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Download Harper's Bazaar USA - November magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download Harper's Bazaar USA - April magazine for free from ebook biz. To download click on the following link. Fashion and beauty updates, this week's best dressed and more from Harper's Bazaar Magazine UK. The essential edit of chic, high-.

Kate Winslet — fame. The creams that really work Modern beauty: Justine Picardie steps into the inner sanctum of Giorgio Armani. Manicure by Anatole Rainey. Styled by Carine Roitfeld. Make-up by Tom Pecheux. Photographs by Alexi Lubomirski.

No steed. But here the trappings are rendered not in leather and steel but in white gold. Now Anything can happen now. Opposite bottom: Maitlis is sitting in a make-up room deep in the underground warren of studios in BBC Broadcasting House and her kohl-lined eyes widen.

Diane von Furstenberg www. Maitlis hopes that they chart Bracelet. Her guests are like movie stars one TV presenter Emily Maitlis thrives minute. But she will be adversarial when she joke-gone-wrong voicemail that the pair left for the actor needs to be.

Most important of Andrew Sachs. Maitlis has honed her tactics. She never felt discriminated against. But unusual hours mean that she gets time at home too. Last time. There could be a coalition of two parties. She began working for a local radio station. We just talked about it the whole time.

Hence the statistical deep-dive. Not just the personalities. Her role. Maitlis took them to the cinema to see the third instalment of the Hunger Games movies. But Maitlis laps up this stuff — the marginal seats.

Bazaar magazine pdf harpers

BBC London. Sky News. And her sons are now at the age when they are starting to understand what she does. Her third year at Cambridge. Politics remains her true love. When she returned to the UK. The presenting team are allowed into the studio to practise 10 days before the night itself. Hong Kong in the early s — a few years before the transfer from British to Chinese control in — was a revelation.

I know my way round spark my interest. I know how they tick. Victoria Moore. My boss was a charming and debonair year-old Parisian. While we may not have been the most productive department professional relationships with them. Saint Laurent by Our relationship amounted to approxHedi Slimane imately 7. And I fear that my early. I promptly fell wildly in love with the city.

Nothing untoward happened. I spent a year in Rome. Only then can you work out effective communication. Omega Ladymatic. Am I imagining subtexts and creating complications where none exist? I ask Tamara Oppenheimer. Edwina Dunn employed 1. The bar is CKS meritocratic. A day in court can be raw and you need a thick skin. Looking casual may put you at a psychological disadvantage.

I work with my husband. To me. Edwina Dunn. But generally. In fact. Once I got upset at a judge who was furious and shouting at me. I had that horrible reaction of becoming tearful because that was how my anger manifested itself. Here are her tips for working with men: That would be as alien to me as being oblivious to any of their other characteristics or quirks.

I still know where everything is — I like to think of it as organised mess. Despite the disorder. A clear desk is a fresh beginning. And after every season I purge. Louise Trotter. T This season we took iinspiration from Sean Scully for print and colour our. Find or creaate some common ground. By embracing — not minimising — our differences. Do use these qualities when negotiating for promotion.

Many of the best contemporary-art galleries in the world have been founded by women. Financial Industry Group. Libby London workwear. I was responsible for underwriting billion-pound bond issues on a daily basis.

But I feel very lucky to have had the support over the years of many colleagues. Women are great communicators.

I think it can still come as a surprise to some customers when we have an all-female crew. Some of the most interesting artists are female. Blush pinks and natural shades work really well with cloud-grey.

Thereisno doubtinmy mindthatsport hasfuelled mylifeandmy career. Eighty percentof womeninthe Fortune playedsports atschool.

Try it with a white shirt, sandals and a clutch. Sports underwear has never been more accessible, so before you work out, make sure you step into the right kit for the best support. Escada a has collaborated with the Germa an artist Thilo Westermann to crea ate a capsule collection inspire ed by his remarkably detaile ed pieces.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Elemis, a special version of the bestselling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has been launched: A percentage of the sales will be donated to Wellbeing of Women, a charity dedicated to female health.

Select your materials including leather or bamboo , choose from thousands of colours and styles, and even write a custom phrase on the back of the phone to give it an extra personal touch. Susie Boyt on Stevie Smith. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier. New Couture brings their beauty to life. Rizzoli is out now. Sex sometimesweirdlygraphic. The First Bad Man. Dunham has also become a sounding board as a fellow director. These eleventh-hour requests are not uncommon.

The Future. About motherhood. It takes days of trudging. But she was daunted by the form. The reason for our interview is her debut novel. July is quick to dispel any mystique. Los Angeles. This is a big deal.

Canongate is published on 19 February. Who is Miranda July? London 4 March to 2 April. And an exhibition of 30 contemporary female artists depicting the female form will be showcased at the Mall Galleries in central London from 9 to 14 February.

Renowned as much for their tangled and intense love for each other as for their talents as a painter and a writer. Virago is published on 2 April. Bloomsbury is published on 12 February.

Both writers hinting at the sexual. A century on. Virginia Woolf with John Lehmann at the house in The intimacy. This as troubled from a young age. Leonard Woolf. For Woolf devotees. Employing a mix narrative. Vanessa obsession with her sister. It is also worth noting that Adeline pays tribute to Woolf in its writing style. Indian nationalism was swept from As far as I was concerned.

Viceregal Lodge: Mountbatten — negotiated the end of empire. With their country lanes. Those old Since independence. I remimperial Brits. Local languages were disthe men. Edwin Lutyens. Hill-stations shot up all over India in Victorian times. I doubt I said one most British of follies. Between March and October. We decided in the they had.

From this little patch of Surrey. Yet even embered that encounter. We may have shaken hands. The work of government ploughed his new drama series on amid a frantic calendar of sports.

They rarely went in to town nowadays. But not everyone responded in blazers and old school ties. That was more than 20 years ago. I was just out of university.

The headmaster drafted me in to meet their liveried coats. They had made a living growing coffee. But Simla. Girls want to be princesses.

I practise once a week. I go every year. It helped me through a difficult time when I was a teenager by making me realise everyone suffers in love. Fragments by Roland Barthes. Clockwise from below: I guess.

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He was a Polish journalist and a fabulous storyteller. But I also love Pinocchio — the wood-carver reminds me of my father.

Meera Syal and others. If the Palmers Green of the play where Smith lived from the age of three seems excessively cosy. At Buckingham Palace to receive a medal from the Queen. William Boyd. There will be appearances from David Walliams. German and French. Yet Stevie is also a thorough. Christopher Green. Built for friendship and not for marriage. Below left: This festival. Smith lived with her aunt for most of her adult life until her death from a brain tumour in at Tim Pigott-Smith.

Chocol ate t. If a joint plan is to succeed. You might even be tempted to abandon more everyday aspects of your life — but that would be a mistake. You must handle ongoing situations while integrating several exciting new elements into your day-to-day existence. All the work coming your way during March should bring recognition.

It must have been hard for you to see a tricky situation from the point of view of the loved ones or friends involved. Better to be grateful than grumpy. From around 20 March. It would be a pity. This could be the time to check facts and give yourself peace of mind. Take care. When your mind is made up. Let relief wash over you as a complicated plan or project nears completion.

Maison Martin Margiela. Carine Gilson. Maison Martin Margiela See Stockists for details. Art direction by Jim Kaemmerling. Sittings editors: Production by Evelien Joos.

On-set production by Dante Frongillo. Manicures by Anatole Rainey. Free spirits. Kate Winslet is revitalised. Kate Winslet wears jersey dress. White gold and diamond double ring. Silk body. Viscose jacket over shoulder. Temperley London. So I texted him the other day and said. And do you know how I know that? Kate Winslet is inches away from a mirror. Quite the opposite. I just bung it on every day under my moisturiser.

Have I actively been on a diet to lose my baby weight? She has come to the Goring hotel in London. Next week. She laughs often — and properly — but can turn on a sixpence to soulful contemplation. And yet Winslet remains refreshingly unapologetic for who she is. Dressed today in a black jumper.

This stuff is magic. Winslet is nervous about the project. And I said. I genuinely www. Three marriages. The last time Winslet and I met.

Winslet — who I have met only once before — is chatting to me like an old friend. I mean really. Watch her on screen. Ned RocknRoll. I went up to him. Right hand. Left hand: Louis Vuitton. Wool and polyester trench-coat. When I read things like that. Too many. I picked up my work notebook to make some character notes and thought. I feel much more that I can just be. Winslet runs her hands down her shins and stares deeply into her own past.

Their love for their babies is slightly peppered with anxiety and that constant trying. And if you spend too much of your time focusing on the wrong stuff. Obsessively so. The other day. She herself is never far from her Aga. To my mind. And emotionally too. I love that. I just think. And she never looked back. I get to notice that the ones growing closer to the sea taste slightly saltier than the ones on the other side of the hedge.

I love that I can go for a walk. By the time she was Winslet has the fortitude to deal with everything that comes at her. My body will never go back to what it was. Winslet — the daughter of acting parents who knew. I want to keep my health and my sanity and be well and feel happy. When she talks about her children. I want to have fun. Viscose trench-coat. Silk and lace slip. Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Bottega Veneta. Lace dress. Holy Smoke. Last time she played the role.

Even all the bad bits. She was who she was in spite of everything. In The Dressmaker. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When she acts. Hideous Kinky. We all knew that right from the start. And now. For a self-confessed perfectionist like Winslet. Winslet went straight to resume the role of a world leader. I still shit myself every time. Oscar-winning adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

This is not a coincidence. The Reader. This time. Jeanine Matthews. She was a very full-blooded person who had absolutely moved on and made her life more than what it would have been. Revolutionary Road: After six months of being with my baby. Winslet has started to notice a pattern in her work.

Emma Shaw and Tilly Wheating. Set design: Matthew Duguid at Patricia McMahon. Platinum and diamond earrings. The Row. White gold. Silk and khaki shirt. The cowboys wear their own clothes throughout. Chase wears blue cotton shirt. Roberto Cavalli. Stephanie wears pink and nude embroidered organdie dress. Alberta Ferretti.

Beyond Retro. Swarovski-crystal-studded jeans. Jessie wears white cotton shirt. Stephanie wears beige jersey dress. Cotton and wool top. Casting by Ben Grimes and Kate Matheson. Linh Ly and Poppie Clinch. Hudson Haas. Brett Haas. Jessie Hallstrom. Production by Kate Matheson. Shot at Zapata Ranch. Lace top. Bionda Castana. Satin and leather heels. Organza skirt. Chiffon dress.

Diamond earrings. Suede dress. White and pink diamond necklace. White gold and aquamarine ring. Burberry Prorsum. Diamond ring. Ralph Lauren Collection. Tulle dress. Just a couple of minutes long.

The East End boy. But only now. It attracted over And there. This opened with Aimee Mullins. Alexander McQueen has risen again. Joyce had died of cancer. McQueen was an enigma. But aside from his interest in the macabre. At the time. Seen in this context. These were shows that could leave the audience feeling profoundly uneasy.

McQueen himself always denied that his work was art. Here was a designer who challenged his audience to look beneath the surface. There were also hints of abuse in his childhood. Remember the balsa-wood angel wings — too fragile to survive in their original form.

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With any luck. For how else to comprehend the models caged in glass. For a designer who was intrigued by the relationship between predators and quarry. Claire Wilcox.

His work was a form of confessional poetry. As it happens. Emma Shaw. Tilly Wheating and Kristina Golightly. Silk skirt. Or so the story goes. Lagerfeld brought Chanel back to the tiny city of Salzburg. There was a brief reminder of history with the screening of Reincarnation. Unlike haute couture. Simply put. It would mean nothing unless it translated to the world at large.

As Karl Lagerfeld would have it: From then to now. Of these. And thus. Even lederhosen were transformed into desirable. Aida Bergsen at Talisman Gallery. Silk shirt sold with belt. Oxidised silver and diamond earrings. Gold vermeil and enamel necklace. Astley Clarke. Talisman Gallery. Maya Magal. Gold and diamond necklace. Gold and garnet ring.

Gold-plated earrings. Gold vermeil and agate earrings. Lurex and denim trousers. Oxidised silver. Stella McCartney. Florrie Thomas. Production by Amy Guthrie Production. Silver pendant. Wereitnotforhiswhitehair—gleaming as a silver fox — Mr Armani himself might disappear into the shadows. Be careful stroking her. Mr Armani has a relentless work schedule. Gere looked effortlessly assured in his wardrobe. At the risk of being overly literal.

Despite the wide expanse of windows overlooking a roof terrace. Most unexpected of all is the larger-than-life gorilla that stands in one corner.

There are several other striking similarities between Armani and Chanel. Whenever I come home from work I spend half an hour here. A black cat sits on the sofa. Five years after he set up the business with his partner Sergio Galeotti. He is 80 years old and. Hence George. The interview has taken many months to arrange. I am feeling more than a little nervous. Since then. Yet this is the part I feel that represents me the best.

And so in this space. But here within this room. Rosanna and his face is tanned. Giorgio He wears. Many commentators have attempted to capture the quintessence of Armani style over the years.

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Giorgio had an older brother Sergio. But while Armani remains in sole charge of his business. The dark side is always the more interesting one. And given the turbulent politics. The middle child of three. But what remains intriguing — to me. Thus he admires Coco Chanel. This was also the time when his father was arrested and imprisoned for several months.

His father was employed by a transport company. When I ask him to say more about his mother. On the beach in Riccione. With his shell. With his VW Beetle in the early s. Even before the war. If we are to take him at his own word. Worst of all was his experience at the age of nine. Giorgio was covered Italy. Suddenly the gunpowder dogs in Broni.

Rosanna subsequently employed by Armani. She is darkhaired and chic in a bathing suit and long skirt. For Armani was a child of war-torn Europe. During his month in hospital. Then the real war came.

Galeotti was a decade the sofa. Armani himself sounds calm in his recollection of the accident. Armani was on the front So I ask him. By I say. So could the search for a lasting style be years of compulsory milia hymn to life.

It was a terrible loss. No money. I expressed great strength. At this point. To which I add that La Rinascente. Ask swiftly rose to the forefront of European fashion. Over 70 years later. I appeal for one more quesoptimist. I ask. After school. Galeotti was battling with Aids. Citadel a bestselling English novel about an If everything goes well.

And when gives us the impetus to make our mark. Mr Armani nods. Then Mr Armani stands up. Even though Armani felt a deep sense of next? I could smell in such a way that might make the subject taboo.

But neither Sergio nor I were preever be able to see again. The two men sold their Volkswagen his unexpected response is as follows: Fine-tuning his hepatitis.

Satin jacket. Marianne Dabir. Styled by Michelle Cameron. Hair by Jordan M for Bumble and Bumble. Quietly spoken. Clare Waight Keller. Mothers are important in that role. I do enjoy that. Her schedule is booked up six months in advance.

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Because they still seem right. As is the case with so many fashion designers. She had lots of fabric and dress patterns around the house. I like to dress things up and down. She really helped build my style. She is make-up-free. The importance of securing each season the girl. I work late a few nights a week. How does she cope with the demands on her.

Mum made my clothes when I was little. I think it helps make it much more focused. That mix feels interesting. She has just returned from a weekend in LA. A s blouse can look fab with a cool pair of contemporary jeans. She found South American what was considered the fashion of her day. So although she had a great deal of international luxury-brand experience. Aghion was which have become its signature.

Harper’s Bazaar USA – 01.04.2018

She laughs. How French can cheeky. Waight Keller sips her ginger tea with sugar. But at the same time. Having worked there for four years. And you know. Waight Keller is the fourth British female designer to of freedom that girls had then. You rarely when she was young. Waight Keller laughs. They were quite adventurous. And it was caught so iconically with a Until she was recruited from her creative-director lot of incredible photography.

Gaby Aghion. Everyone obviously knows so much about Gabrielle Chanel. You can some. I think that comes through for me in the fabrics. For Waight Keller.

French women are very precise in everything they do. Ralph Lauren and Isabel Marant. Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturiser in Muriwai. The make-up artist Aaron de Mey says: For a fresh take. To amplify radiance while lookiing poliished rather than greasy. Preen and Mary Katrantzou this season. Jean-Pierre Braganza. A slightly blurred edge. Rouge Allure Lipstick in Insaisissable. For the best effect. For a kinder compromise. Phyto 4 Ombres Palette in Mystery. Lucia Pica.

Her name aside. I feel at my best when I exercise regularly. By Terry Baume de Rose. I also love Pot Rouge in Powder Pink. Burberry Sheer Foundation Powder. The Australian brand ModelCo has just launched a wonderful skincare line using natural ingredients. I grew up in Devon. Sheer Foundation Powder in Trench.

I try to eat simple. I discovered iS Clinical a few years ago. While there is an abundance of creams. For maximum hydration. For a more immediate difference. As with general ageing concerns. These changes are compounded by inevitable loss of volume.

Tatler UK — May Wedding Trader — March Baltimore Bride — January Every issue of Harper's Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle. One of the world's most influential fashion titles, Harper's Bazaar has always been famous for its ability to blend inspiring fashion with intelligent features.

Harper's Bazaar is for the sophisticated, discerning woman, bringing her a perfect mix of stunning fashion stories, informed arts coverage, informative beauty pages and strong, intelligent features every month.

Biographies A Certain Light: A Teamster's Story by Steven J. It certainly isn't for me. For a long time, it was too painful to tell. It is also one I hadn't known how to tell.

It had to be more than a story about surviving a plane crash, a random event without intrinsic meaning. Discovering their sacrifice, joy, fear and love, from Trieste to Germany and America, and finally to Australia, their stories mirror and illuminate Cynthia's own determination and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. From a remarkable writer, and told with unflinching honesty and compassion, A Certain Light speaks to the heart of what really matters in life.

It's these valuable lessons from The University of Life that have taught her so many things, including the fact that cliches like 'The University of Life' are reeeally annoying.

In these funny, true stories, Kitty provides advice you didn't even know you needed. Useful tips on how not to get murdered while hitch-hiking, how to break up with someone the wrong way, and the right way, why it's important to keep your top on while waitressing, and why women between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-two should be banned from internet dating.

Crossing Hoffa: At 70 miles per hour, with a combined 60, pounds of man, machine, and material, he approached a curve along the Great River Road and hit the brakes. The tractor-trailer didn't slow. Harper's brake lines had been cut. In preceding months, Harper had led an insurgency in his Teamsters' Local to clean up corruption among its leaders. His efforts drew the attention of none other than Jimmy Hoffa, at the time focused on securing his right to lead the national Teamsters organization without government intervention.

Jim Harper had his reasons for confronting his local's leadership—a hardscrabble childhood and a stint in Angola prison had left him seeking redemption, and Jimmy Hoffa had publicly called for union reform. But Hoffa, under federal investigation for questionable financial dealings, had deep, dark secrets; the last thing he needed was a spotlight on Minneapolis. Despite the increasing threats to his life and those of his young family, Harper continued to press his case.

In this fascinating account, Harper's son traces the interwoven paths of these two men—a criminal icon and a determined vigilante—from their formative years through their unbelievable face-off. At the age of 21, Hudson Taylor ventured on a dangerous sea voyage to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of China, demonstrating this faith he talked of.

Why would a young man give up a promising future to venture into an alien country, let alone one torn apart by war? Would the Chinese accept him and would God bless his vision? His story comes alive in this dramatised biography that relays the humanity, humour, and heart of the man widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential missionaries in the history of the Christian Church.

Hudson Taylor lived a life that boldly demonstrated faith in a great God, and his life still inspires and challenges many today. Anne E. Schraff, "Mahatma Gandhi" pages: Through peaceful acts of disobedience, Gandhi helped free India from British rule. See how Gandhi made extraordinary personal sacrifices and be inspired by his passion and peaceful ways. Guided by Time Magazines list of most influential people, the Biographies of the 20th Century series of softcover page biographies focuses on the leaders, scientists, and icons who shaped our world.

These people, many from very humble beginnings, changed how the world works. Each biography includes a glossary, timeline, and illustrations. An individual guide for each title provides reproducible activities to extend the text. Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies. Crossing Hoffa A Teamster's Story.