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revised enlarged edition of our book titled “Import Export Procedures and. Documentations” and Documentation” to justify its extended scope and contents. We express our . Components of International Logistics. Meaning of. Thank you very much for downloading export import procedures documentation and logistics. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look numerous. Ebook Export Import Procedures Documentation Logistics currently available at for review only, if you need complete ebook Export Import.

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Book summary of export import procedures - documentation and logistics in view Documentation and Logistics by C. Ramagopal Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio. a number of Indian Universities have introduced the subject “Export-Import Procedures,. Documentation and Logistics” at Post-graduation level, in particular . 3 days ago Export Import Procedures Documentation And Logistics Documentation And Logistics [PDF] [EPUB] Indonesia - Import Requirements and.

Panama there is no prescribed format; however, specific information is required. Check with your importer, freight forwarder , or contact the Trade Information Center at tic trade. Apply for an ATA Carnet. Certificate of Analysis: A certificate of analysis can be required for seeds, grain, health foods, dietary supplements, fruits and vegetables, and pharmaceutical products. Certificate of Free Sale Certificate of fre e sale may be issued for biologics, food, drugs, medical devices and veterinary medicine.

This comprehensive and revised book includes a new chapter on Foreign Exchange Risk Management and elaborates the procedures for availing different export incentives. Divided into eight parts, the text discusses the export-import environment, the procedures for obtaining finance by the exporter, convertibility of rupee, liberalization and its impact, the foreign exchange market, export-import procedures and documentation. Finally, the book also dwells upon the essentials of imports and logistics management including distribution channels and international marketing.

This book, dealing with the principles and practice of the management of exports, imports and logistics, should be of a great benefit to the postgraduate students of business management MBA , and inter-national business management MIB. Besides, the book would prove to be useful as a handy reference for exporters, importers, managers and entrepreneurs.

Export Import Policy of India 2. Advance License and Special Imprest License 3.


Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme 4. Export and Trading Houses 5. International Terms of Payments 7. Export Finance 8. Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation 9. Convertibility of Rupee Liberalization and Its Impact If animal fats are used, the certificate must state the type of fat used and that the product contains no pork, artificial pork flavor, or pork fat. All foodstuffs are subject to analysis by Ministry of Health laboratories to establish their fitness for use. Independent inspection certificates may required in some instances.

Pre-Shipment Inspections The governments of a number of countries have contracted with international inspection companies to verify the quantity, quality, and price of shipments imported into their countries.

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The purpose of such inspections is to ensure that the price charged by the exporter reflects the true value of the goods, to prevent substandard goods from entering the country, and to deflect attempts to avoid payment of customs duties. Requirements for pre-shipment inspection are normally spelled out in letter-of-credit or other documentary requirements. Some countries require pre-shipment inspection certificates for shipments of used merchandise. Insurance Certificate Insurance certificates are used to assure the consignee that insurance will cover the loss of or damage to the cargo during transit.

These can be obtained from your fre ight forwarder or publishing house. Note: an airway bill can serve as an insurance certificate for a shipment by air.

Export Import Procedures and Documentation PDF India

Some countries may require certification or notification. Phytosanitary Certificate All shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, flour, rice, grains, lumber, plants, and plant materials require a federal phytosanitary certificate.

Radiation Certificate Some counties including Saudi Arabia may require this certificate for some plant and animal imports. The certificate states that the products are not contaminated by radioactivity. Other Product-Specific Certificates Shaving brushes and articles made of raw hair must be accompanied by a recognized official certificate showing the consignment to be free from anthrax germs.

Used clothing requires a disinfection certificate. Grain requires a fumigation certificate, and grain and seeds require a certificate of weight. Many countries in the Middle East require special certificates for imports of animal fodder additives, livestock, pets, and horses.

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Weight Certificate A certificate of weight is a document issued by customs, certifying gross weight of the exported goods. If required, copies are available from the destination country's embassy or consulate in the U. The cost for this documentation can be significant and should be discussed with the downloader. Canadian Customs Invoice Although not required by regulation, this customs invoice is a preferred document by Canadian Customs and customs brokers. Detailed invoice requirements can be obtained at the Canadian Customs website.

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Dock Receipt and Warehouse Receipt A dock receipt and warehouse receipt are used to transfer accountability when the export item is moved by the domestic carrier to the port of embarkation and left with the ship line for export.