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Anger, Kenneth - Hollywood Babylon I - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Hollywood Babylon I by Kenneth Anger. Download now: Author by Kenneth Anger Read ebook Read Hollywood Babylon Kenneth Anger PDF File Download file. Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger; 15 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Biography, History, Motion picture.

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KENNETH ANGER was a child star in Hollywood in the s and later the Babylon, which was first published in French in and has since become a. View and download Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon I - on DocDroid. Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon I - pdf - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online.

I kept imagining a terrible scene: sitting across from the year-old filmmaker in a dimly lit, very old room while he grows increasingly frustrated with my line of questioning. I wanted to speak with Kenneth because, as I see it, he has transfigured the Hollywood aesthetic into some of the most emblematic and striking short films ever made. Kenneth also wrote Hollywood Babylon and Hollywood Babylon II, books that detailed hushed celebrity scandals from the silent-film era through the late 60s. Some critics have cast doubt on claims made in the book, but who are they to say they know better? And before the existence of societal scourges like People, TMZ, and Us Weekly, it was much easier for famous people to get away with sordid deeds.

By Kenneth Anger. Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. Hollywood Babylon Kenneth Anger.

Hollywood Babylon Close. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Hollywood Babylon from your list? There's no description for this book yet. Can you add one? Times 20th Century. Hollywood Babylon. Hollywood Babylon , Century Hutchinson.

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Hollywood Babylon , Bell Pub. Hollywood Babylon , Dell Pub. Read the original Hollywood Babylon and ignore this bullshit trying to cash in on it's name. I still don't know what Winston Churchill or Pope John VI had to do with Hollywood, but the gossip laid out here is probably second hand, with a ton of meaningless commentary boxes littering the text. Kenneth Anger's books at least had some elegantly snide putdowns - this is all venal old queen tales. Don't bother with this, unless you want to know about Elvis's bi side or Lucille Ball's shady past.

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Oct 02, Kuljinder Singh rated it did not like it worst book of the year I have read Nov 13, Tristan Goding rated it did not like it Pretty scummy stuff, I gotta say.

It's a messy collection of over-saturated tabloid junk. This book revels in repulsive stories about Hollywood. Even for those of you who enjoy this kind of scandalous stuff, this stuff doesn't even go into detail about the worst of it.

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When he came to LA to do interviews, I met him. He came to see Fireworks at the Coronet Theatre at a midnight showing, and he wanted to download a print for his collection at Indiana University.

I agreed, and that was the first copy I ever sold. But I remained good friends with him until the end of his life. Did he serve as a sort of foil during this period, a time when it was difficult to openly discuss sexuality as it applied to society, or were your interactions more casual?

When Kinsey came to visit Europe and Italy for the first time, I had done intense research on the villa of Aleister Crowley because he had this 18th-century farmhouse, which he called the Abbey of Thelema.

He was inspired by Gauguin and painted all of the walls with murals, but they were explicitly erotic in a humorous way and so he was kicked out of Italy. I spent a summer scraping off the whitewash and photographing [the murals]. That was an interesting archaeology. Many of your films feature homoerotic imagery, yet they were made at a time when homosexuality was technically illegal.

Did that even enter the equation? I just always did what I wanted to do. It never bothered me, and I never had any specific problem. There is nothing explicit in my films. Even though you could say that Fireworks is kind of explicit, it is so symbolic that it got by. Do you believe that censorship can sometimes be an inspiration for creativity?

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That perhaps some things are more poignant when left unsaid? We are in a time now where practically anything goes. There was a time when anything that had to do with sexuality, you had to tiptoe around it. It makes mystique impossible. The fact that one can practically do anything one wants today means there is no kind of censorship that can cease you from making films and maybe result in being thrown in jail or something.

In the early days, back in the 40s, it was actually possible that something like that could happen. Yet many of the stars you write about in Hollywood Babylon were involved in off-screen, real-life activities that were far more scandalous. I never stopped making films, but yeah, I was working on the book, traveling and living in Europe. That seems like a natural progression, but I have a feeling it will be a lot easier to find a publisher for it than a book that made some of the most famous people in the world look like maladjusted deviants.

How were you able to get Hollywood Babylon on the shelves? I know the French were involved. And then an expanded version was published in English. Did most of the stories come from your own knowledge, or did you rely more on research and interviews?

Pdf hollywood babylon

It was basically my knowledge. Because of your photo selection, it reads like a magazine in many ways—what a gossip magazine should look like.

Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon I - pdf

That was on purpose. It is a picture book, almost like a documentary film. Do you think the public has become desensitized to extreme celebrity behavior, or are things a lot less interesting than they used to be?

She fell asleep in the bathtub, and I guess she drowned. I think it was a mistake. Sure, but my point is that it seems the shelf life of these types of stories has shortened since you wrote Hollywood Babylon. The entertainment-news industry is a well-oiled machine now.

Pdf hollywood babylon

It depends who it is and what happened. Like, before my time there was the Fatty Arbuckle scandal, and that resonated all through the 20s, it kept being referred to.

It was just an accident, and it is too bad it happened, but I guess it was her fault. Fatty Arbuckle is the perfect example of someone whose private life was diametrically opposed to what he did on-screen. Obviously him being an obese actor nicknamed Fatty who allegedly crushed a girl to death while raping her at a party in his hotel room, and the ensuing trials, made it prime newspaper copy for more than a decade.

But I feel like celebrities publicly admit to and get away with worse things these days. Have they just become better at feigning remorse and using teams of publicists to spin stories?

Well, it is the craft of acting, after all, and so they have a right to act. But the present group of people in Hollywood are not scandalous, in the sense that they were. There was a flurry of drug use in the 60s, and if it is still there, it is very quiet. Cocaine caused a number of problems. And my research proves that they were taking cocaine.