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Discrete Mathematics Notes for GATE Computer Science .. There is lots of material on the net, lots of books, lots of helping people like Ankur (who really. Topic wise important GATE Notes and best study material for GATE Year Papers, Download PDF · Best GATE CSE Preparation Books. Download Pdf of GATE Best Books for Preparation of Computer Science Engineering. GATE Books free download for MH, CE, EEE, IN, CSE, Civil.

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MADE Easy Class Notes Computer Science & IT Hand Written: This is Computer Science & IT study material for GATE / IES Following study material is useful for GATE/IES/PSUs exam. Best Books for GATE Mechanical Engineering Computer Science (CS/IT) Engineering Study Material Sir, I want to know about the book for ecology and evaluation for gate examination. GATE Computer Science And Information Technology can download Gate materials, Gate PDF books, Useful Engineering books, Gate Handwritten notes and.

For GATE Computer Science exam preparation recommended study procedure is - Here are the tips that would help you out in preparing for the exam. Analyze the Syllabus You need to go through the entire syllabus for the exam and learn which topics to cover. Organize the Study Material There are numerous books and tutorials available offline as well as online that claim to be reasonably good but do your research before picking anything. You should resource the best material. Give appropriate time to each topic keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses. You also get to know what your preparation lacks andrectify the mistakes. Revise Revision is an essential part of the preparation.

Ye kisi coaching ke notes nahi hain. These are prepared by me from standard books. You can find the reference of the books on first page of notes.

These are sufficient for GATE preparation, but for a really good rank, you need to study standard books and practice questions as much as possible. Mail me your query using this link: Sir Your notes are really gud…. Maths is quite helping.. Thanks a lot for the notes…..

Thanks a lot for providing study material. Your tips are really very helpful and yes thanks for the motivation as well. I am a 4th year Dual degree student in one of the IITs.

I think these notes are gonna be super helpful. Thanks a lot. Can I get admission in IITs? Motivation comes from self. Thanks Mr. It will be help for people who wants good AIR ranks. Your notes are really very very very helpful…. Thanks a lot… No one help anybody in such a selfless way..

GATE books for Computer Science & IT

Keep this good work up.! It will inspire other people too.! It was aweso experience opting for the GATE for the first time! Hey hi ankur, good to see that freely u r sharing your data…. Thank you so much for these notes. What to do??

Please give complete notes. I am started preparing for gate. For Operating system, I am following Galvin. But I cant understand Process syncronization. Can you suggest me a book which gives clear idea about it. I would suggest you to discuss this topic with your friends.

Changing the book will not get you anything. Thanks, man. Got AIR with just 1 week of study with your notes. I appeared in GATE this year , didnt got a good rank. Rank Could you please suggest which are the colleges I can get admission? Hello Sir, I need to prepare for an interview for the post of a programmer, do u have some material related to technical interviews.???

Would you mind suggesting me a good gate coaching centre in Bangalore?? Study all subjects. Everything is important. I have no idea about coaching institutes in Bangalore. Prepare for it with job. Hello sir i am studying computer organisation and architecture from iit lecture but they are not upto the point.

Is it a good idea to give Gate Exam for a different subject than your engineering subject? Yes, you can go for it, but it will be difficult for you, not impossible, and you will have to spend more time in understanding the subjects. It may be enough if you just want to qualify GATE. But if you want a good rank, you need more than this.

GATE Syllabus (pdf): Check Branch-wise syllabus (CSE, ECE, ME)

Hi sir, You are doing a great job.. I attempted gate and ended up with air I want to rewrite after seeing ur blog as u attempted twice.. I am really inspired.. But I consider u as a source of inspiration and try best this time.. Thanking you. Sir, I am a 4th semester student. I want to crack the gate. How I plan myself for it? And sir can you suggest me which study material I should follow? Hopping for your favourable reply. Thank you. I currently work in a SW company well known one. I plan to do m-tech this year I have few questions:.

What colleges can I apply for? How well we should be having knowledge on the subject while an interview? Is it possible to prepare for Gate without any coaching? If so how? I want to appear for Gate I also work in a company. But sir truly speaking i am very much interested to get inti IISc or iit.. Is is possible for such type of student like me???

GATE Computer Science

One of the best places to prepare for GATE. Respect man! Please keep updating this page. My younger brother is blessed by your notes. You are a perfect role model for any student.

Hats off. God bless you my man. I really love the way you inspire people in their preparation and would like to thank you for it. May god bless you and all your desire come true..

I did gave gate ,and ranked ,with the help of your notes. I want to try again,please help. I am currently employed and i did not have time to go to any coaching class. I referred your notes and accurate solutions to previous papers.

Pdf science books gate computer for

I thought its not fair not to convey my gratitude for the help I received. So thank you, you helped me alot. Hello sir! How should i prepare.

Which subject should be given importance. Good Evening …. I am a graduate in amd I am working for a Software Company ….

I am Trying for gate from last 3 year but this time a got a key, Thank a lot Boss for all this any help from my side please contact. Hello sir. I attempted gate and got It was disapointng to me. I am doing fulltime job now and i get 2 hrs, hardly,everyday to prepare. My problem is that I am not getting two subjects: TOC and Compiler Design.

Science computer books pdf for gate

What should I do sir? Please guide me, I do want to go to IIT for my masters! Thank you…. I have been preparing for campus,besides my academics also. Sir please tell me how to manage the time for the preparation of Gate exam? Sir can u please suggest me a good book for data structures in c…where the syllabus for gate is covered with clear understanding too.. Sir plz suggets material for practice questions for each sbject Thanks for the notes.. I want to ask one question… Did you give interview at IISC or got direct admission through counselling after becoming gate topper?

I am just curious about that. I am not going in any coaching.. It opens properlly in pdf, but i do not get option to save it. Consider a hard disk with 16 recording surfaces having cylinders and each cylinder contains 64 sectors Data storage capacity in each sector is bytes.

Data are organized cylinder-wise and the addressing format is. A file of size KB is stored in the disk and the starting disk location of the file is. What is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous manner? Hello Sir, I am a B. Brilliant job.

Pdf science gate books for computer

Thank You Sir. I completed my MCA in from Bit mesra ranchi after that I am working as a assistant professor in st xaviers collage. I am graduate and currently working in sopra group 3. In gate year i got rank. And recently i started doing spoj competative programming.

And i want a job in grade 1 company adobe, site, google, fb etc. According to me only chance i have is campus placement as you will easily get a chance to sit in there drive, and for that i have to get admission in top 10 colleges. But only problem is that my b. Else i will concentrate on my job. Please provide me right suggestion. Good work done ankur…do you have some more notes for TOC.. Hey Ankur, Your website is very good. I want some advice related to gate only. Regards , Shrinkhla Bhargava.

I saw ur material. Thank for this information. Its very useful for me. Like uploading information is a great idea.

gk publications gate cse pdf free download

Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem. Combinational and sequential circuits. Number representations and computer arithmetic fixed and floating point.

Section 3: Computer Organization and Architecture Machine instructions and addressing modes. Instruction pipelining. Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, binary search trees, binary heaps, graphs.

Asymptotic worst case time and space complexity. Graph search, minimum spanning trees, shortest paths.

Section 6: Theory of Computation Regular expressions and finite automata. Context-free grammars and push-down automata.