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Download Read The Seat of the Soul | Ebook PDF Free Download Here Book Details Author: Gary Zukav Pages: Binding: Paperback. Best Free Books The Seat of the Soul [PDF] by Gary Zukav Books Online for Read "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. The intrepid, daring Gary Zukav, in his book The Seat of the Soul, introduces a brand-new concept to my mind, or rather a concept which I found in my youthful.

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The Seat of the Soul PDF Summary by Gary Zukav stimulates an odd blend of disciplines with an intention to find out the ultimate purpose of. THE SEAT OF THE SOUL. Gary Zukav. Simon & Schuster. Scanned: June Last Update: June 17, FOREWORD. During the years that I was. [PDF] Download The Seat of the Soul: 25th Anniversary Edition with a Book Details Author: Gary Zukav Pages: Binding: Paperback.

Book Synopsis With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, here takes us on a brilliant and penetrating exploration of the new phase of evolution we have now entered. With lucidity and elegance, Zukav explains that we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses -- external power -- into a species that pursues authentic power -- power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. He shows how the pursuit of external power has produced our survival-of-the-fittest understanding of evolution, generated conflict between lovers, communities, and superpowers, and brought us to the edge of destruction. Using his scientist's eye and philosopher's heart, Zukav shows how infusing the activities of life with reverence, compassion, and trust makes them come alive with meaning and purpose. He illustrates how the emerging. See More.

He has appeared on numerous occasions on Oprah Talk Show, sharing his views and main findings. He also wrote: The Seat of the Soul gives the readers a highly unusual mix of disciplines, which endorse the idea of discovering the primary purpose of this existence.

The blend of spirituality, knowledge science and philosophy allows each and everyone to get a glimpse of the evolutionary process, which signifies the human development in psychological and spiritual terms. Behind closed doors, the author emphasizes the value of getting the big picture regarding the internal shift that is about to take place.

Switching off the external perspective, and embracing the broader sense of self, best illustrates what the author is trying to convey. Generally speaking, all the knowledge acquired through the capabilities of the senses, represents what is known as — the external power.

According to Gary Zukav, this influence is variable , and it can be changed in a flash. To put it in other words, whatever is floating around, can be absorbed by various individuals. Furthermore, this process defies the concept of uniqueness and opposes the idea of self-knowingness. Generally speaking, this know-how or expertise can evaporate just as easy, as it once came. Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now.

A down-to-earth approach is not sufficient to handle the difficulties that are just waiting to pop up. Hardship and struggle can be erased only if you have a clue about your inner powers and how to use them. The evolution that we talk about so often, and what the kids learn in school, is in fact, the same process of human development — referred to as a physical enhancement.

The process of progression from single-cell organisms to conscious human beings is merely an illustration of this evolution. The body and mind of all creatures on this planet have reached a phase, which either supports or neglects their superiority over other beings. For instance, a cow is much more evolved than a worm or a fish. To get to the bottom of this enigma, one must thrive on digging deep and finding unknown secrets.

They fear the power that these symbols represent, or they fear those whom they expect this power to contain, or they fear both. The police and the military, like patriarchal and matriarchal families and cultures, are not origins of the perception of power as external.

They are reflections of the way that we, as a species and as individuals, have come to view power. The perception of power as external has shaped our economics. The ability to control economies, within communities and within nations, and the ability to control the transnational economy of the world, is concentrated in the hands of a few people. To protect workers from these people, we have created unions. To protect consumers, we have created bureaucracies in government.

To protect the poor, we have created welfare systems. This is a perfect reflection of how we have come to perceive power -- as the possession of a few while the majority serve it as victims. Money is a symbol of external power. Those who have the most money have the most ability to control their environment and those within it, while those who have the least money have the least ability to control their environment and those within it.

Money is acquired, lost, stolen, inherited and fought for.

Education, social status, fame, and things that are owned, if we derive a sense of increased security from them, are symbols of external power. Anything we fear to lose -- a home, a car, an attractive body, an agile mind, a deep belief -- is a symbol of external power.

What we fear is an increase in our vulnerability. This results from seeing power as external.

The Seat of the Soul

When power is seen as external, the hierarchies of our social, economic and political structures, as well as the hierarchies of the Universe, appear as indicators of who has power and who does not.

Those at the top appear to have the most power and, therefore, to be the most valuable and the least vulnerable. Those at the bottom appear to be the least powerful, and, therefore, to be the least valuable and the most vulnerable. From this perception, the general is more valuable than the private, the executive is more valuable than the chauffeur, the doctor is more valuable than the receptionist, the parent is more valuable than the child, and the Divine is more valuable than the worshiper.

We fear to transgress our parents, our bosses, and our God. All perceptions of lesser and greater personal value result from the perception of power as external. Competition for external power lies at the heart of all violence. The secondary gain behind ideological conflicts, such as capitalism versus communism, and religious conflicts, such as Irish Catholic versus Irish Protestant, and geographical conflicts, such as Jew versus Arab, and familial and marital conflicts, is external power.

The perception of power as external splinters the psyche, whether it is the psyche of the individual, the community, the nation, or the world. There is no difference between acute schizophrenia and a world at war. There is no difference between the agony of a splintered soul and the agony of a splintered nation. When a husband and a wife compete for power, they engage the same dynamic that humans of one race do when they fear humans of another race.

From these dynamics, we have formed our present understanding of evolution as a process of ever-increasing ability to dominate the environment and each other. This definition reflects the limitations of perceiving the physical world with only five senses.

It reflects the competition for external power that is generated by fear. After millennia of brutality to one another, individual to individual and group to group, it is now clear that the insecurity which underlies the perception of power as external cannot be healed by the accumulation of external power.

The Seat of the Soul PDF Summary

It is evident for all to see, not only with each newscast and evening paper, but also through each of our countless sufferings as individuals and as a species, that the perception of power as external brings only pain, violence and destruction. This is how we have evolved until now, and this is what we are leaving behind.

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Our deeper understanding leads us to another kind of power, a power that loves life in every form that it appears, a power that does not judge what it encounters, a power that perceives meaningfulness and purpose in the smallest details upon the Earth.

This is authentic power. When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning. Life is rich and full.

We have no thoughts of bitterness. We have no memory of fear. We are joyously and intimately engaged with our world. This is the experience of authentic power.

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest source of our being. Authentic power cannot be bought, inherited or hoarded. An authentically empowered person is incapable of making anyone or anything a victim. An authentically empowered person is one who is so strong, so empowered, that the idea of using force against another is not a part of his or her consciousness. No understanding of evolution is adequate that does not have at its core that we are on a journey toward authentic power, and that authentic empowerment is the goal of our evolutionary process and the purpose of our being.

We are evolving from a species that pursues external power into a species that pursues authentic power. We are leaving behind exploration of the physical world as our sole means of evolution. This means of evolution, and the consciousness that results from an awareness that is limited to the five-sensory modality, are no longer adequate to what we must become.

We are evolving from five-sensory humans into multisensory humans. Our five senses, together, form a single sensory system that is designed to perceive physical reality. The perceptions of a multisensory human extend beyond physical reality to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part. The multisensory human is able to perceive, and to appreciate, the role that our physical reality plays in a larger picture of evolution, and the dynamics by which our physical reality is created and sustained.

This realm is invisible to the five-sensory human. It is in this invisible realm that the origins of our deepest values are found. From the perspective of this invisible realm, the motivations of those who consciously sacrifice their lives for higher purposes make sense, the power of Gandhi is explicable, and the compassionate acts of the Christ are comprehensible in a fullness that is not accessible to the five-sensory human.

All of our great teachers have been, or are, multisensory humans. They have spoken to us and acted in accordance with perceptions and values that reflect the larger perspective of the multisensory being, and, therefore, their words and actions awaken within us the recognition of truths.

From the perception of the five-sensory human, we are alone in a universe that is physical. From the perception of the multisensory human, we are never alone, and the Universe is alive, conscious, intelligent and compassionate. From the perception of the five-sensory human, the physical world is an unaccountable given in which we unaccountably find ourselves, and we strive to dominate it so that we can survive.

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From the perception of the multisensory human, the physical world is a learning environment that is created jointly by the souls that share it, and everything that occurs within it serves their learning. From the perception of the five-sensory human, intentions have no effects, the effects of actions are physical, and not all actions affect us or others.

From the perception of the multisensory human, the intention behind an action determines its effects, every intention affects both us and others, and the effects of intentions extend far beyond the physical world. What does it mean to say that an "invisible" realm exists in which the origins of our deeper understandings are located? What are the implications of considering the existence of a realm that is not detectable through the five senses, but that can be known, explored, and understood by other human faculties?

When a question is asked that cannot be answered within the common frame of reference, it can be classified as nonsensical, or it can be dismissed as a question that is not appropriate, or the person who is asking the question can expand his or her consciousness to encompass a frame of reference from which the question can be answered.

It surprised me more than anyone. Everything remarkable that touched me briefly while I was writing The Dancing Wu Li Masters returned undeniably, unmistakably, irrevocably into my awareness.

I am still growing into that discovery. All creative people—which is everyone—require commitment and time and courage to grow into their insights. Inspiration is one thing. Applying it to your life is another.

I am in my eighties, and I am still trying. Like Maya, I am still learning, still striving to apply the most meaningful insights of my life, and still changing for the better.

Reading The Seat of the Soul twenty-five years after it was written was a completely surprising and deeply fulfilling experience. The book seemed perfect. Every sentence carried meaning for me. Soon, almost the entire book was underlined. I was thirsty for the words. They sank into me like water into dry sand.

Heart of the soul : Gary Zukav : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

They nurtured and soothed me. The blessing that I felt when I was writing this book returned to me amplified many times. I basked in it. I thought I knew it all. After all, I typed it, edited it, and talked about it for years. But rereading the book showed me that I had things to remember, more to learn, and much more to practice.

The Seat of the Soul brought remarkable people into my life. Two of them in particular touched me more deeply than I could have imagined and continue to support me in ways that thrill and surprise me. The first is Linda Francis. I do not remember the first time we met, although she does.

We met again a year later at a small retreat where I was speaking. I remember everything about that meeting. I was surrounded by loving people, and I found myself pushing one of them away—Linda. I wanted none of the hugs she gave so freely. This was my first clue that parts of me were threatened by her, but I was not aware enough to recognize it.

I could not escape her at the event—for example, a friend saved a seat for me at a concert, a different friend saved a seat for Linda, and the saved seats were together. I began to share my curiosity with her. Why was I pushing only her away? I shared my intention not to be controlled by this unusual repulsion. I will not refuse your love, I told her—not romantic love, but the love that she so obviously felt with her friends at the retreat and that she held out to me as well.

At the end of the event, friends invited me to join them for a cold splash in a waterfall. When they suggested that I invite Linda, I became irritated. What is this thing with Linda? Can I not do anything at this event without Linda?

When Linda called me a month later to tell me that she was moving to Mount Shasta, California, where I lived—a decision that predated the retreat—I felt frightened and, again, curious.

When our friends and I welcomed her to her new home, I was surprised to realize how much I had been looking forward to her arrival! I was relaxed, comfortable, happy, and open. We began to visit each other. Some of our talks I enjoyed, and others I did not, but I found myself looking forward to each one.

Without the sexual interactions that had begun my previous relationships, new and different kinds of interactions began to occur. These were my first experiences of a substantive and deep relationship for the purpose of spiritual growth—a spiritual partnership. A half year later, about twenty years ago, she moved into my cabin, and our journey together continues today. This is the experience that intrigues me. It is as strong in me now as it was when I discovered it. Where does that come from?

The second person is Oprah Winfrey. She is the instrument that the Universe chose to explode me out of the backcountry and into the larger world. I suspect that nothing less than that explosion could have done it. She took me into her heart, her creativity, and her famous The Oprah Winfrey Show. First, I was a recluse on a mountain, and then, a few months later, I was speaking to ten million people monthly.

New friends appeared wherever I went in the world, thanking me for a show, smiling at me from a distance. It took me a long time to acknowledge that my life of isolation was over and even longer to welcome it. During each show Oprah and I sat before an eager audience and the company of fellow souls around the world. She introduced a theme, asked me some questions, and then, with a gesture of her hand or movement of her face, turned the attention of millions of people toward me.

The Seat of the Soul

It was terrifying and awesome. Sacred and holy are better words. Only cotton candy. What could have described external power better? That memory fills me with strength and gratitude. I am grateful for Oprah and to the Universe for all of these experiences and more. In the years following my shows with Oprah, Linda and I cofounded the Seat of the Soul Institute, gave many events, wrote books, and developed long-term, in-depth programs for small groups.

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Now our passion for supporting people and spiritual partnerships has grown stronger than ever, but traveling has become taxing for us, so we have created new digital tools and innnovative ways to use the Internet, such as an ongoing support program, eCourse, eNewsletters, an online Spiritual Partnership Community, live videos, and the Web addresses at the end of the Chapter Study Guides in this book.

Tap them in your eBook or type them into your browser and they will take you to Web pages that will help you further explore, integrate, and apply what you are studying. You will find all of these and more at SeatoftheSoul. Linda and I still enjoy giving live events when possible, including our favorite, the annual The Journey to the Soul summer retreat.

I hope that I will meet you personally at one of them. The Internet is a reflection in the domain of the five senses of our emerging awareness of our connectedness.

It does not create, or even increase, our connectedness. It is not possible for us to be more or less connected than we are with one another and Life.

Can a flower be more or less connected to its color? Let us enjoy this beautiful reflection together and also what it reflects. The most difficult, gratifying, and thrilling experiences I have had since publishing The Seat of the Soul have been my experiences of authentic power and creating authentic power. Spiritual partnerships, richness of cocreation, and awe of Life have slowly replaced my experiences of people as things and my tormenting journeys through anger, jealousy, despair, and unworthiness.

I still encounter parts of my personality that are angry, frightened, jealous, superior, and inferior, but now I see them as opportunities to create authentic power, to choose anew. If I can do this, you can, too.