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For Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on the PSP, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs ( game guides You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley guide .. download & Xbox Jailbreak download for free with Guide & Xbox Jtag Xbox Jailbreak. Frequently Asked Questions, Guide, Tutorial forHarvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley: Cooking/Recipe Guide.

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Hero of Leaf Valley PSP General Guide/Walkthrough By . As indicated, the various traditional Harvest Moon activities in HoLV such as. Harvest Moon; Hero of Leaf Valley - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Initial Walkthrough Even at the very start of the game. Help for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on PSP. More help, hints and ID, Walkthrough, Size, Version. , Walkthrough (PSP) by clara_lin | May 4th.

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Your Farm Heart Level Power Berries Earning Money Crop Synthesis Crop List List of Ores Part time Job Fishing Spots Fish Prints Moon Garden Pub Tool Shop Leaf Valley Village Map Starling Ranch Lyla's Flower Shop Loius' Item Shop Ronald's Grocery Store Fixed Events Mecha Events The Tale of the Endangered Weasel The Tale of Golden Potato Seed The Tale of Harvest Goddess Dress The Tale of Cake Contest The Tale of Blue Bird The Tale of Harvest Goddess Temple The Tale of Silver Fish The Rebirth of the True Harvest Festival The Holy Masterpiece The Tale of Horse Champion The Secret Fossil Louis the Inventor King The Legendary Baker Shoot for the Stars Frying Pan Bug Catching Mini Games Contact Info Legal Disclaimer This is my very first FAQ, so bear with me, and excuse my mistekes.

All this information I've got are mainly from self research from the japanese version I still haven't got my English version yet as I don't have money to download the official guide. The additional information from another source used in this guide will be given credits to the respective founder. I'm going to make this guide as detailed as possible, so send in any information that is not in this guide.

Walkthrough valley moon hero harvest leaf pdf of

In this guide there will be a mix betweent the English and Japanese literal translations. I'll also provide the name changes from English - Japanese ver. It was released on March 19, in Japan with a English version released on April 27, The game is pretty much an enchance remake of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. The protagonist known as Jack by all the fans, reappear in the game and take a role as a farmer whose asked by his dad to come to Leaf Valley to help the valley from being turned into Funland.

The game has been released twice in Japan with two different names. I'm just a normal South Asian college student who loves playing games in my leasure time. For your information I'm not a native English speaker, so this guide may contain lots of mistakes in grammatical and spelling, so I would like to apologize beforehand and I asked you politely not to flame me.

If you noticed any mistakes, and want to help me correct them you can contact me to tell me about them. I started writing this guide for my own self-references, which has become my hobby since few years ago. And I noticed on many people have many questions about this game, so I thought maybe by writing a proper guide I could help those who in needs. Version 0.

Version 1. Ores Dislikes: Failed dishes Gift: Blue diamond, moonlight stone, Orihalcon basically all the expensive items you got from the mine Harvest Goddess The great protector of the land. She has magical powers and gives blessing to the land with nature and beauty.

Walkthrough pdf moon hero harvest leaf of valley

Real Name: Marina Birthday: Farm Produce Likes: Berries, Honey, Fruits Dislikes: He is Joe's brother and is never one for small talk. Don't be fooled by his gruff nature though. Underneath it all he is a very sensitive young man. Winter 10th Height: Tomato, tomato risotto Likes: Red herb, Lumber Dislikes: Failed dishes, bugs Gift: Tomatoes, Fish Shin Joe Kurt's lively younger brother. Joe is a social guy who can sometimes speak bluntly. He enjoys drinking at the bar and fishing is his favorite pastime.

He also serves an apprenticeship from Woody alongside his brother. Summer 10th Height: Fish Dishes Likes: Vegetables, Lumber Dislikes: Grass, bugs, herbs, red herbs Gift: He is a spry old man who is as strong as he was in his youth. He has something of a pessimistic attidtude, but cares deeply for his home and what will become of it. Winter 2nd Height: Golden Egg Likes: Olive oil, Red herb Dislikes: Grass, bugsGift: Eggs Martha Gina's grandmother and Dia's caretaker.

A warm, cheerful busybody who is like a mother figure to all she befriends. Gina's only family. Winter 25th Height: Jams, special cheese, special cheesecake Likes: Eggs, milk, cooked dishes Dislikes: Grass, bugs Gift: Milk, Egg, Cheese Ronald Ronald owns the supermarket in town and is a cheerful Latin fellow with a loud voice.

He loves to eat and be merry. Spring 11th Height: Pudding Likes: Walnut, Chestnut, cake, Cooked dishes Dislikes: Egg Rune louis An eccentric inventor with a shy demeanor who runs the tool shop in Sugar valley. He might seem clumsy or spaced out, but has a level of brilliance and dedication when it comes to all things scientific.

He gets flustered around the ladies, especially Lyla. He is a very gentle soul. Autumn 2nd Height: Golden egg, egg dishes, rare metal Likes: Eggs, ores Dislikes: Failed dishes, junk ore Gift: He doesn't say much, but lets you reap the benefits of the mine after getting to know him some.

Autumn 14th Height: Rare metal Likes: Red herb, cooked dishes, Ores Dislikes: Grass, bugs, junk ore Gift: Food, Copper, herv Wall Wallie The old master of the cafe. Katie is his granddaughter and he looks after the cafe as best he can in his dotage. He possesses a great skill with baking that unfortunately wasn't passed down to his granddaughter.

He is cheerful and accommodating, but absolutely forbids Katie from working in the bar, which the cafe becomes after the sun goes down Profile Info: Summmer 21st Height: Cooked dishes Likes: Olive oil, Red Herb, Walnuts Dislikes: Fish Parsley Basil An energetic plant hunter who loves his work.

Spring 16th Height: Vegetable dishes, Herb Likes: Red herb, Pontata root Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed cooking, ores Gift: He has a strong belief in the Goddess and came to teach the valley's inhabitants of her wonders, but because of his strange manner and conduct, he is often left without companions.

Rare metal, Diamond earring Likes: Honey, Ores and minerals Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed cooking, junk ore Gift: Bluerock, orihalcon, moonlight stone Kazan Bob A surly guy who works at Brownie ranch.

He loves animals, and though he may look grim or unfriendly, he's actually got quite a tender heart. He cares for animals as if they were his own children and is the sole caretaker of his little brother, Tim. Summer 1st Height: Honey, cake, milk G Likes: Egg, milk Dislikes: Grass, bugs, failed dishes Gift: Milk, Egg Tim A mischievous little guy who's interested in adventures and treasure hunting.

He's brave and very energetic. He loves his big brother. Autumn 12th Height: Bugs, eggs, golden eggs Likes: Grass Gift: Egg, bugs Ponta A playful little Tanuki who loves to fish. Remember him from River king? Fish dishes Likes: Fish Dislikes: Grass, junk ore Gift: Fish Gol Dodo A trader from a faraway land that appears in the village one day. Apparently he cannot return home until he finds something, but no one knows what he's looking for. Junk ore, grass Dislikes: Charles One of Alice's "goons" or bodyguards.

He loves to tinker around with crazy machines. Winter 23rd Height: In the introductory section, an illustration of how easy it is to achieve these income goals was given in the form of Milk processed into Cheese.

There are many other ways to make these sums, of course, but even if you do not expand your Barn, you can own three Cows and a Horse.

Cheese is an excellent Stamina Recovery item but as one of the most profitable 'single-ingredient Cooked Dishes' if made with Large Milk, you may prefer to sell it to a local merchant. Saving Your Game The PSP is a marvelous platform for players who like to pursue more than one path and experience more than one ending as there are multiple save slots for any PSP title.

Although you can save your game only at the end of the day in combination with a decision to go to bed instantly, if you have utilised the ability to save the game at different points in more than one save slot, you always can load an earlier save and replay the day if you have missed a vital Event in the Story you have chosen.

Careful players therefore are advised always to keep a save slot for the previous day, as well as one in the previous Week or even Season.

If you do this, you can avoid disappointment. Weather incidentally, is set only two days in advance. You therefore can 'change' the Weather if you reload from a Save point two days prior to the date with the weather you need to change.

Usually, you will be able to create at least nine different save points on the PSP memory card for a single game. Note that you need to use the L or R Buttons at your bedside table in order to choose a different slot. If you fail to do this, the game automatically will save in the current slot. If you wish to load a different file, you have to Quit the game completely.

You only will be able to save the game before you go to bed at night. Reloading therefore means that you need to replay an entire day at least. Initial Walkthrough Making your First Choices Even at the very start of the game, the choices you make will affect your Friendship Levels with Characters in Leaf Valley, although you have not met any of them yet. When you first exit your Farmhouse, the three Harvest Sprites who inhabit Leaf Valley will be at your door.

They will be quite agitated as the Funpark Corporation intends to destroy the natural beauties of the Valley to construct an enormous Funpark. Nac: Please! Can you help us stop it from being built here? Flak: Yeah! Maybe you can help us save this land!

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley – Guides and FAQs

Will you hear us out? You now have to make your first choice.

Your options: Yes. You actually can choose either. The game will not end if you reject the Sprites now. If you choose 'No': Nac: What?! Don't say that!

We just want you to listen! You then will have no further option to reject the proposal but will be forced to listen.

Walkthroughs for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

If, however, you choose 'Yes', you will receive a little compliment from the Harvest Goddess when she first appears, which will occur now. Harvest Goddess: Excellent! What a promising young man! The Harvest Goddess now will appear in all of her splendour and beauty. Irrespective of your initial response, her dialogue now will be: Harvest Goddess: Hello.

As they said, I am the Harvest Goddess. I watch over this land. And what is your name? Glad to meet you, Freyr. I wonder if you're the one who can help us I have a few questions for you. The Harvest Goddess Quiz She will ask three questions.

The responses you choose will boost the friendship of a selected group of Characters in Leaf Valley. There are obvious 'positive' or 'good' responses, but as in other Harvest Moon games, often a bad or negative action or response will be attractive to one or more Characters. Littering, for example, in some Harvest Moon games, although it will decrease the Friendship Levels of most individuals, sometimes increases that of the Witch Princess who is forever at odds with her greatest rival, the Harvest Goddess.

Note that this is not always the case. The three questions asked by the Harvest Goddess now are as follows: A puppy is abandoned in the rain. What do you do? Your options: Take it home. Ignore it. There's trash on the ground. Pick it up.

Of hero walkthrough leaf valley pdf harvest moon

Leave it. There's money on the ground. Take it to the police. Keep it.

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley - Official Strategy Guide by Jennifer Sims

After you have given your responses to all three questions, the Harvest Goddess will appeal to the Sprites for their opinion. Harvest Goddess: What do you think? The dialogue will vary now according to the responses that you chose. If you chose all the 'good' or 'first' responses for each question: Nac: Hmmm, it's hard to say. Is he good? Or bad? Harvest Goddess: Well, you might say that he's the most human. Flak: I'm a little worried, but we have no other choice. Nic: Yeah, ask him! If you chose all the 'negative' or 'second' responses: Nic: W-W-What are we going to do?

He's a bad person! Calm down. He might just be the first honest person I've met. And I know there's a good heart beneath that rough exterior. Nic: Well, he can see us. Flak: Yeah. He's probably the only person we can ask anyway.

Irrespective of your responses now: Harvest Goddess: Freyr, we need your help. Fate has delivered you to this town because it is your destiny to save it. If you don't help, it will perish. Nic: Whoa, Harvest Goddess! Nac: That's a lot to lay on a guy who just moved here!

Flac: Well, there's no sense sugarcoating it. The town needs his help! Harvest Goddess: This farm is now yours, Freyr. Please choose a new name for it. Asgard Farm? That's a good name. Your grandfather left you enough tools to get you started. Any time you need to talk to me, you can find me at the Goddess Spring deep in the Forest. But the first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the people in this town. I know they'll all be happy to meet you.

The Harvest Goddess now will take her leave. In time-honoured Harvest Moon tradition, if you wish to speak to her again, you need to visit the Goddess Spring and make an Offering. Note that she only will appear in fine weather to grant Wishes from If you throw an Offering to her on a rainy day, she will appear but will be rather cross with you and will not grant any Wishes.

The three Harvest Sprites, on the other hand, are your immediate neighbours: Nic: We live in this cave right here. Come by and visit anytime! Your primary goal at this point must be to meet every possible Character, exploring the map and learning how to reach every destination without becoming hopelessly lost. Warning: Events, apart from Introduction Events that occur at 6.

First and foremost, you need to learn the basic Controls. Then you need to become familiar with all the paths and areas on the Map of Leaf Valley. On the left side, you will find three more Buttons. The two closest to the centre are plus and minus Buttons to control the Volume. This is the option to choose if you wish to reload your game either from the same slot or from a different save slot.

You then will have an option either to Start a New Game or to Continue. Situations when this option may be desirable include Race Days and any Day where your Character has awakened to find himself Sick. Reloading rather than saving at that point will give you the option to relive the Day, provided always that you saved your game on the previous morning. Whenever you think you may wish to relive a Day, it still may be a good idea to save your 'unsatisfactory' game in a different slot, giving you the option later to choose between that result and the result from your reloaded game.

Once in awhile, a relived Day will not be any improvement on the Day you found unsatisfactory initially. I always believe that it is best to give yourself as many choices as possible in Harvest Moon. Exploring your Farmhouse Before you venture forth, you really ought to explore your Farmhouse to familiarise yourself with all the Resources at your command.

As is often the case in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, you have a bedside table where your Journal is kept. It is here that you can obtain access to Save your game or to explore your Farm Menu. Against the northern wall, to the right of the little table is a Chest where you can store Tools and other inedible items.

To the right of the Chest is your Television. The Television has four channels, accessed through the Directional Buttons. Some of the Channels always broadcast the same programme but others change from day to day. At the start of the game, Channel 4 will not be airing any programme. You must upgrade your Television before you will have access to the special 'cable' Channel 4.

On the first day, the Television will broadcast as follows: Channel 1: Good morning, good evening, and good night.

It's time for 'Hello Today. Do you have a present ready to give? Have a great day! Channel 2: We live with weather every day. Weather Together! Here is tomorrow's forecast. Tomorrow will be cloudy. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold, so it will be a comfortable day. Channel 3: Kage is a wandering ninja. He is a warrior with no home, no loyalties and no cause.

Where will his travels take him today? Kage was drinking some tea at a teahouse. During the day, his dark clothing tends to stand out. Kage learns that he must work on blending in. Suddenly, a girl runs at him! A ninja never tells! Wait for next week! As previously indicated, Channel 4 has no broadcast. A marvelous magical Character in the form of a Tanuki has been added to the 'magical' cast of Characters in 'Hero of Leaf Valley'.

His name is Ponta and he is an avid fisherman who will aid you in completing your Fish Print Album. Give him a new variety of Fish to have it added to the Album. You can meet Ponta at the very strart of the game, by the way. There is a Calendar on the Wall as well. A basic Calendar of Birthdays for all Seasons can be found in another section of this Guide. Harvest Moon veteran players will be aware of the special significance of Birthdays.

A 'favourite' or 'preferred' item given as a Birthday Gift always has a great value in terms of boosting Friendship Levels than the same item given on any ordinary day. As your quest of saving the Land is inextricably bound to the Friendship Levels of specific Characters in each Story, knowing when a Birthday occurs can be extremely useful.

This is particularly true in a game where you have a time limit of two years to complete your primary goal. The western border of your Farm encloses the Pasture area. The two pathways form a cross, dividing your Farmland into four sectors.

Moon pdf walkthrough hero harvest of leaf valley

In the southwest quarter, to the right of the Pasture is the Chicken Coop. On the other side of the pathway, in the southeast quarter is your little Farmhouse. To the right of the Farmhouse is the Cave where the Harvest Sprites dwell. Behind the Cave but still in the southeast quarter is a Storage area.

The northern half of your farmland contains the Barn and a Field. The Barn is in the northwest sector, to the right of the Pasture. On the other side of the pathway, in the northeast corner is the Field where your Crops will be grown. This dog is a stray and, although you can whistle for it by pressing L and then the Left Directional Button, he will not respond to this until his Friendship Level has increased substantially.

You cannot interact with the Dog directly at this point except by feeding him. You will see a food bowl to the right of your Farmhouse entrance. Feeding the stray dog daily is the only way to persuade him to allow you to 'adopt' him. Tip: Any edible item will be transformed into Dog Food when placed in the Bow.

When you can afford to do so, place Milk or Fish in the bowl to earn more Friendship Points with him.