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The Fountain believes in the power of knowledge and dialogue for global peace. Barbara Anderson and .. 3 https://w w However, last year The Atlantic magazine published an article. THE FOUNTAİN --A MAGAZINE OF SCIENTIFIC AND SPIRITUAL THOUGHT-- - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Fountain Magazine, Clifton, NJ. 22K likes. Published bimonthly and distributed throughout the world, The Fountain covers themes on life, belief.

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Following are from the current issue of The Fountain Magazine. Timing of Medication · Alzheimer's Disease (AD) · Hunt for Divine Manifestation · Science Square. The Fountain (March - April ) covers some subjects on science, arts and culture, belief. There are 17 articles in this issue. # Mar. Apr On Life, Knowledge, and Belief. Everyone runs to the heart that beats with compassion; When feelings are shared, the.

Sometimes we leave the harbor and set sail to our past, trying to view it in all its magnificence; And sometimes we listen to it, as if it were music, and then dance to it like a whirling dervish and take wing. At Gods Door: A New Life p. Writing of Our Worries 2. Life without Starlight 3. Tricking the Brain to Attack Alzheimers Disease. The man on the show was a millionaire, and sitting next to him was his wife as he drank the poison given to him by a doctor.

He has written nearly 50 books in Turkish, some of them translated into several languages. We believe his message and approach are what the world needs most today. We believe Mr. Stating that the magazine has nearly 25, readers around the world, he says The Fountain also has non-Muslim readers.

Most of our readers are Muslims, but we have a considerable number of non-Muslim readers from many countries, mainly the US. Our main emphasis is on belief in God, and this is a common point for us. When an article is submitted to us, a group of academics who are knowledgeable about the issue evaluate it, make comments and decide whether it should be published.

Bob Dylan finally agreed to accept the Nobel Prize in literature, almost half a year after he was first announced as the unexpected winner. Parents have a greater responsibility than just taking their kids to the park, of course.

They have to be responsible participants in helping their kids develop healthy skills. Having been created according to the standards of this world, the human being is in need of the utmost caution, self-assurance, meticulousness, and determination in order to be able to turn toward his Creator, to constantly grow closer to Him despite great distances.

Though nearly every single person may have a basic and simple opinion about such an important journey, it is still necessary to have faith in the tracking of those individuals whose only consideration is the guidance of humankind. If these guides happen to be the experienced, knowledgeable, and conscientious masters of that field, then, without any hesitation, one should follow along on their path, for they always travel on the shortcuts that lead directly to their Lord.

'Harappans are the founders of Indian culture'

They know well the peaks that give way and those that do not. They search for those horizons in case they need to retreat. They frequent the coves of reunion and are always attentive to the echoes of their goal; without any distortion or breakage, they pass on these voices to those following. They stand firm against any waves or tremors that may hit both themselves and their followers during this long journey.

This journey moves between light and darkness. Along the way, one might come across small packages of epiphanies coming from the ultimate goal; but it is also possible that all destined rewards be put off until the completion of the journey, when one receives a special accolade.

There will always be bewildered individuals who temporarily wander away from the rest of the caravan. However, most jump back into their positions near the center, and, with the warmth that comes after a separation and longing, they have achieved a brand-new integration and maturity.

During the trip, every traveler is sometimes filled with awe by an indistinct ray of light that flashes in the distance. Sometimes, as if being tested on the strength of their loyalty, one does not come across even a single ray of light their whole life; other times, one witnesses that the roads they pass have been illuminated with light all around.

Sometimes, one is inspired as though they are being watched through unseen blinds, and with awe they grow attentive in all their senses.

In fact, with the feeling of having joined the angels, their excitement grows to such heights that the harmony of the skies can be heard in the rhythm of their hearts.

During this journey, the manifestations that come to those who have understanding and insight are sometimes in the form of sprinkles and dew; other times, they are showers.

They do not always arrive with the same degree, same quality, same color, same dialect, or even the same wavelength. Every rise and manifestation throughout the journey is a special gift to every traveler and giver of service. Still others crash into the limits of the body and physical world and clothe themselves in a black veil; they expect us to renew our relationship with God and open the doorways to positive interpretations.

These warnings and instructions happen to come through, and individuals consider the victory of traveling down such a road a kind of invitation to reunion. They will certainly wake up one day, even if they are in the deepest of sleep.


They will hear the call of the Eternal that their souls have forever been acquainted with, and will, to the end of their lives, run towards this complimentary call. Like trained athletes ready for action, if every hero of the heart sees those nights, where the breeze of Divine manifestation blows gently as a pier, a harbor, a kind of launching platform for the journey leading to The Ultimate Truth and EverConstant, then there should be no doubt that the Divine throne of mercy will pour down its compliments upon them.

Is it ever possible that the Eternally Merciful One, who grants compliments to every individual many times above their merit, would remain indifferent to those faithful travelers who ardently run towards Him?

Would He not treat with a particular favor and kindness those who turn towards His most special intimacy with their utmost sincerity? Actually, even if there were not such a grant of Divine compliments, and no one was promised such a blessing, every individual should accept their connection with the Eternal Sovereign as an advance given beforehand, and, with each new breath of air should, like a hero of faith and loyalty, breathe Him in.

One should live every moment with the thought of seeing, hearing, and knowing Him so that they do not waste their credits worthy of the Eternal on attaining certain childlike ambitions; so that they do not narrow through their own senses and fancies the vastness that God has bestowed upon them; so that by responding to the all-exceeding mercy with an allembracing favor and zeal they are able to fulfill the requirements of the implicit treaty made with the Divine.

Every individual on this long journey leading to Him may sometimes change position due to the elements that give shape to their character. In fact, because they may be subject to certain slips during this change of position, one may not always be able to maintain their situation and may sometimes stray so far off center that they may crash into the most outward part of the circle. In almost every period of time, there have been, and there will always be, such bewildered individuals who have temporarily wandered away from the rest of the caravan.

However, most have jumped back into their positions near the center, and, with the warmth that comes after a separation and longing, they have achieved a brandnew integration and maturity. Yet, in order to attain such a spiritual awakening and alertness, one cannot approve a willful separation from the group, for every separation is a kind of slipping and can, in fact, result in one being caught in an irreversible current.

Therefore, it is certainly not permissible for one to take up such an uncertain adventure by trusting in the thought of being able to horizontally overcome the abyss of distance that forms between them and the rest of the people. Even if a person is sometimes shaken in their connection with the center, by staying within the community, maintaining the path, and following the signs and guides, they may come across certain enlightened souls whose gravity pulls them in.

They may always stay alive, refreshed, and strong by sharpening their consciousness along the road.

By virtue of moving together with a society that is always advancing, one may feel a new joy of revival effervescing in their souls every day, every hour, and every moment. They feel it as they jump from one peak to the other, and are filled with the desire to move towards the source of light that the sign and signals along the road point to.

Such a heroic traveler will never leave oneself to the wavering flow of coincidences. They reach out to those who utilize the innermost consciousness that will not lead to a troublesome path. They follow behind the ever serious, dignified, cautious leaders whose depths of their souls are visible in the smiling features of their faces, line by line.

They line up behind the altruistic souls, the heroes of fidelity, responsibility, and duty. They strive hard in all their work with full sincerity as their hearts beat in palpitations of going forward. As they battle with both vertical and horizontal distances to the best of their skills, they are in full consciousness of the honors they are entitled. They experience multiple dimensions of time as their actions and thoughts are intertwined, and they feel they rotate around themselves like the North Star.

In short, one must have the patience to endure along the path. If thoughts of the journey can fulfill the hope of reaching the ultimate goal and the role of guidance, the whole group and the individuals acting as its molecules will, tomorrow if not today, reach the ocean that the river of these conscious and non-conscious groups all flow into. The drops of sweat and perseverance on their foreheads will turn into the fountain of Paradise which they will drink in.

There have been many times where the collective advancing of the crowds who outwardly seemed as though they were being dragged on by the incentives of the masses rather than their own free will have won many victories and reunions they could not have achieved by any individual act, owing to the effect of a consciously conducted central plan of action.

These actions, which may seem still on the outside, are constantly repeated along the journey and thus are only able to be distinguished by conscious looks: these little motions squeezed into narrow spaces; light and quiet progress; these efforts that are appealing to people… All of these feature in their apparent shallowness the chilling depths of the oceans; in their silence, the movements and vastness of the sky; and in their simplicity, the heavenliness of spiritual beings.

All of these efforts, struggles, and sacrifices will flow and boil, and will come to the right consistency when the time comes. The truth for whose sake lives are given will rise like a full moon behind the hills in the distance, carrying hundreds of cheerful tidings of dawns that will break, slowly rising like the sun that we have awaited.

It will smile into our eyes and will whisper the prosperity of our lives. It will flow into our beings with its beams of light and imbue our features with its own color. It will take and blend us into its world. Most of us do. And while medicine has helped cure some bad habits, some help from spiritual traditions is also useful. The minimum energy principle in the universe is evident in our habits: we act as if on auto-pilot as we conduct habituated behaviors, and this is when our brain consumes a minimum amount of energy.

H uman feelings, thoughts, and behavior are a result of the complex and dynamic connections between our brain, ego, and soul. These connections are not just the source of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, but also the control mechanism over them. They enable us to bring multi-dimensional and multi-layered perspectives in efforts to explain human behavior. Many scientists disregard the functions of the ego and the soul, considering the brain to be the only point of reference to explain our feelings and actions.

The brain itself is a complex web of innumerable connections among its cortexes. The infralimbic cortex has been found to be critical in regulating habitual behavior, and it may be argued that this cortex might be the place we can observe the possible connections between our soul and why we behave in certain ways.

‘Fountain’ editor Hakan Yesilova to discuss Hizmet movement - The Chautauquan Daily

An overwhelming majority of our thoughts and behaviors manifest without us being aware them; we are only conscious of a small percentage of our actions. The minimum energy principle in the universe is evident in this process: we act as if on auto-pilot as we conduct habituated behaviors, and this is when our brain consumes a minimum amount of energy, as opposed to the much higher consumption needed during consciouslyconducted actions.

These require strenuous brain activity. The human brain registers often-repeated behaviors and assigns each one a code defining its importance. This code becomes a reflex and in time a habit, done automatically. Even though we usually do day-to-day habits as if completely subconsciously, the habitual mechanisms in our brain actually have a set of algorithms that point to a certain level of consciousness.

The infralimbic cortex, for instance, is active even we are on auto-pilot. The more frequent the action, the more settled it remains in our brain and soul. When the frequency increases, the communicator lobe, located in the center of the brain between sensorimotor cortex and striatum, becomes stronger.

Pleasure factor Research on developing new habits has shown that the prefrontal cortex is in communication with the striatum, and the striatum with the midbrain.

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Rights of God in Islam include prescribed prayers, fasting, purifying alms, pilgrimage as well as taxations like ushr tithe , sadaqa al-fitr compulsory charity paid after the month of Ramadan , haraj land tax , legal punishments and expiations.

Rights in kind, receivables, and provisions on individual freedoms under private law are also considered within this category according to their respective degree of significance.

In Islam, individuals are granted the full discretion of things they are eligible to use, as long as they do not waste and use extravagantly. They may choose not to benefit from some of their due rights, and redistribute them to others, or spend in learning and education, establish foundations and thus convert their charity into a lasting one. Individuals may give up from some of their rights and forgo some of their claims from other individuals or the public. Benefits and interests in common law belong to both individuals and the public, thus decisions over these rights are made according to the balance whether a certain right weighs heavier on the scale of the individuals or the public.

Such matters are usually taken care of by jurists. Human rights are what we speak of more than ever in our age. According to Islam, every human being is born free. Every one is equal to one another in their rights and worth.

Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of conscience are indispensable rights of every individual. Islam recognizes the same rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of race, sex, language, and religion.

As a whole these rights cover the spiritual and physical aspects of human beings, in addition to the rights defined today and those that will be defined in the future.

Throughout human history, human rights have evolved through lengthy processes until we have attained the current level of understanding; yet, it is questionable whether this level is sufficient.

There have been great struggles in this direction many times: definitions were stretched to extremes, and many false actions were takenwhile correcting one falsehood, another was produced.

When a certain framework was finally drawn, efforts to perfect it with revisions, editing, and fine-tunings have never come to an end, and are not likely to very soon. Corrections, expansions, and elaborations have brought along new sets of mistakes.

Frequently, good will and endless efforts have brought about nothing but disappointment, which either resulted in a loss of hope or back to square one. Problems have never ended, neither have alternative searches.

Many thoughts have been rendered worthless due to oppositions and disputes, while many fantasies have been chased after in delirium for no greater purpose than to fill in the gaps; this delirium does not appear to be coming to an end soon. Human rights were comprehensively defined with the advent of Islam. These rights, which were expressed in earlier religions only in general terms, or left latent as allusions that needed explanation with independent reasoning, were established once more by the very clear style of the Quran and the Prophets practice, without leaving room for deviation.

The Holy Quran has outlined human rights in detail in an utterly unique language. One can see a great emphasis on the protection of these rights in the Quran, which declared certain sanctions according to the conditions in question. The lawgiver Prophet clearly delineated these rights with the transactions he carried out himself.

He warned insistently that these rights also pertain to the rights of God, and being in full compliance with them is necessary. In Islamic terminology, all rights originate from Gods will, and each are a blessing entrusted as a sign of His grace even if out of our will to humanity.

Rights, therefore, are granted to every human by creation and they cannot The Truth is one of the beautiful names of the Divine, and all other truths and rights are nothing but Its manifestations and disclosures in their respective ways.

The greatest assurance of rights is when members of a society and the respected and honest authorities embrace this definition of rights wholeheartedly, and make it a part of their nature, honor it like their own souls, and strive for its protection.

This perception of rights is only be possible in a society that recognizes these rights as gracefully bestowed by God Almighty, a society that is appreciative to all the blessings of the Divine, a society that proceeds straightforward with an extraordinary refinement, believing in the fact that they will be held accountable tomorrow for what they do today, a society that upholds the truth and respects all rights.

It is not possible to talk about human values and human rights in the truest sense of the word among masses who have no faith in God and the Day of Judgment, masses who do not follow scriptures or acknowledge messengersthey do not value rights nor do they show respect to truth.

They have no appreciation for essential matters of belief; they give the impression of having some kind of faith, but a faith of their own, which revolves around sensuality.

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For them, it is not faith if it does not give way to their carnal desires; it is not science if it does not comply with their wishes. They defame those who do not think the same as outdated, and in classifying individuals they divide society into camps.

Indeed, their thoughts do not stem from common sense, and their behavior is bigoted. The satanic intellectual legacy they have inherited is an overused, worn-out conflictual dialectics1 that is deceptive. The crude power they employ against truth is a desperate, diabolical product of impotent reason; when they fail intellectually, it is customary for them to resort to demagogy or conflictual dialectics, a method implemented for the first time by Satan at the mysterious order of God to prostrate to the Prophet Adam.

Thus, Satan can be considered as the inventor of conflictual dialectics; its later subcontractors have been the abusers of power who failed against the truth. Muslims always strived at the highest of their capacity to observe human rights in the most scrupulous manner, not least during the Age of Lightthe time of the Prophet.

Their firm faith in God and the Hereafter, their well-settled spiritual conviction for the superiority of the rule of law, and their determination to continue on the straight path required them to act in harmony with the nature of their being. A genuine aspect of their condition was to be in sincere servanthood to God Almighty. They painstakingly fulfilled what was expected of them, and remained upright by their inner inclinations, which were shaped by the consciousness of perfect goodness, or ihsanconsciousness that God is All-Aware and All-Seeing.

They did what they did because they were ordered to do so, aware of the fine line between obedience and disobedience. They welcomed all the orders and advice of the Prophet, the Master of the Law, wholeheartedly; during his time, opposition was limited to a small circle of hypocrites. None of the Prophets words were left floating; whatever he said reached its target and went far beyond mere semantics.

When the Prophet honored Medina, he meticulously observed the stipulations of the Charter he signed with a diverse community of different faiths, worldviews, and ethnicities. Regardless of religion, race, and social rank, the law was equally implemented for everyone, and the city of Medina became a safe haven for each community. It was a golden age and the town of the Prophet was like a garden of Paradise.

Those who remained close to this age have been close to God and to fellow human beings, while others who failed to strive against their carnal desires and ambitions and darkened their centuries have turned to dust. Neither the Medina Charter, nor a few examples confined within this framework, were all Islam had to say about human rights.

The Sultan of Messengers taught us about human rights throughout his lifetime. He warned us to pay the utmost attention to all rights, and never to ignore even seemingly minor ones.

For him, anything that is underestimated is no longer minor. He reminded us how far the respect and fear of God Almighty could reach, so that he could prevent the violations of major rights.

He was determined, and always implemented what he said. He was known for his sensitivity and virtue, and these qualities made every every believer set a throne for him in their hearts. Just before he passed away to his Lord, he gave his farewell to an angelic community of tens of thousands during the hajjhis one and only major pilgrimageand addressed not only them, but all his followers to come until the end times.

One last time, he recounted all the principles he had been teaching for years, and each of his statements during the sermon were a human rights declaration.

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Masters of speech could indeed discern that every word of his final sermon resonated with his lifetime message. His audience, not unfamiliar with these sayings, perhaps was honored to hear those pearls from him again, though they were stated rather differently this time.

The Prophet declared his message one last time to his community, a community of loyal followers who drank in his words and practiced them, to pass them on to the next generation. The Sultan of Speech touched on many diverse issues that day, from the rights of God to family law, and laid down in one sense the core of his mission. The majority of all rights belongs to God, and thus he started his sermon, naming other rights according to their significance, though it may be to the extent of a passing note or an implication.

Fear God and refrain from disobeying Him was his first word. As a matter of fact, belief in God and obeying Him with due respect would be an assurance and sanction of respect for all human rights.

Lack of it would render respect for human rights very difficult, perhaps impossible. Then he pointed to the duties and responsibilities of spouses to one another, repeatedly emphasizing that women are blessings preciously entrusted, and must be treated accordingly.

He warned about the harmony within the family as an essential principle that makes a society what it is and urged us to fear God in this respect. He trod on all the deeply rooted customs from the time of ignorance. Protection of ones property, life, mind, religion, and progeny was one their help when needed. Such truthof the key issues he stressed over and ful believers strived to restrain their over with refreshed breath, as if he carnal desires, and tried to live as was speaking from beyond, standing mystics, spending their lives turned on the rim of the other world.

Your toward Heaven, thus turning this Lord is one, and your father is one: world into a heavenly garden. It was not basic human ing the farewell hajj, he always rerights only that were under care in ferred to a grand court where each of the world of Islam: others also had us will be questioned on the minurights over the possessions of Mustiae of our lives, and enjoined us to limsit was a tax on the wealthy for carefully observe rights of all kinds.

And as they Certain issues of human rights have shared their belongings, believers not yet been resolved even in modwere very careful not to make others ern times. Islam, however, estabfeel indebted for this favor. Unless defour values, this is how we have beinitely judged, no one is a criminal, lieved, lived, and behaved. When and even the convicted has certain significant junctions like belief, rerights that can never be taken away.

Each right is precious and pressed the weak, and rights have should never be undermined. The been violated. Then God has taken power should be dependent on the away from us consciousness of right, and no right can be sacrificed fraternity, feelings of security and against power.