to the house to find Kathy still there and attempts to strangle her.

Believing Kathy to be dead, he dons his Army uniform and suffocates both himself and his wife, who had been asleep in the bedroom. Kathy and Lester are arrested and await trial. In the novel's final scene, Kathy, unable to speak after her final encounter with Behrani, mimes a request for one more cigarette. Film adaptation[ edit ] In the novel was adapted into a film of the same title starring Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly.