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Halliburton's eRedBook® Mobile application is offered as a free download. It is derived from the Halliburton Cementing Tables, the industry-preferred data. Halliburton Red Book Cementing Data - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Halliburton started with a single product from a single location is now a global enterprise with employees around the world. We are proud to celebrate.

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For over 80 years the Halliburton Cementing Tables, known as the RedBook® cementing tables, have been the industry-preferred technical data reference for. This is the electronic version of the Halliburton Red Book (eRedBook) which it can be used electronically with your computers or your smart. The Halliburton Redbook (Figure 1) is a very useful for oilfield people because it contains a lot of useful information as tubular/drill pipe data.

Geometrical Relationships Weights and Measures Cosine Table Horizontal Tanks Pipe Capacity

Correction is minus temperature is above 60F. Temperature below 60F. See Section , pages 9, 10 and 11 for temperature conversions.

Book halliburton red

These same units may be found in literature published by all U. Technical Societies, i. Conversion factors herein are written as a number equal to or greater than one and less than ten with six or less decimal places. This number is followed by the letter E for exponent , a plus or minus symbol, and two digits which indicate the power of 10 by which the number must be multiplied to obtain the correct value.

eRedBook® Software

For example: To convert from: To multiply by: ANGLE radian rad AREA m Multiply by 1. EMU of capacitance EMU of current EMU of electric potential EMU of resistance ESU of capacitance ESU of current ESU of electric potential ESU of inductance ESU of resistance British thermal unit International Table British thermal unit mean British thermal unit thermochemical British thermal unit 39F British thermal unit 59F British thermal unit 60F Btu International Table ft Btu International Table h ft2 F C, thermal conductance LIGHT lux lx MASS kilogram kg TIME second s Available from Superintendent of Documents, U.

Government Printing Office, Washington, D. Physical Lab. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. D Percent of Capacity Percent of Capacity. Buoyancy Factor Lb. Buoyancy Factor 6. Pull Above Wt.

Stretch of Pipe Pounds 6, 3, 1, 1, Pull Above Lb. T depth x. Mud Weight of Resulting Mud Lb. Page 23 The lower left half of this table shows the number of barrels of water which must be added to bbl.

Weight lbs Absolute Vol. Converted to Cu. Ft Litres Gals. Ft to be converted 0. Converted to Gals. Meters 7.

EMU means electromagnetic cgs unit. Page 79 1. Pounds Cu. Water Gal. Specific Gravity Specific Gravity x x x x x x 8.

Red book halliburton

Feet 0. Water Cu. Sameul Norman. Robert Beddingfield. Amirah Razali. Oswal Agusto Cabrera Pantoja. Mufti Ghazali. Erika Johana Tovar Trujillo. Ali Aliiev. Marcelo Ars. Juan Lacorte. Sinan Halboob. Norberto Soto.

Book halliburton red

Mohamed Nagy. Leopard Eyes.

Book halliburton red

A pressure of 1 kPa is exerted by a column of water. A column of water, at 20C 68F.

eRedBook® Software

To find the pressure in lbs. To find the pressure in kPa of a column of water multiply the height of the column in meters by 9. To find the capacity of a mud pit per inch mm of depth multiply the length by the width in feet m , which gives the area in square feet m2 , then multiply by the depth in feet m , which gives total capacity of pit in Cu.

Now divide the depth in inches mm to get Cu.


Doubling the inside diameter of a pipe increases its capacity four times. Friction of liquids in pipe increases as the square of the velocity. A horsepower is equivalent to raising 33, Lbs. After giving an awkward and uncharismatic campaign speech, Cheney suffers his first heart attack.

Halliburton Red eBook App – It is a Useful App for Oilfield Personnel

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