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Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt, Book I (The Legend of Drizzt series) by R.A. Salvatore. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure EPUB format. My experience in my homeland showed me little of these supernatural beings beyond R.A. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in His love affair with. DOWNLOAD Homeland: The Dark Elf Trilogy, Part 1 (Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt, Book I) (Bk. 1) By R.A. Salvatore [EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF].

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Author: R. A. Salvatore Salvatore, R A - Dark Elf 1 - Homeland · Read more Forgotten Realms - The Dark Elf Trilogy 01 - Homeland () (Salvatore, R.A.). Salvatore, R A - Cleric Quintet 1 Canticle · Read more Forgotten Realms - The Dark Elf Trilogy 01 - Homeland () (Salvatore, R.A.) · Read more. R.A. SALVATORE. 7 other tunnel unconcerned, but the Academy was an unpredictable place;. Dinin had heard that the spiders often refused entry— viciously—.

Drizzt was the third male child of Malice, and by all drow laws should have been sacrificed to appease Lolth, the Spider Queen, the evil goddess of the dark elves. The newborn Drizzt was found to be unique by having lavender eyes, an extreme rarity among the drow. Alton was saved from death by Masoj Hun'ett, the younger brother of Gelroos and an apprentice at Sorcere, who killed the master with a crossbow bolt. Masoj then turned the same weapon on Alton, but the now Houseless mage saved himself by making a bargain with Masoj. For the first few years of his life, Drizzt was cared for by his sister Vierna and taught that he had an inferior place in drow society because he was a male. However, he proved to be stubborn and was determined to complete tasks assigned to him to the point of exhaustion. Drizzt mastered levitation, an ability that all noble drow shared, at an uncommonly young age and carried an innocence that set him apart from the rest of his race.

Dinin's lizard trotted along in an easy but swift gait, floating over the broken floor, up the walls, and even across the long tunnel's ceiling. Subterranean lizards, with their sticky and soft three-toed feet, were preferred mounts for just this ability to scale stone as easily as a spider.

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Crossing hard ground left no damning tracks in the lighted surface world, but nearly all of the creatures of the Underdark possessed infravision, the ability to see in the infrared spectrum. Foot-falls left heat residue that could easily be tracked if they followed a predictable course along a corridor's floor. Dinin clamped tight to his saddle as the lizard plodded along a stretch of the ceiling, then sprang out in a twisting descent to a point farther along the wall.

Dinin did not want to be tracked.

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He had no light to guide him, but he needed none. He was a dark elf, a drow, an ebon-skinned cousin of those sylvan folk who danced under the stars on the world's surface. To Dinin's superior eyes, which translated subtle variations of heat into vivid and colorful images, the Underdark was far from a lightless place. Colors all across the spectrum swirled before him in the stone of the walls and the floor, heated by some distant fissure or hot stream.

The heat of living things was the most distinctive, letting the dark elf view his enemies in details as intricate as any surface dweller would find in brilliant daylight.

Normally Dinin would not have left the city alone, the world of the Underdark was too dangerous for solo treks, even for a drow elf. This day was different, though. Dinin had to be certain that no unfriendly drow eyes marked his passage. A soft blue magical glow beyond a sculpted archway told the drow that he neared the city's entrance, and he slowed the lizard's pace accordingly.

Few used this narrow tunnel, which opened into Tier Breche, the northern section of Menzoberranzan devoted to the Academy, and none but the mistresses and masters, the instructors of the Academy, could pass through here without attracting suspicion. Dinin was always nervous when he came to this point.

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Of the hundred tunnels that opened off the main cavern of Menzoberranzan, this one was the best guarded. Beyond the archway, twin statues of gigantic spiders sat in quiet defense.

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At their first meeting, the uniquely honorable and kind-hearted Zaknafein took an immediate liking to Drizzt, forming a bond of companionship that was not a wise move according to Malice. When Zaknafein then showed him the armory, Drizzt was stunned by the amount of different weapons that there were and started practicing with all of them until he ultimately chose dual scimitars.

For the next three years, Zaknafein trained Drizzt and developed his skills as a warrior. Zaknafein taught Drizzt how to think creatively in a fighting situation and train his muscles to respond to such thoughts. The weapons master insisted that this improvisation was the mark of a skilled warrior. As Drizzt neared the end of his training with Zaknafein, one of the lesser Houses of Menzoberranzan unsuccessfully attacked another. The matron mother magically disguised a goblin slave as a dark elf and forced him and her son to fight to the death.

SiNafay also revealed to Alton that it was House Do'Urden that had slaughtered his family, and he immediately began to anticipate the moment when he would have his revenge. At the entrance ceremony, Hatch'net, one of the masters of the Academy, intimidated the young drow class with stories of the surface, and they thus began their training in lore. Drizzt allied with Kelnozz and defeated many of the other students, but near the end of the competition, Kelnozz, showing typical dark elf loyalty, betrayed Drizzt, leaving him eighth place in the class.

Learning that the youngest Do'Urden was now training at the Academy, Alton decided that Drizzt would be the first target for his revenge. However, his eagerness was quelled by Masoj, who notified him that SiNafay had plans to eventually remove the threat that House Do'Urden posed to all of the other ruling Houses and that Alton would have a significant role when that time came. The Academy held many disappointments for Drizzt, particularly during the first year as the many dark realities of drow society gradually revealed themselves.

Drizzt tried to find the ambiguous truth, but all the while he remembered that the only treachery that he had ever witnessed had been at the hands of his fellow drow.

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He excelled at that part of his training, until eventually a year went by and it was time for the second Grand Melee. While Drizzt took little pride in his victory that second year, he took great satisfaction in the continued growth of his fighting skills. He won the Grand Melee in his third and fourth years, so the next year his instructors entered him into the competition with students who were three years his senior; a Grand Melee he also won.

These patrols allowed the drow class to encounter the many dangerous creatures of the Underdark, and during one such fight, Drizzt killed two hook horrors single-handed, a feat that not even Zaknafein could have easily achieved. After nine years at Melee Magthere, Drizzt finally completed his training there and began his six months of magical study at Sorcere under the tutelage of Masoj.

Masoj was not fool enough to disobey a matron mother, but Alton did not exhibit such self-control, and when he and Drizzt met at last, the wizard attempted to kill the young dark elf. His study there was filled with an endless series of eulogies to the Spider Queen and the rewards that she bestowed upon loyal worshipers, though Drizzt thought that the term "slave" would be more appropriate. He suffered through the teachings until his graduation finally arrived, and a ceremony was conducted in which the students inhaled mind-fogging drugs and subjected themselves to the sensual pleasures of the female students of Arach-Tinilith.

However, Drizzt, being the unique drow that he was, rejected the offer, and he was then brought to the land of the driders by Vierna as a punishment for refusing a priestess. Drizzt survived the ordeal and was released with the caution to follow Lolth and obey the females of drow society or face death. Drizzt graduated with the highest honors in his class and suspected that none of those present at the graduation ceremony even remembered that he had left.

After all of his years away at the Academy, Drizzt finally returned to House Do'Urden, where, out of all his family, the individual he feared seeing most was Zaknafein. Once, Drizzt had thought that Zaknafein would be his salvation against the dark realities around him, but that was before his family informed him of the pleasure that the weapons master took in killing other drow.

These revelations also convinced Drizzt that even though it seemed that Zaknafein pretended to be what he was not, he was actually just like every other dark elf, a fact that both confused and angered Drizzt more than he had ever thought possible.

However, Zaknafein truthfully did detest the evil ways of the drow, but he saw no means to escape his fate, so survived by following the same codes that were so hateful to him. With her entire family now together, Malice discussed with them the rumors of a coming war against their House. Malice ordered them all to attempt to learn who their hidden enemy was and be prepared for an attack at anytime.