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So prepare more analytically then factually, if you are preparing analytically it will help you a lot. Focus more on Gujarat then less of India because you are going to stay under the government of Gujarat so that is going to matter a lot. Rather than reading a number of different books focus on the books which are recommended by the government of Gujarat. For more information you can visit here: Gujarati and English Papers in Mains Exam shall be in a respective language only.

So the mains and personality test total will be marks. It is not just interviewing but it is an assessment of whole personality. GPSC interview is not the right term but the more important term is its P. So GPSC board meets the candidates and try to see or try to judge the personality of the candidates that what the suitability of so and so candidates to be an officer.

So it is the test to judge the various traits of candidates that how a person is suitable. So they judge the confidence, they the ability to interact, and presentation and communication skills. Generally, candidates understand and interpreted that it is the test of knowledge but it is not at all the test of knowledge as GPSC board believe that as they have conducted prelims and mains examination so you are sound in the knowledge then only you reach in the interview.

So it is actually a test that how you interact with the board, your ability to handle pressure because in government job when you are going to be then you will be handling a lot of stress and pressure.

Exam book gpsc

So candidates should have that capability, your capability of handling variety of situation, your biases that a candidate should be free from biases like any person coming to your office whether the person is rich or poor whether the person as belonging to caste and community any section you should be treated as per the law you should you should over and above the biases and influence.

So this trick is there then you can always be selected question are ask on the bases of this particular things and they try to judge you. Generally, they ask the question regarding your test why you want to join the services, what is your education background from that they can ask what other career option is there so they try to make the comparison that why you want to come to this services. Then they also ask question like you prelims and mains examination like for example which where optional subject but nowadays optional subject is no more so in the general studies various areas are there, question from current events also ask so any national and international current issue which is high at that time they ask question from that area also.

So if you are doing whether a government job or a private job so the question will be asked from your job profile law and regulation any current police from the government are there then that kind of things. Then there is some situation question suppose you are posted as DYSP so what will you do in particular situation that kind of things will be there. There also some question regarding to your job preferences suppose somebody has given 1st priority to DYSP, not deputy collector then they may ask your question that why you are taking DYSP as the 1st preference as you are giving a satisfactory answer you can always get the good selection and you can always get good marks.

For more information you can visit: Focus more on Gujarat then less of India because you are going to saw under the government of Gujarat so that is going to matter a lot. In the current perspective following books and material can be helpful. Jasani and Prof.

Besides always have a habit of pasting syllabus in front of your study table, read-only syllabus portion from the above books and also check past papers from 78 solved papers to assess and judge the level of the exams. UPSC which is union public service commission it takes an examination for all India services and center class-1 services. You can go to the websit www. And you can also see the various advertisement day by day.

As further like this only RRB, you can go to the website www. GPSC which is state level for a various state. There are various state service also there. For bank level recruitment examinations you can search the website www. Start reading some books according to a syllabus. So stay away from negativity. UPSC is time taking process you have to give a lot of time to your preparation and it will convert into your result. When you are ready and your all idea become clear so you can join the institute.

Go and visit have demo lecture from demo lecture u came to know if you are understanding or not. Then afterward your all query will clear you can join the institute as soon as possible.

But in your preparation, it is not fixed that u are giving your whole day and you get success there are various people who give some hours and get success. Some people spend many hours but do not get successful. But there are some people with continuing their job and some people who also give full time and crack the exam. So from this reviews hours is not going to matter or calculate.

Give daily one hour to current events. Then which time is left you can divide in two parts, one type you can do like read only one subject at one time like if you are reading polity so read polity only, if you are doing mathematics do mathematics only.

Second type will be like you can read different subject in the gap of one or two hour like if you take one hour to one subject next one hour to next subject. Whatever time table u make is connected through your mental ability because everyone has different capacity and different choice. Generally, it a is law of psychology one cannot remember everything more than 45 min at a time, take min breaks, u can also have nap in afternoon so the reception level of your mind is highest so read only that you can understand and memories.

So if you join early in 1st year there is going to be smooth journey towards selection. If you are preparing from 1st year you get more time spent after the graduation you have many responsibilities in some case you get financial responsibilities.

People who have been selected more from northern state, the reason of ample selection is also that they start there preparation early after 12th.

This is also a very good factor. You can start your preparation from very first after 12th then u will get better prospect for selection. You can pursue any graduation but requirement is that you should be graduate from government recognized university from then only you can appear in civil service exam. Second thing is when you are pursuing graduation you can go in the field of your choice as far as UPSC many people is selected but there are people from science commerce art medical engineering various background people are there so there is nothing like that you can choose any background but if you choose specifically for IAS exam then generally art is better the work load is less secondly the subject of art like history, economic, geography they are more related to syllabus of UPSC it will give you orientation towards UPSC exam.

But this will not a binding thing student can select as per their interest also. When UPSC exam take place everybody is treated as par whether you are science, commerce, art or any background. Post graduation will not make any difference. Important thing is that everything which matter in civil service is seniority. So it is better if you plan to go in the civil service right after graduation as soon as possible.

If you are still interested in pursuing higher education then in the civil services there is ample scope to do. So this is actually better alternative.

Many people have choose optional subject in wrong manner which has been fatal in there career and they have fail the civil service examination because they choose optional subject which are not suitable for them. As per choosing optional first you should not choose optional subject. Be in the UPSC environment for few month prepare general studies optional subject only be in the mains. One to three month if u get orientation towards the civil service examination pattern u will get oriented towards history, geography, science, polity, current events, economic all the subject then you will understand more the UPSC approach after two three month preparation it is vice time to you to select optional subject.

Secondly optional subject selection is first a fall to your own interest because the subject you going to study for lot time. So you have to see what is matter of your own interest, the interest is matter the most, if you can shortlist three four good optional subject then you can also see the selected some ratio in past few year so that be the good guide to you.

You can also choose the optional subject on the basis of your own background. Beside if you are staying in the particular region also see the availability of coaching guidance, book material etc. For a particular optional subject if it is not going to available then it is going to be tough journey for you.

So all these factor is guiding selection of optional subject. No optional subject is good or bad it is about your suitability and you have to final best option for you so that will be very much rewarding. It is the exam where everything start with blank slate. So do not worry about past concentrated on future and present only.

There are many candidates who have got few marks in their graduation they are very successful officer presently. So everything matter in UPSC is how much you are determine to exam, your commitment level and your hard work and the preparation that kind of thing only matter in the civil services exams.

At the same time many people who are from the basic background have pass. So start from right scratch it will not matter definitely make your good career all the best for that. As far as civil service preparation is consent UPSC is always trying to improve an evaluate its approach.

So that best bureaucracy can be found and best people can be given opportunity to serve the nation. More important thing is that your preparation very much insightful, you are conceptually clear, you have more analytically mind set over the subject so that be more appropriate things. As far as syllabus is consent so minor changes may take place any time but major changes are less likely.

Beside when where some changes take place in UPSC exam pattern then you must be finding that exam pattern changing are not sudden in the 1st year of examination they set very easy paper. So it gives opportunity to the student to adopt itself. So intensive preparation is more important as far as UPSC is consent than the extensive preparation. Everybody is must be read newspaper on the daily basis of but when you are reading newspaper you should also see the background. For example, some event with take place presently so that event what we can say is it is one hour current affair you must be preparing that but is there some background like in present year the tax reform is introduced like GST.

So now GST is introduced so GST is current event because it is belonging to last one year preparation but along with that there are some background issue that when GST was first discus there is history which is panic to the year when Atal Bihari Vajpayee first introduced.

So in that matter what where is the current development in that context you should also knowing the background. For example, article and its controversy may be in the present time but when you writing answer for the civil service or ticking the question in the preliminary exam so in that context you should be knowing that what is the background of Kashmir issue and how everything took place and how chronicle to the present senior.

Some in the case you can say that the issue of North Korea, South Korea or the issue of Israel, Palestine so certain thing may be there which you are say current.

But along with current you should know its background that is historic background its base in the polity constitution and another relevant social dimension historic dimensional.

So current affair preparation may be sufficient one year but when you are preparing you should not devote not less than one hour every day for the current events that preparation should also focus on reading some good newspaper. For example, the Hindu after reading some good newspaper you should also focus or you can say analyzing storming material some good journal etc.

Factual memorizing the thing is not real study of current affair so from that prospect you are doing than one year preparation of current affair is more than sufficient. Many people in the civil services have pass on the basis of this particular optional subject. So both are very scoring subject. The difference between their two is that the public administration as its name indicates it is focusing more on the bureaucracy, that how bureaucracy is going to work.

Where sociology as it name indicates it is focusing upon the society as whole. So the focus area is different. Pub ad is focusing upon the bureaucracy and sociology is focusing on context under with bureaucracy is working that is the society, India social system etc. So that kind of thing are main difference. Pub ad is more dealing with more polity. Sociology and pub ad both are very important optional subject like if you are having pub ad as an optional subject then you will able to get good score or you can say the paper of polity, governs etc.

If you are having for example sociology as an optional subject then sociology will help in bringing good marks in general studies like essay paper having social issue then some other social issue which are there in other social area that kind of thing will make the difference. The one option is there if you do RTR of your answer sheet.

So this will help you a lot. For example: When GPSC exam take place everybody is treated as par whether you are science, commerce, art or any background. If you enter early in civil services you have early possibilities to get faster promotion because whose who enter the age of 21 to 25 they get possibility something top most post are only possible them. Besides always have a habit of pasting syllabus in front of your study table, read only syllabus portion from the above books and also check past papers from 78 solved papers to assess and judge the level of the exams.

At the state level GPSC is also conducting same exam as then when there is requirement. So GPSC is taking not only environment engineer as an assistance professor for various government colleges. Importance of environment engineering is increase every passes day beside the environment engineer can also apply for very important service which is called as the Indian forest service.

Indian forest service is going to be very standard service which a related to environment engineering. So if you appear Indian engineering services as well as in forest services. So there is very good opportunity for environmental engineers and you can also appear general services where qualification will not be an issue any graduate can be appear like UPSC taking civil service examination GPSC taking Gujarat civil service examination for this exam also you can go further.

Engineering and medical are the very good background and very intellectual students go to the courses like engineering and medical but then after completing your engineering and medical the post is given to you in the private sector it is not comparable the post given by UPSC and GPSC. By pay scale, by power, by prestige in every way. Because first at all in your field you have limited skill, Limited potential to go but when you are in the civil services by UPSC and GPSC kind of examination you will be top of the society, you get opportunity to get change the society for the good so that is also a great satisfaction of the job which is not there in the private but the social prestige that you achieve you feel it very rewarding if you see the average engineer and doctors cannot enjoy this.

So in the same way the assistant engineer exam also for the candidate there is sufficient option as far as exam consent knowledge is important not the language the best guide for this is notification.

Any notification is declare so they give medium of question and answer or syllabus. So always go through the syllabus that will help you a lot.

"Gpsc material" Gpsc free unlimited Materials For all exam

It is consider as a very power fully job so firstly All the best for that it is good if you are choosing that. Other than downloading a good book you can go through your own topics your engineering books will definitely a right guide for you. You can go through the past year GPSC question paper on that subject. And for non-technical subject you can read in the current perspective following books and material can be helpful.

Rather than book what you can do through your own civil engineering syllabus you have at least gone for four year study of civil engineering. Go through your own books which you have referred you have already read it for four years you have more mysteries on that you can also go through with the syllabus of GPSC assistance civil engineering post and in that syllabus they mention a particular area.

The government is carried out large e-governs projects are g-swan, e-gram like many other projects in all of that cases that are required. Beside police also need certain kind of people like cyber crime and other things. So significant of computer engineer is increase in the all the arena of the government. So you can keep on checking the GPSC website there is different notification issued as and when the requirement is occurred.

Exam book gpsc

So there are plenty of opportunity for them mechanical engineers services can also appear in the forest ministry and environment exam like the post of assistance conservative of forest and range of forest officer so this kind of wide opportunity are available for the mechanical engineering candidates.

Beside they can also appear as non-technical services like deputy collector, DYSP and others so in that way you can always go through any of this thing. So for the technical you can better refer to your own study material and books that you gone through the engineering level as war as the non-technical subject. After completing there services as chairman of the state public commission the person cannot work at any post with the government of the state.

So it will be the last dealing of the government the government of the state appoint the chairman of GPSC but no power to remove them they can only be removed by the president of India. So they are having very wide power and they are beyond control of the state government.

As presently GPSC has conducting assistance professor examination for mechanical engineers beside they can also get the work to assistance engineers in the different department of govt of Gujarat.

Government recruit large number of mechanical engineers as assistance engineers. The most important and powerful post is that of the R. O inspector. So in the R. O there are inspector who are recruited and has are wasted with the wide power because all the registration various vehicles and approval everything is depended on them so all the automobiles company also directly indirectly control by them.

O inspector is very powerful post they are recruited through GPSC and only mechanical engineers qualify in to that. Not only this beside there are general examination of class-1 and class-2 that GPSC conduct once every two year and mechanical engineers appear in those examination also. After training your first posting is assistance superintended of police which would be a very short period then you will posted as a superintended of police.

All the person over and above S. Secondly now a day GPSC has conducting new type of examination which is direct like police inspector examination. So in that case interview is the personality test you can prepare about your profile, your job experience if you have any job experience they will ask maximum question about your work and experience.

Question will be two type one will be the technical question and rest of the question will be non-technical which is going to about your know personality hobby past experience your education your district your natives and the current affair so this thing is sufficient for the whole exam. A cut-off depend upon number of post if number of post are high so cut-off will be low. Secondly it is also depend on the toughness of the question paper if question paper is tough cut-off will be low if question paper is easy so cut-off will go up.

But most of the topic like history, geography, polity, economic, public administration and ethic are taken in the syllabus based on the UPSC exam. If you are not going for coaching class you can also follow you tube channel Laksh career academy by Hiren Dave in this you can find many video regarding all competitive exams so this is beneficial to you a lot. Eligibility for this is candidate must have Graduation from any recognized university. Here also there are 3 level of examination Prelims, Mains and Interview.

The medium of the examination shall be English and Gujarati. Gujarati and English Papers in Mains Exam shall be in respective language only. In case of question of interpretation of syllabus, the interpretation of the English shall be final. This is three level process which is nearly far with the UPSC. Rather than reading number of different books focus on the books which are recommended by the government of Gujarat.

If you prepare all syllabus then take subject in which you think that you have to prepare more. The minimum qualification required for the GPSC entrance exam is graduation. The minimum age limit is 21 years and the maximum is 28 years. The question paper for this exam includes two sections.

The first part contains multiple choice questions and the second part is a descriptive one. So this will you help you a lot for the reading. If you are preparing for the UPSC prelims exam sincerely you can definitely crack it. Same as the case of essay exam. Nowadays interview are not there so essay and prelims exam you have to prepare for.

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