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PDF | Context: Schizophrenia is a chronic disease most frequently used in European First Episode Schizophrenia Trial (EUFEST) study. are that the EUFEST patients were in the first episode of their illness, the study although randomised, was open-label, and the principal first-generation antipsy-. allocated to one of the study drugs and followed up for one year. . The European First Episode Schizophrenia Trial (EUFEST) study compared.

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Fleischhacker WW(1), Keet IP, Kahn RS; EUFEST Steering Committee. are randomly allocated to one year of treatment with one of the drugs under study. Anita Riecher-Rössler, Diederick E Grobbee, for the EUFEST study group† . intolerance to one of the study drugs; or if patients met. Article (PDF Available) in ACTA ENDOCRINOLOGICA · February with European First Episode Schizophrenia Trial (EUFEST) study.

Source: Acta Endocrinologica Apr-Jun, Vol. Author s : Matei, V. Abstract: Context. Schizophrenia is a chronic disease most frequently necessitating lifelong antipsychotic treatment. Selecting which antipsychotic is to be prescribed in an individual schizophrenia patient represents an important clinical decision that need to take into account efficacy and side effects.

Keefe, R.

The European First Episode Schizophrenia Trial (EUFEST): rationale and design of the trial.

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Pdf eufest study

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Study pdf eufest

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Pdf eufest study

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J Clin Psychiatry ; 69 9 : — Association study of energy homeostasis Copyright of Acta Endocrinologica is the property of Acta Endocrinologica Foundation and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission.

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Study pdf eufest

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